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  1. Sib

    What great ideas! Have you tried adding powdered beetroot to a lip balm mixture for red lips? I’ve never tried it myself, but it should work theoretically at least (and involve no water!). Thanks for your inspiration xx

    • Tawna

      I tried boiling the leftover water from making beets down until it was very concentrated and using that on my lips. It makes a beautiful shade, and lasts about 3 hours. However, I was getting paranoid that it would go bad right away so I ended up tossing it after a few days. Any ideas as to how to preserve the liquid? I was thinking tea tree or lavender oil…

  2. verity

    What about a tiny bit of red henna as a coloring powder? Pros: It should stick around, Cons: It might stick around where you don’t want it to…

  3. Crunchy_Mama

    So Awesome! I had really wanted the cranberry lip gloss to work (I’m Amanda, btw) and was so disappointed, even though I was initially skeptical. I think Sib’s idea of using beetroot powder is awesome! I can’t wait to try the mascara, too! I attempted it once with a different recipe and it was a disaster (I think looking like a beat up raccoon qualifies as a disaster).

    Have I mentioned how awesome this sight is?


    • Crunchy Betty

      Hope you saw the suggestion to use the activated charcoal with aloe vera for mascara rather than oil. I totally forgot you could do that, until several people here mentioned it. I’m trying it tomorrow!

      Thanks again for being the brave one to try out that lipgloss first. Totally inspired me!

  4. Crunchy_Mama

    I forgot to mention that I’m going to fiddle with the mascara, a bit because it needs some “staying” power. Some sort of thickener perhaps?

    • Crunchy Betty

      Did you notice the recommendation to use aloe vera gel here instead of the oil? I’m trying it out tomorrow, but it sounds like it would totally work. The only thing I’m not 100% sure about is whether or not it’ll “flake.” We shall see!

      • Crunchy_Mama

        I think it would stay better with aloe, but yeah the flaking thing would be a concern as it dries. I hope it works well. I don’t wear makeup much, but when I do its mostly a little eye liner and mascara, and some blush or contour. I’ve pretty much abandoned the mascara now, so I’d love to have a safe replacement.

        • Annie Porche

          I’ve read that bentonite clay helps dry the mascara without flaking (don’t use too much), but I have yet to try it. I am currently out of activated charcoal and bentonite clay (omg how did I let that happen!). Come on, Amazon, ship it faster!

  5. You can pat some paprika on your lips then top with vitamin e oil. Paprika oleoresin is used to make a naturally derived strawberry red dye for commercial use.

    Is there a general objection to using vegetable oil-based food dyes? I have a bunch from my cake decorating days, they are in my kitchen, they are all food safe, and have certainly dyed my fingers a time or two, so I would think that they would be appropriate for a lip/cheek stain.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Y’know, I honestly don’t know much about vegetable oil-based food dyes (and which dyes are generally considered “okay” and which aren’t). I’ve just completely avoided them, because I haven’t gotten around to researching ‘em.

      Try it out though and let me know! Mostly, I’m curious if, once you use it as a stain, if it decides to stay stained for days afterward.

  6. I was going to post about powdered beetroot as well, but Sib beat me to it. Also, maybe leaving dried hibisus flowers in oil will allow some color to infuse.. just a thought. :)

    • Crunchy Betty

      Aw, yeah. That was my thought, too. First I put the hibiscus in some castor oil/sweet almond oil mix and let it sit for a day. And nothing happened. So then I put more in a mix and heated it on low for about 30 minutes, and nothing happened. Then I thought maybe it was the castor oil that was causing the problem, so I did ANOTHER batch with just sweet almond oil, and NOTHING. The same went for the cranberries.

      The only way, with either of those, I could get the colors to “come out” was either with boiling water or with vodka (yes, I tried EVERYTHING). But, even after I figured out how that worked, it didn’t solve the problem of being able to do the lipgloss without either a) a preservative or b) completely drying out the lips with alcohol.

      It was frustrating. Fun, experimental … but frustrating.

      However, I have to try beetroot soon. Thank you both for the suggestion!

  7. Lissa

    Using aloe vera gel instead of oil keeps the mascara on longer. It’s water based, so the water evaporates (or something like that; I just know that it dries).

    I love the color from the spirulina!

  8. Kesha

    (gasp) You’re BEAUTIFUL without makeup!

