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  1. I have to take medication everyday, if I do this before I take it will it still render my medication useless?

    • Lynn

      If your medication is a pill, activated charcoal will render if useless only if you swallow it. Spit it out after swishing it in your mouth and you should be fine.

    • rob

      I’m not sure this is correct. It does not adsorb everything, including some medications. My daughter uses it with her medications (benzos) and never has had a problem. I have used it to whiten my teeth and to help digestion. It has also been a lifesaver when I got food/alcohol poisoning. I do not use activated carbon (charcoal) everyday, as it is more effective a few times a week….

      • Nancy

        I’ve used it occasionally for that smooth, clean feeling. Since I drink coffee everyday, not sure I’ll achieve that glowing white that you see on tv, but feel good about the results. Even my dental hygienist noticed and wanted to know what I had used! Good luck!

  2. I cannot wait to try this! I’ve been contemplating buying an expensive teeth whitening system because I’ve been disappointed with my teeth lately. Thanks!

  3. just heard this quote from sister after doing the charcoal trick 4 times, “Check out these chicklets, they are mega white!” as she comes strolling into the room.

  4. Crunchy33

    I’ve been doing this for a few day and I don’t see any difference… :-( I so wanted it to work…

    • Alexandra

      Same with me. I guess I don’t have much in the way of surface stains, just yellowish teeth. :(

      • Same! Been using the capsules twice a day for almost a week now. Can’t see any visible change whatsoever :( Will keep going til the whole bottle’s gone, but it’s not proving to be the miracle cure I hoped it might be…

        • gabriella

          With natural remedies you usually dont see fast results (although sometimes you do). Over longer periods of time your teeth will absolutely whiten and you will be preventing future stains/yellowing/dullness. Trust me it does work and is great for maintaining. I have an all natural skincare line and we are currently developing a product for teeth with activated charcoal… its great. It also makes a great mask for the skin.

    • Susan

      Try with coconut oil.

      • Amanda Spencer

        I brush with an mixture of equal parts baking soda and coconut oil. Makes my teeth extremely white! It was a pleasant surprise, as I was only expecting it to clean my teeth as my commercially bought toothpaste had.

        • kayvee


          I hear that baking soda is abrasive to the teeth and can wear away the enamel.

          • katie

            Baking side is actually the best thing you can use….it is the softest, just mix with water and brush away. I use coconut oil and baking soda with peppermint oil. (I am a dental hygienist)

          • rob

            Agreed. Baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide/water followed by activated carbon/charcoal works quite well – and is inexpensive when compared to overpriced commercial teeth whiteners. I have not tried coconut oil or peppermint oil, although I sometimes simply rinse with sea salt (and then plain water) to help maintain gum health.

  5. jenr

    has anyone with braces tried this? i really, really want to try but i’m afraid i’ll have little black dots stuck in my braces for weeks!!

    • Jill O

      I would wait til the braces come off because it won’t whiten underneath the brackets, and when you get your braces off you would have those little areas not whitened. And I’m not sure but I would assume that when you whitened after removing your braces those spots would still be ‘not as white’

      • jenr

        good point! well, i did try it once and it whitened parts of my teeth but there’s so much glue on my teeth around the brackets that nothing is going to penetrate that! guess I’ll have to wait to know if it works for me or not.

  6. Stefanie Mack

    Just started trying this out – no results yet. But while I was browsing around learning more about using activated charcoal, I came across another method called ‘oil pulling’, which is supposedly a detox method and a mouth cleaner. Anyone else ever heard of this?

    • JB

      Don’t do oil pulling! it will cause your teeth to become brown and rotted looking. My mother and aunt did this last year with terrible results!

      • cadi

        my family has been oil pulling for over a year…EXCELLENT results. it’s a great detoxifier as well.

        • Mary

          Jb & Cadi use both say different things. I would like you to elaborate if possible. I got the book Cure Tooth Decay and they suggest oil pulling. My gums are receding terribly and don’t know which to try. My teeth are becoming increasingly yellow with age etc also. Thank you for any additional info you can provide.

