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  1. Noaa

    Natural Lavender Air Freshener

  2. kiki

    I love the lavender short bread cookies.

    2nd runner up would be the face mask.

    Some great ideas here!

  3. I made lavender bath salts (super duper easy) with the lavender I harvested this year….and lavender goat milk soap.  The soap didn’t turn out, but I hesitate to toss it since it smells heavenly, even though it’s taking up room and I keep yelling at the kids not to touch it, lol.  For a swap, I’d prefer the honey or the sugar…..but I’m sweet like that!  (HA!)

  4. Anonymous

    I say you go for the lavendar honey.  That just sounds divine!  Has anyone ever made lavendar chocolate?  A friend brought some back from a trip overseas and it was fabulous!  I’ve never been able to find it though.  I would love to get my hands on some one of these days! 

  5. Sandi Queen

    I would swap just about anything I made for that lavender rosemary infused honey to wash my face with!
    That’s my vote!

  6. Candice

    I love both the cookie/sugar idea and the infused honey idea. They both sound divine!!!

    P.S. My current favorite “treat” use of lavender: top vanilla ice cream with it. Add honey. Yum!!! (or, if you have more time, just make lavender ice cream).

    Best of luck!

  7. CaryBear

    Infused honey! I’m new to the honey washing, and was surprised at how luxurious it was. An infused honey can only make it better.

  8. Stephanie IS the best! :) I vote for the lavender floral facial mask…but they all look great. I made lavender sugar cookies this summer and they were delish! And I have some lavender infused honey in the works right now…wish I would have thought to add rosemary. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

  9. Melissa Vliem

    Ooooo! They all sound so good – it’s hard to choose! I think I’d go with the lavendar floral facial mask, though. That one really caught my attention!

    I’m totally going to have to try that lavendar air freshener, though! I need one for the kitty litter smell in our bathroom, and one for the diaper pail smell in the baby’s room :) Maybe I have enough lavendar left out in the garden…..

  10. Just wondering…is there an expiry date on this mix with lavender and rosemary?

  11. Theresa

    Soooo very much the honey!

  12. noble_willis

    I vote for the lavender facial mask and thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

  13. Oooo, they all just sound fantastic but I’m voting for the honey. It sounds divine.

  14. I’m sorry… I stopped reading after I got to the honey – it sounds AMAZING!!!  Must go find some lavender plants somewhere…

  15. Lavender Facial Mask! As an oily-skinned gal, I LOVES me a good mask =)

  16. Maddy Rupert

    If I were on the receiving end of a swap, I’d be most looking forward to the honey. But that’s just me. I’m a honey maniac. A honey fiend. A honey nazi. I’m pretty sure people can tell just by looking at me.

  17. Lavender is my all time faaaavorite of all floral flavors.  Mmm!

  18. Minipink212

    My mom loves to make some “herbs provincial” which is in essence a french herb mix with -gasp- lavender that you can use to cook with just about anything. It basically has 4 Tbsp dried thyme 3 Tbsp dried marjoram 3 Tbsp dried summer savory 2 Tbsp dried rosemary 1 Tbsp dried tarragon 1 Tbsp dried basil 1 Tbsp dried fennel seeds 1 tsp dried chervil 1 tsp dried mint 1 tsp dried lavender flowers all mixed together. And you can literally put it on anything! (except dessert of course)

  19. Chantal

    I  make sachets with my lavender and use them in my clothes dryer! Needless to say, my clothes, and especially my linen and towels smell heavenly…! AND you can re-use the sachets until they stop smelling…and I can’t count how many times I have used each sachet before finally tossing the lavender from the old sachet on the carpet just before I vacuum and it STILL makes my house smell wonderful…

  20. Someone

    I totally want to try making that facial mask! but where in the world can i buy dried lavender?

  21. The Lavender – Rosemary infused Honey sounds Heavenly! I love a cup of hot tea anytime of day and I know that honey is wonderful for your skin, very moisturizing and antibacterial properties!

  22. Bonny

    I love the shortbread and the air freshner since smell and taste are so linked

  23. The lavender-rosemary honey face wash sounds yummy! Or the lavender floral facial mask, hmmm, decisions!

  24. Miss Emma's Lavender

    I have all this lavender that I harvested out of my garden, sitting in large jars. So, I will put some of this to use making these sachets. Thank you

  25. Gia

    my favorite place to get lavender is Hood River Lavender in Hood River, Oregon. Their website is loaded with recipes too…yummiest stuff ever!

  26. Linda

    do the sugar and the cookies -that would be the best one –although everyone loves a lavender bath bomb or satchet, honey infused would be delightful to

  27. SquishyPanda9

    You know, breast milk would make a fantastic substitute for the organic milk in the face mask! I know people are weird about breast milk, but it is packed with tons of vitamins and it is a well known fact it is great for skin (it’s the #1 recommended thing by lactation consultants to use for chapped, sore nipples when breast feeding). I have some extra frozen breast milk in my freezer that is going to go bad if I don’t use it, think I will give the face mask a try with it! :D

  28. Em

    Wow, I really love the ideas! Especially… no, all of them! I currently live as an au-pair in a really huge house and the lady who owns it has a garden full of lavender! I guess I’ll start to reduce that amount quite quickly… :D I just never know – for the sachets and cooking and everything, do you use only the purple bits from the top of the plant or all the stem and leaves? I’ll need to dig more into the articles…

  29. Diana

    I am opting for the lavendar honey face wash!! I use raw honey to wash my face as well as make a mask and absolutely love it! The lavendar would make it extra special.

  30. Dawn marie

    Anything with lavender is a great gift because it smells sooo good!! I am trying the lavender shortbread cookies later this week. I have wheat flour on hand but want to make it with white flour. (even though I know the wheat is better for you ) Also you could make lavender heating pads. I am new to following the posts and love them!

  31. patty kicza

    I think you should make lavender/ raspberry jam… it is so easy….and DELICIOUS… TRY IT, YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!!

  32. Wendy

    Hello, I stumbled upon you–well, your writings anyway–when looking for natural cat litter tips and tricks. You are hilarious, well-versed, and, my favorite (so far) well punctuated! (I am an Editor.) :) I have never written to tell anyone about their site before. Not that you need the kudos, as you seem wildly popular, but well done. I love the oil on the bottom of the box; I am trying it today.


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