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  1. Sarah J P

    I’d say infuse lots of fresh mint in some hot water, add a little natural sweetness with agave or honey then allow to chill. Tasty, cleansing and great for digestion :)

  2. Jill Nault

    we’re big sun tea fans… just throw some teas bags (we like to use herbal teas) and a sliced lemon into a big glass jug or jar. Fill with water, put the lid on and set in the sun to brew for a few hours… then just take out the tea bags and lemon slices, add some ice and serve. You can sweeten it if you want but we never do… so yumm on a hot day…

  3. Cool ideas!  I keep thinking about the dogs though.  I’m scared of them (been scared my entire life) and am frozen with fear when I see one around the neighborhood.  Do you think it will help to wear lemon-scented perfume?  I would suppose not… but it could work as placebo. 

    • Sweet Assilem

      I don’t know how afraid you atelier or why, but what if you found the most harmless dog (a friend might have one, or a local pet rescue) and pet it (or first be in the room with it, then near, then pet). Maybe you could move beyond your fear. Then if you saw a dog on your walk you might be less frozen with fear and if your not afraid most dogs wouldn’t be nervous around you.

    • FidoGwen

      Most dogs don’t like citronella. I don’t know if that’s something you want to walk around smelling like… I would think (but have no proof) that a true grapefruit fragrance would work better than lemon. Whatever you use, make sure to apply some at dog height – ankles and *ahem* thighs. And, if you’re really worried, carry a small spray bottle (I have one that’s roughly the size of a mascara tube) with citronella or a blend of citrus EOs to spray at any dog that dares approach. Might work on human attackers, too… don’t know.

  4. Cadelle

    Chamomile Cordial

    8 chamomile tea bags or 1c loose flowers
    4c water
    4c sugar
    vodka or a clear brandy for more kick or heck, go for grappa
    non-alcoholic – sparkling water

    In a large saucepan heat the water to boiling and let tea steep until cool. This makes a strong intense tea.  Remove tea bags or strain flowers and add sugar. Bring to boil and simmer 5 mins.  Remove from heat and allow syrup to cool.  To make, combine 1 part chamomile syrup to 5 parts alcohol, or to taste. It should not by syrupy sweet, just a soft sweetness so you can feel the kick of the alcohol.  Alternately, use with sparkling water.

  5. Flippingdolphin

    I use essential oils, mostly lemon, lime, peppermint and grapefruit.

  6. Bewood88

    I like to make lemonade ice cubes with a cherry in the center so when the cube melts you can eat the cherries. It is so yummy!!

  7. Inez

    Will bottled lemon juice work the same as fresh lemon juice? I know fresh is best, but I only have bottled right now.

  8. can yogurt be used in place of milk for the AHA masque?

    • kylieonwheels

      Possibly not – yoghurt doesn’t have lactose, which at a guess is probably what you need to get to lactic acid stage.

    • Hafsa

      Umm, the thing is though that yoghurt is chock full of an important AHA, namely lactic acid, plus active culture, so it is a really great skin ingredient. A lot of people use yoghurt alone as a masque for that reason.

    • Hafsa

      Also, curdling isn’t the same thing as fermentation. All that is happening when you add the lemon juice (acid) is that the proteins in the milk are reacting to the presence of an acid. To ferment the milk well, you’d have to introduce a culture – you can buy powdered cultures or you can use yoghurt to do this.

      It is the fermentation that produces the lactic acid from the milk. Without actual fermentation you may have a treatment that is hydrating and feels nice on the skin but not the lactic acid AHA (the lemon juice should provide some fruit AHAs).

      If what you want is lactic acid as a skin treatment, you should use plain, active culture yoghurt itself which has a decent level of this (it’s something the bacteria in the culture product) and the PH for most yoghurt (around 4 or 4.5) is also right for exfoliation.

      The plain milk in this recipe won’t do the trick – and again adding the lemon juice curdles the milk, but won’t ferment it (so, lactose but almost no lactic acid present there).

  9. jennhsweat

    I like to make a mojito ice cube. Dissolve some raw sugar in lime juice (however much sugar you like for your desired level of sweetness) add some water, then freeze in ice cube trays with fresh mint. You can also add a little piece of lime to it if you want. When I feel like getting spicey, I’ll put some in a glass and pour some rum over them to get them melty. Mojito flavor without all the work! Yummy!

  10. Thanks for including my suggestion! 
    I use food grade essential oils – lemon and grapefruit mostly.

  11. TheKillerBunny

    I boil water then soak lemon and ginger in it overnight. Strain, bottle and add 1 tb of chia seeds, and sometimes honey if I want it sweet. Very yummy!

  12. My favorite idea (and the easiest) is to add a little fruit juice to a tall, icy glass of sparkling water. Super refreshing on a hot day. You did say Summer was coming, right? There will be hot days again? I’m starting to doubt. :)

  13. Katharine T

    Excellent! I knew you could add lemon to milk to make a quick substitute for buttermilk in baking, but I didn’t know you could put the same thing on your face. Am doing that tomorrow. 

