21 Responses to “Good News, Everybody! 48-Hour Cyber Monday Flash Sale on the Healthy Living Ebook Bundle – With Extra Bonuses!”


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  1. grace

    If we already bought the bundle – is there any way to get the added bonuses?

    Thanks and looking forward to new CB recipes!!

  2. Just knowing that 25% is going to Sandy efforts sealed the deal for me! Thanks for the deal and I so so so can’t wait!

  3. StephanieC

    This is AWESOME! I was already going to buy Well Fed soon anyhoo. Thanks!

  4. Jess Wright

    I bought this the last time it was offered and I LOVE it! Those extra goodies this time look really nice, anyone considering this should definitely do it, so very worth it!

  5. Debbie

    Great deal! I had Well Fed on my wish list and everything else is a big time bonus!

  6. Tweeted & pinned…this is an AWESOME deal!! I cannot wait

  7. S

    Can any of the bonuses be shipped to Canada? If not, can I have them shipped to my friends in the US, as I have to think of a person who’ll keep the starter aliver for me, for when I meet them.

  8. Jenise

    I know it mentions the ability to read on a Kindle above…what about a Nook?

  9. lorik33t

    My husband just got me this for Christmas. Yes I know it’s early but it is so wonderful that he’s helping me be crunchy. He wrote “Happy Hippie Christmas” on the CD with all of the books. :)

  10. Loretta E

    My sister bought this for me as a birthday gift and your ebook was the first one I read! Love everything in it so far….

  11. Tristan

    i have tried and tried to get the Buy Now link to come up and it will not work for me. will or can you just send me a bill through paypal please!!?? the rhys family at yahoo dot com

  12. jennifer

    Darn it. I missed it. :(

  13. ayshela

    would you consider suggesting to the companies that do these sales that they do them to span the first/third of the month? There are so many people who get paid the first/15th or 5th/20th, and God help the ones who only get paid once a month who see this after all the bills are paid and well before the next payday. If these are available when people actually HAVE money it would really be helpful.

  14. Please please PLEASE make this available again. I just now found you…I am really wanting to purchase it!

  15. Cinder Lopez

    I would be interested if the e-book bundle will be offered any time in the future.

  16. You personally feel proposing towards the businesses that do those revenue which they do them to cover that the first/third on the month? There are a great number of those who receive money a first/15th or 5th/20th, so Christ aid those who just get paid as soon as a month usually are not view that this after all these costs will be paid so prior to another payday. Once speaking of accessible once customers even Get wealth it’d very be helpful.

  17. wish you guys best luck for new events as well,

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