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  1. Kori Pressnell

    Hey CB, you mentioned Anise …. My next project to list in my Etsy shop is going to be Anise Lip Balm. I bet that’s something you’d like! Your comment made me think of it. Let me know if you make some!

  2. I saw your older post about Christmas gifts and this was one of them. I bookmarked the page because these would be PERFECT for my dad for the holidays this year. He is a toothpick-aholic. I can’t wait to make them!

  3. Nancy

    Could you please tell the reason not to use wintergreen? It doesn’t make sense to me. Wintergreen is in alot of different products. Thanks!

    • Ayshela

      I had to look that up, too, for the same reason. I did find this, on organicfacts.net

      Few Words of Caution: The Essential Oil of Wintergreen is highly poisonous due to presence of Menthyl Salicylate. It should never be ingested and should not be used in aromatherapy. External application is sufficient for making this oil work inside since it readily seeps through the skin and is absorbed by the muscles and tissues. Further, if accidentally ingested, it can cause severe damages to the internal organs like liver, kidneys etc. One more caution. Excessive external application on skin may also turn fatal because of absorption of excessive Menthyl Salicylate in the tissues and consequently in the blood stream. There are examples of death of a sportsman who rubbed too much of relaxing ointments on his thighs which contained Menthyl Salicylate. It should never be given to patients who are hyper-reactive to salicylates.

  4. Nickie

    My favourite part of the envelope-folding tutorial:

    “Things you’ll need:

    – 1 square piece of paper
    – Something to put in your envelope (optional, but suggested)”

  5. dandrewsmom

    I can always count on you to make me smile and laugh, Crunchy Betty! Since I started reading your blog a month ago, I have drunk a green smoothie every morning (hello energy…it’s like I’m a kid again!), made my own facial oil, have daisies steeping in EVOO for daisy salve, orange peels soaking in vinegar for homemade cleaner (previously just used straight vinegar and water), made my own yogurt, made deodorant, and I’ve had more food on my face and in my hair than my friends know what to do with! My to-make list is long and I cannot wait to do it all! One thing I did that was pretty awesome is I took orange peels (not the white part though) and put them in a mason jar with epsom salts. um…it was AMAZIMG!

  6. another fun idea,thx!! will be doing for the guys on my list

  7. VanessaNaturally

    Could you use vanilla extract, in place of the elusive and expensive vanilla essential oil? Or would the toothpicks not be flavorful enough?

  8. Amanda Adkinson

    (It’s been long enough, right? That joke is funny again?)..haha…you crack me up. this post is yet another reason I can be sad for not having any essential oils though…bummer. One day!!! I will so make these out of the cinnomon too if I get some for my bf cause he loves them. That would be such a neat little handmade gift for him just to give whenever. Love your recipes!

  9. This is SUCH a great idea — I happen to have some anise eo on hand as well (I LOVE things that smell like licorice!). I think this will be the perfect thing I can make and hand out as a freebie for an outdoor festival that I will be attending soon — thank you!

  10. H.W.

    Made some yesterday with tea tree oil and feel like a champ now.

  11. Angélique Dawn

    Super awesome! Gonna give it a try for the winter season. I believe Anise is beneficial for coughs/colds and I work in an office. So, hopefully, I can try a combo flavour (don’t know what else to do with the anise either, lol) and help ward off the cooties in the office… subtly… thanks lady! :)

  12. Amanda

    Just read this, ran to kitchen to make my own then back here to see what other gems you have for me!

  13. This is a great idea and essential oils are so good for you. You have the best ideas on your site. Keep it up.

  14. Dh

    Toothpicks are actually bad for your gums. They damage the gum tissue between the teeth. Over time the gum tissue receeds and leaves an even bigger space where more food will get stuck. So just dont use toothpick and use already minty fresh floss.

    • S

      Personally I just use toothpicks as something to occupy my mouth while I’m trying to quit smoking. Flavored toothpicks are even better, especially cinnamon. That burn definitely helps with my cravings!

  15. Zaggora Girl

    This is so awesome! You’re so creative :) Do the toothpicks leave a faint taste of the oil?

  16. Emily Paschal

    Oh what a sweet idea!! I love this blog, I will be following to see what you come up with next for sure! Love this for a party favor!


  17. Dianne

    When I was in high school, we all used to make cinnamon toothpicks. We carried them in the oil, in old prescription bottles.

  18. dave

    ooh. im not rich, but I do have some vanilla extract. im trying that. the cinnamon ones I made actually made my lips swell up, and now I have a couple sores on them. oops too strong I guess. One tip, dont use cinnamon leaf oil, that was really gross.

    • San

      Oh god, I just made cinnamon ones and came here to say this ): I used cinnamon leaf oil too, and I double checked to make sure it was generally safe, but oh, IT BURNS! Highly unpleasant. Should have checked the comments first… I’m disappointed that I wasted them and the oil ):

  19. Dani

    I notice that some websites recommend a carrier oil with 10-20 drops of essential oil, but it looks like you use straight essential oil. Is that right?

  20. nealie

    I’m trying it now soo excited about it, my father made these as a kid and he loved them.also I used sarsparilla and spearmit oils thnx for the recipe

  21. Hi i am a toothpick producer in Ghana and am thinking of making flavored toothpicks in commercial quantities. In this case can i mix the oil with water before soaking the toothpicks ? ? So that i use just a little quantity of the oil to flavor more toothpicks

  22. This is such a great post. Anti-bacterial toothpicks I think it’s pretty cool. I’m going to try with organic lemon or peppermint essential oils.


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