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  1. KIM

    THE HONEY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lacy Houx

    I like the sugar and shortbread option!

  3. The lavender shortbread cookies sound just amazing! I really want to try that sometime.

    But I also have an idea myself.
    When my grandmother’s garden is all covered by lavender, we usually pick them and make tons of lavender oils. That would be a pretty neat thing to swap too, I think. Just put the desired amount in a container, pour some sweet almond oil over, let it rest for a week or so. And there you have it! I bet it would be great for all sort of things!

  4. LisaLise

    The honey sounds absolutely divine. Too too inspiring you are Leslie (she said with a yoda-like voice).  I am off to make my own lavender honey RIGHT NOW!!
    Hugs from DK 
    (And for the non-abbreviation-appreciative, that’s short for Denmark)

  5. KellyCus

    They all sound heavenly. (Let’s hope this is the most difficult decision I have to make today.) I’m really torn between the shortbread/sugar cookies (just looking at that jar of lavender sugar made me want to lick my computer screen) and the scrumptious honey. Hmm… I guess at a swap I’d go for the honey, since it would potentially last longer. I doubt the cookies would even make it home. Thanks for all the ideas, and have fun!

  6. Steph

    I like the honey and the air freshener. They both sound amazing!! I have to make that air freshener!!

  7. Lissa

    Mmm, lavender shortbread cookies. All of the options sound fabulous, but that’s the one that I think a swapper wouldn’t have heard of before.

  8. Pixie Applecandy

    Sometimes I wonder if you’re psychic, Leslie! Like just the other day, my mum walked in with a bowl of lavender from the garden and was like ‘You could make sachets with it, you like doing that sort of thing, don’t you?’. I’m not big on the idea of making my own lavender sachets because it sounds like the sort of activity that involves organisation and more than two supplies. Lavender honey sounds perfect! I’ve become bored with a plain honey wash. Changing it up a bit will make morning cleansing more exciting.

  9. My vote would be for the cookies….sounds delicious! :)

  10. Nicole

    I think the honey would be amazing. I was also torn between the cookies and the honey, but if i were at a swap I would probably go for the honey because I can never resist it! 

  11. I’m with everyone else, it’s a tough decision as all of these gifts sound amazing (thank you for all the ideas – pinned this to my gift ideas board!)!!! But I’d say the honey, it’s something I would automatically go for! Hope the swap goes well :)

  12. Gelato

    Immediately I would go to the Natural Lavender Air Freshner. Stephanie is such a dear and Leslie you are too for sharing. Have great fun at the Pike’s Peak Community Swap on Sunday. It sounds like a blast!

  13. mamie

    they all sound awesome! i’m so glad you are doing lavendery things because i also have a surplus of this most wonderful herb! I was most interested in the face mask because it’s something that seems a little more unusual than the others but the air freshener idea is rockin’ too! i would say…go with the air freshener. so cool.

  14. Iris Thulin

    I vote for the face wash!

  15. Stacyjomcdermott

    All of it sounds wonderful! If I had to pick 2 items, it would be the cookies and face wash.

  16. Before you even started listing what you might make, I thought, “Ooooooooh, lavender shortbread cookies!” And then, when I read your first option, I thought, “Yaaaaaay, lavender shortbread cookies!”

    Those are so incredibly delish. I maybe heart them even more than dark chocolate. Maybe.

    But. That lavender-rosemary infused honey? Oh. My. That sounds CRAMAZING. I would definitely swap you something for that (if I had anything to swap; I’m new to being crunchy!). I’ve never washed my face with honey before (have I mentioned I’m new?), so I’d love to try that!

    The honey definitely gets my vote. : )

  17. Kathy L.

    Lavender Floral Facial Mask!!!

  18. mintlaka

    One of everything.  Oh, wait, that’s what I want to win!  Okay, so for the swap, I think you should make the honey.  That sounds amazing and very versatile.  And I want some.  ;-)

  19. leigha

    oh dear,

    can i first just say i am super new to this (just got my first order in from mountain rose herbs last night!) and you are changing my life on a daily basis.
    my vote goes to the honey, honey! and thanks for all the amazing blogs and ideas! 

  20. Sarah Bustamante

    I’m kinda digging the idea of a lavender sugar – sugar scrub but my vote goes for the face mask!

  21. Megan

    The shortbread cookies or the infused honey would be my picks

  22. Diane6652

    Shortbread Lavender Cookies with Lavender Sugar – Yes, Oh Crunchy Goddess, There Is A God and he wants me to eat these cookies :o) yum  This will be my addition to our Office Thanksgiving Party and a BIG thank you from PA

  23. Zaynab

    I would love the facial mask and/or the infused honey. Or you could make something like lavender soap, which I think would be awesome!

  24. Heather

    Okay, that’s it – I need to try and grow lavender.  I want to try all of these.  However the one I would try first and most want would be the facial mask.

  25. Mbrewer2004

    Honey. It sounds the best and has so many uses. For your swap it would probably be the easiest thing to trade.

  26. Maggie

    The cookies. Dear heavens. the cookies!!! Those sound amazing!
    (Probably because I’m hungry. lol)

    The honey is a close second. :)

  27. I adore the lavendar face mask! It would last forever!!!

  28. Idgiescottage

    Oh My Crunchy Betty –
    Normally, I would not choose the cookies – Honestly, I wouldn’t, but the sound of these, the mere throught of these has me all a titter.  Add the Lavender Sugar and I am literally beside myself with curiosity.
    Hugs From Laurie AKA Idgie

  29. yummy, this makes me want to run home and make some lavender shortbread cookies.  That and the honey are my favorites (it’s not my stomach talking, i swear!)

