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  1. Well, obviously you need to name the incredibly adorable kitty Queen Frostine. You know, since you were making sanitizer.

  2. Clarabel says Flower, after flower from Bambi and her stuffed zebra.
    Laila says Budget. Rythms with fudget?
    My choice is Twinkle.

  3. And now they want her own kitty. Awesome.

  4. It’s a really good thing you put the picture of the kitty at the end! I read the whole post and the awesome instructions for DIY hand-sanitizer BEFORE my brain melted from cute-overload and massive envy! What a sweet little doll-face she is! I go for walks and maybe come home with a feather or some acorns. Maybe a rock. Geez.

    I am notorious for being bad at naming pets (and changing my mind after I’ve named them), but here goes (stream-of-consciousness): Crunchy (of course), Cruncher, Betty (duh), Betsy, Bettina, Gum Drop, Dolly, Diesel, Smitty, Susie-Q, Coco (or Coco Puff), Lulu, Lola, Carlotta, Dizzy, Mimi, Fuzzy, Mo, Jo Jo, Schnitzel, I told you I was bad at this. If you don’t want her, can I have her?

  5. Well…it should clearly be Scout.;)

    • Crunchy Betty

      Aww. That’s adorable!

      Actually, I called her Parker Posey yesterday for reasons I don’t even understand, and it stuck. So … drum roll … she’s Parker Posey!

  6. Jucifer

    Thanks for the recipes. I actually prefer to just wash my hands with soap; I think it is a simple and time-tested method of getting your hands clean. But, obviously, to each her own.

    What I wanted to add was a word of caution on cinnamon essential oil. Using 10 drops of just that in hand sanitizer could be… unwise. Some people are quite sensitive to it. The skin on hands is pretty tough compared to the face and scalp, but people (especially children) tend to touch their faces and might break out into hives as a result of such a reaction. Just be careful.

    • Crunchy Betty

      I, too, prefer the soap and water method. My mother has a tendency to use hand sanitizer all the time – even after washing with soap and water. It’s odd, to say the least. But I do like to have it handy if there’s no soap or water around (and I find myself in an untoward rest stop bathroom that doesn’t have any soap and only a trickle of cold water … heh.)

      You’re right about the cinnamon. I, personally, haven’t had any issues with it, but I use it very sparingly. Still, with any essential oil, it’s important to watch your concentrated exposure.

      Thanks for the comment!

  7. Pixie

    Firstly, condolences on your grandfather passing away.

    Secondly, I don’t really use hand sanitizers. I actually associate them with Americians because the first I saw it being used was by one. However, hopefully I found a job soon and can afford tickets to festivals. In which case I’ll will be all over these recipes like… a me with money in a dress store? I can’t think of a decent simile.

    Thirdly, I was thinking we should do an experiment. Remember that cellulite recipe I wrote in a comment? I was thinking we should both try it and compate results (assuming you have cellulite.) Or we could use a recipe you come up with. Anyway, I’d just like to do a comparison of something because sometimes I wonder if the results are in my head. Its chill if you’d rather not, of course.

    Fourthly, I hope you are having a nice day.

  8. Ok, I started because I was intrigued with the hand sanitizer (I’m have an allergic reaction on my hands right now – and damnit, I don’t know to what.)

    And then I saw the kitty!

    I was going to suggest “Whisp,” because of her smoky gray color…but Parker Posey is adorable so I’m totally okay with that.

  9. Ok, I have no idea how I missed this post earlier, so glad I read it. I’m all mushy from the kitty cuteness. I can’t stand it but I keep looking. Parker Posey is so cute! She looks like our Tylin when she was a bitty baby. I hope Parker isn’t as cranky. :)

  10. Leslie, awesome recipe! I’m so glad i found it. I’m going to a very long trip this week, I will definitely whip up this hand sanitizer.

  11. Fernleafify

    A question please.

    Can I substitute the vegetable glycerin with the glycerin that I saw at the drug store? What’s the difference?

  12. Jennifer

    I need help on where to find pure aloe vera gel. I see it at CVS for sunburns but I’m guessin that is not it. help please!

  13. Lugene Deiotte

    i just whipped up a batch of this sanitizer…I omitted the glycerin & added the extra aloe…Is it normal for the aloe to gum up on the sides of the blender?  I haven’t added my essentials yet, but can’t see where that will make a difference.  Not all gummed up but it was enough for me to be concerned…does aloe get old?  Also at this point, it’s not very gel-like…I did notice that the liquid is kind of warm from blending…maybe it will gel once it cools down? Thanks…

    • april w

      i had the same issue and did not use the glycerine. it is very watery and the food processor was spitting out the liquid like crazy. i have no idea why it did that! anyhow, it filled 1/2 of an old bath and body soap bottle. i asssume it is effective still.

