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  1. Eliska

    Since maca affects hormone levels, wouldn’t it have potential negative interactions with hormonal birth control? Have you found any information on this?

    • That’s a good question, Eliska, and I don’t think anyone has a proper answer for it, because studies haven’t been done to check. I just did a good deal of searching, and it sounds like the common wisdom – ESPECIALLY in the case of something as serious and important as birth control – is to not even try it. I’d have to agree with that, from just a personal standpoint. I’m not going to make any uneducated guesses. I’m just going to say: I wouldn’t try to naturally change my hormone levels if I was already pharmaceutically doing it. Better safe than sorry, especially in this situation.

      • Mona

        Just to clarify…are you saying I shouldn’t take maca root powder internally if I am taking birth control?

        • I am very curious about this! I am on birth control and add maca powder to smoothies 1-2 times per week. I will make a note to check with my Dr!!

          • I have been taking 1000mg of maca capsules daily for about 2 months now and I’m on a birth control pill and luckily I haven’t gotten pregnant. I have a bf but we’re not ready for that kind of addition.

          • ashley jones

            You should introduce maca slowly to your body, the first time i started adding it to my smoothies i was putting in about 2 tbsp per smoothie. I am on birth control and i am regular, however after two days of smoothies i started my period 1 1/2 weeks before i was due. It definitely will have an effect on your cycle and you jump into it too quickly.

      • Jayne

        I have to say, I am new to this website but this response alone has earned you a new, devoted reader. So often, you see people shouting from the mountaintops to try these supplements with no regard for traditional Western medicine (which I do personally believe has its place – I tried the NFP birth control method religiously and still ended up not only getting pregnant, but miscarrying – back to hormonal BC for me).

        Not only making sure you have the science to back something up before making a claim (“studies haven’t been done to check”) but advising to err on the side of caution with these things is so much more responsible than what is typically done. Thank you for being not only “crunchy” and helpful, but wise!

  2. The nutritional data you linked to gave a 100 gm portion and the calories were sky high. Can you tell us roughly how many calories are in the teaspoon you take, or the gms per teaspoon? I’m highly intrigued as I’ve lost almost 85 pounds in a little over a year and my hormones are all over the place with some of the worst PMS symptoms I’ve ever had (horrible mood issues both at ovulation and menstruation, heavy day 1 & 2 with debilitating cramps etc.) Some natural help in regulating them a tad would be wonderful!

  3. I love your description of maca root as lusty. Perfect.

  4. Victoria

    I’ve been taking maca (both in powder and capsule form) for a few months now and I’d say I’m pretty happy with it. I went to a Vega nutrition seminar hosted by Brendan Brazier and he was raving about it so I gave it a try. He said it helped keep down cortisol levels and support the adrenals, and as an athlete that’s important when you continually put your body through stress. He also mentioned that it does help you get a better quality sleep, so even if you can’t get a full 8 hours you will feel more rested.
    I’d put the powder form in my morning smoothies at first but eventually got sick of the taste so I got the capsules and have enjoyed taking those more.
    I do notice that I feel MUCH more rested when I get up and throughout the day regardless of how much sleep I get (drastically small amounts though I am still tired like usual haha).

    I am training for a marathon and I have noticed that I’m not as stiff and sore as I was before, but that can also be attributed to getting better at running marathons.
    I have lost weight but running lots will do that to you, and I don’t notice any difference with my menstrual cycles (usually regular and painful).

    But the sleep thing is GREAT. I take it for that alone. As with anything, try it, see if it helps, if it stops helping, stop taking it. Everyone’s different.

