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  1. Annie

    Have we met? You have pretty much eloquently stated how I feel (or should I say felt?) almost all the time, at least the large chunk of my life that I go around scared to not please someone. You are right, the world won’t end. Thank you thank you thank you. I will probably be referring to this post often as I work on my journey to be more like me and less afraid to not be what everyone else wants me to be.

  2. shugah06

    Thank you, thank you thank you. I have been on a inward spiritual journey myself and literally by myself. I moved away from my friends, my family, stopped going on facebook to “find myself”. Although some days I felt I punished myself, others I feel free from expectations. This post you wrote made me cry and reading everyones comments brought on more tears. I do not feel alone and it feels good to know I am not alone in these feelings of being a people pleaser or inadadequecy or that someones ideas are better than mine. You put yourself out there and share your ideas wtih the world! NOt only Betty but the ladies below with the posts. Yeah! Frik the edit! Open share community let it roll out and express!!!Betty you are sooo inspiring beyond what you know! When I read this blog everything is reduced down to what is. Not what should be. Something recognizable..for our skin our bodies our souls our homes. Ladies we are not alone in our feelings of doubt but how else can we glorify ourselves no one else is going to oil our light the way we can, and it is a constant maintenance and reminder to tell ourselves we love us. These words penetrate every cell of our bodies. I love myself and am willing to bring forth my own truth. Crunchy betty you rule! You reminded me that I am not a slacker for taking time off for myself. I was brought back to your page after a homework assignment I just receieved for a social media class to identify an online community and I immediatley thought of this blog as my choice. Months and months ago I stumbled upon this site after searching for a cinnamon bronzer recipe. Yours is the best! Drove the boys crazy! (men love the smell resembling food..)I remember reading the comments on that recipe and of course there were haters. but hey like albert einstein said…great minds have always encountered fierce opposition…SO embrace the haters! Haters want you on the ground with them, you cannot fly high if your hanging with the sewer rats. If people are hating I think your doing it right. I read comments on youtube too on amazing footage and people always have something negative to say which is their ignorant bubble they choose to be in. But choosing to be conscious truth seeking soul bearing is what this site is about as far as I am concerned. I want to say thank you!!!!

  3. Charles

    Please don’t forget us male followers. I recently started reading your blog daily for some inspiration and new ideas. Until now, I never really knew how to say exactly what you said Betty or put words to my feelings. But, today you have awaken a renewed spirit within myself. I now know how to put my feelings and thoughts, and somewhat of a way to go about dealing with them. Thank you Betty for being there for those of us that need some insight and a different point of view. You have definitely won me over as a devoted follower of your blog. Peace be with you and all the other wonderful people out there that are following you as well.

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