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  1. this might be a silly question, but as I’m just beginning to start making toiletries, I just plain don’t know. Are ‘body oils’ in lieu of using a regular store-bought lotion, or is this just something different (like a fancy ‘bath crytals’ thing?). That’s the one thing I’m having trouble giving up and going natural on (or making my own) is lotion…I’m a curel girl through and through. It’s been with me for like, a decade! :)
    The funny thing is I have all of these things (minus apriocot + jojoba oil) in the house…I just need to know (and a good kick in the right direction).


    Sarah M

    • Crunchy Betty

      Oil. Oil, IMHO, is far superior to lotion. I haven’t used lotion in a year, and I don’t miss it at all.

      My favorite way to use bath oil is directly after a shower (and it’s extra super fantastic to use it when you’ve used a body brush before the shower – skin is CRAZY smooth). You just put it on all over your body – or just where you want moisturizing – and you’re done.

      The oil soaks in within a minute or two – your skin just drinks it up.

      Here, the best way to explain is to show you.

      Go to your kitchen and grab one of the oils I have listed. Olive oil, alone, is fine.

      Take a small amount (no more than a teaspoon) and pour it into your hands. Rub it all over your hands – rub it in well – and wait 2 or 3 minutes.

      Your hands shouldn’t feel oily at all anymore, but they should feel soft and moisturized.

      Now multiply that by your whole body.


      • Kayla Korte

        I’m new here and not typically the commenting type, but I really need some HELP!
        I’m slowly making my switches to more natural hair/skin care and have been looking forward to ditching the ever-revolving supply of lotions and creams I use to treat my painfully dry skin. I went straight for what I thought would be the most nurishing/moisturizing (also most available to me in my pantry) and started using EVOO as my post/end-of shower moisturizer. It feels nice and promising when it first goes on, but within an hour of being dry and dressed, my entire body is itchy, irritated, and flaking again. It’s the opposite of helpful and healthy. I’m desperate and ready to jump ship.
        Please tell me I’ve missed some important step and will not have to return to my myriad of barely-better commercial concoctions.

        • Seillean

          I have a similar problem. My skin is so dry and flaky and hurts/burns/itches (even in the hottest summer weather) unless I use really dimethicone-rich lotions, but I think these are clogging my pores on my legs, etc. and causing breakouts. Before I used lotion my skin had a cobblestone pattern on my shins that has healed over the past 10 years but I’m nervous to go back to that look. I’ve tried olive based body oils and the “ultra” moisturizing lotion formula from whole foods but so far nothing keeps the flakes, itching and burning at bay for more than a couple of hours. in the forums there are some recipes for shea butter based lotions but I’m worried if I make my own it won’t work and that’s more money down the tubes. Have you found anything since posting here? Another step I took for my dry scalp was BS/ACV and i’m almost at the 6 week point and I think it has a the very least decreased the number of loose flakes and possibly the itchiness. I also don’t know if there is supposed to be a breaking-in period after which your body makes more oil, but after 2 weeks of oil only I have not seen any evidence of this happening and am worried i’ll get terribly old-looking, cobblestone skin if I keep this up, but I don’t want to go back to those old store lotions, either! Can anyone advise us?

  2. Trust me… even 5’5″ in a “normal sized tub” is no picnic. I’m a shower girl too.

    Like Sarah (comment above), I’ve never used body oils and while they sound totally decadent, I haven’t a clue how to use ’em. Please clue me in!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Jeezo … I guess I should’ve done a primer on body oils before I got into the recipes!

      I gave Sarah the low-down (above) on how to use ’em, but Gina pointed out another excellent, excellent point: Use them on your skin when it’s still damp. Helps lock in the moisture and makes your skin SUPER soft!

  3. I have extra dry skin and love rubbing oil on to damp skin that hasn’t been towel dried yet. It leaves my skin super soft and with a delicate sheen that looks great in summer. Ive never made my own and will enjoy having a go!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Ooh yes. Definitely! I’m actually really, really glad you pointed that out, Gina.

      Oil is extra moisturizing when you use it on damp skin – helps trap in the moisture. I can’t believe I forgot to mention that important thing.

      Making your own is super fun – it makes you feel like it’s “yours,” y’know? Not something someone else came up with. Yours.