  5. Melissa

    Anyone else thinking that mask looks delicious? I kind of want to eat it…. yum :o)

  6. RJG1

    Love that you posted about maca since i’ve been researching it and considering it for the last few months. My sister introduced me to it after her extensive research and great results from taking it. She is a medical professional that probably leaned more towards man-made drugs instead of herbs most of her life. Her job requires quick thinking, quick moving/high energy and long hours. After being on some crazy hormonal bc for 10+ years, she wants to get pregnant. MONTHS of being off of bc and she hadn’t even gotten her period yet. She tried maca (pill form) and w/in a week or so, got her first period. Her energy is way boosted and she can definitely tell a difference if she goes through a spell of not taking them. Through all her research, she has said the same-balances out hormones. I pray this will include eliminating some of the monthly crazies because i need it! Thanks for the confirmation and thanks for the topical info too. always love that!

  7. Pink Freedom

    I’ve been on maca root capsules (Femenessence) for a few months and I LOVE it! I definitely have had success regulating my energy (no more 3:00 energy low!) It’s also regulated my cycle and cut down on cramps. It has also helped with my hypoglycemia.

    It’s powder from the GODS!

  8. Jasanna

    Oh my word, I love your writing style! And now I’m glad to know about maca powder. I have hormonal issues: PCOS and this may just help a lot!

  9. Sarah M

    Does anybody know anything about maca root and PCOS? I was diagnosed when I was 16; I’m 23 now, and just starting to really research and learn about the condition. My eventual goal is to be able to treat it with something natural. I’ll definitely be seeing a doctor before I start trying out treatments, but I want to go in fully armed with knowledge.

  10. Ashley Strachey

    Aw I really want to try this, but I’m on birth control. My boyfriend MIGHT not appreciate me risking a baby just to be more lusty. ;)

    I may, however, still get it to try on my skin. It sounds wonderful.

    I must say before I go; I’ve been increasing my intake of B vitamins (through seeds, herbs, and foods, not vitamins), and I have seen a dramatic difference in my energy levels. At least I won’t be missing out on that part of maca root.

  11. Haven Maven

    Maca has been a great help with menopausal hot flashes for my clients. Just a teaspoon in their morning yogurt and they’re new (older) women, lol. I find it helps even out my moods when I’m having a less than spectacular day of business. As for the lusty thing, well, I keep it away from my husband. ‘Nuff said.

  12. Angelique Dawn

    I love your blogs!!! I get a bit of wisdom and a few giggles with every post… I have been using Maca for about a year… I suffer from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and have tried nearly everything under the sun for energy and strength. I find that Maca does help, but did not think of using it in skincare… until today ;) I have been using the tablet form from Vitacost, but after falling in love with the organic herbs I’ve been purchasing from Mountainroseherbs, I believe I will switch to the powder form and make my own capsules or add it to smoothie’s too. Thanks for the tip!

  13. You have a seriously fantastic blog. Keep up the good work!

  14. I have never heard of this, but I’m definitely going to look into it. Actually, it’s sounds amazing in that green smoothie you were talking about. Getting hungry just thinking about it.

  15. Perfect timing! I am working on a post about the aforementioned waist to hip ratio and
    breastfeeding and one of the things I had come across was maca root. Great information, thank you!

  16. I’ve read a lot of stuff about maca lately and have been very interested in trying it more than just the “Steel Libido for Women” supplement I’ve been using (that stuff works BTW).

  17. tana

    as i write this, i am smeared head-to-toe in maca + honey, spiked with calendula oil.

  18. MC

    It almost looks like the right mix without milk would give you a nice loose powder!

  19. joyce

    would love to reprint this — please contact me.

  20. Sewyoubykimberly

    I have to say I love all of your posts. Thank you for being amazing. Toot toot, this is for you cosmetic discoverer and experimenter. I have marinated my vinager in thyme diluted with witch hazel like you said in an older post and feel like my hormones are still the root of my problematic skin. I do an Aztec clay mask once every two weeks. And drink only water and an occasional Guinness (my choclatey splurge). So needless to say I am excited about experimenting with maca to see how it can help my skin as a 26 y/o breaking out like I’m 16 having a 21 month old son as well which had an effect on my skin post baby. Thanks again for all your help and info.

