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  1. Kris Weikel

    I love your blog, you helped me in my journey of going green/organic/Natural beauty JUST as I needed you..Someone who shared…like a good friend.  I’m not all connected to the blogs I read bc I don’t blog enough, but I enjoy & truly appreciate the time & energy it takes for yall to be faithful at it.

  2. catyshark

    I’m super new to here and love it so much because like you said up there the internet is full of great people talking about the great things they’re doing and it’s priceless when a person like me can find a blog like yours just as she’s going “ok, I want to stop dumping this toxic waste on my skin but what the hell do I do next…?”

    Than you for the three recommendations. This is how I find stuff and love my life more.

    My two blogs that I go to regularly for the humour and the advice and the perspective are captainawkward.com (I’m the kind of fangirl that would turn stalker if I lived anywhere closer) and momastery.com (recently discovered but apparently I’m the latest in a long list of fans)

    Thanks for everything you do.

  3. Sarah T

    I enjoy reading a wide variety of blogs some crunchy, some not- an eclectic rainbow of words.  Crunchy Betty happens to be one of my faves (check almost every day to see what new awesomeness you have posted); but there are so many that it’s soooo hard to pick only a handful…

    Ashley of “Not Without Salt”
    Amanda of “Vintage Savoir Faire”
    Jes of “The Militant Baker”
    Audrey of “Frugally Sustainable”
    Elizabeth of “Delightfully Tacky”
    Amy of “Vanagon Champion”
    “Modern Day Redneck”
    Jessica of “Delicious Obsessions”
    Pamela of “Canning Granny”
    Kaelah of “Little Chief Honeybee”
    Rebecca Jean of “Midnight Maniac”
    “Moorea Seal”
    Kelsey and Eric of “Words of Williams”


  4. Do what you LOVE, all else pales against passionate creation – whatever you choose that to be. Know thyself and it will follow.

    I think Dr. Seuss said it best: “Today you are You that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

    Just happened upon this blog when searching for the Dr. Seuss quote. I think you’ll like it. ;-) http://deannewilliamson.com/theres-only-one-you/

    Joy has infinite possibilities and paths.


  5. I have many favorite blogs that I read regularly (maybe too many), but for warm, down-to-earth, genuineness, I love http://www.mayamade.blogspot.com

  6. I have many favorite blogs that I read regularly (maybe too many), but for warm, down-to-earth, genuineness, I love http://www.mayamade.blogspot.com

  7. LisaLise

    lolazabeth.com has opened my eyes to the problems, struggles and world of dealing with curly hair in a world where the entire industry panders to non- curlies. Enlightening and personal – utterly inspiring!

    • LolaZabeth

      Thx Lise! I was just coming over to get all mushy about how much I love your blog: 
      http://www.lisaliseblog.com/.  I believe I learned about Lise’s blog here at Crunchy Betty through one of her comments on a post. I immediately headed over to her blog and spent an entire afternoon devouring her posts. I was blown away by her amazing DIY beauty recipes, and her encyclopedic knowledge on cosmetic formulation. But what really struck a chord was her voice: it’s passionate, heartfelt and genuine to the core. Since then I was able to directly connect with Lise, email and even chat with her despite the large ocean between us—it was the beginning of  burgeoning collaboration and friendship. Cheers Lise! xoxo

  8. Meshell

    Oh my, my top two have to be http://www.medicinalmarzipan.com/ who has inspired me to stop thinking about my blog and get that blog out there.  Also Mastin from http://thedailylove.com/ has is a daily read to remind myself to be authentic, loving, giving, and above all… Myself.  Putting love into each day is amazing.

  9. Great idea!

    http://ageoldtree.blogspot.com/ – Ann Marie’s photography is stunning, and the text that accompanies it is brief but genuine and heartfelt.

    http://www.roostblog.com/ – Haven’t tried any of Caitlin’s recipes yet, but they always look amazing and inspiring.

    http://www.thedailyfrolic.com/ – Jas is a talented photographer and an all-around great gal!

    http://tinybuddha.com/ – The posts on this blog never fail to speak to me and give me hope.

  10. Beignet

    Mostly because she’s my friend but also because she inspired me to go crunchy in the first place when she posted the Story of Stuff early on. The best part is her trueness to parenting and how hard it is. You can find her at: contentedlycrunchy.blogspot.com/

  11. you are definitely one of my favorite authentic bloggers! i love your wit and honesty.

    beardandpigtails.com is a pretty interesting one that i started following recently. it’s all over the place, but ‘beard’ is pretty honest and has a unique writer’s voice.

    we try to stay as authentic as possible on my blog, but we’re just starting out and surely have much to learn. it helps to follow folks like you! i’m looking forward to checking out “wild girl” too.