    I don’t know if this counts as flavored water… but last summer I made gallons and gallons of nettle iced tea. There are nettles growing wild at my in-laws’ place, so I’d pick a bunch, boil them (I think it has to be 15 minutes to get rid of the stingers), strain, add a little honey, and put the resulting tea in the fridge. It’s a pretty green color too. 

    That may or may not be a very accessible idea depending on if you can find some wild nettles, so I look forward to hearing everyone else’s probably easier ideas! 

  14. Ayla282

    I also do lemon/cucumber water, I hadn’t thought of doing it in ice cubes though, I love it! 
    I also LOVE lemon basil water, it is so refreshing in the summer.  I will have to do ice cubes of that too. 

  15. angela

    I don’t like watered down iced tea, so I make ice cubes out of tea to add to my cold tea.  Make sense?!

  16. My girls will drink anything out of my huge cup (you know, b/c it’s mine).  Recently, if they haven’t eaten all of the strawberries up and I’ll halve 3-4 of them and put them in my water.  My 4yr old especially loves this and my 20 month old just loves stealing my drink :)

  17. Beth

    This post makes me want to grow a lemon tree in my yard. Oh well for climate issues! :)

  18. Sucking on a half slice of lemon cures hiccups, without fail.

  19. Ariane

    This is my yummy recipe for flavoring water naturally!

  20. Mary

    Summer drink idea:  You know the seeds and stuff that you scoop out of a cantaloup before slicing and eating?  Take that gunk and throw it in a blender with some ice and a little sugar.  Blend until frothy, strain and drink.  Sounds gross, I know, but the result is really yummy!  We never throw that slimy stuff away anymore . . .

  21. OMG!  Love the ice cube idea.  What a great one for the kids (and anyone who doesn’t like the taste of plain water).  My family has been on a major kick, and it stuck… Jane from Blend It and Mend It has videos that show some awesome ways to get your water intake it as well as greens and they are fabulous!  We are addicted, and it is a good one.  The possibilities are endless!

  22. FidoGwen

    Recently my husband was that special kind of sick that makes a person worry about dehydration. And he was refusing food – which is the first time I’ve ever seen him refuse food!!! Anyway, having grown up with a mom who lived off Gatorade in the summer, I knew he needed something like that. So I took some dried mint and chamomile and made a tea, then added honey and salt. It was the first thing he’d been able to keep down (after revisiting some Gatorade earlier in the day). He didn’t like me calling it tea so I called it homemade Gatorade. It worked wonders for him!

  23. Iulia Erdmann

    What about coconut water? You can get little powder packs of coconut water stuff you add to Watertown make coconut water. There is no sugar or salt or colourents or anything bad!

  24. Iulia Erdmann

    Sorry I meant add to water not Watertown !

  25. Rupunzlemom

    Summer brings lemonade with fresh spearmint leaves and strawberries floating in it.  So refreshing.

  26. Just remember not to go overboard with water flavourings… I once went to a trendy cafe where jugs of water came with melon balls, cucumber and mint. Looked great, tasted of pond water.

  27. Our favorite summer drink is infused water, using fresh herbs from the garden (or pantry) and seasonal fruits/veggies. Simply place the chopped up goodies in a pitcher of water, cover tightly and let it sit in the fridge for a 3-4 hours (or more if you want a more intense flavor). You can strain it out before adding ice cubes and drinking, but we like the little floaty bits!  You can also add a little honey or agave to strong water infusions and freeze them as popsicles. :)

    Some favorite combinations: rosemary/mint, mint/cucumber, raspberry/mint, watermelon/mint, lemon balm/lemon, lemon balm/peach, lemongrass/cardamom pod – and the list goes on!

  28. Carlyn Barrus

    Lavender lemonade means summer for me. I buy bulk lemons and juice them all at once and make lemon juice ice cubes, then I add two cubes to a pitcher of cold water, add 1/2 to 1 cup organic cane sugar (it seriously tastes way better), and 2 or 3 drops of lavender essential oil (you have to be super careful not to add too much!!). We chug this stuff down all summer long because it tastes like heaven. It’s an easy way to make something simple into something fancy.

  29. Nessarie88

    Does tea count as flavored water? We always just throw some sugar and a couple of tea bags into a clear jug and let it sit in the sun for a few hours to self-brew. Viola! Iced tea! I imagine you could add some of your lemon cubes (or any flavor cubes [raspberry!!!]) to make flavored iced tea!

  30. 2labnight

    To a quart of water add some sliced cucumber, sliced lemon and then put 1T grated ginger, 1T mint leaves in a tea strainer, let brew in the fridge for a few hours.  Sever over ice with a fresh sprig of mint.  Refreshing and delicious. 