    • lookitsatree

      Yes, I researched it a while back and decided that it’s a dud. The oil swishing action can help rid teeth and gums of of some yuckness, but then swishing with water or your healthful, alcohol-free mouthwash does that, too, without the inevitable calories that will slip down your throat or the gaggy oily flavor. As far as detox goes–the idea of pulling impurities out of your body through oil in your mouth–the data on the subject is very dubious. (And I looked into the medical studies that you have to train for a couple years to decipher AND the scientific documents from, perhaps formerly, vehement supporters of the practice.)
      *On the other hand, it is a viable (good) option for those who have moderate to severe gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis, potty-mouthitis, etc). Your gums, healthy or otherwise, like a little lube job, and if you have such a disease, any positive attention = a good thing. The positive results to gum disease in the studies is probably for that very reason: people who’d largely ignored or mistakenly effaced their gums gave ‘em some good TLC by swishing with something other than a sugary, toxic slurry. Plus it increased their mouths’ awesome salivary action (an excellent mouth-cleaner and gum-maintainer).
      Bodily detox? No. Supple smooth gums and (briefly) glossy teeth? Yes. Great facial-muscle workout? Ouch, probably. But there are more effective ways to achieve clean pearlies than by swishing costly oil first thing in the mornin’ for upwards of 20 minutes. And incidentally, there is the possibility that if you don’t do it properly, you can prevent your nice, clean toothpaste from doing it’s good work on the enamel. (Will the enamel-building calcium compound seep in to plug the tiny holes with an oil slick coating the tooth? hm…)

      • Kimberly

        A bodily detox, most definitely! I do not think you understand just how much disease throughout our bodies is a direct result of bacteria/toxins within our mouths. Therefore, detoxing the mouth of harmful bacteria most certainly constitutes as detoxing the body as well. The less work our immune system has to fight the HUNDREDS of harmful bacteria trapped in our gums, teeth, root canals, etc., the more our bodies can focus on fighting bacteria, toxins, disease, etc. throughout the body. AND the less there will be to fight, as the mouth is a gateway for bacteria and toxins to enter the body. Unfortunately, “clean” toothpaste (whatever that is) just doesn’t cut it for the majority who have been misguided and flat out lied to by the ADA, FDA and our dentists who fill our teeth with amalgam aka mercury fillings and bacteria promoting root canals. I could go on and on but if you do not realize there is a direct correlation between oral health with your overall health, you have no business posting. With all do respect, do your research.

        • CJ

          OK, that was rude. You can do better.

        • Venus

          Yes, bad oral health can effect overall health in it’s own way, but you make it sound as if the mouth is the ONLY gateway to our internal system. Human bodies have other places bacteria can infiltrate. The mouth is just ONE. Some of the easier ways bacteria gets in is through direct contact, airborne germs taken in through the nose, bacteria through cuts on the body, STD’s that wreak havok on organs, etc.

          You cant blame problems with the liver, kidneys, intestines, stomach, heart, etc. solely on oral problems. If you have an ulcer or acid reflux due to a condition unrelated to oral health, that, in turn effects your overall oral health by the acids that creep up the esophagus and sometimes the mouth. If you have chronic sinus or ear problems, that too will effect your oral health vs the oral health effecting them. i have several health conditions yet every time i see a dentist, they are completely taken a back by how well my oral hygeine is, so if your theory is right, why do I have all of these other problems with my liver, spleen, kidneys, heart, spine, etc…

          Most say it was because of my horrible bout with spinal menengitis when i was a baby, flat lined 3 times in ambulance, 2 times in hospital, 9 spinal taps. Could more harmful bacteria be intorduced during the slinal taps, the IV’s, etc. to make my health worse as I get older? Do you believe my health has deteriorated because of poor oral hygeine when I was a baby, even though my mother was OCD and made sure I was in perfect health, even oral health? There is no way to prove we would all be ‘healed’ or even close to it if all of us had the most pristine oral health. Life is not that simple.

          I too believe you were on a VERY high horse when you responded to CJ. It was rude because you believed your theory is the ONLY theory.

