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  1. Kim

    OMG you are such a goddess! I ALWAYS have yogurt in the house (being married to an Indian and all) and I am diggin’ the shine on your hair! I can see beauty treatment mania in my house this week!

    • [email protected]

      Seriously, yogurt is the bomb. And it keeps for so long! Whoever invented it should get an award.

  2. Believe it or not I am allergic to yogurt (and cheese). It’s an immune reaction thing. Go figure.

    • [email protected]

      Ugh! Yogurt AND cheese. Those are the only two milk products my digestive system handles (although the cheese is a little iffy these days.) I really feel for you. If I was allergic to cheese, I’d have to meditate ALL the time. Heh.

    • Anmar

      me too. what happens to you?

    • Anmar

      me too. what happens to you?

  3. Sounds heavenly – next time I have extra yogurt in the fridge I’m giving it a try.

  4. I’m up for trying anything that combats dry fly-away hair! I make my own yogurt throughout the summer and fall, I can see now that I won’t be eating all of it!

    • [email protected]

      You make your own yogurt? Just when I think I couldn’t love you any more …

  5. Kim

    Ok, so I did it! Nice soft hair and, bonus, it smells a bit like cocoa ;)

    • [email protected]

      Just wait. I’m going to do the whole shebang cocoa hair mask recipe soon. It is outstanding. Although I had to fight off Fiance so he didn’t eat my hair.

  6. I have 27 mosquito bites on my legs from sitting out watching fireworks the other night. Thanks for the apple cider vinegar cure. Maybe I won’t be scratching myself like a dog tonight.

  7. Ahhhhhh I wish the weekend was not over! I want to try these yoghurt tips! Especially the hair mask.
    Next weekend then :)

  8. Melissa Borchert

    Umm, I was supposed to do this BEFORE I shampooed, right? I’m sitting here dripping brown gunk all over, and it occured to me! Oh well…lol

    • Crunchy Betty

      Oh no, Melissa! Yes, do it before you shampoo! But I’m sure you let it sit for a while and then reshampooed, right? What’d you think?

      • Melissa

        lol-Yes, I shampooed again. Although it was very drippy, two people complimented my hair today at work. Said it looked like it had more body than normal (no, I hadn’t asked if it was different). So I’ll definitely do this next week, but I’ll put it on dry this time :)

        • Melissa Borchert

          Just to let you know, I did this again (the right way) and I do love it. I followed with an ACV rinse tho, and I think that may have been too much. Maybe I’ll do the rinse again, but not on the same day. I’m so glad I found your blog. I have made the change to using natural products for all beauty, housecleaning, and laundry except for a few. Hairspray, shampoo, and deodorant. I did start using Tom’s of Maine deodorant, but even that I hate. And the only recipes for hairspray are sugar water! I have a zillion products to get rid of tho!

          • Crunchy Betty

            I’m glad it worked! That’s definitely one thing I’ve learned about all of this – there’s a bit of trial and error to see what works for you.

            I still have some products to get rid of, too. They’re probably about ready to just be thrown away, but I have such a hard time tossing full bottles and jars of stuff. BUT, I don’t want to give them away, because that’s just passing on the “bad stuff,” y’know? Let me know if you figure out something to do with all of yours.

            So glad you’re here!

  9. Cathy

    Do you wet your hair first before using the yogurt/cocoa/honey mixture? Or put it on dry. Then rinse and shampoo? Thanks – I’m dying to try this! :)

    • Crunchy Betty

      Hi, Cathy! I put it on dry – it’s less messy that way (although it’s still a little messy). Be sure to wash it well afterward. Let me know what you think!

      • Cathy

        One more question (sorry) before I try this – do you use regular (full fat) plain yogurt for this hair concoction? I eat plain fat free yogurt in smoothies all the time so I usually have that on hand… but was wondering if it’s the fat in the yogurt that moisturizes and shines the hair so well. If so I’ll buy that kind. Thanks!

        • Crunchy Betty

          Definitely full fat, and plain (unsweetened and unflavored). Good luck!

          • Cathy

            I did it!! On Sunday – I applied to my clean dry hair and combed through. LOL a mess but I put a shower cap on my head and an old towel around my neck. Set my timer and kept the yogurt on my head (mopping up drips by my ears almost continually as I did some ironing) for about 1 hr. Took a shower, washed it all out with regular shampoo and really liked the results! My hair was shiny and I let the bottom half go wavy (as it has been doing lately – must be an age/perimenopause thing, I always had bone straight hair). Anyway it was easier to style my straight top, and shiny all around. I will use the rest of the concoction this Sunday and try to do this at least 2x month. Thanks!

          • Crunchy Betty

            Yay! Love good news like this! It’s funny, but I’ve noticed my hair becoming more wavy at the bottom with age, too. I’m 35, so hopefully it’s not a perimenopausal thing for me!

            And, yeah, there’s some drips involved when you just use a towel. A few months ago, I picked up some old-fashioned shower caps for – a pack of 3 for $1.00 at the discount store – and the drips are pretty much gone. Amazing what a little bit of elastic can do. Heh.

            Glad you’re having fun with it!

