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  1. Alison

    Here’s a tip. Save an old pickle jar, and use it to blend the ingredients in. That way you only have to clean up the blender and the measuring cup! It’s very easy to make this. I found the extra virgin olive oil to be a bit bitter.
    I’m going to try just olive oil next time. Also I added seasoned salt for a bit of msg but it’s up to you. My blender made it a bit too thick so I added extra vinegar and instead of dry mustard I used french’s yellow mustard, and a whole lemon, with 3 egg yolks instead of 2. With 500 mls of extra virgin olive oil. Turned out ok. Just need other types of oils to use… I would have used canola but I heard it’s not healthy…
    But it’s full of omega 3s… I thought the next best thing would be extra virgin…

  2. George W

    The proportions are wrong for this.

    Use far less olive oil (like 1/4 cup), and add it last, after blending all the other ingredients, drip by drip.

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  4. Paula

    Thanks for the tip on the measuring cup. I made it last night and it was runny. I used the measuring cup today and did it in small batches. It worked. I hated wasting the olive oil and eggs.

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  6. Linh

    I’ve been making mayo with an immersion blender for years. Here’s some of my tips.

    1. Always use the lowest setting on the immersion blender. Diff brands have diff speeds and I found that the IB that are too strong don’t work.

    2. My recipe is a bit different. 1 cup oil and 1 whole egg. Easier to remember for me. Every other ingredient is for the taste so adjust it however you want. I add salt and white pepper and adjust for tart (lemon or vinegar) even after its set. I also always add garlic as I like the taste. Sometimes I make curry mayo and add curry powder.

    3. I find the EVOO too strong a flavor and it overpowers the true mayo flavor. I used avocado oil instead.

  7. Julene

    Totally failed me. Never emulsified even on the bottom. I used a one-speed stick blender in a wide mouth pint jar. Perhaps the speed was too fast.

  8. Li

    I had the same experience which Julene had…failure. So disappointing. I followed the recipe to the ‘T’…even for the ‘redo’. This person was sooooo sure it was fail-safe and I bought it hook line and sinker. Darn. Hate wasting the valuable ingredients.

  9. Julie

    wasted the ingredients, tried it twice grrrr… shouldn’t be labelled as fail safe!!!

    • Laura

      didn’t work for me either, I think I started with too fast a speed and then tried to fix with mustard, didn’t work. I couldn’t get it to thicken at all and it tastes terrible not emulsified. Hate wasting the eggs and oil…

  10. adina presman

    didn’t work for me either. I followed the instructions and used a jug exactly like the picture. My stick blender only has one speed. I tried the fix with an extra yolk and mustard but it still failed :(

  11. adina presman

    I followed the instructions and used a jug exactly like the picture. My stick blender only has one speed. I tried the fix with an extra yolk and mustard but it still failed :(

  12. Stephanie

    This method used to work for me like a charm, then it stopped working and I had failure after failure until I finally gave up trying. I could never figure out what changed but it was so frustrating. I tried making sure all my ingredients were room temp, I tried faster speeds and slower speeds on my immersion blender, I tried fixing the mayo with more eggs… If I could wave a magic wand and go back to the time when the recipe worked I would because it was easy and delicious.

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