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  1. Nicole K

    Started drinking fennel tea just 3 days ago after doing some lengthy research on the IBS subject. As a skinny 24-year-old, a big downfall is my constantly bloated stomach. Seriously, I could fool someone into thinking I’m pregnant, it’s that bad sometimes. I have been drinking two cups a day (once in the morning and once midday) and my stomach has seriously transformed. I don’t feel a painful bloating pressure after my meals (due to trapped gas), and my stomach looks flatter. I thank the fennel gods, because this is some herbal magic. I haven’t tried eating the seeds raw, but I’ll be sure to keep some handy in case of a severe episode of IBS.

    • Liz M

      I’m a skinny 31-year-old and I suffer from the I’m-not-pregnant-it’s-just-gas bloat alllll the time (my diet is full of gas-inducing foods). I don’t know anyone like me, so it’s nice to hear other skinny girls have the same issue :) No one sees my bloated belly because I hide it really well, and I’ve learned over the years that no one wants to hear a skinny girl complain about her body (fair enough). I knew about the magic of fennel (and aniseed for that matter) but I had completely forgotten about it until yesterday after several days of even more gas bloat than usual. I made a fennel/aniseed tea yesterday and had one before dinner and one after and it worked like a charm. I can’t even believe I’m sitting here at work comfortably and with my back straight! I’ll be having this tea regularly now and see if it keeps working! Glad to know I’m not alone :)

    • Samantha Lea

      Currently having a huge bloating episode at work. In agony .
      Luckily I’m a nanny though, so I had two big pinches of the fennel seeds and 10mins later I’m still the size of a house -BUT pain has gone completely . Thank you so much. I’m buying a jar to put in my purse as I’ve started to flare up with more episodes in last few weeks randomly.
      Thanks for soothing the pain!! :)

  2. herbie

    OF course, your first two suggestions are spices I absolutely hate the taste of. I can go for tumeric whole-heartedly, have you any other spicy suggestions? Basil, thyme, sage, etc?

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  4. Thanks for the excellent advice and the laughs! :)

  5. colleen

    made the spaghetti pie tonight, awesome! Everyone had 2nds!

  6. Kelly Winter

    OMG! I cannot thank you enough! After 4 miserable hours, 2 doses if pepto, and 1 dose of Gas-x I found your article in my desperate search for relief. I dug through my spice drawer and found a may-be-older-than-my-kids jar of fennel seeds. I chomped about a dime size portion of them just enough to break them up a bit and swallowed them with some water. About 5 minutes and 2 belchs later I was right as rain! Unbelievable. Thank you sooooooo much!

  7. Cheryl

    OMG that was the funniest thing I’ve read in years…I could not stop laughing…Great article!

  8. Jenn

    I was in such severe pain from a Mexican meal tonight, I was doubled over nearly in tears. I read your article, ran to my spice rack…chewed up some rather ancient fennel…and phew! So much better! I think I’ll buy some fresher fennel to keep on hand in case it happens again, because even though it tasted pretty awful…it worked. Thanks so much!

  9. Ginger Boone Bikini competitor/athlete

    Oh my goodness you are so fun/funny/helpful!!! I have struggled with so much tummy bloat on and off stage! I am so excited to try these things! Any and all! I have seriously thought I have had a severe medical condition or something due to my tummy bloat and gas pains! After I compete especially!!! Totally screws up the whole gastrointestinal to eat normal foods again, let alone this passed show when I tried vegan/ plant based nutrition! My fav nutritionist says too, if u know ur gonna eat spicy foods like chili sprinkle baking soda for acid reflux suffers. I love this article and your happy energy!!! Thank you!!!

  10. Melanie

    I hate licorice and anything licorice flavored. That said, I mixed 2 pinches caraway seeds (well bruised, via mortar and pestle)with 1 tsp raw honey, spread on my favorite brand of bread roll. Between the honey and bread there was only a hint of caraway. (It was actually a pleasant low note to the taste) Worked great!

  11. julie

    I am definitely going to give this a try and as a bonus I too lOVE Licorice, black, red, green any!! Lol, thanks for a helpful article, hoping it works for me!

