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  1. Kim

    Ok. I knew I loved you – you have an Alice Waters cookbook.


    Mayo is tough to make! Ive never gotten it to my satisfaction…
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Spinach Sauteed with Garlic, Dates and Honey =-.

  2. I too am out of mayo and I swore that I would not buy any more. Haven’t tried it yet, but Julia Child’s mayo recipe is supposedly “legendary”. I’ll let you know how I do. Salad dressing is just SO much more forgiving!

  3. I loved this! It made my skin so soft! Thanks :)

  4. I remember my grandmother did something similar to this probably 30 years ago! She probably used it much longer than that. She was a good looking woman in our little town. She actually made the paper for getting a new hair do once. I hate I don’t have the clipping. It’s hysterical!
    I may have to crack some eggs! :)
    I’ve got to get over my camera shyness!

  5. Allison

    I hope you’ve had more luck with your mayo! I have several allergies that make me have to make my own, and I’ve got that puppy down to a simple science. Forget whisking it by hand. That method should be dead to you. Get your beaters out and follow Alton Brown’s recipe (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/mayonnaise-recipe/index.html). One yolk will leave you with a more runny consistency. I’m a two yolker. Don’t change any amount in the recipe except for the yolks. It will rock, I swear.

  6. I just did this today for the first time–it’s really nice! I would have used a little less lemon juice, but it so beautifully sucked all the ickies out of my skin…lovely!

    • Jenn the Greenmom

      (I combined it with doing egg yolk and olive oil in my hair, so I got to use the whole egg!)

  7. marites

    lemon ang honey facial scrub.. i use it for a month now it is very effective…i use it for twice a day……

  8. Blender

    Any of you ever heard of a blender…??? hmmmmmmmm

  9. Annette

    I live in France, and I learned to make mayo homemade from my mother in law, but it was really tricky at first. Now I do it all the time with no problem. Here’s how (btw the proportions don’t matter – more egg yolks make it more yellow, but the emulsion happens all the same.) : Take one or more egg yolks depending on how much mayo you want. Make sure they’re perfectly separated from the whites – any white in it and it won’t work! In a metal bowl, whisk in a bit of dijon mustard (about a tbsp) to the egg yolks first, for some reason this really helps the emulsion to take hold. Take a hand blender on low-medium, and ever so slowly drizzle a tiny thread of oil (any oil) into the yolks while blending. Go super slow (but don’t stop) until the emulsion takes hold, then you can add it a bit faster. Once this step is done and you have your basic mayo, add some vinegar, salt and pepper, and whatever seasonings you want to put in it (chives, dill, paprika, etc.) For example, capers, onions and chopped pickles will give you tartar sauce. If you want to use the egg whites, you can beat them into stiff peaks and them add them to the finished mayo. Its called a mousseline. And that’s it! I hope it works, and if it doesn’t you can use the failed mayo attempt as vinegrette (salad dressing) at least. Good luck!


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