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  1. I really want to try the detoxifying face mask and wow the applesauce looks delicious!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. That cleaning part you mentioned, I don’t do that part.

    I wrote about vinegar today and was researching how to make it at home. Can’t wait for that post. Will give the mask a try, without the charcoal.

  3. This looks fantastic! You forgot to dish about where you want to move to?

  4. You seriously had me at “delicious syrupy baked apples” (you forgot to say “cinnamon-y”)… dang those look good!

  5. I’d love to have a big old bowl of that applesauce right now! I want to try that shampoo! That looks very cool. Did you smell just great afterwards?

  6. Amber

    Homemade applesauce?
    gosh ive gotta try that. I LOVE apples for my hair. I swear ive tried everything else that can be put in hair (yogurt, spinach, carrots, cucumber, ect) and my hair didnt respond. Just its dull, limp self. But this REALLY helped. I am a crunchy convert!

    P.S. You will never guess how old i am (hint: under 15)

  7. Sarah

    All these recipes sound great! I am planning on trying the face mask later today and I would love to try the shampoo. However, I have bleached blond hair and I was wondering if the applesauce shampoo would do anything weird to bleached hair. I would love to try this out, but I always have to be careful what I am putting in my hair.


  8. Amy

    This is seriously my favorite new blog. I found it this morning on pinterest, and I have been reading it every spare moment I’ve had. LOVE it!

  9. What a fabulous post! I went no ‘poo for a whole 6 weeks before I broke down and went back to my old ways. The BS and ACV just didn’t seem to do anything positive for my hair. I’ve been considering giving the no ‘poo challenge another go. This time I will definitely remember the applesauce.

    Any extra points for cinnamon applesauce?

  10. Rudechick68

    I thought my idea of putting applesauce on my face was kinda “out there”, but it turns out I wasn’t being weird after all.  My Mother thought it was dumb.  Thanks for the info.  I’ve got loads of organic applesauce and don’t like it.  Now I have a way to use it! WOO HOO

  11. curiousgeorgee

    What camera do you use oh my god
    Ive read so many of your posts,
    but all I could think of was really that

  12. Anita Carpenter

    My late aunt used to simmer sliced apples with a little milk until soft & mushy. She then mashed the apples & milk until creamy and placed a tablespoon or so in the slots of an ice tray to freeze. When she wanted to enjoy a cool facial, she would simply unthaw, apply & lie down for 15 minutes. I must say she had beautiful skin for 92 yrs.

  13. Ambrosia

    hey, I’m trying the mask right now for my facial…will let you know how it goes!

  14. Ambrosia

    works great! MY skin is soft, smooth and clean!

  15. Reva

    I found this website on Google search, and I’m so glad i stumbled onto it! Reallylove your adorable writing style Betty!
    Now about this recipe, i couldn’t believe this could do smooth, tame things to my hair in just one use! HOWEVER, I’ve got tiny apple things- more like apple dust? -in my hair. Should have focused on the rinse VERY well part :/


  1. […] a super simple combination beauty treatment safe for gentle skin, try using homemade applesauce for a face mask and shampoo. It is so mild there is even a separate recipe that you can eat […]

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