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  1. debmcook

    As a wild life rescue and rehaber, I’ve had to pick up lots of walnuts. And occassionally I’ve forgotten to wear gloves, the husks turn your hands black. So my query is could the husks be beaten into a pulp and then juicy enough to then be used to make mascara and if so would you then add aloe Vera to it as a drying agent. Because I was going to clean out an old mascara tube and give it a try. In any case I do have an aplicator. Please let me know what you think. Also I was thinking in line of an eye stain mainly, due to how long it takes the walnut stain to come off of my hands.

  2. cleopatra7

    The thing is: “I own a 2,500 euros cosmetics”, that I have purchased for 2 years now, and only “now”, and “finally” – I have found my most “favourite choice of the year”: The DIY organic make up making, and wearing the most natural ingredients and most “natural”, but most beautiful looks I have ever “realized”!!!

    What do I do with my 2,500 euros worth of cosmetics now???

    • elizabeth

      donate it to a battered women’s shelter.
      donate to a non-profit in your area that helps women get professional jobs (gives them clothes, resume tips, etc)
      give away
      give them to cancer survivors, hell, offer to give them a make over, too (if appropriate).
      if they aren’t toxic, give to some little girls or boys who dig makeup.

  3. Kt

    Does potatoes turn brown on the face?
    Try using eye brushes and running them under water when applying eye makeup so oil isn’t an issue. Maybe castor for the mascara instead of e? So its thick enuff not to run so easy. And if you soak shredded beets in oil then strain it there’s your lip stain. coconut oil so its solid if its cool enuff. You can even boil it within a jar with the oil like stick the jar in the boiling water then strain when cool enough

  4. Holli

    Absolutely beautiful!

  5. Joy

    HELP!!!! I need way to make purple eyeshadow. I am changing everything to toxin free. I am unable to find anything purple or blue. I’ve ordered some freeze dried blueberries and blackberries, but I’m not sure they will be blue. I can mix blue with beet or hibiscus powder. Mica is still a metal and shouldn’t be used. Have you come up with anything?

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