    • michelle11519

      I do oil pulling with coconut oil (extra virgin, organic, cold pressed) and have had wonderful results with it. I also brush with baking soda/coconut oil. My teeth are whiter than ever. Some of that also comes from my all natural diet with zero sodas, sugar, and limited coffee/tea.

  7. pleasuremechanics

    Totally amazing tip! We’ve been shooting a lot of Youtube videos and I wanted a cheap and natural way to brighten our smiles – and this works like a charm! Thank you, we will share this post far and wide!

    • rob

      I think it needs to be pointed out here that results vary with each individual. And there is a correlation between overall health and oral health. Thus, oil pulling may work well for some while ineffective for others.

  8. So…finally got around to picking up 100 capsules of activated charcoal at Walgreens for $20, and I must say, I am hooked! My teeth are noticeably whiter after ONE application. The only problem I had with this was the fact that I hate having to keep it in my mouth, but I did it! The thought of having white teeth pushed me through. My partner was skeptical (“Babe! Your teeth are perfect & naturally white already.”) and now he is thinking about trying it – after ONE application. I was never able to use whitening strips because my teeth are sensitive…but now I can still have white teeth. Thanks, Crunchy Betty!

    • rob

      Wow, you paid more than double. You can buy a 100 capsule bottle usually for $8.50 (or less), or if you buy in bulk, it is considerably cheaper.
      BTW: Medications should be taken one hour (or more) prior to taking activated charcoal. I prefer the activated charcoal comprised of natural vegetable origin (most ac capsules are vegetable origin)

    • Amanda

      If you have your local cvs order from thier outside vendor, in the pharmacy, you can get a 60 count bottle for under $5. I work
      at one in ohio, and thats what i did

  9. I think Ponds makes a “whitening” facewash with activated charcoal. They sell it in Asia anyway.

  10. Lizzieb

    Bummed. No visible results – still yellow-ish. Do I have to do it multiple times or am I relegated to a life of non-pearly whites?

  11. Tball3748

    My teenage daughter and I wanted to try this out but our initial run to Walmart only had activated charcoal tablets full of artificial colors in them, so I had to go online and found a natural supplement that was much purer without all the additives. We messily opened 4 capsules each to make our slurry and WOW! Not only whiter but smooth just like a visit to the dentist! We are definitely doing this again!!!! Thanks Betty!

    • Milena

      Tball3748 what brand do you recommend to purchase?

      • Nancy

        I purchased a brand called Good ‘N Natural. It has 100 capsules (260 mg – 4 grains) and is very serious about its ingredients. Most of the back label states everything it doesn’t have in it (gluten, soy, etc).

        • Kellye

          Hello, Nancy :).. I was wondering what results you’re getting with the Good N’ Natural AC? That is the brand that my Dad came home with & I’m not sure about it.. can you tell me how it is working for you? Thank you so much! :)

  12. Yamizuma

    Tried this today and as scary as it was to have a zombie-like pile of black goo in my mouth, it did work nicely. I think I’ll make this a weekly thing. My tounge is still a bit black, but that is probably doing my mouth a world of good.

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  14. alex

    Coconut oil does wonders and tastes a lot better than charcoal, I’m pretty sure – lol. I swish the coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes every day and have very very white teeth! :)

  15. Bob

    Do you know if the activated charcoal will
    stain white composite fillings?

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  17. nithya

    Very informative.tq

  18. nithya

    Very informative.tq
    Im going to try this.

  19. amanda

    I’m curious about the activated charcoal.
    NEVER MIX Hydrogen Peroxide with Baking Soda and scrub your teeth! I went to another natural website, took the wrong advice and mixed the Baking Soda and Peroxide. I scrubbed three times a week, and after awhile my teeth hurt and looked ‘more stained’ than before!
    I immediately looked up professional websites, and read about Tooth Enamel Damage. When Enamel (the important protective layer) is weak, Dentin -the yellowish softish second layer of tooth- will show through more as tooth enamel becomes more transparent and damaged.
    Although I like most of your advice and the activated charcoal worked on you, it may be too strong with anyone with weakened tooth enamel. Ask a dentist beforehand.

