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  1. Jane

    Alcohol/dist. water works great for lots of cleaning projects. I keep a bottle mixed up and use it to sanitize granite counter tops, clean appliances, mirrors, windows. Even my hardwood floors! It evaps so quickly, no harm to the wood. Spray lightly, then go over with the microfiber mop. Lots cheaper than the hdwd floor cleaners found in spray bottles, which have high alcohol content. BTW, for general cleaning, u can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to the mix. Smells very nice. Altho don’t use the oil mixture for cleaning electronics.

  2. I used to work for AppleCare and people would call asking if I had a special kind of screen cleaner to officially recommend for Apple products. The Apple website has some stupid WHOOSH! brand gimmick for $19.95, but to be honest I recommended exactly what you have in this article. I feel like I should have found this before I quit because I swear I would have forwarded it to people.


  1. […] alcohol works great on crevices, such as computer keyboards and mouses. If you’re looking for clean electronics, adding a 50/50 mix of the alcohol and water into a spray bottle gives you a great all purpose […]

  2. […] I’m serious, you probably don’t know how dirty your screen is until you place it in front of sunlight. Use a microfiber cloth and some LCD screen cleaner formula for maximum clarity. Here’s how to do it for pennies. […]

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