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  1. ann

    I ann, solemnly swear to wash my face with honey and water only

  2. Jill Stevenson

    I jill solemnly swear to only was my face with honey and water!

  3. Megan

    I’m diving in face first!

  4. I am doing it! I want be crunchy and I want great skin naturally! Go Bees!

  5. mindy

    I need help!! I have been using the oil cleansing method for a couple of months and have finally found the right oils and quantities for my dry and extremley sensitive skin. Avocado oil and vit e, but no castor oil as no matter how little i used, i still found it too drying. But im still finding my face is dry and irritated in places and it feels like its the ‘steaming’ process?? Id like to carry on using this method but maybe just every other day…so…what can i wash with in between? Can i use the mix to just remove my eye and face makeup and stop there or do i still need to cleanse my face?? Id like to try honey but i have hayfever, although i eat honey with no reactions…sorry for the 20 questions! Im worried il revert back to shop bought cleanser if i dont find an alternative!! Advice muchly appreciated :-) x

  6. marie berg

    Hi:-) What kind of honey should be used for the challenge? Would any do or are the organic better, and what about the type: Raw/refined, Manuka/Acacia/Flower/Eucalyptus?

    Can’t wait to try this btw

  7. Katy

    I just washed my face once using the honey method, and I found it to be incredibly drying. I’m young but I have very dry skin, and the honey just made my face feel tighter and my wrinkles more obvious. Maybe it’s not for all skin types…

  8. Vanessa Conyers

    I Vanessa, solemnly swear to wash my face with honey and water only

  9. Lilly Pancini

    I,Lilly, solemnly swear to wash my face with honey every day for two weeks, no exceptions, no excuses.

  10. Autumn

    Hi Ann,
    Your about 2 weeks in or so? I am curious as to your progress/how did it work for you and what were your results if any….

  11. I, Crystal Rhae, solemnly swear to wash my face with honey every day for two weeks, no exceptions, no excuses.

  12. Teresa

    The honey face wash is amazing. I have combination, very sensitive skin with occasional pimples. I’ve been washing with honey every morning for three weeks and my skin is clear and soft. The flaky patches are gone. Thanks Leslie!

  13. Gabrielle

    I, Gabrielle, solemnly swear to wash my face with honey every day for two weeks, no exceptions, no excuses.

  14. Hilary

    I, Hilary, solemnly swear to wash my face with honey every day for two weeks, no exceptions, no excuses.

  15. Teresa F.

    I, Teresa F, am taking the two week honey face wash challenge. In fact, I actually started yesterday and so far so good…love the way my face feels and as of yet do not feel the need to use any extra moisturizer.

  16. MinMGB

    I’m definitely trying this. I keep getting acne. In the same places. Year in, year out.

    Better yet, I have a beehive. In the spring when I harvest the honey, I’m using it for this. And I’m going to use my neighbor’s honey until then, just because it’s local and such.

    The best part: This stuff will actually agree with my skin. It won’t make it really red, really sore, and sting like thousands of mosquitoes have been after me like normal, mainstream lotion and facewashes do.

    I can’t wait to see how this works!

  17. Alana

    Obviously, I’m a little late for the drawing. Nonetheless:
    I, Alana, solemnly swear to wash my face with honey every day for two weeks, no exceptions, no excuses.

  18. nhu nguyen

    I, Nhu Nguyen, solemnly swear to wash my face with honey every day for two weeks, no exceptions, no excuses.

  19. Anna

    I just started washing my face with honey and I will continue the challenge for 2 weeks!!

  20. jessica

    I have been using honey to cleanse and coconut oil to moisturize for a month now. No new breakouts and super soft skin. In the past, exfoliation with baking soda every day was the only thing that worked to prevent my cystic acne. Obviously, that’s much too abrasive and though it gave me clear beautiful skin, it also caused an overproduction of oil that was hard to control. Honey has been amazing! I just exfoliate with a wet cloth twice a week. And to reduce the redness from my previous breakouts, I left a mix of honey and lemon juice on my face for ten mins. Really helped! And it’s so inexpensive!