  21. kbunywabit

    I love your blog! Not only to I get all the crunchy goodness information that I am too lazy to get on my own, I almost always get a good laugh. I love your writing style and sense of humor, and I always look forward to your posts. : )

  22. PeaceTree

    Listen to your body when starting maca. Maca works great for some people, I’ve read some glowing reviews online, but I’ve also found a few that are like my experience. Maca is not for everyone. I don’t typically get menstrual cramps that are anything beyond just uncomfortable, and that’s usually only one day out my cycle, day 2, my heavy day. I started a meal replacement shake that contained a large amount of maca and started having HORRIBLE off the charts painful cramping four days out from even beginning my period. I was doubled over, having cold sweats, trouble breathing, ready to vomit… the pain was INTENSE. I suspected the meal replacement with maca was the only thing I had changed in my diet/lifestyle. I immediately stopped taking it. Next menstrual cycle rolled around and everything went fine, some very mild cramping to remind me my uterus was still there, but nothing too out of control. A few weeks later in the middle of my cycle I decided to try this meal replacement shake again that I had laying around and that I had dropped big money on. BIG mistake. This was the middle of my cycle. I had just ovulated, and the next day after taking this shake I had absolutely excruciating uterine cramping that was just like the worst menstrual cramps ever that I had experienced when taking the maca before. This time the pain was so intense I did vomit. I was ready to go to the emergency room, had I even been well enough at the time to move or breathe or get those words out… This time the doubling over and uterine contraction like pain lasted over an hour and caused my entire abdomen to convulse and cramp up and it took me a week to recover before I could even walk upright again because all my insides were so sore. Of course stopped taking the shake with maca, and my cycles have been fine and have not experienced that horrible pain since. Seems to me to be a connection… I am only thirty and perfectly healthy, living a “clean and organic lifestyle”.

    • Mel

      the meal replacment itself may be the problem. any drastic diet change like that will make huge differences in your body’s chemical balances, causing things like this. if you really want to diet, really think you need to do that, try to reduce portion sizes. not like stop eating, that’ll just get a similar result (plus it’ll essentially kill you) just read the portion sizes listed on the packaging

      • PeaceTree

        Hi Mel, I don’t think I need to diet. I’m an endurance athlete and am always hungry/constantly need to be eating. I work retail and can’t eat solid foods outside of my scheduled breaks, which never come often enough. I use the meal replacement shakes to tide me over until my breaks. The shakes have nothing to do with weight loss for me. It doesn’t matter how much I eat, I’m active and my metabolism burns through food so fast my weight is not a concern so much as trying to fill an insatiable appetite. I’ve used many other protein and meal replacement shakes and never experienced anything like this. Yes, the pain was right up there with child birth. I thought my uterus was trying to expel itself. I guess maca works best for menopausal women and andropause men from what I gather.

    • Glory

      Same thing happened to me. I took it 2 different times and both times I had very bad cramps.

    • Kelly Framer

      It’s the MACA…definitely. I took Maca alone, with no additional supplements….it did not cause cramping-it caused CONTRACTIONS. It was as painful as child birth…NO exaggeration.

    • ness

      I love maca powder, great read as well :)

  23. BlissBody&Bath

    Ms Crunchiness, I’m gonna give this masque a whirl but, will mix with raw honey! I only bought the Maca Powder cuz of you ;) Reporting back later!

  24. stella

    does maca root help with dark circles under eyes

  25. Mike

    First time I ever saw or read this site. I love it! Ok I’ll admit I’m a middle=aged man so I’m supposed to past all the vanity etc. right? Well, too bad – I’m not and won’t be until they lower me into the grave. Besides I have a 19 year old GF so I gotta stay on my game lol. Love the way you write Betty. Love the humorous sarcasm. Oh yeah, thanks for the very useful info. I already bought the maca and just wasn’t sure how to use it.