  9. Becky

    I’m with Kesha, you’re beautiful without makeup! I have been wanting to try charcoal and aloe as a mascara for ages. I only ever think if it if I’m going to be going out. I don’t really want to test this in public! You have some very cool idea, I’ll have to dig around in MY kitchen now! Thanks!

  10. Margie

    How about potato flour instead of the potato slice? You could bring the flour with you and a makeup brush. Or do you need it moist so it can dry on your face?

    Some great ideas. I can just imagine animals following me and trying to get a lick or two in though. haha. Maybe that was Snow White’s secret to woodland friends, hey? :-)

    • Crunchy Betty

      Ooooh. LOVE the idea of potato flour. I know rice flour is awesome as a light powder (I use it every once in a while). Good thinking, lady.

  11. Melody

    You’re more beautiful WITHOUT makeup!!!

  12. Gail

    My face powder is cornstarch and green bentonite clay. Lightly pat it on with a powder puff and brush off excess with brush. Tones down redness and absorbs oil. I never thought of cinnamon bronzer – I’m off to give it a try!

  13. This is amazing! I don’t wear make up, so I had no idea all these foods could be used as substitutes. Love it!

  14. alicia

    Could you use a food dehydrator to de-wet the foods you want to use. I don’t have one (yet) and don’t know if you do. Maybe you could find a frined with one to let you try it out.
    Your beautiful inside sure does spill over onto your non-made up face!

  15. Shannon

    I would suggest adding organic aloe vera gel to the mascara mixture! It will dry on your lashes after a minute or two. :)

  16. I have never thought about using charcoal. What a great idea! I am going to try the eyeliner and mascara (vit E and aloe version) since I have all the ingredients on hand. I have not put on any makeup for years – did not find any that were not with toxic ingredients.

    How to you make beet powder from fresh raw beet? Anyone know? Thanks.

  17. Wow you are very pretty without any makeup. :D Ty this sounds like fun and safe makeup. i have sensitive skin and eyes so I have to be very careful what I use. I also have gluten intolerance and sadly I’m finding out there’s alot of things in beauty ailse that have gluten in them. :( I can’t give up everything like shampoo or conditioner, but what do I do?? I’m new being crunchy so any advice and recipes very welcomed.

    I also have a 4 yr old DD who is gluten intolerant. This is rough on her can’t find a single cookie recipe that is gluten free. I have adapted many regular recipes by omitting what we can’t have, but cookies?? haven’t a clue what to use in place of flour.

    Btw where do I find – Homemade Bronzer/Contour Powder recipe?? There’s no link on it.

    take care and thanx for all the ideas and recipes especially the lipgloss ones! We’re making the choco one for sure!!

    • Theresa

      Have you looked for GF flours? I think the one I bought was a mixture of potato and other flours. I haven’t made any cookies yet, but the cornbread went over really well! You might want to google “gluten free community” too, if you haven’t…I know there’s a good-sized network of blogs dedicated to GF cooking. :)

      • Ty for your post. :) I have looked for them at regular grocery stores, but not found anything except ready made mix. Problem with this “gluten free” ready made mixes is it is allowed to have up to 20ppm of gluten and still be labeled gluten free. Not good when you are very sensitive to any ppm. I never buy these because of that issue.

        I do belong to yahoo’s Silly Yaks group, but they have a lot of members. Most are asking questions like I ask trying to find out what to eat that won’t make us sick. I haven’t been a member long so still finding my way around.

        I will do searches on gf cooking blogs. I just joined one called She had several recipes I can actually like and use.

        take care and thanks,

        • Stephanie

          I am 6 weeks gluten free due to a gluten intolerance (now egg and corn too) that has been plauging me for years. I have found Bob’s red mill gluten free flours and such to be wonderful. The great thing about them are that they are very strict on their standards. Their facilities used for the flours and such are gluten free as well as their quality control and packing and shipping, etc. You have to watch out as some of the pre- made gluten free mixes are made of rice and potatoe flours and can lack nutrients (My husband is diabetic) but they have some great recipes on the website that use nutritious ingredients. Also their hearty bread mix is Awesome! It has nuts and seeds and reminds me of Rye bread. Its more for toast than for a sandwich. Also quinoa is now a staple in my house, just like rice but its smaller and a complete protein thats easier on your blood suagr. Good luck!

          • Ty for your reply. Good luck we just crossed the 3 mo mark and it’s been very hard. It is getting easier with all the wonderful post replies to my post here. Ty everyone for all the help! :D It is greatly appreciated.

            I will get some and try it. Yes having high standards is a must because any exposure can leave us suffering for quite a long time.

