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  1. cleopatra7

    The thing is: “I own a 2,500 euros cosmetics”, that I have purchased for 2 years now, and only “now”, and “finally” – I have found my most “favourite choice of the year”: The DIY organic make up making, and wearing the most natural ingredients and most “natural”, but most beautiful looks I have ever “realized”!!!

    What do I do with my 2,500 euros worth of cosmetics now???

    • elizabeth

      donate it to a battered women’s shelter.
      donate to a non-profit in your area that helps women get professional jobs (gives them clothes, resume tips, etc)
      give away
      give them to cancer survivors, hell, offer to give them a make over, too (if appropriate).
      if they aren’t toxic, give to some little girls or boys who dig makeup.


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