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  1. Mrs. Z


  2. Racingbea

    Fantastic.  Helped start my Monday morning with a laugh.

  3. Susan

    Thank you so much for this wonderful story.  I needed a laugh today and this has made my day.

  4. Wendy

    Did a lot of crushing on Sting in my youth and somewhere out there is a poster he signed just for me even though I never met him. BUT… Lyle Lovett really. I think now I’d step on and over sting just to hear him live. Some of you may think me insane but a true trubador he is and I’m not afraid to say “Sting who?”

  5. Katykrunch

    LOL, I needed that giggle and you certainly provided it!  Great story – what a treat to meet him, anyway – even if I don’t really know who he is, he, he – but Sting, I certainly know.  Off to search for Lyle Lovett now… and yes, I AM serious – but I do live in England.  Thanks for the laugh x

  6. Lola Marigold

    OMG I laughed out loud, skin cells on the seat..This was a fantastic post..I too love love Sting. What a great pic of him..yes an appt. with all three of you, or two at most is a must..

  7. Sarah JP

    Ok this was so definitely food for my soul! Brightened a gloomy British day. Thank you so much!

  8. Heather :) :) :)

    Oh, I just can’t stop laughing ;) :) :) FOMCLOL ) :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  9. I didn’t realize our cats are related!

  10. Too… too… funny! I ,too, used to love The Police and Sting… but… somewhere along the way, hip stylish bad boys ceased to impress and Lyle stepped in and charmed me with sweet honest truth and beauty… and continues to do so with every amazing album he puts out. So you can have Mr. Sumner all to yourself… I’ll take the long tall Texan, if you please… ma’am :)

  11. Val Winsor

    I do totally understand the Sting thing! I sort felt a crawly sensation at the bottom of my spine as I joined in your embarrassment. I remember meeting the actor Peter Finch at a party years and years ago. It was in flat in London and for some reason I was in the bedroom where all the coats were dumped. In came a 50ish PF with a couple of 17-year-olds clinging to him, draped in furs. I said – and I will never forget it – “Are you really Peter Finch?” to which he replied “I certainly am”
    My reporte? “How super!” I cringe about even today. I am NOT that stupid – most of the time.

  12. Linda

    Thank you for starting my Monday off in a great way!  I thought I was the only one who’s thought process worked this way!  BTW, I have no problem attending the meeting to give you moral support! ;)  Thank you again for the laughs!

  13. Rebecca

    How that sombrero has not burst into flames is beyond me, what with that SMOLDERING face beneath it. Yowsa! Great story. Hope Lyle reads it and begins to heal. :)

  14. Bunn

    Lyle is our hometown boy here, just north of Houston.  Being the Southern gentleman he is known to be, I’m sure he holds no animosity toward you.  Loved your story and would have loved that concert.   

  15. Oh, sexy-beyond-compare Sting, former English teacher, helper of the rainforest, subject of so many school girl fantasies (and older women too). I, too, had a crush on him for years–ever see Brimstone and Treacle? OMG. Okay, now I’ll go back to being a faithful 40-something married woman.

  16. Anna

    Awsome story for grandkids!

  17. Healmysole

    What a great story!

  18. OMG this made me laugh so hard! Great story for a monday!

  19. And if he could bring along Bono, I might be able to help you, completely from a theraputic standpoint.  We’d get our own room, so as to not disturb.

  20. Patti

    Loved this story!  And the picture of Sting is smoking hot.  However, I’ll take Lyle Lovett – he sings real purty to me!  And as fate would have it, I was at Texas A&M the same time as Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen!

  21. Maz

    Very, very funny! Also love that your cat is your moral compass!

  22. Yrwolf

    If you and Sting are busy, I would be more than happy to show Lyle around several of our wonderful local music clubs…

  23. Marijo_gd

    Thank you for this!

  24. KT

    I just lolled. I totally understand. Sting is hot. Even now. & im 26. Theres just something about him thats so cool & sexy

  25. Joyce Sowards

    HA!!! This is such a funny story!  I must say that I probably would’ve said the same thing and then followed it with….”so, what happened to you and Julia Roberts!”  and then I would’ve inserted foot into mouth. hah ha a!  Poor Lyle!  He sure seems like a nice guy.

  26. Esther

    *LOL* *LOL* *LOL

  27. Fongkai

    oh, betty. You’ve got ruby lips and emerald eyes . . . and Sting on your mind . . . so sad!

  28. This is the BEST STORY EVVVVVEEEER! :)

  29. maria eads

    lol thanks for making me laugh on a terrible day. I just found your blog, and I love it.  I found the article about DIY’ing with water. I was so glad for it. I just started making my own homemade everything and I found a recipe online for hand soap. I made it about 3 weeks ago. I wish I had found your blog first. But I boiled the water per the recipes instructions at least.

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