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  1. DR

    I tried your sandpaper technique. Do you let the modpodge dry or do you do it wet? What grad of sandpaper are you using? I did not get a clean strip to pull off like you show in your photo.

  2. Nuwaira

    Hey there, I really love this idea! I’m going to go make some right now… could you somehow send some of those pictures to me? Or if you’ve posted them up already, then could you let me know where I could find them? Thanks!!

  3. Ninfa

    I love this idea. I have the photos. I can find the tiles, but I can’t find any Modge Podge where I am (the Philippines). I’ve found Gel glue that is clear and non-toxic. Can I use that as an adhesive. For a fixative, I usually use Grumbacher Matte Final Fixative which is sprayed on the surface of the photo paper.

    I don’t think that will be enough to seal the photo onto the tile. There is clear acylic protective sealer for plaster or slate tile. Just tried it on one photo coaster, but that seems to make the ink jet run off a bit. Do you think the clear gel clue applied on top of the photo’s surface can do the trick?

    • I like to use glue thinned with water. I usually use generic school glue. I play with the consistency depending on the project. I have a laser color printer that doesn’t bleed colors but I also like the inkjet smudge. When using inkjet photos, I use regular paper or card stock but I set the printer on daily use or ink saving settings or else it runs too much. You can tint the glue if you like. One last note… For whatever reason, I have made several projects that turned out poorly. A week or so later, they aged and I liked them. You can reuse botched tiles by soaking them in soapy water

    • Kim

      Go to Michaels or Walnart. At Michaels it is kept in several places, by the puzzles and in scrapbooking and in other places where using Modge Podge. At Walmart it is on the crafting isle and sometimes by other types of glue.

  4. Melissa

    I know nothing of modge podge. I want to use these as coasters, are they water proof? Can you make them water proof?

    • Kim

      I have not tried to make a tile, but it seems that dipping them into polyurethane in a very well ventilated place would make them waterproof.

  5. I had made these before as coasters with personal pictures as well as scrapbook paper and I find that if you use the Mod Podge as an outer coat, it completely seals it and so far I have not had any water damage. However, if you make coasters, don’t forget to apply felt circles (or something similar) to the corners to prevents scratching your furniture.

    If you can’t locate Mod Podge, any clear sealer should do the trick, but if you are using a photo, I suggest printing it on a thicker standard paper like card stock instead of photo paper. The ink runs much less that way and if you want a glossy effect, make sure to use gloss vs. matte!

  6. Kirst

    What kind of Mod Podge do you use to coat it with? There are several types… Photo transfer.. Matte.. Glossy?
    I’m trying to transfer b&w photos to a tile and I bought photo transfer Mod Podge… and I don’t know if it will turn out okay..

  7. Really hope I try to do this some day. If not, I at least thoroughly enjoyed reading the directions. Besides being very crunchy, you are exceptionally entertaining.

  8. Party Diva

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I used the instructions here along with a graduation flyer design that I made in Photoshop and gave it as a gift. I was able to use graphics a picture of the graduate and words to create the design and then Mod Podged it to the tile. It was the talk of the party.

  9. Luqman

    Hi.I am would like to ask where is the shop located for the ones that you use it.thanks..

  10. Claudia

    Thank you so much, this is the best idea that I have ever seen!
    I am going to try this out tomorrow!

  11. Samara

    I love making these with black and white images and I use a heavy rag paper because I think the results are nicer. I would love to do more in color but with a bubble jet printer I find the mod podge causes the colors to run even when applied very lightly. I’m curious if you are using an ink jet or a laser printer or if you’ve found a way to protect the ink from smearing when dampened.

    • Sarah

      Krylon makes a spray finish that will seal the ink and keep it from running. Look for the one that has the numbers 1311 on the front of the label…that’s the one that seals best. Spray a light coat over the front of the picture before Mod Podging it to the tile. I’ve used this as a sealer on “zillions” of things used both indoors and outdoors and it works great!

  12. Kimberly

    I have four boys hence the six large boxes of photos! YES I’m going to do this & Yes I love you for it!

  13. Erin

    This is great!!! I wanted to try to do this and leave outside (thinking of a memorial garden sort of thing).

    Any thoughts on how to seal these for outdoor (realizing this may be super obvious and simple so thanks for your patience with my question)! :)

    PS I love the humor on this site, it is most awesome.


    • Sarah

      Mod Podge makes exterior Mod Podge now. It should be right next to the original Mod Podge. I think it would be fun to do a crackle finish on these tiles and would give an interesting look. If I’m not mistaken, Mod Podge makes a crackle finish as well…but if not, ask for crackle finish at your local craft store and they should be able to direct you to the proper product.

      BTW…I LOVE this idea and your tutorial was entertaining and very well done. Thanks for sharing! We’re doing a hand-made Christmas again this year and I will definitely be adding these to my “to do/to gift” list! Thanks!

  14. mecheart

    would this work with bathroom tiles as well, or they would come off because of the water?

  15. Brenda Lynch


    I LOVE the idea, but want to use the tiles outdoors – what could I do to make them weather-proof?

    Kind regards

  16. AG

    Brushing Modge Podge all over the front didn’t meant part on the picture,or did it?