  12. First, I love this blog and your last post…you are truly authentic and I love that about you. 

    I don’t follow too many blogs because I find it too easy to get sucked in to a long list of blogs, and that just hurts my brain. So I pick out a few, save them to my faves list, and check on them every few days. After a little while if I feel they aren’t fitting in to my here and now, I delete them. I only have 3 “personal” blogs that I try to keep track of…every thing else I read is about food and/or health.

    My Hubs and I have a blog (well, its “his” blog, but I do the work. Lol) but its only about our adventures in fishing…there aren’t any life lessons to be learned here (unless you want to learn about fishing!) 

    Now, my best friend has a blog that I love…not just because she is my best friend, but because she is her authentic self and makes no apologies. Even if I didn’t know her, I would read her blog. Its about faith, family, marriage, and just life in general. She’s pretty awesome. 

    I also like this one: http://winenaptime.wordpress.com/
    The author is funny and honest. I can pretty much always count on getting a laugh out of her posts and I always feel like I can relate to what she’s talking about. And she doesn’t post every day (or even weekly sometimes) but I like that.

    This is also a good place for some laughs: http://www.themrs.ca/  She has a regular guest poster named Lannis that I love…she is so honest and hilarious. 

  13. Mariah Magagnotti

    I’m loving amy (
    http://amylsullivan.blogspot.com/), nicole (
    http://theneesbylookbook.blogspot.com/), kristen (
    http://wearethatfamily.com/) and kerrie (
    http://kerriewade.blogspot.com/).  They share their hearts, and encourage others!  A great combo!

  14. I read mostly weight loss blogs. One that I especially love are http://ronisweigh.com/, 
    http://tippytoediet.com/, and 

  15. Dooce.com is my go-to site for a good belly laugh and sometimes inspirational things as well. I don’t have babies I have raised but I can surely imagine some moms out there have thought some of the things she writes about…

  16. I wanted to let you know that even though you aren’t a Pinterest kinda gal, that is how I accidentally stumbled upon you. I have been trying to lead a more natural life and with the love of nature I was checking out wild flowers, bees and honey. Low and behold, I found a link how to wash my face with HONEY! I couldn’t believe how something so simple and natural could be so good for my skin. I then found out later that my sister, living in another state had been secretly washing her face with honey for years! All that to say, I went to your site and had a ball. Last but not least, I have enjoyed only a few blogs and yours tops the list. Your sense of humor and clarity in a world gone fuzzy, are refreshing and at times enlightening. BRAVO BETTY! :)

  17. Krez56

    http://wouldashoulda.com/ I look forward to Mir’s almost daily posts about her life.

  18. Wow, wow, wow, THANK YOU!!! I’m so honoured that you’ve included me in this post! I guess now we stalk each other? ;)

  19. Gina Boulanger

    I understand your frustration about Pinterest, but it is what led me to you and many other amazing authentic bloggers that inspire me everyday. Lately I’m reading http://www.frugallysustainable.com,  onegoodthingbyjillee.com, and of course you! Welcome back!!

    •  Oh, no no. Don’t get me wrong. I freakin’ love Pinterest. That just happened to be the area that overwhelmed me momentarily, when I started paying more attention (than just to the things I pinned or liked) to some of the blogs out there. And I am SO with you on Frugally Sustainable. Love her!

  20. The up your impact factor lady is powerful, thank you so much for sharing her and her story!

    I love the information that the urban herbalist gives too. Very useful, down to earth and full of joy.

    The three blogs that I find to be inspiring and sharing things authentically;

    This blog has stopped updating for the time being, but it is an amazing collection of what the science actually says about health, in the face of all the “health advice” we hear so much of today.

    Another blog that does not update very often, but when she does… wow, she packs a punch. She has suffered much abuse in her life, and has come out the other side a joyful forgiving woman. So intelligent, so inspiring, so challenging. If I had to pick just one blog, this would be it. It is also very little known, and really deserves to have more people go see it.

    This lady fearlessly shares her birthing experiences and tries to live her life (and blog!) in a way that helps other women and mothers with the issues and paternalism surrounding birth. It was a wonderful resource throughout my pregnancy that I still follow.

  21. What I totally love about you is that you sort through the mucky muck and keep people on the straight and narrow. I love being able to refer people here (LOVED your water post … now I can send them here when people ask me about making a skin care product that contains water). 

  22. jlfowler83

    I LOVE your blog!! I share many of your posts and tips frequently! Here’s a few others I really like too, but of course yours is my fav!


  23. BonnieKaye Cox

    I love, love, love 
    http://nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/.  Stephanie Nielson shares all aspects of her life in a very real and personal way.  I receive much inspiration from her thoughts.