  14. Jessie

    Adding essential oils isn’t just for aromatherapy. Many of the oils you note have strong antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal properties. Tea tree oil is an all-purpuse germ killer. Lavender is as well, though some would argue not as strong. Oregano oil is being used to help kill antibiotic resistant staph. Clove oil is a superior antibacterial, as are lemon, rosemary, sage, peppermint, and grapefruit. Be careful with tea tree oil, clove, and grapefruit since they’re skin irritants in high concentrations. Grapefruit & tea tree oil are used to remove warts & skin tags, so use them with caution. But use any essential oil with caution & pregnant women or those with immune deficiencies shouldn’t use them without consulting a doctor. The kitty looks just like my chartreux who passed a few years ago. She was Dusty. Great site btw. ;p ~Jessie

  15. Sandy

    Obviously, you should name your kitty Crunchy.  Or Geranium.  Or Crunchy.  Or Lavendar.  Did I mention Crunchy? 

  16. Lageneralstore

    I like Lavendar!

  17. dyan dades

    where you can buy glycerin, is it in the drugstore, or supermarket? can you use eucalyptus oil? cause, here in our place, only vanilla and eucalyptus are available… please reply asap……

  18. Peaslepuff

    You are brilliant! I can’t wait to make this. I already have all the ingredients because I sell homemade bath & beauty products, and this will be so handy to have around the house and office!

  19. Composr

    Unless I’m calculating this wrong… the recipe above doesn’t result in a santitizer with ~65% alcohol concentration, but ~61%.

    Let’s take it with what’s in the recipe:

    3/4 cu. Ethanol @ 91% = 12 fl. oz. 91% ethanol.
    1/4 cu. aloe  = 4 fl. oz. aloe
    1/8 cu. glycerin = 2 fl. oz. glycerin

    Total volume: 18 fl. oz.
    Total volume of 100% ethanol: 91% of 12 fl. oz. = 10.92 fl. oz.
    Alcohol by volume: 10.92 / 18 = 60.667% ~= 61%

    If I up the ethanol concentration to 95% (190 proof), I get a better number: 63.3%

    Seems to me you would actually need 12.8 oz of 91% ethanol, or what I would officiallt call a “smidge” higher than the 3/4 cu. that is listed. :)

    If you wanted to use a lower-concentration of grain alcohol, you would need about a full cup (with all other ingredients balancing out to the 18 oz., so reduce the aloe and glycerin as well). Unfortunately, that could create some balancing problems, I’d imagine.

    Sorry for the lengthy comment. ;)

  20. ape

    Name your kitty Pewter!

  21. Magic06

    Name new kitty precious.

  22. Just made this but without the glycerin.  The ratio of aloe to alcohol seemed to create a very watery product. So, I had to add more aloe vera to “thicken” it up enough so it would not poor out of the plastic bottle I bought to put it in.  Since we don’t use hand sanitizer that much (prefer soap and water to really get your hands clean, not just germ-free) and one of my daughters get dry red skin if whe used sanitizer too much, I am not that concerned that the alcohol % will be lower than the storebought stuff is.  Anyone else have this problem with the thickness?  Stacey @ FeedingMyTribe

    • Also, i tried putting some rose essential oil in, but I think that it is a waste of $$, since the alcohol smell is so strong.  I won’t bother using the oils next time I make it.  If you use hand sanitizer, I guess you have to accept that your hands will smell like rubbing alcohol.  :-)

  23. Box Top Mom

    Just curious if using pure vitamin E from the capsules would be better than using the glycerin? BTW my son is addicted to AXE cologne and just a little works well for his as scent! Lol! Why not name the little one – Crunch?

  24. Gabby A

    Awwwwww! The cat is so cute you should, if its a boy name it blueberry because of its eyes and if its a girl name it sweetypie!

  25. bob

    call the kitten nymph or lavender

  26. Carrot

    This came out very watery, and runny. Better used as a spritz sanitizer, than a hand gel type. I didn’t have any glycerin, and did not add the extra 1/8 cup of aloe vera gel to make up for it since others had commented on the watery final product too. I would make next time with less alcohol perhaps, and more aloe vera gel to make thicker maybe, or maybe adding the glycerin would do this too.

  27. aloe...her name should be aloe

    i work in a nursing home and i use sanatizer alot…as well as washing my hands…i cannot wait to try making this


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