  17. Hazel

    Tried this earlier in the week, easiest (and cheapest) craft ever. Love the final effect, so simple. Only got one thing left to do: hang them! I don’t fancy the double sided tape idea at all, I’m not confident that a tape that won’t strip paint will be strong enough to hold a heavy tile. Has anyone hung them any other way?

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  19. SharynGapps

    I’m in Australia And the shop assistants do not Know what modge podge is(excuse the spelling) so what is it? Thanx Shaz

  20. Lindsay

    Is there a certain photo software you used to resize the photos to 4×4? I am wanting to do therefor Christmas gifts and want to try it ahead of time. Thank you

  21. Christine Elliston

    I love the idea of having printed tiles as a feature in my bathroom and as the splash back in my laundry. The process seems simple and fun to do. However, I am concerned about the durability of the finished product. How do I seal the tiles so they are not damaged during grouting and they can be washed regularly, so the image doesn’t get damaged or fade over time.


    • Cindy

      I have used poly resin, it is cheep for the amount of protection that it provides. It is really easy to use, just make sure you follow the directions on whatever brand you buy. ( they do differ ). The poly resin holds up very well outside, as well as inside in wet conditions. You must remember tho, it is a form of plastic resin, so scrubbing with a scratchy sponge will leave scratches, but cleaning with your regular household cleaners is fine. This is the same thing they use to make bar top and tables in food establishments.


  22. mmartin

    hi…can regular photos on photo parer be used ?

  23. Tina

    Does anyone know if this can be done for use outside? I am wanting to place on a gravestone so need it to be weather resistant and long lasting.

  24. cindi

    I did this after a few coats of modge podge I then coated them with a waterproof coating and added them into my backsplash in the kitchen for some added pop turned out very nice

  25. Patsy

    If these finished tiles get dirty after hanging for a while….how do you clean them without ruining them or cleaning off the Hodge Podge?

  26. Donna

    Hi, can you use these as trivets? Does the heat cause a problem to the tile?

  27. Marlee

    This would be fun to try. Could I get copies of your pictures?

  28. Hiya! Never found Modge Podge in the Philippines so made do with school glue, photo paper stock with ink jet fixed with a spray on fixative. After glueing image to the tile, I would also brush on clear glue on the image’s surface and around the edges, then spray on or brush on some clear lacquer.

    Still a work in progress. Looking for a better way to seal the edges before applying the clear lacquer – which at times can seep in underneath the edges. If anyone has a suggestion as to how to seal this in a better way, please do let me know! Will try to upload some photos of the finished items soon.


  29. Hey, My name is Laura and I blog about tips for displaying printed Instagram photos. I have been doing lots of looking around to find unique ideas for how people display their photos and I just want to let you know I love this idea! I love seeing the crafty ideas that people create to display their photos! thank you for the inspiration and thank you for sharing.

  30. Patty Moore

    For some people in the UK the equivalent to Mod Podge is PVA glue.

  31. Leslie

    I am going to make these as gifts- I am just wondering is it better to use actual photo’s? I would like to print these at home, but have a hard time making photo’s- so what type of paper should I use?

  32. michelle

    Not sure what i am doing wrong…when i try to get air bubbles out it just rips :-(

  33. Sarah

    OK…my mind is racing with this idea! I am going to print the photo bigger, cut the photos into 4 squares and line them up on the tile so it looks like you’ve used one big tile instead of 4 small ones (triptych-style).

    While they are drying, I’m going to cut a piece of 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick plywood to fit in a frame (thrift store purchase, of course), then glue burlap to cover the front side of the plywood. When that dries, I’ll glue the tiles to the burlap-covered plywood leaving a tiny gap between the tiles. Add the frame and hang it like you would any photo.

    I know they sell rectangular tiles, too so you could make a triptych…and I’m imagining using one big photo cut and spread across 1″ tiles so you have multiple 1″ sections of the photo spread across all the tiles (leaving tiny gaps between the tiles). OOOH! I wish it weren’t late at night cause my brain is FLYING with “must-dos” using your technique! You are definitely CRUNCHY, Betty!

  34. hannah

    Hi, did you upload any of your photos onto the site? If you haven’t and you wouldn’t mind, i would like to take a look as i am hoping to make some tile prints! Thank you X

  35. Emily

    Love this Betty!! Thanks for the crunchy details!!

  36. Kelly Garza

    Can these be grouted on a table or wall or would it ruin the picture?


  37. DIANE

    Hi, I have been asked to make these photo tiles for use in a shower . Will they be mold and waterproof for this use ? What extra step is needed to make them impervious to steam and water ?

  38. Paula shoe fiend

    OMFG – Thanks, this is TOO AWESOME – and seems easy enough :-D
    I am so going to do this for my instagram snaps of my trip round the UK!!

  39. Hi Love this- have been trying this with photo transfer techniques with mixed results – going to try you way- I would love some of your favourite photos to try. Please let me know if you have uploaded any
    Also I use epoxy resin – and am coating a memorial tile in a uv resistant one for outside placement – this would also work for waterproofing for insertion into a splashback

  40. Kathy Snyder

    I would like to have your pictures and thank you.

  41. I’m not sure how you secure the hanger to the back of the tile. I suppose you could just get the peel off ones from the hardware. I was just thinking that you could hang them from a wire along a wall.

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