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  1. Louis Alexander

    I have a jar of pharmaceutical grade Borax, which has a label stating that it’s useful as a mouthwash and gingivitis preventive, while advising against swallowing it. I’ve been using it as a mouthwash for some weeks now, and it’s cleared up my long-term gingivitis and bad breath. No visible adverse side effects as of yet. I plan on continuing to use it. Note it’s USP pharmaceutical grade vs “technical” grade, which means it’s more highly purified than the 20-Mule-Team stuff.

    • Chaz

      Well that’s awesome, could you provide me with sources to where I could purchase some?!

      • JMuckley

        You can get it at your local Target where the laundry detergent is found

      • Nicole

        No u cant find the pharmacy kind thats safevfir mouth wash at target in the laundry section lol.. Talk to ur local pharmacist or have ur doc or dentist write u a script for it..

  2. まず、人が本件中にコマンド家族値を可能にします。これは新しい確かなブランドですが、それにもかかわらず、すぐにあなたのサイトを登録した後、この知性は広範囲に爆発しています。シンシアは理解しますが賛美者を助けるためにそれを渡すと私のパーソナライズされた生活を送っているメンバーは、両側に自分自身を容易に

  3. L

    Thank you so much for this information it helped clear up some of my concerns!

  4. Liz

    Thank you so much for posting this!!!

  5. karaboo

    The use of Borax is fine. For hands and maybe in a diluted way in laundry. You all need to remember its about how the CLOTHING your washing this harsh abrasive will hold up over time. it won’t. It’s made to break down oils to clean and then it goes after the fabric itself. Take it from a Mom, A Gramma, and someone who kinda has seen it all when it comes to clothing. Your jeans will begin to unravel, thin out, and your nice tops… well kiss them goodbye. Be smart about what you wash with but don’t shoot yourself in the foot at the same time. You will end up buying alot more clothes (as it will eat it up) with all this stuff that was meant to save money in the long run. Cheap is not always right… just look at McDonald’s… worst food on the planet for the human body … and people still line up for it. In this age of finding cheaper better ways, look to ppl who have lived thru not having alot of money, and learn from them on how they did things. Our, you all will repeat the exact same things others in the past had already figured out. Be wise… use your elders.

    • Yvonne

      Thanks for the warning. May I ask what you use for laundry detergent?

    • I have used it for years in my laundry and still wearing some clothes I’ve had for 15 or 20 years. It has never harmed my clothes in anyway.

      • Dominique

        I have used it for years in my laundry (1 cup) as well, never an issue. I use it in conjunction with soap nuts, rather than commercial detergent.

        • smeggy

          same here, I have been using it as a laundry detergent boost for over 10 years. I have a lot of T-shirts, p.j.’s and other clothes that are easily 10+ yrs old and they are in great shape.

    • dianna

      It is not made to break down oils, etc, etc. It is natural. It is mined, (not made) and it is cleaned and packaged. It is the same as when it comes out of the ground–similar to how salt is mined. Commercial laundary detergents are made to break down oils and made from petroleum and other chemicals. This is why they can’t call it soap. It even has enzymes added to break down food stains. Who wants that chemical-residue left behind rubbing on your skin? I’ve used borax for years. It has been very gentle on my clothes.

    • Alex

      Shut the fuck up lady. Your clothes aren’t lasting because you’re washing them incorrectly. More dangerous than McDonald’s are old coots like you with your better-than-thou attitude problems. Burn in hell, cunt!

  6. Melissa

    A good friend of mine uses borax with his laundry detergent. He adds a cup to his wash. The other day he added an extra cup. Since then he has broken out in a rash every afternoon. Could this be a coincidence or too much borax? Thanks for the input!

  7. Jane

    I add Borax to boost my laundry powder called “Charlie’s Soap.” A fantastic pairing!

  8. Truly when someone doesn’t be aware of then its up to
    other people that they will assist, so here it happens.

  9. I love how you explained everything really well, plus you stated that you did a lot of research. You and I should form the Born Council. Thank you for the time and effort put into this information sharing . I also enjoy sharing advice and money saving tips. Been doing it for years, mostly on Facebook now, but use to update my website CouponPlanter.com. Betty the world would be a better place if we all found a way to connect with each other and contribute to society without expecting anything in return. We need more Crunchy Betties in this world. Thank you again. Your New Friend,- Coupon Planter

  10. Leslie L.

    I’ve made my own detergent for about 7-8 years. My gallon only contains 3 Tbl of borax and 3 Tbl of washing soda (not baking) with 2 Tbl of Dawn. I add about 5 drops of essential oil to give it some aroma. My clothes are always soft enough I have never needed fabric softener, but my whites are very dingy. What will work better for whites?

