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  1. Lisa

    windex windex windex (the stuff you use to clean glass and mirrors, called different things in different countries I believe!) the absolute bomb in leaving not only your laminate floor streak free, but also your tiles as well.

  2. Kellie Burnette

    I have used vinegar and water with success, but I am currently using rubbing alcohol and water with a Libman version of wetjet that has washable heads. Dries more quickly.

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  4. Diana

    I have had zero luck with Windex removing the residue that shows foot prints. We used a laminate floor cleaner when I gave up on expecting my floors to STAY clean with 3 cats, 2 birds, a 2 year old [and her dad] keeping me on my feet. I was originally able to buff out smudges with a Swiffer duster, but I had to do it every day to keep the floor clean enough for the duster to work. For spot cleaning (or square yard cleaning under the toddler’s chair after dinner) I use Lysol wet cloths and it does wonders. Not sure yet if it’s safe to use them though. We have super dark wood laminate, which is gorgeous when clean, but truly clean is a rare thing. I bought something from the store that said it was great for wood laminate, but it caused the massive amount of smudge marks from the oil or wax it. I tried it again hoping it was me, that I wasn’t doing it right or something. Then I read online that that film it leaves can be impossible to remove after several applications. I panicked and tried lightly dampened paper towels attached to my dust mop (instead of the Swiffer wet version with wet cloths that seemed ok but just smeared the smudges). I found out online that people use Windex with lots of success, but it still isn’t able to remove the waxy film. I then read about using vinegar, so I bought a big jug and am anxious to try it. I keep reading that you can’t use anything that is water based so I’ve only tried a slightly damp mop and never had luck with it actually cleaning. I haven’t read about rubbing alcohol for laminate floors, but I love the idea. I’ll have to try that next if the vinegar doesn’t work. Will definitely do some research first though to make sure it’s okay for laminate. I use a Bona microfiber mop and it’s great but I can’t find replacement mops (without the handles) at my local super market. I’d rather just switch to a new mop cloth when the first one gets dirty rather than just rinsing it. It’s just a small family room and dining area that has the smudges, the rest of the house has luckily not been moped with the awful stuff I bought at the store, only the main area that guests see. Ugh.

  5. Ted J

    Why put vinegar on your floor, it is an acid!
    Try this!
    About 2 gallons of warm water
    1 teaspoon of dish soap
    2 tablespoons of “Armoral” original

    Follow the directions! to much armoral will make the floor slippery
    The floor will shine like new and lasts months!

  6. Normally i used only water with some cleaning agent like washing power etc but now the formula shared by you is pretty helpful to me. Now i can have my shinny floor back just like a new one. nice blog of cleaning!!!


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