  12. Kelly

    4:00 am relief from a bowl of hot chili on a snowy night … Seemed like a good idea at the time. Thx for relieving the pain & cracking me up in the meantime!

  13. MaryAnn

    Could you also eat fresh fennel too?

  14. forever grateful

    After surgery on Wednesday the only pain keeping me down is the gas pain. I made fennel tea and ate the seeds after. I have found relief! Within in minutes! Now I’m off to explore what you might have to say about constipation, another glorious side effect of modern medical practice.

  15. Samata

    Those are Carom seeds and not fennel seeds ;)

  16. Andrea

    Thank you for your article! Fennel really helped when the gas-x wouldn’t. Another option I have found is a tea (and sorry it’s not organic) but it is STASH’s White Christmas Tea. It is white tea, peppermint and ginger root. I tend to bloat after lunch. If I have tea with ginger afterwards – I had a ginger pear tea once and that worked too – it really makes a difference!

  17. Jaci

    um, that was amazing! Thank you so much!

  18. Malenita

    The fennel worked like a charm – thank you very much!

  19. Rue

    So when you say just eat a pinch of fennel you mean just pop it in your mouth and eat it.. can you mix it with something else? I’ve been dealing with bad gas daily, especially at night. My doctor first prescribed Omeprazole and then told me to take Gas-x (125 mg Simethicone) 3 x’s a day. It’s not working either. I just started drinking fennel tea and it seems to be helping but.. if just eating a pinch of fennel seeds works faster I will try it.

  20. Kelsey

    I can’t believe it… I had 2 pinches of fennel seed, I chopped up, and almost immediately started feeling better. I was afraid I wasn’t going to get much sleep tonight! I can’t wait to tell my mom and friends.


  21. Renee

    Pure sorcery! What an amazing little trick. My office bought me lunch today and I had been miserable for hours. Stopped at the store, nibbled a pinch in the parking lot, and by the time I got home relief had come. Thank goodness! And thank you for this gem of a remedy!

  22. Kimberly

    Oh my gosh, thank you thank you. Had an endoscopy with biopsies today and was left in agony with that “monstrous blob of dagger-covered air”. The fennel seeds were these magical unicorn-dust bearers of happiness. I can breathe again! I put some beside my bed in case of a night-time recurrence. You’re the best!

  23. fabie

    Thanks for your advice.I made the clove tea but i add garlic and dry grapefruit peel.

  24. Lisa

    Miracle cure! I am SO prone to gas and bloating. Some known triggers ( foods that a blood test confirmed as allergic) I avoid, but today, the culprit I believe was a chopped cabbage salad. I was out of gasEx, and chomping on crystallized ginger hadn’t helped, so I resorted to an Internet search and found this thread. We are Indian, so luckily, I had every spice imaginable in the tins. After chewing some fennel seeds and concocting a tea in my mortar and pestal of fennel, caraway, cloves, dried mint and ginger, I put it all in a tea ball and steeped it for a few minutes, drank it, and felt miraculously improved within 10 minutes! My husband told me that his mom swears by geera (“jeer-uh”) or cumin seeds for flatulence also. Crush and steep in hot water. Next time, I’ll add some to my fennel+ tea! Thanks for this thread!

  25. Julie

    If you don’t like the taste of fennel or any other spices just grind them up and add them to a veggie capsule. I order mine from doterra.com I think they are 4.95 for a bottle of 100. They are empty capsules that you can put your own spices or medicine in. Works like a charm and there’s no yucky taste.

  26. Brian

    I looove farting, I mean I really love doing it all the time as much as possible!

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  28. Nancy

    I was wondering whether anyone has experienced any side effects from the amount of fennel they have tried to avoid bloating?

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  30. connie

    Thank you so much! I didn’t have fennel seed, but I did have caraway and it worked within minutes. Sweet relief!

    • connie

      I chewed about an eighth of a teaspoon of caraway seeds. The problem which had been troubling me for 2 weeks, was gone almost instantly.


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