    • Marjie

      I would not ask ANY dentist ANYTHING !
      They are still pushing FLOURIDE for crying out loud!
      A known neuro-toxin!
      Please do your homework!
      I have been doing the oil pulling, with remarkable results.
      I do the activated charcoal once a week.
      When people ask, I tell them, most are put off by the time involved.
      We are such a micro-wave society!
      Thanks for this wonderful site and kudos to all the fantastic advice!

      • rob

        Somewhat agree. I would ask a very good dentist questions, but you are basically right in that there are few good ones out there (at least in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area). I can go on here for hours about the questionable ethics of several dentists, and a few in particular “practicing” in BH, but what would it accomplice? Bottom line: you have to also be your own doctor and dentist – by that, I mean you have to research, know your body, and know when you really do need a very good doctor….

        • rob

          accomplish (sorry). btw: after a lot of research and tons of meeting/talking with various doctors/dentist, I have found a few very good/excellent ones in the West Los Angeles area (also in Silicon Valley). I can recommend (not on this thread) if anyone is interested…

      • Jan

        Are you serious? really? How long have you studied dentistry (like really studied it- not just relied on the internet) to know that dentists are unreliable? Dentists study for many years to begin practicing in their profession. Personally, I would trust a dentist a lot more over what someone has “heard” or “read on the internet”.
        Dentists are not dumb. It takes a lot of smarts, hard work and dedication to become one.
        They must have a reason for still using fluoride, despite knowing the downfalls of it.
        By the way, there is fluoride in most drinking water.
        Sorry, but you don’t know everything. Neither do I.

        • Marjie

          I never stated that dentists were dumb, all I am stating is that they are still taught archaic methods that still include using FLOURIDE! Yes, I am aware that there is FLOURIDE in my drinking water, when we found out about it in 2003, we had our whole house done with a filtration system as well as a triple filter system for the drinking, and washing water.
          You must do your homework when it comes to dentists and doctors of all kinds. I am still getting the mercury out of my teeth put there by the really ‘smart dentists’.
          Go to the site, and learn about alternative methods. There is absolutely NO reason, whatsoever, to have FLOURIDE anywhere near you!
          There are natural methods out there, but the Dental Associations as well as your Medical (AMA)’s cannot, will not tell you about them, because there is no money in it. It is that simple.
          Good place to start, is to read Kevin Trudeau’s ‘Natural Cures’ What They Don’t Want You To Know’.
          After I read that, had my eyes opened about a lot of things.
          Good luck with your journey, I wish you well.
          You may want to check out the ‘’ movie, that should really blow your mind.
          Never said I knew everything, I am a research hound, not just the Internet.

  20. cierra

    Will this help with enamel stains also? The dentist said the only way to get white teeth since i have enamel stains is to get veneers and i dont want that.. so will charcoal help with making my enamel stains go away?

  21. Gina C.

    Thought I’d give it a try.. because I just bought some activated charcoal packets for my fish filter… Ground ‘em up real fine and followed your directions.. AND..
    YEP! Noticeably whiter and smoother too! I’m a chronic coffee drinker & regular smoker, which naturally stains teeth- VERY happy with the results :)

  22. citygal

    Hi, I have a metal dental bridge attached behind my 6 front natural teeth with glue. Will the activated charcoal dissolve the bridge or the glue?

  23. Dana

    Our teeth are the same color as our bones, and the “whiteness” of our bones differs. Hence, our teeth are varying shades of white. As far as I’ve been able to find reading stuff, no whitening agent will safely get your teeth whiter than their naturally occurring color. Appreciate your smile and clean healthy teeth the way they naturally are and ignore the “arctic white” photo-shopped smiles you see in advertising!

  24. Mo is for Momma!

    They use activated charcoal in some gripe waters for babies too, because of it being porous it helps eliminate excess gas that makes babies fussy..Its amazing stuff!!!