  10. Lia

    Hi! i chanced upon your wonderful site when i googled ‘yoghurt for hair’. I’m in this herbal/natural treatment phase for my poor troubled scalp and applied plain non-flavoured yoghurt for 30mins last night for the 1st time & it is wonderful. Maybe its too soon to tell but my hair today is softer and the dandruff flakes are not visible at all! Tonight, i’m trying your recipe with the cocoa powder & honey and not forgetting the face mask as well! “Crunchy!” :D

  11. Kaylie

    This is probably a very old post, but I have a quick question about the yoghurt/honey/cocoa treatment.

    I have quite light brown hair, the kind that some hair dye swatches call a dark shade of blonde, even. I’ve always been interested in having darker hair, but never had the guts to dye it. So I was just wondering how long the dark look to hair lasts from this treatment? I don’t want it to be too permanent in case a) it doesn’t take right on my too-light hair b) I don’t like the dark look as much as I hope to.

    Thanks for the idea in any case,

    • Crunchy Betty

      Hi, Kaylie (what a beautiful name!). It’s not going to be permanent at all. In fact, when I do mine, I always ask Fiance if he can tell a difference, and he says no. I think maybe if you left it in for several hours, it might be a different story. But 20 minutes shouldn’t do anything permanent at all.

      Good luck!

  12. I made a banana/Greek yogurt mask for my hair once before a big date. I’d heard all the buzz about how soft, shiny, etc. my hair would be. I put it on my hair and wrapped it with a plastic bag for about an hour. Rinsing was a nightmare, but I finally got all of the goop out. On my date, which was in early July (read: HOT as hell), my hair began to let off an odor. Very similar to puked up bananas. My date asked, “Do you smell something funky? Like baby vomit?” I stood a little further away and said, “No, I don’t smell a thing.” I never did the banana/yogurt mask again.

  13. Rebecca

    Hey, are you still doing the yogurt mask with the no poo thing? Just wondering if I would be able to get the yogurt out without using shampoo. I might just give it a try anyway. My b-f is a trooper and will be cool if my hair is extra gross for a few days.

  14. With the winter dryness in full swing, I knew I had to start conditioning somehow. But before I went out and bought something in a bottle, I gave this a shot, with a bit of lemon juice ’cause I’m blonde. I liked the results! I will do it again in a couple of days. The scary thing was how much yogurt my dehydrated hair sucked up. Hardly any drips between application and washing, and it’s not as if I have Rapunzel hair… it’s only right above my shoulders.

    Oh, and for some reason it enhanced my waves, which is always nice. :) I make my own yogurt so it’s super cheap, and I have no problem experimenting!

    I am so glad I found your site.

  15. cierra

    hi! i havent really read much of your website yet (i only just now found it! where has it been hiding all my life lol) but every so often when my hair gets super super oily i will use the ole’ mixture of baking soda and water mixture, and im sure you know the drill, rub it in damp hair let it sit for a minute or two then rinse out and shampoo and condintoner….blah bla blah lol well i was feeling kinda crafty today and i added COCOA powder! for one it smelled like a chocolate pudding and two it made my hair have a hint of the cocoa! not to mention my shampoo is strawberry so my hair smells like a chocolate covered strawbery!

  16. Andrea

    Just wanted to share.. I too am lactose intolerant, but can handle cheese and yogurt.. If I drink a glass of milk though, it’s all over! I was told that I should try drinking raw milk (I buy mine from sprouts) and when I did, I was able to drink a whole glass of milk with no problems! I am a true believer in it, and if I was adventurous enough I would try making some ice cream from it to see how that goes.  I think that pasteurizing and homogenizing kills all the good stuff in the milk that makes it easy for our tummies to break down the proteins.  So just a thought, give it a try if you’re able to get it in your area :)

  17. Sweet Assilem

    Have you tried pure bliss coconut milk ice cream? It’s the BEST.

  18. I found your “darkening hair mask” on Pinterest and tried it yesterday. LOVED it! It smells great and covered up my naturally bleached out tips. This will be a must during summer for me. Thanks for sharing. 

  19. Guest

    If you are lactose intolerant you can eat any dairy if you just eat a lactaid enzyme first. You can buy them at stores like CVS or Walgreens. I’ve been eating lactaid enzymes and dairy for basically as long as I can remember. I can’t imagine not eating ice cream or cheese.

  20. Yulyiperez

    It really helped my skin.

  21. Brgssmm

    How do you keep the hair treatment from dripping everywhere? It could be because I don’t have a shower and therefore had to use plastic wrap. But it seems like it would do it anyway. 

  22. What do you add for red hair?

    • Hope

      paprika. added 2 TBSP to my henna last time and now i am officially a red head. but a pretty auburn, shiny one.

  23. Victoria

    I did the cocoa, honey and yogurt hair mask last night and it worked wonderfully! I recently went ombre (lighter on the ends) and switched to no poo, which has sealed up the hair cuticle so I no longer have split ends, but it was still a bit unruly and dry. This mask helped a ton since I think my lightened hair just soaked up all the protein and fat in the yogurt like a dry sponge. Now my hair is SO shiny and healthy all the way through!

    And for those that are wondering, it is easy to wash out with the BS/ACV method.

  24. Willowbreath

    Oh delightful fates…I smell like I have a chocolate cake on my hair…I’m swooning with delight AND I haven’t even seen the finished result. Plus I’m going to take what’s left over, add coffee grounds from the nummy coffee that’s brewing right now, and do the mocha-frappuccino mask…le love!


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