  11. Kyna Abbott

    Did you NOT read this????
    Borax is NOT boric acid.

  12. Jeff

    You people probably live in bubbles. What the hell is wrong with the world.

  13. UAN

    Borax is also great at killing fleas, which was how i was introduced to it. Sprinkle liberally on your carpet, leave for a few days then vacuum. Also, borate powder can be found at the pharmacy and I have used it in a puffer for my sons constant ear infections. ENT Dr said to use it daily to alleviate water in the ear after his bath, i.e. drying the external ear tube.

  14. michele

    There are some you tubers advising to put borax in water to neutralize the flouride.
    just go to the videos. very small amount of Borax is used one eighth of a teaspoon to one liter of water. not brave enough to try it. would rater buy Mountain Valley

    spring Water. it is used in the white House. have to order it, not in the stores. The water, that is.. Blessings
    you can leave your water out for 24 hours, and the chlorine will dissapear, so the story goes. any scientific minds out there.

    • Jacqui Thomson

      All this caution about something that is no more harmful than salt or sodium bicarbonate, and yet half the world are happily chowing down on Lord knows how many tons of glyphosate in their food, something that has been categorically proven to be poisonous. Humans display no logic whatsoever.

  15. I am Thoroughly Convinced that we are “lied to” about so many things. You have to make up your Own Mind. I DRINK small quantities of Borax everyday to help with my Arthritis. I am fine and feeling better everyday. WHY tell you something that is Cheap is GOOD when they can tell you something else . Corporate Greed. So Bad.. : (

  16. Kristina Lowe

    I started drinking borax in a liter of water after …it of the blue… i started having an auto immune condition calledHydradenitis Supperativa caused me to have HUGE PAINFUL BOILS on my lady garden and booty area. like the butt hole area. golf ball sized debilitatinglypainful nd numerous. i had usually up to 8 at a time. Im hardcore but that shut me down. my whole life stopped. after intense research i decided to try drinking borax to treat mycoplasma and candida, and it worked! i feel great! No Boils! been drinking it for months… 4 months. i did a treatment regimen at first but just drink a little daily for maintenance. just sayin.

  17. Megan

    Hi everyone,
    I worked in a High School as the laboratory manager, being around hazardous chemicals everyday, up until I finally got pregnant. I’m sorry to say but borax is banned in schools now due to it being too hazardous to use in schools. It’s not bad for anything else except reproductive system and harm to the unborn child. So I would advise pregnant women to not use it until they have given birth if they want to be on the safe side. I just cleaned some walls in my house with it, they look fantastic, I started getting light headed, but then I went on Chemwatch and was worried when I read that, I won’t be using it again while I’m pregnant.

    • Rex

      Actually you are wrong.it is banned for propaganda purposes because it CURES 30+ major illnesses and has HALF the danger of table salt..HELLO ANY ONE HOME INSIDE THAT BRAIN OF YOURS?

      • Megan

        Did you write that to me Rex? If you did than go stick your response up your a$$! it is banned in schools and you need to get a license to have it in SA schools. Do you even have a brain, that’s what I’m wondering??????

        • GusD

          Many things are ‘banned’ that are harmless, or which pose less harm than many legal things.

          I sure hope you don’t live according to what some government wank has dictated in the past

        • jEM

          You sound very naive and juvenile Megan . At a guess you probably think Bim Laden was responsible for 9/11 . Stop using that fluoride toothpaste it’s calcifying your pineal gland. Peace

        • jared

          yes Megan do your research. It is the complete opposite of poison. It is nothing more than Pure Boron. An essential naturally occurring mineral. I have been taking internally off and on for a while to decalcify the body and remove other toxins and have had wonderful results with absolutely zero times 100 no negative impacts, only positive.

          • Collin

            Arsenic is an esential naturally occuring element/nutrient as well, should we all ingest arsenic by the gallon? Stop berating someone else for their stance when yours is not fully supported either. @Megan I urge you to face your fear and research things yourself rather than take what is being fed to you by those who wish to manipulate and control you. @Rex You should be ashamed of your behavior. Being on the internet is NOT an excuse to behave in the lowest fashion possible in man.

    • Jacqui Thomson

      But you already eat in many of the foods in a healthy diet. Illogical

  18. S Ellison

    Did anyone think to look up exactly how toxic Borax is (or isn’t)?

