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  1. Schmeasley

    When I came back to work after my son was born, I was miserable. All I thought about all day was being home with him, and it was really hard physically because I was exclusively nursing/pumping. I went to lunch with my best friend not long after my return and she asked me if I had thought about photography (she was shopping for a wedding photographer at the time). I hadn’t, but I started.


    Not a week later I splurged and bought my first ‘real’ camera (a Cannon T3i, not fully professional but not point and shoot either). I started snapping pictures all over the place. I was determined to become a professional photographer in a year’s time. I shot my cousin’s graduation pictures, family portraits for a friend, and so on. It’s been a year, I’m not exactly a professional (my 8-5 career took off a bit, distracting me from my goal), but I have learned that I do have an eye for photography and I have a small following of friends and family who allow me the privelege of being their photographer.

    I am creative by nature but my day job is highly analytical. The creative outlet has helped me immensely. And I may just make the switch to ‘professional photographer’ one of these days…

  2. Marsha

    I followed a nudge to sell my house, quit my job, and start a new life 400 miles away in a field I’d never tried before. It was an incredible experience, and so many pieces of my life fell into place from that spur-of-the-momentness nudgery. Life’s amazing when you start saying “yes” instead of “no”!

  3. Siobhan

    You have a beautiful soul, Crunchy Betty! 8′)

  4. Belle

    Why am I crying after reading this???

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