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  1. Oh my gosh, this morning feels so like Fall here (well, I guess it is September now) and I was thinking that I need to start preparing for the holidays too! I’ll admit, my favorite holiday is Halloween…just because of the decorating – I love the colors, the scents, everything. (I think I get this from my dad, so I blame it on genetics – but I digress)

    I try to make my Christmas gifts every year, but then I pick a project that’s too elaborate and I end up giving up and panic shopping when the day gets close. This idea is fabulous! I’m starting early and making these – thanks so much for the idea and the recipes!

  2. Haouidu

    You mention that this is inexpensive, but those essential oils can be quite costly.

    • Madeleine

      yes, but since you can use them in many of the projects listed here, they are worth it. :)


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