  24. Rachel

    I should start by saying that  yours is my absolute favorite blog. I subscribe to quite a few of the blogs listed so far and they are wonderful, but often after reading a post on one of them I will search your blog to see if you have written about the same subject.  Yours is the only blog that has a button on my bookmarks toolbar. :)  So here are a couple others that I think are awesome.

    http://bellsinspires.blogspot.com/ This is mostly a craft site, but I just love all the things she makes and her writing makes me smile.

    http://carrieannesnyder.blogspot.com/  Carrie Snyder is my cousin’s best friend. I would see her in summers as a kid when I would visit family, and once I went with my cousins to visit her family in Canada. I have always been awed by her, she is funny and intelligent and kind, and a fantastic writer.  Her blog is an inspiration, she writes a little about everything.

  25. Andrea

    Along with your blog, there are a few other blogs I check daily:

    http://www.e-tells-tales.com She is a funny, young mom in a May-December marriage, living in a small town. It’s funny and heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking. She’s very genuine.

    http://www.mydevising.com A previous co-worker who is very honest and earnest about her joy and struggles as a new mom. She has a beautiful story of her son’s birth.

    I have a blog, too, but I don’t know that it’s very interesting! http://www.sensibilityandnotsomuchsense.blogspot.com

  26. Tamekanoni

    You are one of my favorite authentic bloggers. As well as soulemama.com and lusaorganics.typepad.com. Both bloggers are mothers who, to me, live simply or at least try to. They unschool, knit, crochet, thrift, sew, eat as naturally as possible, and encourage their children, by example, to engage and connect with the natural world. The blogs are different, but the same. I get different things from them, but I find that both women have lots of similarities. I have learned a lot from both. For example, I have never heard of unschooling until I read soulemama and also found it on lusaorganics. Like you they give without asking for anything in return. Lusaorganics also sells handmade skin products for mamas and babies. I’ve tried a few and really like them.

  27. Camille

    I adore Jennifer at the Iron Oak Farm blog: 
    http://www.ironoakfarm.blogspot.com/. Her blog covers her day-to-day life on her farm (bees, chickens, goats and more!), including amazing recipes, photos, DIY tips and glimpses into a farmgirl at heart. She also has a cute little shop where she sells her homegrown and hand dyed yarns and her husband’s sweet hand forged iron items. She is one of the kindest and most authentic people I know and her blog is one of my very faves. :)

  28. Renee

    Hey Crunchy Betty, 

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!! I am thankful for all of the blog suggestions and am really looking forward to checking them all out. 

    I started a blog a few months ago with my husband. I’m the crunchy one in the family and encourage him to try natural remedies, herbal supplements, and a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in health and humor. 

    For any vegans out there, I also like Alicia Silverstone’s website: 

  29. Selkie55

    Of course, I always read Crunchy Betty!! I also love “French Word A Day”, a three times a week look into the life of an American woman living in France. Mostly it is just simple things like her teenaged son learning to drive, her dog going missing, or just a visit from her mother; but it is so well written that you laugh out loud, smile, or maybe cry a little with her. I really do recommend it. http://french-word-a-day.typepad.com/motdujour/

  30. Jen

    “in celebration of honesty and fearlessness…” brings to mind one amazing woman and her blog: Maya Thompson at http://rockstarronan.com/ . Her journey is heartbreaking, inspiring and will change the world.

  31. Becky

    I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for a few months now and have gotten so much support from http://sixuntilme.com/  Kerry talks about the frustrations and little celebrations she has as a person living with type 1 diabetes…
    I’ve also become vegetarian and have started following http://www.ohsheglows.com

  32. Truly an amazing honor to be included here. Thank you so much for your kind and tear-inducing words, sister. And yeah…I totally got the potty mouth but you got the good looks. Raw deal, that.

    And what a great resource the post and comments have become. I’m tempted to spend the rest of the afternoon perusing all the awesome sites everyone’s shared.

  33. Ashley Strachey

    This is a great idea for a post; I love to find new blogs!

    While I don’t have one myself, (been thinking about starting though) I do want to share the blog I frequent almost as much as this one. 


    Kelly at ImperfectHomeMaking is fun, hilarious, insightful, and so organized. You never know what she’s going to post about next, but it’s always thought-provoking and charming. I love all of her DIY projects and organizing ideas, and she’s always inspiring me. 

    “A place for everything, and everything in its place!” :D

  34. saraholeary

    Ah well, let’s see, aside from YOU – one of my favorite authentic bloggers, and Jenny Bones who sure does know how to rip our heart out, I’d have to vote for my new friend Ellen at http://thehairyedge.com (more pottymouth though, which doesn’t bug me a bit). And Kelly Diels at Cleavage http://kellydiels.com – a ‘bigger’ blogger but truly authentic. She advocates throwing out blogging ‘rules’ and just telling the damn story and I love that1! I’ve got lots of others, but these 2 spring right to mind. Can’t wait to get some time to check out all these new gems! 