    The acute LD50 (point at which it kills half the subjects tested with one big dose) is about 2.7 g/kg for rats. Compare that with sodium hypochlorite (bleach); about 0.2g/kg (oral dose). Or alum, an old nail-chewing preventive – about 0.6g/kg. So Borax is definitely not something you want to eat – and it _is_ a ‘poison’ in the usual sense of the word. But it’ll take a relatively big dose to do serious harm and it’s less lethal – and less corrosive – than some other common household products.

    Incidentally, I’m looking it up for a school science experiment – it makes good ‘snowflakes’ because of its solubility properties, and the usual substitute is nowhere near as effective for that.

  19. Rex

    You are brainwashed ..borax is essential to ingest for human health.without it you may sicken and die.it has HALF the LD50 of table salt.I do a teaspoon with baking soda and ascorbic acid plus mineral mix.

    • Megan

      Yeah, we’ve all heard your load of **** about table salt, why don’t you write it a couple more times. I think you should eat a big box of borax for breakfast.

  20. Kim

    Is borax okay to use on your carpet and be around it to kill fleas

  21. JTF

    I remember when borax was removed from pharmacy shelves in the late ’80’s/early ’90’s. The pharmacist told me it was because too many people had tried – unsuccessfully – to make eye drops. It looked like a cheaper alternative and they ended up damaging their eyes.

  22. anonamous

    here’s some more interesting things you should know about borax… I’m no scientist and after hearing what I have to say you May call me a conspiracy theorist… but it’s relative information. my guess as to why the fda has banned the use in food is because the fda is not currently a people friendly companay. the thing about borax is that it either iodizes or oxidized fluoride. fluoride of course being added to the American water supply, has been proven to sedate people. while borax in high quantities could proveslightly hazardous to your health… in low quantities it purified your water sources. I’ve recently started adding borax to my water and had just googled borax to see negative side affects (if there are any) but positive side affects are more energy and healthier drinking water… to source me, look up this horrible thing called agenda 21

  23. Cheryl

    If anyone has more info on Boran, I would love to look up on this product. Does anyone know where the best place to order Borax is? Does anyone know about Natures oil brand of borax?

    • Peter

      Borax is safe when used in small amounts!
      Why all the writings about why borax is unsafe?
      Answer money!
      Read the article of Rex Newham, the borax consperacy. For instance it is said borax is used in rat poison, that’s correct. However what is missing is that it is forgotten to tell you the function of it, namely to preserve the body of the rat after it dies! If a rat gets on your attick and dies, your whole house will stink. That is why borax is used! About 15 years ago I developed psoriasis and a bit later psoriasis athrtis. Got all kinds of medicine, also metotraxe. Which is lowering your immune system. With all consequences. BUT NOTHING REALLY HELPED. Contacted a naturopath he suggested borax which I did. Have not had any reoccurring of the problem! The Msds shows it clearly borax is about as toxic as seasalt! The spin doctors have put a lot of confusion about borax.please read the article as mentioned before! Good health to you Peter

      • Laura

        My Mother has psoriasis and can’t get rid of it and she’s tried everything! How did you use Borax to get rid of it if you don’t mind me asking? She is so insecure about it and it would change her life!

        • Arley K

          Your mom may want to try a really good probiotic as well. I have heard a lot about them working for skin conditions. It certainly won’t hurt.

  24. Nina Rentz

    To fight scabies/mites, (and/or Lice…?)
    I have a household steam cleaner, that holds 11 oz.
    I used 1/8 teaspoon each; Borax and salt, in water.
    I used a spout-type attachment, and ‘fumigated’ everything, that isn’t metal.
    It fit in every nook, cranny, and crevice: couch, mattress….
    Around, behind, and under stove, frig, cabinets, and adjoining walls of Nieghbors.
    I rinse steamer really well after use, to avoid corrosion of metal parts due to the salt.
    Being careful not to cause a burn- I used the same mist on myself, and my Assistant Canine In-Training.
    Within minutes of misting my scalp and hair- the itching stopped!
    This is my second go-round of varmints in 3 months.
    I had been repeatedly exposed to a baby with “a rash”.
    That rash turned out to be crusted scabies!
    I suspect that the Mother also had body lice.
    Initially, I used all the hair, and body treatment chemical that my Dr. recommended, and prescribed.
    Only to have it return a few weeks later.
    Only time will tell if this will be a long-term success.
    It certainly has created immediate relief!
    I do not claim that this is safe for everyone.
    However, as I am allergic to sulfur,
    I’m attempting to be innovative.
    I am finding that the info on your site is quite interesting.
    Well done!
    Thank you.
    Best wishes.
    Nina & Sullynah-Puppy

  25. Roger

    Not to get too technical but the lethal dosages for Borax are absurd. It would likely be impossible to ingest that amount unless you were really, really trying to. I think it is more likely that the health benefits scare the pants off of the medical and pharmaceutical establishment so they have to find ways to show how “dangerous” boron is. When you consider table salt or regular H2O is more toxic I just don’t believe you would be able to poison yourself with either Boric acid or Borax such as the 20 Mule team brand.