  4. Curious about the vitamin E: why does only the last recipe use it? isn’t it for anti-oxidizing?

    • Crunchy Betty

      Actually, there’s no reason why you can’t put vitamin E in any of your skin/body/facial oils. It’s an antioxidant, yes, but it’s also (in liquid form) a fantastic moisturizer. It also helps heal scars and things of that nature.

      I use it often around the outside of my eyes, where wrinkles are starting to peek out a little. And I use it when my lips get really, really dry. Slather it on your lips and leave it on overnight. All better in the morning!

  5. Monica

    I recently found your blog through a post on Simplepoppy and wanted to let you know how much I love your blog.

    Any suggestions on where to buy inexpensive glass containers for the body oil?

    • Shannon

      I haven’t been able to find any websites that sell a 4 oz oil dispenser, but I did stumble upon this website:


      In their “Glass Bottles & Jars” section there are several bottles that would work as well as metal pour spouts. Just be sure that the bottles you purchase have a 3/4 in. opening, because that’s the size of the metal dispensers. The items usually come in multiples (6-12) so it would be perfect if you’re planning on giving these as gifts!

      Hope that helps! :)

  6. OK, you convinced me! I will be giving this a try. It just sounds so lovely. I’ve only ever used straight oils like coconut or olive, but never added fragrance. Why not, I don’t know!


  7. Where did you get the oil bottle in the top picture? I can’t wait to try one of these…I’m going to try your idea of sweet orange and ylang ylang.

  8. Ironicly I was just bellyaching about running out of body oil! What a perfect opportunity to make my own!

  9. I’m totally doing these for teacher’s gifts this year! Can’t wait to read the powder post!
    I’m whipping this up this morning for myself! This is great! Gotta get that body brush though!

  10. I made the lavender oil tonight and LOVE it! I can’t wait until I get some vanilla essential oil to add, I think that would be super delicious.

    I poured it in a bottle with a dried lavender sprig and made a tag (for my sister-in-law). It’s pretty :) Thank you for this great idea!

  11. Minerva

    Hello Betty. I discovered your site and you’ve inspired me to exfoliate with coffee grinds and honey, and create body oils. thank you! I am now mixing perfume (holiday gifts)with essential oils and everclear and am wondering about the ratio of oils to vodka. any experience? advice? i’m using 4 oz glass bottles and i’ve let it sit for a week. smells great in bottle, fleeting smell on skin. btw, your fabo!

  12. I loove, love love this!! I made a Sweet Orange and Cinnamon one… for myself hehe One suggestion for places to get supplies, your Co-Op! I bought smaller herb bags of rose, lavender, and calendula for basically a dollar, and about a cup of Sweet Almond Oil for 3 dollars. Bulk stocking is awesome :D

  13. Anonymous

    This sounds like a wonderful idea. I was just thinking of how I could make bath and body oils, and I am definitely trying this. I just recently made the solid perfume and lotion bar, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Thanks for all the awesomeness that you share!

  14. Shalene

    Where do you source most of ingredients? I can buy them all at the health food store I frequent, but I was wondering if there’s a more economical option online?

  15. Oh my!  I am so happy to have found this post and the wonderful blog!  I am a vitamin E addict but now I can pack some punch and try the recipes you have so beautifully provided.  Thanks so much.

  16. April

    Would it be possible to use coconut oil in place of the other oil? Obviously it would solidify but melt as soon as it hits your skin. Just wondering….because I have a lot of it on hand.

    • Sweet Assilem

      If you have a lot of coconut oil you could bake or with it. You can replace oil or butter with equal amounts of coconut oil.

    • SuzyQ

      I melt my coconut oil in small container set in a larger container of hot water. Once melted I use it as half of my carrier oil. Works beautifully.

    • If you melt the coconut oil and add vegetable glycerin to it it will help to keep it in liquid form. I use this technique when making my coffee/coconut/vanilla scrub!

  17. Having just gone ‘organic’ and ‘au natural’ (ahem!) I was on the lookout for blogs to inspire me. Yours is by far the best! Love this article!

  18. Beaney

    Hi I have bottles of macadamia, argan, pomegranate & jojoba oils – do you have any suggestions/formulations for a body oil?
    Many thanks,

  19. Hatherley Kindschi

    My husband has psoriasis on a small portion of his leg. Will any of these irritate his skin? He loves getting a massage and we always forget to buy body oil and I would love to make it natural and homemade.


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