  21. I believe….I believe!! lol. Ok, I decided to try this about three weeks ago. I bought some Manuka Honey and started to wash my face twice a day with it. HOLY Amazeballs!! My face was always red and I had two gross red patches on my chin that plagued me. Happy to report i’m officially awed! My face is back to it’s normal more redness and those horrible patches that my dermatologist gave me steroids for are flipping gone! Can’t wait to show him. So happy..Thanks for this info. -xo

  22. Britt

    I am taking the challenge !

  23. Dawnielle

    Ive just discovered ur page. My skin is excessively oily covered with blackheads and easily dried out. Im allergic to everything known to man when it comes to my skin and it comes out in my face and elbows. So im late but im going to do this honey wash and see what happens. Hell it cant be much worse. Wish me luck!

  24. I, Dottie< pledge to washing my face w/ honey for the next 2 weeks

  25. I, Claudia, solemnly swear to wash my face with honey every day for two weeks, no exceptions, no excuses.

  26. Erin Tapp

    I, Erin, solemnly swear to wash my face with honey and water once a day, no exceptions, no excuses. (I started two days ago and so far I love it!)

  27. Natasia Lyles

    I, Natasia, solemnly swear to wash my face only with honey and water (but i read you can add olive oil to it) for the next two weeks (started this morning yayy), no exceptions, no exceptionz!!

  28. genevieve

    I, Gen, solemnly swear to wash my face with honey in the morning for two weeks,no exceptions, no excuses!

  29. Jane

    I know you said it’s moisturizing but I have really dry skin, ( North East winters and indoor heating.) Is it too drying?

  30. Hi, folks,

    I just found this wonderful blog and wanted to comment on the problems everyone is having with using honey to wash their face…the reason your skin breaks out is because the skin is trying to get rid of the toxins that have built up in the pores of your skin.

    Most likely you don’t have the patience to see it through, but give it time to work before going off and trying something else. At least 5 days between healing remedies for the skin. More often just irritates your skin and clogs the pores, which, by the way, causes more breakouts.

    Any type of local honey is best to use since it contains all the pollen in the area. It works on your immune system to decrease sensitivity to allergens in your area. Using honey from another country does not do your immune system any good since you may not be subject to the type of pollen in another country.

    Local, raw honey is the best…if you can find wildflower in your area, use that one.

    Also, try starting out with one oil, then adding more if you need it, but give the single oil at least 5 days before you add another oil to your mixture. That way you’ll know which oil affects your skin since every person skin composition is different.

    The skin is the largest detox part of your body. When the digestive system can’t flush toxins out, it comes out through the skin. Hence, pimples, blackheads and acne.

    Change to fruits and vegetable, fresh, of course, and see if some of your skin problems don’t clear up, as well as the honey treatment. Hope this helps…

    Laurence Layne, Herbalist
    Healing Waters Clinic & Herb Shop

  31. Gina

    Hi there, I can across this today and I’m definitely going for it! I just have one question: What should I apply to my face after washing with honey? I’m planning to make it a “before bed” routine – do I just wash and dry it off and off I go or what should I apply after washing?
    Looking forward to your reply.

  32. Lisset

    I Lisset swear to wash my face with honey every day!! Cant wait for the results!! :)

  33. OMG! Loved the video! I was skeptical at first about the honey video but your video sold me! I will definitely be taking the challenge as I have been trying the oil cleansing for a month now and I’m still breaking out! that’s besides the point – looooooved the video! SOLD!

  34. Tyger

    I wash with raw honey every morning. I like to add cinnamon, nutmeg and clove to mine. I leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water. If you can stick with it you will be amazed. I suffer from dry skin and acne. It prevents new break outs and fades acne scars.

  35. Tamara

    I Tamara solemly swear to wash my face with honey only for two weeks.


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