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  1. Toasted pumpkin seeds are my most very favorite treat. I will try the hair mask for sure. Do you think it will make my hair grow?

    • Crunchy Betty

      I honestly don’t know if it’ll make your hair grow. But, interestingly, I did read a few studies yesterday on pumpkin seeds and how they may be a treatment for balding, because they encourage aldosterone (I believe that was the hormone) levels. I would think if they helped with balding, they’d help encourage hair growth, too. The study was done with people ingesting the pumpkin seeds – so now you can eat your seeds and grow your hair in one fell swoop.


  2. My big question?


    This is a grotesque unfairness and as soon as I figure out where to do it, I will file a complaint.

    yeesh, woman!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Haha. I just picked the right time of day to stand beside the window. That’s all. That’s the secret to decent FOYF pictures. Midafternoon shady window standing.

      And now that I’ve given you the secret, I expect to see some.

      Ha! See how I did that? See that?


  3. Ooh! I love pumpkins! (Not to eat, I just like them.) I think Penny will be trying pumpkin next so I can get some stringy pumpkin innards. Oh, it’s healthy too.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Isn’t that the one of the most fun things about babies? Trying them out on foods? The looks on their faces … haha. Yeah. When my nephew was here a couple of weeks ago, I had him try a pickle.

      (I just snorted with laughter thinking about it again.) But he liked it!

      Anyway, yeah. Pumpkin innards. Never thought they were good for anything … until yesterday.

  4. Pumpkin! We’ll be pumpkin patching soon and this looks like a great thing to try! You look smoking hot with your pumpkin mask! I don’t know how you do it! I thought it was supposed to look good after you washed it off! ;P

    • Crunchy Betty

      Yay for pumpkin patches! I cannot wait to see your pictures from that. To this day, some of my favorite pictures were from the time the whole fam went to the patch (and got lost in the corn maze).

      Don’t get lost in the corn maze, LL! You have to come back and finish constructing your blog. When IS that going to be done?

  5. I am so thrilled with this one!! Now after pulling off all that gunk from the seeds (which are arguably the best part), I can use the gunk too! Hurray! You are so cool, you are like a super-hero with a mask made of food. :)

  6. I have pumpkins growing in my garden,but they’re not quite ready yet so I will save this. Do you think they will make me look younger than 49 1/2?

    • Crunchy Betty

      Why do so many people have so many things growing in their backyard that I have to be jealous of? My next living space is going to have a giant garden. Heck, at this rate, my next living space probably WILL be a giant garden.

      And I think it will make you look younger than 49-1/4. The jeans will do the rest.

  7. I can’t tell you how in love with this post I am!! LOVE pumpkin and this just makes it better. Can’t wait to try it this weekend!! :)

    Happy Labor Day weekend <3

  8. So…I wonder how a pumpkin-and-yogurt mix for facial or hair mask would be? (I made cookies with half a can of pumpkin puree and still have the other half in the fridge…) Or a pumpkin-yogurt-honey facial, since I don’t currently have any stringy pumpkin guts?

    I’ll letcha know…may try it tomorrow. :-)

    Crunch on!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Oooh. That sounds really good (though make sure the puree is pure pumpkin, yeah?)! The best thing about homemade beauty treatments – throwing whatever you have left over on your face. For reals.

      I don’t know how many times, in the past, I’ve let fruits and veggies just sit listlessly in the refrigerator until they were, um, dead (leaking fluids means they’re dead, right?). Not anymore!

      Although I kinda want to eat your yogurt-honey-pumpkin mask. That. Sounds. So. Delicious.

      You gotta fill me in on the crunchy results!

      • Okay, tried the pumpkin-honey-yogurt facial thing…unfortunately, sort of “meh.” Would have probably tasted better…not that it was BAD, exactly, just so much less remarkable than the mocha-frappucino one I’d done a few days earlier…my skin was still very nice, but not much nicer than it had been to begin with. (On the other hand, the sugar-and-salt body scrub I made out of the rest by adding epsom salts and some turbinado sugar to what didn’t go on my face was LOVELY.)

        Maybe on someone else’s skin…anyone?

        • Crunchy Betty

          Well, y’know, I gotta be honest here: No other mask is as wildly immediately gratifying as the coffee one. That one is just so dramatic – so instant – everything else is pretty muted and subtle after that one. Doesn’t mean I don’t love them dearly, but when I want instant results that other people REALLY notice, I go for the coffee.

          And I LOVE the idea of making a body scrub from the pumpkin. Totally on my list of things to do now!


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