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  1. Katy

    I would just like you to know that I think you are fantastic. I came across your site and so far I have went no ‘poo going on 3 weeks now (hair is still in greasy phase but getting better), I made a body oil from coconut oil and orange, I do the honey every night, I even bought the diva cup! I am well on my way to full on crunchy!

    So, on to this idea… this is brillant, I love the vintage look of the pictures. I am so excited to try this when I get a few extra dollars. Thank you so much for all your inspiration! :)

  2. maria cordero

    I really like the idea of the photos on the tile. Can you upload some photo for me to copy some and try them please

  3. How artistic. I love this, I’m so glad I stopped my Stat’s homework to look at your blog and mess around :)

  4. Rachel

    I would LOVE some of your photos for me to copy and try! I don’t have a website but I have a business on fb called Occasions by Rachel and I am always looking for new stuff to do! Thank you so much!!!


  5. Aubrey

    You are a crafting genius Crunchy B. Thanks for the tile picture idea. I made some and I. LOVE. THESE. THINGS.

  6. aubrey

    Hey can you use regular pictures to do this?

  7. LOVE this! Can’t wait to try it!

  8. catlharper

    Thanx! I just got an order of digital prints..all scenics for homemade cards and didn’t want to waste the little proofsheet they stick in with it…thought maybe magnets instead and you have helped me to know how to do it! So thanx!

  9. Oh, my, my brain is buzzing now….  Wouldn’t the grandparents love these with pics of my kiddos… and maybe even a couple with the kids’ own artwork on them???  Such a great idea for gifts in time for Christmas!  Thanks so much!!!

    • Cathyt89

      omg.. what a grand idea!!! I’m a preschool teacher and always looking for new ideas for presents for parents for Christmas..Mothers Day..Fathers Day!!  What a grand idea!! Plus , I have a bunch of leftover tiles from a kitchen project!! Woo Hoo, I’m in business!! heehe

  10. Tricia at Mom is the Only Girl

    Totally what I was looking for! This is what all the Grandparents will be getting for Christmas this year!!

  11. Lilasmith

    I LOVE this idea and want to make them as coasters. Does anyone know what I can put on top after so water doesn’t ruin them? 

  12. stefffie78

    I made some! Gave as Christmas gifts and they were loved!


  13. Jennifer


    This kind of hardware can be glued to the backs of things with E6000 glue (available at WalMart and anywhere crafty) and will make your tiles easy to hang. I have used these to hang plates. :)

  14. I really like this, the idea is original and unique I have not seen anything like this before, and I think that it is not difficult to do. I will certainly try to do.

  15. Carol

    love this idea. I would like to see more of your pics.

  16. Lizzygirl1221

    I just found You today!  Absolutely LOVE your idea and will be trying it out Today :-)  I agree with the other comments here… You’re idea is GREAT — really fits the bill!!

  17. Oh, I can’t wait to try this!  I’m always looking for different ways to display all the photos I take. I’ve bought so many frames at Savers, I’ve used most of them, but I’ve got stacks of them piling up….I’ve wanted to find something a little different and I do believe this is it! Thank you for the tutorial! 

  18. I love working with Modge Podge or elmers glue when i decoupage.  After reading many of the comments I noticed that no one has mentioned using hairspray (in a can) on the pictures.  Spray  the pic, let dry,  continue picture tile process. 

  19. Leanecia

    Have enjoyed reading your post tonight. The look so cute. I would like to get a set you have enough to go around. Have a zillion of puctures I can choose from. Getting excited to start.

  20. Tsunshine

    omg…i tell myself every year to start early with the gifts..now i will save hundreds by dong this with the tile..my mind is racing with ideas..coasters..magnets….what a great idea..thanks for sharing and good luck to all!!!..

  21. Three

    I would love to use some of your pics as well as my own .. especially the one of the heart hanging down.  That would make a great Valentine gift for my friends!  Thanks for ALL of your awesome ideas and recipes … I’m just getting started but I hope to be real CRUNCHY in the very near future … taking it one day at a time!  Plus, I have started a group with some of my girlfriends and told them to invite their girlfriends.  We’re learning to do things for ourselves … saves money, it’s fun and better for us!  Plus it’s great getting together once or twice a month to play!

  22. Cocreatingmylife

    This is a simly fantastic idea. Not only do i love it for my use in my home, but also as gifts! I love that thosis easy enouh for kids to do too, though some may need more supervision than others.

  23. BrandiLew

    I made some of these last week! They are super easy! I trimmed down my photos smaller and put some fabric behind one picture.. Turned out really well! On another, I also trimmed it smaller so part of the tile was showing and sprinkled gliter on the tile parts(:

  24. Gente de Massinha

    Yes, I love you :) Thank you!!!