            I will get some of the quinoa and try it. given up rice because my hubby has issues with it. It will probably be better for him since it’s complete protein.


    • I’ve made the Flourless Peanutbutter Cookies from and they were super tasty… and easy! Maybe those would work?

      • Ty for recipe and site. I can’t wait to try them this weekend! dd is soo excited that we have a few recipes for some favorites like this one, coconut flour pancakes & waffles as well as biscuits. Those came from

        From reading the recipe, and her funny blog, these will be excellent!

        Once again thank you!

        Take care namaste,

    • It is so tough to be gluten free, especially for a little one! I don’t eat any grains, and it is a real challenge.

      This is my recipe for coconut macaroon cookies, all mini chocolate chips and they taste just like girl scout samoa cookies:

      Also, you can substitute coconut flour for regular flour 1:1 in any brownie recipe – I have tried this and it has worked in the baker’s one bowl brownie recipe. The texture would maybe be problematic in another baked item, since coconut flour can create a spongy texture. But what doesn’t work for belgian waffles (my kid’s favorite), works for brownies. I promise!!

      Also, if you go to, she has a really good recipe for banana muffins, they are gluten free and no sugar or sweetener added – just eggs, baking soda, bananas and coconut flour.

      Good luck!

    • My son had problem when he was on low carb (ketosis).
      I buy all my gluten free flours (rice, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, xantham gum etc…) at health food stores or online at (cheaper). Email me if you need more info ferdeson @

      You can check your local library for gluten-free recipe books.

      • Thank you for the info.

        I will try this who knows maybe the healthfood store here really has this.

        I will also check with the library, never thought of it.

        I sure will email you and once again thank you. :)

        Take care namaste

  18. I don’t wear make up much, but my teenager will definitely be interested in these ideas.

  19. Wow, that’s some serious crunchy makeup. I’ve never even though about getting crunchy with mascara before! But I might have to give the activated charcoal a go (maybe I’ll do the aloe vera dip too.)

    The herb alkanet works great for coloring lip gloss and lip balm. The only way I know how to do it is when you are making the the lip balm. Stir the alkanet into your oil mixture, then you must strain it out and melt in the beeswax. It makes a deep red tinted lip moisturizer.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Alkanet. Thank you! I’ve read about it so many times in my stash of natural beauty books, but honestly I haven’t even seen it in real life – ever. Must find it now.

      Thanks, lady!

  20. wysteria

    I think you look pretty without makeup. Have you tried wearing your eyeliner only on your top lid at the base on the lash line? I find it tends to help awaken the eye. It helps it to look pretty without being “made-up”. It’s a hard habit to break, but I have a make up artist cousin who says its the biggest mistake people make. :)

  21. carrie

    i wonder if you could put freeze dried berries in the food processor for lip tint (and blush)?

  22. M

    I’ve tried beetroot several times to no avail. I do have beet juice and was planning on trying it to make some cheek stain. If it works, I will post here. :)

  23. This is awesome!

    I think you’re more beautiful without the makeup, though! <3

  24. You are so inventive! Love the look, too. Natural and dewy.

  25. MamaLovey

    @Kate–Grok On!!!

    @Nadimoon–When you have a moment please take a look at the GAPS Diet. It is specifically for peole who have trouble with digesting glutens. For my sensitive daughter even some of the do called “gluten free” flours she would react and bloat too (especially rice). We make cookies with ground cashews, vanilla and honey. It’s not a perfect substitute but she enjoys them. She is also 4 years old and recovering from Autism.

    And my daughter loves using Beet Kvass for “lipstick” LOL

    I’m interested to try the activated charchol and we just got some aloe Vera plants from the farmers market which my daughter has lovingly named Sunshine. I hear it’s great for sour stomach but I’ve been too chicken thus far…but we do have to make a trip to the health food store tomorrow. Yay!!!

  26. Where would one find activated charcoal?

  27. Gala

    question 1. how can i make the lavender buds into powder? and 2. instead of activated charcoal can I use cinnamon or cocoa powder for brown mascara?

    • Crunchy Betty

      You can turn the lavender buds into powder with a coffee or spice grinder – and then just sift out the big parts.

      And the answer to your second question is probably: no. Cocoa powder MIGHT work. But it’s not as highly pigmented (or black) as activated charcoal, so it might take a bunch (which would be gloppy) to get it to show up. And I’d keep cinnamon away from my eyes and the possibility that it could fall in. Ouchiewawa! That would hurt, I’d think.