  30. Melissa

    I vote for the infused honey! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE honey! And honey infused with lavender is divine!

  31. Julia

    I love the cookies and sugar idea!

  32. Monica

    Lavender Facial Mask FTW

  33. Reebs

    If anyone is going to GIVE me cookies in trade, then why look a gift horse in the mouth? Cookies all the way!

  34. Eileen H.

    I got to lavender shortbread cookies, and my brain sort of stopped there. I forced myself to skim the rest of the article, but you had me at shortbread.

  35. stravs

    loving the face mask, especially since i’m guessing i’m not the only one who doesn’t keep organic dry powdered milk in the house. that would be a special treat were i the swappin’ kind.

    p.s. lavender sugar, where have you been all my life?

  36. My oh my! Thank you Leslie for all these amazing ideas… now I know what to do with the rest of that lavender! Hee hee! The face scrub sounds divine.

    PS… add some dried orange peel to the lavender sugar. It’s out of this world.

  37. I like all of the options, and I’m guessing that if you smooshed them all together in one big Gift Basket of Lavender Love, people would be pushing each other over just to swap with you. BUT. You don’t seem the type to want to start a riot, so I will say that the cookies and sugar would probably garner the most interest from other swappers. (People always wants edible treats. Like, 100% of the time).

    The infused honey face wash would rock my personal world.

  38. Carmen Gayle

    I love love love all the ideas.  Where can I get some awesome lavender?  My favorite is the air freshener because I really love the smell of lavender.

  39. I vote for the lavender-rosemary infused honey.  I’ve been washing my face with honey since you wrote about it AND I will be at the swap on Sunday.  Just in case this information is any incentive …. I’m trading cocoa bombs; which can be eaten plain, turned into amazing cocoa or used as hot fudge.  :-)

  40. Andria

    Honey!!! I always want to make some and never remember. So I would go for honey even though I could do it myself  :) 

  41. I too say the lavender honey face wash!

  42. Heather James

    I live in CA, too, in Silicon Valley.  The climate is such that they use lavender and rosemary for shrubbery here.  Yes, shrubberies a la Monty Python.  They grow that easily and that big.  Our house has two big rosemary bushes in the front yard.  Yes, bushes.  A large, unkempt, effectively unlimited supply of rosemary to delight our noses and our tastebuds.  I’m from the Midwest, & we’ve only been here a few years, so it still amazes me some to see rosemary and lavender used in landscape plantings outside of office buildings and such.

  43. Brookej01

    I vote for the lavender and rosemary infused honey. I have just started cleansing with honey because my skin has been a mess recently, and I loved all the rave reviews you had.

  44. i can never resist lavender-flavored foods, so of course the cookies or sugar! i’m excited to see how easy it is to make lavender sugar, i’ll have to try it.

    here’s a recipe for lavender sorbet that i’ve been meaning to try: http://www.mountainvalleygrowers.com/lavangustifoilia.htm#LavenderSorbet

    and finally, i love lavender earl grey tea. i’m not sure if they just throw some dried lavender in with the tea, but it smells and tastes amazing.

  45. KarinSDCA

    They ALL sound awesome!!!! Any one of them would be an awesome swap item, Leslie!

    I personally don’t care for the taste of lavender that much. I adore dark chocolate, but gave my lavender-infused dark chocolate to a friend. Eh. Lavender infused toothpaste. Same, except I gave that to my daughter because SHE thought it rocked the world! (I’ll be making all those with rose petals!!!!)

    I do, however, love the smell of fresh or dried lavender, so I’d be inclined to swap for the face scrub first and the air freshener second. LOVELY!!!!

    P.S. My water kefir grains I won have grown enough to share. I invited a friend over this morning and we had fresh scones and tea before I taught her all about water kefir and sent her home with 1/4 cup.  We had a fabulous morning and she is so excited! In fact, she just texted me saying she is making her first batch on her own right now. (I had her make my second batch at my house for me as practice.)

    P.P.S. I have another 1/4 cup of live kefir grains I can share with someone locally (San Diego), which yields one quart of water kefir daily. Thank you so much, Leslie!!!!!

    • Karin, I’m jealous of your happy kefir grains! Mine SEEM happy but have not grown or multiplied at all yet. Would you share your process? Or have you posted it already somewhere?

      • KarinSDCA

        I’ll post in the community, Stephanie.

        • KarinSDCA

           Well, I’ve been trying to sign in on the community for 10+ minutes and it’s just not happening.

          The turning point for me was when I started adding molasses to each batch for the first fermentation. I am using 1/4 cup organic sugar (least processed I can find locally) and 1 teaspoon molasses and 1 quart (4 cups) water. I use a mix of tap water and reverse osmosis water, stirring like crazy to dissipate any chlorine in the tap water (before adding the kefir grains).

  46. Helen D

    My vote is for the cookies with the sugar or the air freshener! Though all of the options sound amazing! I have so many ideas now for holiday presents- thank you!

  47. Purplecatsbooks

    Well, its really hard to decide under pressure like this, but…I have to vote for the honey face wash. It looks  inviting : )

  48. Anonymous

    I think the cookies might be the most successful swapping item. But the honey face wash would be so good at getting the word out! I still have half a jar of last summer’s lavender. Now to decide which recipe to make…

  49. Julie Godshall

    I like all the ideas and can’t pick just one…but it seems like the cookies and/or little sachets would be a cute accompaniment to whatever you make, rather than being the star. You could bake some cookies and pack up 2 or 3 together on each item, or tie a sachet to the item. You could use some cute twine or ribbon. Fun!

  50. Gala

    You should choose the lavender-rosemary infused honey. You should make lavender infused oil by putting equal parts of dried lavender buds and a carrier oil.

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