    The health benefits seem to be much greater, it appears to cure Arthritis, yeast infections, candida overgrowth, kills fleas, cleans dishes, you name it Borax does it. Most likely the impetus to demonize the usage comes from an entrenched medical community more bent towards making a profit and less towards addressing the root causes of dis-ease.

  26. Isabelle M

    Thank you for the information and shedding some light on the topic. I’ve been using borax in all sorts of home cleaning recipes for a while now. But recently came across this debate.

  27. Just found your blog yesterday and it’s fantastic so far. We just started ours and my wife is currently in R&D for her personal products. This article was very helpful. Thank you for your digging of the hidden info here and giving it to us!

  28. bob

    – Animal studies have shown to cause damage to the
    testicles, reduced fertility
    Modern detergents do not use borax anymore.
    Still very effective in bug control in and outside of the home.
    Just be careful when handling it – do not wash your clothes or any kitchen top where food will come in contact.

    • Cara

      Just read an article that sodium borate is used in 4 vaccines (Hep A, Hib/Hep B, HPV (Gardasil), HPV (Gardasil 9). Why ? There is very limited to why this is added to an injectable drug. How much is being used and why only in these vaccines to supposedly control pH ? It is banned by the FDA as a food additive and in Europe as well because of reproductive and developmental toxicity concerns. There is a ban on Gardasil in France and concern particularly about the inclusion of sodium borate. I think I will not use this near food or clothing.

      • jared

        Lol, it is a nutrient not a poison, relax and quite believing all the mainstream nonsense. Its banned because it decalcifies the body better than any other known substance, Period. Of which is in direct conflict against all the many years of long hard work put into the dumbing down of society by means of poisoning the air, food and water with Fluoride. Now they can’t have that!….Unless by prescription maybe of course…

  29. Cristina

    I’m from Boron, California, originally. My father worked at the mine. Borax has always been a part of my world :)

  30. Melanie

    After reading your article, it sounds like you mean “perplexed” rather than “verklempt”. That said, thank you for this info on borax! We were wondering if it was safe for laundry. I’m still going to have to dig a little to find out why we use it in cleaning…

    • Ny

      Isn’t borax used in preschools to make a recipe called Flubber to play with and learn from? You mix a certain amount of borax with a certain amount of glue and water, I believe, together. Now, is this safe for children to play with? You can use short PVC pipes and place a wad of this flubber recipe and blow a large bubble, etc….. squishing it, etc.

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  32. Graham Rhodes

    I found an old Victorian advertisement for Mennens borated talcum powder and wondered if they still use it in talcum powder today ? Borax dissolves easily in water so I presume it would transfer easily through the skin.Its only found in desert regions and was hauled out of Death Valley in the 19th century by a twenty mule team.It seems that it makes for a good insect killer roaches ants termites ,but don’t get it on your plants it will kill them too.Taxidermists use it ! I didn’t find my answer but I’m thinking anything in small doses can’t be bad for you right ! I read Ohio has the most concentration of bed bugs ,do I crop dust my mattress with Borax or not ? Perhaps alum salt in deodorant is more of a consern ? Something is going to give us cancer or kill us eventually .Good luck fellow termites.

    • Juliann

      Hey Graham, Cedar oil is the miracle ingredient you are looking for on the bed bugs. Borax is very impressive, but you won’t finish off the bed bugs or ticks. You can see from the label of a super great product called Wondercide, it is just cedar oil and hydrated silica — to avoid mixing with water and chemicals. Cedar oil can be purchased in larger quantities online. Doesn’t have to be expensive brand type at all.

  33. Kim

    I have been supplementing with a very small amount daily (150-200 mg or slightly less than 1/16 teaspoon) and all my joint pain was gone within days of starting to take it. This is more like a miracle cure than a poison! It’s almost like the last couple years have been just a really, really bad dream! I can RUN up and down the stairs again! I will continue to take this for maintenance, probably forever. I can remember life without it (when I could hardly walk or move)!

  34. Merry

    Thanks. My mind is made up and at rest.
    What do you know about fels napyha soap? Its getting the same reviews as borax?


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