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  1. Ellemojo

    I was actually amazed that this worked! The first time and all subsequent times it has been fantastic :)
    However, I do agree that there were a few details missing from the instructions. Being admittedly suspicious, I read through a good amount of comments BEFORE trying it out and here is what I found.

    All quantities of the ingredients as the recipe states and put them all in together
    - The eggs MUST be at room temperature
    - don’t use olive oil as it goes bitter when you blend it. I like sunflower and walnut. BUT you can mix it about 1 Tbsp of olive oil in for taste once it’s blended
    - use a narrow container that the blender just fits into. I actually use the plastic beaker that came with my stick blender.
    -begin by blending everything in small bursts (a few seconds) . Once you have a layer of mayo in the bottom, start moving the blender up slowly, following the layer so that the blender is always immersed in just the top of the layer of mayo. This pulls the oil in gradually.
    - finish off with seasoning – I like adding garlic to mine for aioli :)

  2. Nicola

    Thank you for this! I added it to the home screen on my phone because I use it so often- sometimes just for moral support! I’ve had such variable results making mayo that I do an internal mayo/rain dance before I start. I have found that a narrow container, barely bigger than my immersion blender is key. While I’ve had the occasional batch that wouldn’t blend I’d have to say this method is almost foolproof. If it’s really not happening, sometimes I leave it overnight in the fridge and try again when the gods are in my favour. Fantastic! Thank you!

  3. Julia

    Didn’t work. The quick fixing didn’t help. Just have a liquid very sour something. Toooo much of sour ingredients!

  4. Cyndi

    Turned out perfect, thanks. The Williams-Sonoma “working glasses with lids” are perfect for this- or at least they are with my older Braun immersion blender. I try not to consume vegetable, canola, or soy bean oils which made buying mayonnaise near impossible- again, thanks for the recipe and instructions! This is even better than he Delouise brand from France that I had been purchasing.

  5. Linda

    Thank you so much! I tried it today and it worked perfect. My son is on a modified Atkins diet for seizures, so this is a good way to get the fats that he needs. The thing I changed was the oil. I used avocado oil which has a very mild flavor. It is delicious!

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  7. Ambrosia

    Found this while trying to find a fix for my liquid mayo I made. Quick fix didn’t save it, but it tasted a touch better. Ended up adding another egg yolk, a tsp of dijon, and 1/2 tsp honey. It might not be mayo, but its a tasty salad dressing. So for all the mayo fails, you might be able to at least make dressing so you’re not wasting ingredients!

  8. donna

    Tried it– didn’t work. Tried fixing it– didn’t work again. Followed instructions to a t. Used Oster stick blender (cheapo model)– could this be the problem?

  9. Terrie

    I have successfully made mayonnaise many times, but I did not have a recipe on hand, so I tried you “foolproof” recipe. I am so frustrated because I wasted 3/4 cups of olive oil and the last of my eggs! This is a liquid mess – and I promise I did e.v.e.r.y.l.a.s.t. step exactly as you stated…don’t waste your time with this!

  10. Belinda

    I am so glad I found your site! I have successfully made mayo w/food processor & streaming oil method (not bragging) I am trying to incorporate coconut oil in all possible.
    Lost my job of MANY years, lost my home insurance and, of course, suffered a home fire. Replacing everything has been a slow process on a disability income. My new processor does not allow for streaming in the oil.
    I do, however, have a stickblender! I am going to try it with non-virgin c.o. Virgin has sltly. more nutritiona benefits, but more coconut taste.
    I will let you know. I am a registered nurse and very interested in healthy living alternatives.
    With my stick, I can make a sugar-free dark chocolate syrup for diabetic friend that is to die for(TDF!)

  11. Krysstah

    I made this following the recipe exactly and it emulsified beautifully. I blended it in a wide mouth pint jar so I don’t have any bowls to clean up, just put the top on and pop it in the fridge! My mayo is a tad bitter, however, and I don’t really want to use anything but extra virgin olive oil…I’ll have to do some reseach on that. It WAS the very end of a large bottle of oil, so maybe going rancid?

    For those who have olive oil soup, you may have over blended. I did that the first time following a different recipe. It really only takes seconds and you stir in the remaining oil. I also used a VERY fresh egg that I collected from the coop a few hours ago.

  12. jay Knudsen

    Do you really have to use mustard? I abhor the taste of it…

  13. Armin

    After all the failed attempts…good Lord this worked like a breeze! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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