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  1. You did a great job on the video – I’d love to see more! And thanks for sharing the recipe. My husband hates taking most cough medicines but I think this’ll work for him. Perfect timing as fall is just around the corner!

  2. Jan

    YOU are just too cute for words :)
    I see a TV spot in your future. heheee …

  3. I’m SO picking up elderberries next time I go to Earth Fare – with fall {cold season} quickly sneaking up on us, I want to be sure I’m prepared with this stuff! I’d MUCH rather take this and give this to my family than that crazy over the counter crap that makes me have all those whacked out dreams.

    AND, I love the vlog and totally vote that you do more! Yay! <3


  4. Oh! I am SO excited! I have been hunting for an elderberry syrup recipe. Seriously. Just last week I was googling looking for one. I have dried elderberries right now and am going to make this as soon as possible. Can’t wait!

    You are a natural in front of the camera!

    I really like your make up too. would love to know what you use :)

  5. You are so cute! I loved it. Definitely more. Yay, vlog!

  6. You did a fantastic job. Vlog away! Seriously!

    I’ve got elderberry bushes all over my yard. Now I can stop buying Robitussin! :o)

  7. Very cool…will definitely keep this recipe in my pocket for winter!
    Loved the video, for sure do more… You are the Nigella of healthy living!

    And you need not ever apologize for the glass jar collection! I’d be willing to bet that most of us who frequent your site have, ahem, more than a few ourselves :)

  8. You are adorable. And yes, you are awesome.

    And if I were making the recipe? I so would have taken a sip of the brandy.

    And I LOVE the new site

  9. I love the new look and the vlog! You’re a natural!

  10. Crunchy Betty

    Thank you ALL! I’m trying to weed out the phrase “you’re gonna wanna” – I’ll do better next time! I promise.

    Mwah! Sooooo much love!

  11. Ali

    I just found your site and love it! The vlog was very nice.

  12. just so ya know, I have had dried elderberries I bought in a kit from Vintage Remedies since April. We used to always buy our syrup from beeyoutiful.com, however, I knew it had to be cheaper to make. I just hadn’t gotten around to doing it…I found your recipe about 5, and it is 7, and I have a jar of elderberry syrup all done! thanks a bunch!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Hm. I have never heard of this Vintage Remedies. I have also never heard of beeyoutiful.com. I have a lot of reading to do before bedtime!

      Wasn’t it quick, easy, and painless? Not to mention yummy. I actually forced my mother to put back a bottle of Sambucol she was about to purchase today. It’s silly to spend so much on something you can do, cheaper, yourself.

      Come back soon!

  13. Raysmom

    I was looking for a recipe just like this! I have lots of elderberries- and this is do-able, yummy, and good for you. Fun site, even for us empty-nester girls. (It’s nice at bedtime, a little warm. Ahhhhh.)

    • Crunchy Betty

      It. Is. Yummy. That is definitely true.

      You’re the only person I’m going to admit this to (and, I guess, anybody who reads this far into the comments), but I actually put about half a cup of it over ice last weekend and had it as a late-night cocktail. Heh.

      Come back soon!

  14. WhirlWindchaser

    Great job!!! We make Elderberry syrup every year. It is the most amazing cold and fly remedy.
    Best Luck and thanks

    • Crunchy Betty

      Don’t you love it? It tastes so good. We’re out of it already, since the small batch I made here. Time to order more elderberries. Extra this time, ’cause I really want to start putting them in my tea regularly now. Tastes like fall. Mmm.

  15. I am LOVING this site :)
    Just bought the last 1/2 cup of dried elderberries from the healthfood store, and am making this as I write :)
    I might add that I tried the oil cleanse last night – and OMG I am in heaven….
    Thanx so much, and you are so darned cute – great vlog!!!

  16. Hallie1200

    where do you get elderberries?? I hope I dont have to grow them myself:)

  17. Laurie

    Your hair is fabulous! Is this before or during no-poo? I’m considering it and if it will make my hair look as great as yours, I don’t need more convincing! 

  18. barb

    I must tell you, I am glad to see your recipe. My brother makes Elderberry wine . He gives it to me for my bronchus and it works Great to control it and my colds. Could you give me/ us a recipe for elderberry wine. Great video and very well explained. Thanks for the information. Elderberry works better than medicine from a doctor. The only thing with the wine I found was it is a little bitter. Thanks again.

  19. Amanda

    Loved the vlog…bring on more of those! Great how-to. Thanks!

  20. Erica

    Can this be used for children as well as adults?


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