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  1. Oh my, which one to make first ??? Started the day off with your Mocha-Frappuccino face mask… heavenly….

  2. Jen

    I used homemade wine for this mask, and it came out to a frothy consistency, almost like a chocolate mousse. Applied it to my face, and I as I sit here waiting for it to dry, I have to emphasis that the smell is HEAVENLY.
    Thank you SO much. <3
    My morning : Made.

  3. Now beef stew sounds REALLY good for breakfast.

    And I have…English muffins.

    Not the same.

  4. Oh wow! I’ve been looking for something that will work for my skin type (which is combination and depends on the day which combination it is) so I’m going to give this a try. I hope none falls in my mouth though because I’m having a #dryjanuary.

  5. The stew sounds incredible! Cinnamon in it… I can totally taste it already! I cooked (and mostly baked) a ton over the holidays. I’m ready for some slow-drying chocolate wine mask on my face! I bet it’s luxurious and decadent and dreamy…

  6. Andrea L

    Hello Betty,
    Is this something I can store or is that a bad idea? Making a gift for friends.
    Let me knownplease.