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  1. I had to give up Grape Nuts.

    Yep. Grate nuts. Not cause they made my face puffy, they made my entire middle puffy. And uncomfortable.

    But I do notice that if I’m being very very good about my diet, I will notice when I eat ANYTHING high sodium – canned soup, ramen, rice with soy sauce.

    Heh heh…Bacon with cucumber. I couldn’t get Nimbus to do that.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Bacon with cucumber cracked me up. And then I begged fiance to make me some bacon. He did not. Because he was leaving for work.

      The cat was actually named Bacon a few weeks ago by my neighbor’s boyfriend’s 3-year-old daughter. Nobody knows why. Before that, he was Mishy-Mish, named by 3-year-old nephew. Oh, and somewhere in there he was also named Dirt. By me. Because I’m kind of like a 3-year-old.

      I’m sorry to hear about the grape nuts. Have you ever tried Bragg’s liquid aminos? Robin just reminded me of them, and they taste a lot like soy sauce, but without the horrible sodium content (plus, they’re good for you).

  2. I hate my puffy eyes! :(

  3. Would these de-puffyfiying masks work if say, someone was up half the night crying, say. If there was a major meltdown and tears were required, would these masks help then?

    • Crunchy Betty


      For that, I recommend the red wine mask. By mask, I mean put it in your mouth.

      And then you can depuff from that with one of these ideas. After drinking water.

  4. I’ve recently been drinking at least a gallon of water a day and I’ve noticed my face is less puffy! I love the coffee mask thingy though….will try that! Also I wanted to say, yes, you are right, those ramen noodles are not the greatest things for you! Have you ever tried shirataki noodles? They’re carb and calorie free and when you cook them down, look a little bit like ramen noodles! Also, they take on the flavor of anything you season them with. I love adding Bragg’s aminos to them. If you want to know more about them, visit http://eshiratakinoodles.com

    These are my new favorite food!!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Those noodles look fascinating. So they’re kinda like tofu? (At least in terms of not having taste, and taking on whatever you flavor it with.) Do they sell them in, like, Whole Foods? I MUST try some soon!

      Also, you just reminded me that I have a bottle of aminos hidden in the back of my cabinet that I forgot ALL about. Time to pull them out and give them another whirl.

  5. Would any of this work on my puffy belly?

    • Crunchy Betty

      Ha. I wish. Actually, the water could work. AND, coffee actually really, really works on cellulite – so I bet a billion dollars it would work a little on the stomach area.

      Hm. I am going to have to try that. Often. Putting coffee on my stomach sounds like WAY more fun than doing sit-ups.

  6. As always, great ideas! But reading your posts make me all sorts of hungry, especially when coffee, honey, or chocolate are involved. I do quite often suffer from Puffy Face, so now I know what to try!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Ha. I totally know what you mean. Every time I make that mask, I’m so tempted to put cocoa powder in my coffee. There’s no reason you couldn’t, right? I mean, it’s like making a mocha, only not with espresso. Crud. Now I have to make another pot of coffee and try it.

      Anyway, YES! Try the mask. And let me know what you think!

  7. Alex

    I used the egg white mask then the coffee mask and it actually helped. Nothing ever helps!Thank you so much for the advice

    • Crunchy Betty

      Yay! I love to hear stuff like this! Isn’t the coffee divine? I have such a hard time throwing out my used grounds now without putting it on my face (but I try to limit it to twice a week).

      Glad it worked for you!

  8. jayna

    i realy hate the way my face gets puffy.. and i knw the cause( sleeping late) but nothing works..it takes the mick especialy when your bf stays over and witnesses my horrible face :(.. i realy need somefin to work.. sure will be tryin the coffee mask fing :)

  9. Sarahguest6

    This is really funny because I just googled this out of the blue because i never seen my face so bloated as it was this morning. This is the first site I looked at and funny enough, I had ramen noudels last night..>!

  10. Amy B.

    I just got back from washing coffee grinds off my face and I wanted to say THANK YOU. After a night of extreme overeating my face was a horrifying sight this morning. I’ve heard that preparation H works well so I started with that. Then, per your suggestion, I put my coffee grinds all over my face and rested for a few minutes. I then washed them off, and exfoliated my face and WOW. My face looks completely normal! so THANK YOU : )  It’s hard to feel confident or get going in the morning when you don’t look and feel your best so thank you for helping me start my day off right!!

  11. Auroralebeouf

    Drinking coffee makes me puffy. However…putting it on your face as a mask is pretty awesome.

  12. Sweetsmagee

    i do a very similair thing with ramen except i shred cabbage and carrots. I use almost as much thinly sliced cabbage as noodles.Maked me feel not as guilty!

  13. orange juice bloats my face up

  14. Meg

    Just tried the coffee mask and I still cannot believe how well it worked! I really needed it this morning and I am so impressed with it. This will be my go-to remedy for a puffy face now that I know how well it works! Thank you so much!

  15. Chrisitan

    Hi Betty! For some reason my face has been looking andar feeling puffy andar ir really irritates me! Ir has never happened before. I hace yo say that i do exercise.a lot. I tried the drink more water approach but it doesn’t seem to do anything I conatatntyl go to the restroom and pee but my face looks the same. Please help! P.s does any kind of coffee work for the mask? Thanks!

  16. JustJed

    Hello Betty! Would using leftover coffee grind from the morning’s pot of coffee work? Or does it need to be fresh grounds?

  17. Jules McBride

    the best way to enjoy Ramen noodles and make them gourmet is to not use the salt/seasoning packet in there…that’s a heart attack waiting to happen or at least use a quarter of it cuz Lord you know’s you dont need all that damn salt. a quick way to make soup with it is if you add some coconut, curry and some chicken you can make a really nice healthy thai soup…Just a thought. Egg white and lemon I would always use right before a photo shoot! Works everytime. Drinking coffee and then hitting the treadmil helps too first thing in the morning. Coffee is a diuretic just like tea you will pee like a racehorse and get rid of any excess water and after your work out you would’ve sweat out any salt and excess from the night before…After your work out drink a nice tall glass of water to replenish your water and you will see how fresh will be afterwards…,mark my words…works everytime.

  18. Thank you sooo much! I’ve been looking for remedies to de-bloat my face. I’m naturally thin, but in pictures of my shoulders and above, I always look very heavy set! And its my face giving the illusion that i’m overweight when in fact, I’m thin! I”m going to try the caffeine tonight and I’m already massaging my face lol

    I just favorited this page!

  19. kristi

    I loved the coffee mask! I woke up after getting a good night’s sleep looking puffy. I searched the internet and found your page. The mask made my day a lot better.


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