  31. Alexandra

    Last time I was in England I got addicted to sparkling elderflower, which is to say, elderflower cordial + sparkling water.  It’s very refreshing with a taste somewhat reminiscent of muscat grapes.  You can make the cordial by simmering fresh elderflowers with sugar and water, and I never thought about it, but of course you could then freeze the cordial to have it year round.  Hooray!  If you live in an area where elderflowers are not available, like I do (sad face), you could make cordials with other kinds of edible flowers:  violets, lavender, roses, orange blossoms, dandelions…  Cordial added to shaved ice is the original form of sherbet.

    I was thinking of pureeing strawberries and freezing them to add to homemade lemonade.

    Speaking of lemons, boiling the zest from the lemons and adding the resulting infused water to the lemon juice really enhances the lemonyness of lemonade while also mellowing the sourness of the lemon juice.  It also makes the yellow color more intense.

  32. Dorionrenee

    How often can you use the mask?

  33. Mariana

    All of these things sound amazing, I especially want to try the lemon milk mask!

  34. Michelle Ross

    How often should you apply the Hydroxy Mask?

  35. KT

    The dog thing: totally works. When my little Ava was a teething puppy she chewed on all of our wooden chairs & so we rubbed lemon on all the furniture at her height. She tried to bite it but as soon as she tasted the lemon she stopped & pulled the doggy version of “sour face”. She soon stopped trying at all.

  36. Juju

    Just tried the lemon mask using heavy whipping cream.  I am now making a second batch for my mom to try tonight….definitely will be doing this mask more often!  Thanks for the recipe!

  37. Ayla282

     the mask is spectacular.  I made it with half and half, and I put the leftovers in a jar in the fridge.  I’m hoping that after a day on the counter the fridge won’t ruin the fabulous bacteria.  I also let it sit on for an hour, as it was drying it felt like a really great tightening mask as well, so I just let it stay there for a little while.

  38. kk

    how often can you do the milk and lemon face mask

  39. christina

    Warning:: this recipe WILL make you very uncomfortable. I use the freeman’s clay mask but I’m sure any clay mask would work. I apply to a clean face then let it dry. After it dries i cut a lemon then use the juice to rehydrate the whole mask. I let it dry again then use the lemon as a scrub to remove the clay…but i soften the edges so that they dont ‘cut’ me. This remedy not only does some serious pore purging but it was my cheap alternative to a chemical peel. I do this for two days then do some serious TLC as my skin will start peeling and be really dry as well as red and sensitivr. It’s imperative that you not scratch your face at any time during or after the facial…trust hurts. The skin is essentially raw and the nails cut the skin.

  40. Engl

    Hello, I just found this site a week ago and have been doing the honey cleansing twice a day as I have put the clinique cleanser away in a dark cupboard. I noticed that my skin has become more balanced, in that I have no dry spots in my checks anymore However, I was training for a run and putting in 20km per week from February til April and noticed in late April that my skin was getting quite bumpy looking, especially on my forehead, probably cuz I was wiping it like crazy and didn’t know u were supposed to pat and wash immediately,. So only til may did I start changing my skin routine when I noticed no change for the better. Anyways, I’ve abandoned my chemical products and do honey cleanse with jojoba oil afterwards. I did squeeze a bit of lemon juice on my forehead for past couple nights and did your yogurt facial you mentioned today, but I’m wondering if there’s a limit as to how much of this acidic stuff I should be putting as my forehead is still filled with angry little red and flesh colored bumps. I’m new at this whole food on your face thing andafter reading your posts, I would appreciate any feedback!

  41. Jenniespersonal

    Hi, with the milk thing. Can I use powdered milk (dilluted with some water) instead of the actual milk?  Unfortunately, we dont drink milk at home and im sure even a small can of milk will go off if I store it in the fridge for a week.
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  42. Amber R.

    I have a couple of questions about the Lemon Milk Mask; is it supposed to be thick after 4 hours, or will it still be runny? Also, is it supposed to feel itchy when it’s on your face? I have it on right now, but I don’t feel like I did it right.

  43. JaniceC

    I added sugar to the mix and let it dissolve. Did a wonderful job, thanks!

  44. Gudrun Sig

    I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! Came across it through Pintest (<3) and I want to try everything! Lots of luv from Reykjavik.

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  49. Demi Jack

    I stumbled across this site in a browse this evening and I am glad! I have read lots of wonderful suggestions here in the comments that I do plan to try out :)
    I make a delicious summer beverage that is my pleasure to share with you all!

    How to make the “Jazzy Half n’ Half” <3
    (Its a fruity Arnold Palmer more or less… PERFECT for summer!)

    Use your favorite tea, steeped with lemon, mint and sweetness (I prefer some honey and also some brown sugar)

    Mix with lemonade

    In a glass: put crushed ice in first, followed by frozen berries (or whatever fruit is your favorite, just make sure you chop and peel the bigger fruit of course… These fruit will serve as very flavorful ice cubes)

    Pour your tea and lemonade over the ice and fruit… DELICIOUSNESS!! <3
    You can spike this drink also for a party, etc.

  50. Plz I want to know if I boil water with lemon ginger cucumber n mint leaves n keep it overnight will it cause any reactions or harm to my body


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