  35. kbunywabit

    Here are my must read blogs…
    http://lusaorganics.typepad.com/clean/ – Rachel is very authentic and real
    http://www.michelemademe.com/ – a crafty blog using recycled materials
    http://asonomagarden.wordpress.com/ – I want to live here!

    Love to see all the other real blogs out there!

  36. Mrscatj

    One of my favorites is alltheweigh.com It’s the story of a girl with a whole lot of weight to lose…and how she’s finding herself along the way. She’s amazing!

  37. uttama

    so inspiring. changing the world one house at a time.

  38. Anne Bickle

    Leslie, I love that authenticity is so important to you and that you took a time out to figure it out and are now celebrating authentic bloggers, driving readers to more authentic blogs. I, myself, have a blog, but I do not do it for a living or even for a cause, except for maybe just my own pleasure of writing. Even as I write to my blog with just one follower (thanks mom) I have wrestled with making sure that I am authentic. If I’m trying to be something I’m not, then what’s the point? That’s true in life, in relationships and on blogs, too.

  39. Stacie

    MELISSA KING @ MyHeartDances!!!!! http://www.myheartdances.blogspot.com/
    The words you used to describe “bloggers out there who share uncommon things, who are willing to fully
    and completely expose themselves and their heart, or who just simply
    touch us in a way that inspires feelings of inclusion and expansion –
    not jealousy or I-can’t-be-perfect-like-them”, is describing her work perfectly!!! She doesn’t manipulate people into reading or following her, she just lays it out there and challenges, moves and INSPIRES! She deserves more attention!

  40. Erenaw

    This is one of my favourite authentic blogs, I’m not a mother but somehow I always feel comforted/ supported / inspired by this


  41. Rupunzlemom

    I follow this blog:  http://storyof3sisters.blogspot.com/   It is what it says…….the story of 3 sisters.  Very genuine.

  42. where is walter?

    if there is anyone who is not afraid to be who she is it is:
    i love to read what she is up to. 

  43. Tracy

    I love love love Crunchy Betty!!! You’re site is truely one of my favorites, and most inspiring.  Just briefly, I will say the way I got interested and starting being “crunchy”  was rather by accident.  After being sick of FB, I abandoned it for a while, and to fill my time, I joined Pinterest.  Oddly enough, I dont even go to Pinterest anymore, but that is where I first found my inspiration for making my own homemade cleaners, beauty products, etc.  I didnt even know this was possible, let alone so much more healthy and better for the environment (and pocketbook).  I created my own little private blog, mostly to share with my mother in another state so she could see what I was doing.  It’s not listed on search engines or anything.  Just more or less my journal of sorts.  Lots of googling, research, finding all-things-natrual blogs and information increased my interest.  This is how I found Crunchy Betty, along with a few other favorites.  To boot…I accidentally recruited a couple friends/co-workers that were amazed by what I was doing and joined in.   My favorite blogs that I go to regularly are of course Crunchy Betty, Andrea at http://frugallysustainable.com/, Genevieve at http://www.uniquelynormalmom.com/, and Stephanie at http://www.keeperofthehome.org/.  I find the Authentic bloggers so much more interesting and relate-able!! :) 

  44. I am a big fan of 
    http://wellnessmama.com/. She’s got some good stuff in there! However, your blog is my number 1 favorite. Just sayin’.

  45. Hannah

    I just LOVE thelumberjackswife.com. She is hilarious, honest, and takes time to capture the fun little moments in life. I’m addicted to her blog & http://www.tricialottwilliford.com. She’s not exactly a crunchy girl, but the most authentic writer I’ve ever come across. 

  46. http://soberboots.com She’s awesome; completely real and open and a great writer to boot.  It’s a recovery blog, and I love it for keeping perspective.
    p.s.  Leslie, I only found Crunchy Betty a couple months ago now, but your blog is the first one I’ve ever followed.  Don’t listen to those mean voices (I have them in my head, too, and they paralyse me sometimes, so I get it) because they’re completely wrong.  You are doing a great job, and you don’t need to check all the imaginary boxes that someone else made up just to sell their ebooks.

  47. Crunchy Betty was sort of my “gateway drug” into the blogosphere, so a lot of my favorites are those I’ve found through your linky parties, for example  http://thankyourbody.com/blog/ .
    I’m also hugely fond of:http://www.laurelofleaves.com/
    and http://www.farmgirlintraining.blogspot.com/

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