  25. Found you through Pinterest – thanks so much for the tutorial! These tiles were the first project for our “Pinny Party” and they turned out so great.

  26. Amber

    I saw somwthing similar to this before with greeting cards but it was much more complicated and not nearly as personal and fantastic.  Thanks for another great idea!!!!

  27. Amber

    Oh and I would LOVE some of your pictures too!  Thanks

  28. Missy4994

    Tip: I just made these, I used photo paper and did not have to push out air bubbles cause there weren’t any.

  29. Meslsdl

    Oh my goodness you just gave an idea I had the wow factor I was searching for. I’m fairly new at DIY things but so addicted in this short time span. Anyways I was thinking of refacing my coffee and end tables with mosaic tiles but now i definitely know that I’m going to make picture tiles and reface my coffee table with those. So since the pic tiles won’t be hung but rather on a table where a variety of things can spill will the Modge podge protect it or is there something else I can paint over them as well as the Modge podge for spillage protection?

    • Ashcraft-J

      Modge Podge is a water based glue. Although an attractive finish, it will not protect what is underneath.  Since it is water based it will take a top finish like lacquer or varnish without causing a chemical reaction.  Lacquer is a clear finish not changing picture colors.  Varnish will age  giving pictures an aged sepia tone look.    

      Modge Podge is not a smooth coat; brush strokes show.  This will help create a linen canvas appearance.  When applying to picture front, brush horizontally and before that dries brush stroke vertically. 

      When securing picture to tile do not press too hard and squeeze out all the glue.  An old credit card makes a good squeezer.

      To prevent colors from running spray picture with fixative/sealer. Often this is displayed with spray paints. 


  30. doublea1901

    Yes, yes, yes, Please!

  31. Marlene

    you could purchase tiles at the “Re-Store”.  we have them here in Canada where ppl take excess constructions materials, and all the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.  Usually a wide selection of tiles there for very little cost!

  32. Nathalie Gates Medina

    LOVEE THEESE! just one thing…I actually live in Peru..and I dont know exactly what Modge Podge is..well is glue OBVIOUSLY, but i mean can it be like just the regular white glue? the one they use at school or what?

  33. Rebecca Cox

    Just so you know, you can make homemade mod podge out of 50% liquid glue (any kind) and 50% water.  Yea for inexpensive!  Some friends and I just made some crafts this weekend using the stuff and it works amazingly!  I love your photo tiles!  Will have to try some soon.

  34. Kathy Rubin

    Terrific idea! This seems like a craft I can actually do! Thanks!

  35. Kate82781

    Found these on pinterest and had to try them!  I linked to this tutorial on my blog today. 

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  36. Tiffany

    Did you think about making the pictures a little bit smaller so the tile shows around the edges like a border?

  37. Hannalora

    This is a really cool idea! I’d like to give one to my boyfriend for his desk at work.  Any ideas on how to make it stand up, or make a stand for it?

  38. Thank you ….. I now have Christmas presents all sorted for my family & friends ! They will be stuck with my photography forever.

  39. EvA

    my tile is a glossy tile. I can get the picture on it,but if it gets wet it comes off.I need a sealer.Can you help me?I want to put scriptures on them for fathers day,

  40. thank you, i’m a photographer and just ordered 4 photo tiles online and they are beautiful. but i could make them a lot cheaper it seems, is the modgepodge a ggood clear finish on the front and does it protect from scratches / moisture? thank you so much

  41. Jessica

    What a great idea! Excellent inexpensive alternative to printing photos onto canvas. Love it!

  42. phanofphil

    Thanks for sharing was thinking about doing this my self……now I know it will work!!!! :)

  43. Roz

    I just made 6 of these with photos from my wedding! I love them! My favorite part is that they’re easy enough that my kids can make them, too (which we are doing tomorrow) :)

  44. This is an amazing idea! I definitely will try it when I get the time. Thanks!

  45. dee

    Thank you so much for the instructions. Do you need to cover it with some kind of a sealant? I want to make christmas photo tiles to sell at a little shop that I frequent. Have a great weekend.

  46. Pau

    i love this!
    do u have any alternative for the Modge Podge? I live in the Philippines i dont think this is available here. thanks…excited to hear from u soon!

  47. marlee63

    Does the modge podge fade away after it dries on the picture? Or does it leave white streaks?

    • KCChiefs2010

      I haven’t tried with tiles yet, but when I did a picture transfer to a block of wood, the modge podge dries into a clear matte finish.

  48. Kim

    I’m pretty excited about this! I’m always looking for fun, inexpensive DIY projects for Christmas. Totally going to try this out!

  49. Else

    Love you!! I do, I do :)

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