  26. Mike

    BTW my background is in nutritional biochemistry so this should be an interesting self inflicted experiment

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  28. Great article! I have been taking Youth H2O (one of the ingredients is maca root) and I love it. :)

  29. Frannie

    I am a bit late to the game on this post, but maybe somebody will see my SOS sign and answer my question! I just ordered Maca powder from Vitacost. When I placed the order I received a warning sign informing me that it contained elements that were known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects. I placed my order nonetheless, but can’t shake the slight worry in the back of my mind. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  30. Miss A

    Can I use carob instead of cocoa powder? Just wondering. Thanks.

  31. tarren

    I’m very taken by the idea of this – only thing is, this, and that interview with the doctor, seems to imply maca affects your hormones – I’m on the mini-pill (oral contraceptive – cerazette, to be exact). It has progesterone (argh can;t spell) but not estrogen. Would maca impact on its effectiveness, d’you think? :/

  32. April

    Frannie here is a link for you that I found –

  33. Diana

    I love your blog! I’ve doing some research of my own and it seems that maca root makes your behind grow. Is that possible? I wouldn’t want to take something that will make my bottom bigger than it already is.

  34. Nur

    Hi May I know how do I consume maca roots powder?

  35. Teresa

    Why do people use hormonal birth control? I seriously don’t get it. Learn how your body functions (fertility signs: vaginal fluids and temperature changes to show ovulation) and take care of yourself (eat well and exercise). I use a diaphragm with spermicide or condoms. That along with understanding your own fertility, you can prevent pregnancy without screwing up your body with chemicals. So not taking maca root because you’re on hormonal BC is very much backwards… So strange.

  36. I’ve got this on my face right now and it smells heavenly. I love the idea of adding things to your clay masks!

  37. RC

    I’m a middle aged man just bought some MACA pills today. . Just wanna boost my sex life up a notch am I headed in in the right direction with this MACA?

  38. akire

    I absolutely love your blog!! I can’t wait to try the lusty maca chaka mask!!

  39. g

    I made this mask today, with the exact recipe CB calls for. I dont have sensitive or acne prone skin. maybe just some dryness. After 10 mins or so after it had dried, I washed it off and my face is completely red and irritated. I look like a red oompa loompa! I have used bentonite on my skin, no issues, as well as milk. So maybe allergic to the maca or Cocao? ( i did use a wash cloth to take the mask off, which i would normally never do) any feedback is appreciated!!

    • Kb

      The recipe for the mask says for acne prone skin. Your tender, dry skin needs moisturizer, whereas clay is drying. Also the washcloth is exfoliating which could be too harsh for your skin type. This just isn’t the mask for you, look for ingredients with healthy fats and that have soothing properties ie oats, cucumber, avocado to name a few. Hope that helps

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  43. G

    Hi I just wanted to find out if maca helps with regulating hormones ? I hAve very low hormones – my body has gone into a menapausal state and I don’t have periods. I was wondering if maca would help with this instead of going on hormone therapy

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    good. I do not know who you are but definitely you are going to
    a famous blogger if you aren’t already ;) Cheers!

  45. sb

    if you don’t have clay. what else can I use??

  46. Denise

    CB you are hilarious! I love your site, its very informative. I’ve gotten answers to several things I’m researching for my skin care line. Thanks a bunch. Keep it coming!

  47. Ronnie

    Mica is owesome, i just started using it last week, but already noticed a lot differnce like: energy, concentration, testeriod, more sleep. however, dont know the side effect. would like to know them.

  48. Your content is valid and informative in my personal opinion. You have really done a lot of research on this topic. Thanks for sharing it, Crunchy Betty !



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  3. […]  is a mix of equal parts clay, cocoa powder and maca powder, combined with water. Find the recipe here. In the evenings I also try to drink some herbal tea — I love Traditional Medicinals brand Detox […]

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