  25. I’ve tried baking soda before which worked quite well but never charcoal. Now I’m really curious to find out how well it works and compare the results with what I got using baking soda.

  26. amanda

    I am trying this! Many of those other toothpastes with silica aren’t good for the enamel, because sand is too scrubby.
    I can’t wait to try the activated charcoal. Thankyou.

  27. Dianne

    Anybody know a website to order the capsules from?

  28. Jes

    Just thought you’d like to know, it is absolutely SAFE to brush with the activated carbon! Carbon on the Mohs Hardness scale is only 0.5, while our tooth enamel is 5! So no worries for your toofys getting scratched!

  29. Sarah

    I read this and I have porcelain crowns that I just paid twenty two thousand dollars for three months ago. My dentist did not tell me that whitening toothpaste and baking soda would take the protective coating off that keeps them from staining. After such a short time, and even though I drank coffee through a straw, they have dulled and stained already! I was about to spend more money for him to polish them, and then found this awesome knowledge! It is a lie that porcelain cannot be stained by coffee and it is also a lie that active charcoal cannot whiten crowns. It can! The only active charcoal I have in the house is my Origins mask called clear improvement. It stuck to my teeth well and it tastes like a Popsicle stick. It worked! I have been buying that mask for 21 years and now I not only know how to whiten my teeth, but I am going to save so much $ by putting AC on my face, I am ordering some from amazon! Thank you!

  30. Thanks for sharing. I’ve done this a couple times with good results (having a two+ year old makes my oral hygiene habits rather spotty). I found this post thanks to Rupam Henry who sells a wonderful tooth soap here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I just wrote a post about it on my blog…check it out if you’re looking for the best support for a healthy mouth that money can buy!

  31. Pamela

    Wow, I am going to try this… makes sense. The idea of hydrogen peroxide sounds scary to me. I will also post this on my Facebook page. Huge thanks. I want to buy some activated charcoal by the bag, because activated charcoal also adsorbs radiation. Many Thanks and Many Blessings :)

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  33. Leah

    Hi, after using the ‘activated charcoal tooth whitening slurry’ method, should you brush with toothpaste as well or will that lessen the effectiveness of the charcoal?

  34. Oliver

    A good reason why some folks are not getting the results they seek is due to what they are eating and drinking. Smoking a pack a day would also assist in yellow teeth.

  35. Nylah

    I’m going to buy the AC already in powder form, is that okay?

  36. mikeyOoo

    Wow thats pretty awesome. Im gonna give it a try asap…btw both of your pictures looked gorgeous ;)

  37. K

    You mention that you don’t usually smile in pictures, but I think you have a very beautiful smile and great teeth so you should definitely smile as much as possible!

  38. chigozie

    how can i get activated charcoal

  39. Anna

    Hey Crunchy Friends! I am definitely interested in trying the activated charcoal. I found the capsules on but you can also get 180 capsules for just under 6 bucks at a site call Just thought the other experimenters in natural beauty/health would want to know! I am so impatient to try I am tempted to buy them from my local drug store…but they are so much more! Happy hunting y’all!

  40. Melissa

    So, my thoughts on this are:

    People who claim that this method didn’t work for you – you probably need a cleaning and scaling by a your dental hygienist to remove DEPOSITS. These are hard plaque calcification deposits on your teeth.

    People it works for probably enjoy tannins – aka tea, wine, coffee etc. These are surface stains.

    This method likely won’t work if what you really need is a cleaning to get rid of those hard bumpy deposits.

    This is just a hypothesis to explain why this method seems to work for some (me) and not others. I did it right after I had a scaling done. I still saw stains, and they wanted to bleach (erm… no).

    • Melissa

      I meant that I still saw stains after they did a scaling – not that I still saw stains after the AC method. It helped my teeth very much, no bleach (ick) necessary! I doubt it would have helped so much with the hardened calcification on my teeth though.

  41. Mary Redeker

    Can’t wait to try this. My husband and I used a mixture of basil oil, lavender oil, and activated charcoal to treat a brown recluse spider bite he had. It was completely healed within a week and prevented the skin around the bite from rotting.


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