      Black walnut hull powder, though, might be an excellent option. It’ll be more brown than the dark dark black of activated charcoal.

      Good luck!

  28. Hi, Betty,

    I LOVE your site! I guess mostly I love the way you write – I have an idea the real you comes through loud and clear. Great idea about cranberry lip stain – I refuse to wear lipstick (yuck), but this is something that could work for me.

    Anyway, I was recently invited to participate in the 7 links challenge, and thought I would pass it on to you. I am interested in seeing what you select for your own top posts.


  29. I just wanted to give you an update regarding the mascara (1 cap charcoal + 1 softgel vit E) I had put in an clean and empty mascara I had kept. After 2-3 weeks, it was perfect! I guess it dries a little over time so there is no more black spots! :) Now, after a month, it is still fine. Thank you Crunchy Betty! :)

  30. I just wanted to compliment you on your “before” picture. You look great without makeup! I actually like the before better thank the after. You just look so… FRESH. But I guess we all know why that is =)

  31. Maureen

    How safe is activated charcoal? Are there any side effects to putting it on your skin? Anything harmful about it? I’m sure no matter what it’s healthier that the crap they put in our makeup now but I’m curious about the stuff. Thanks!

  32. Someone

    i wonder if you mixed beeswax with beet or cranberry juice if you could make a natural lipstick. hmmm… Crunchy Betty, what do you think? 

    • MiaMaria

      I have found that mixing a little cocoa powder in makes my lips seem more red because it cancels out the pink tones. they also look (of course) darker, which is a winner. however, I have naturally red lips so that may not work for pale-lipped people.

      obviously you would want to avoid mold in your water based lipstick, but you might try mixing in anything that is a (safe) red or purple powder. I mixed in activated charcoal to a chap stick to make a really great Halloween black lipstick that was really pure black. great, but a little messy.
      Good Luck!

  33. Ancient Winds

    I’m with Sasha – I like the before picture better than the after. Love the idea of these cosmetics, but you sure don’t need them. You’re beautiful just the way you are <3

  34. christa herrling

    duplicate comment

  35. Christa

    Hello, I’ve just discovered (and become obsessed with trolling) your blog. It is so great. I know this is an old post, and I haven’t read all 57 comments, or all of your articles since, but I was thinking, about natural tints that won’t add water to a gloss- could I slice up beets and/or cranberries, put them in my food dehydrator for a couple of days until they’re bone dry, then make a powder out of them? Is that a thing- vegetable/fruit powder used as a dye? I am very new to all of this and haven’t yet played around with making my own anything yet. But I’ve just ordered some supplies, and I wonder if that might be something worth playing around with…

  36. 2 thumbs up! Very cool  info!

  37. Janedoe

    Love your sight and determination to find healthier alternatives to all the chemicals in commercial products. (the Skin Deep site is an excellent source for rating over 69,000 everyday products).

    I am concerned though about the use of activated charcoal for eyeliner. Coal is LADEN with MERCURY, which is one of the most deadly sources known. Having that so close to your eyes is scary. I wonder if  using black walnut husk is a healthier choice??

    •  My goodness. I’ve never heard that activated charcoal contains mercury. In fact, it’s used often as a “mercury removal” method – both from the body and the environment. Can you share any sites you’ve found that state it contains mercury? I’d love to learn more!

  38. Janedoe

    I’m not sure if activated charcoal contains mercury but coal certainly does. Here are just two links out of several available.
    From the EPA site (


    ….Mercury is found in many rocks including coal. When coal is
    burned, mercury is released into the environment. Coal-burning power plants are
    the largest human-caused source of mercury emissions to the air in the United
    States, accounting for over 50 percent of all domestic human-caused mercury
    emissions (Source: 2005 National Emissions Inventory)…



    A Little Bit of Trouble: Mercury & Arsenic in Coal  (
    By Rod Hatt   As published in “World


    …Coal was formed due to global warming that occurred million
    of years ago.  It is the

    fossilized remains of vast jungles and tropical forests that
    were able to grow due to

    the hot, humid environment that had an abundance of CO2 in
    the atmosphere.  The

    green house effect was doing its job – growing plant
    life.  As the plants grew in the

    dirt and were exposed to water, every naturally occurring
    element was incorporated

    into the coal.  As a
    result, the coal we use today has every naturally occurring

    element in it.  That
    includes gold, uranium, tungsten, and the two elements

    discussed in this paper, mercury and arsenic.  Most of the trace elements in coal are

    present in extremely low concentrations.  The concern with coal is caused by its

    during combustion these elements are released.  When we use a lot of coal, even

    the minute amounts of trace elements can add up.  Mercury and arsenic are a

    concern today, and will become more of a concern as we use
    more coal and

    increase our use of sophisticated pollution control
    equipment.  The main concern

    with mercury is health related.  Arsenic’s concern is both health related and

    equipment related….

