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  1. ruby

    I’m one week in and my skin has become dehydrated and itchy. fyi i’m usually pretty oily. i think i might be using the wrong kind of honey. weird thing is ever since i started washing face with honey it has become more sensitive to other face wash. the other night i tried washing with drugstore creamy cleanser (hada labo, i don’t know if it’s a known brand in us/europe but it’s pretty big here in asia) which usually calms any irritation…and the itch and dehydration became worse. any suggestions? i don’t want to give up because seeing how i now react to my previous cleanser i can’t go back but i’m not sure i should continue with this batch of honey… (it is however super yummy on toast so i can always relocate it to my kitchen)

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  3. myeshia

    I, (myeshia), solemnly swear to wash my face with honey every day for two weeks, no exceptions, no excuses.

  4. Tamara

    I Tamara solemly swear to wash my face with honey only for two weeks.


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