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  1. Honestly, I don’t even look at other people’s carts and I was a cashier for years. The only time I judged someone shopping was when all they purchased at my register was: a shovel, KY sexual lubricant, duct tape, rope, sleeping aid pills, and condoms. Then, it less judgy and more a sense of fear.

    • Lady

      LOL That’s because you mind your own business and live your own life, rather than being a busy body and judge others. You are in the “winner” column.

  2. Lady

    I had someone judge my very healthy cart, even though I’m overweight, today in fact! I wanted to punch her in the face. People who care or judge what other people have in their carts are pathetic. Is that all they have to do with their lives? Mind your own business and accomplish something important with your miserable life!

  3. Whenever I buy produce I feel obvious I’m trying to be healthy because I’m overweight. When I’m near someone who is healthy & who is buying healthy I feel horrible and embarrassed. I haven’t bough junk food in years that I can remember. I love plain Greek yogurt with honey- for now that’s my “junk food”. I do look at others carts- but I don’t judge, I just acknowledge. I go into deep serious thinking about how people have their own struggles & feel which affects what they buy. I have noticed one buying packs of beer, packs of soda & a bag of oranges. Instead of “why are they buying oranges if the rest of their cart is crap?” I just wonder what they’re going through. I have weak moments where I buy ice cream & the rest is healthy. And I have my own reasons why I end up doing that. I may be judged all the time as I feel I am. But it’s gotten easier not to judge back. Another example is when a disabled person gets stares, I just give a simple smile- half because I was friends with “special Ed” in school.

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