  39. smeehle

    Could you maybe make a potato powder using dried (instant) potato flakes and a coffee grinder?

  40. Jordan

    This is AWESOME! ♥ Thank you sooo much ♥ I’ve been looking for safe makeup for yearrs now…  And this is perfect! 
    Just ordered my charcoal… gotta go find my spirulina now :) 

  41. drunk_on_shadows

    I agree with Sasha, about you looking fabulous without make-up, but I also know how fun it is to put it on and play with different looks.  Thank you, so much, for this, and every other amazingly cool thing here, and I wanted to say, you have a really wicked sense of humor, without which this would still be an awesome site, filled with great tips and information, but your funniness makes me feel like I’m being told all of this by a good friend.  

  42. Coal and charcoal are completely unrelated. Why would you do all that research on coal yet not even look up what charcoal is?

  43. mei.

    For the cheek stain, would it work the same with dried roses?

  44. Zoya

    Wow! I never knew my kitchen was a makeup kit! Umm Crunchy……do you have any other stuff which I can use instead of cocoa and spirulina? Pls help!

  45. Nirvanika

    My own invention for making my lips go a bit reddish-orange (actual shade depends on your natural lip colour). This will also makes your lips very soft. Take a teaspoon of natural pure plant based powder Henna (caution: Please DON’T USE CHEMICAL HENNA) and make a thick paste of this powder in double cream. Apply this paste like lipstick using a small brush. Avoid getting it on skin around lips. Let is semi-dry (10-15 minutes). Then gently wipe-off with a cloth/paper towel soaked in warm water. Double cream will make lips softer and bleaches them naturally, while Henna adds colour. End result: Lips will appear coral to peach. If you do it twice a week for 3-4 weeks then vegetable colour in Henna binds with lip membrane and your lips would look permanently stained in a deeper hue. Apply very little amount of almond oil to add gloss.

    DISCLAIMER: Please try it at your own risk. It works for me. But you may be allergic to Henna or Double Cream. Please do a patch test before experimenting.

  46. Jessica B.

    Hello! These are awesome ideas, I’m going to try the activated charcoal / aloe vera mascara. Do you have any recommendations for natural mineral makeup powder / concealer? I’ve been using bare minerals but am wondering if it’s been partly to blame for my acne (plus not washing my makeup brushes enough, which I am going to try your method for that next!). Thank you!

  47. Patty Sue

    I saw a recipe on TV once that confined chopped up crayons (whatever your color choice is) and Shea Butter and coconut all. The demonstration on TV put it all in a little glass bowl and set the bowl in a skillet of water on the stove. I don’t know why you couldn’t also Microway. It will solidify into a lipgloss. I use ground cinnamon for eyeshadow and Contouring. You also smell good!

  48. Marianna

    The best “kitchen” makeup is ; cornstarch (as powder), frozen or raw raspberries on the lips and cheeks, and a blackberry on the brows and eyelashes. I’ve been doing this lately as it seems to stay on longer and not make me look aged. Looks very natural with if applied lightly, or can be applied a few times for more intensity.
    To have food makeup on the go, I was thinking of using dried beet powder, that can be wetted with hot water to make it less crumbly, still needs experimenting though, but the above routine works very well for me. I’m just about to order more cornstarch, so I can take it on the go.

  49. Angela Atkinson

    Hi Crunchy Betty I’m new to all this, I love your site its amazing and i’m just wondering what could I use to make a light foundation or concealer Thanks.

  50. debmcook

    As a wild life rescue and rehaber, I’ve had to pick up lots of walnuts. And occassionally I’ve forgotten to wear gloves, the husks turn your hands black. So my query is could the husks be beaten into a pulp and then juicy enough to then be used to make mascara and if so would you then add aloe Vera to it as a drying agent. Because I was going to clean out an old mascara tube and give it a try. In any case I do have an aplicator. Please let me know what you think. Also I was thinking in line of an eye stain mainly, due to how long it takes the walnut stain to come off of my hands.


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