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  1. 1. I just recently found this article on how to make your own shaving cream. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds pretty simple and effective. It won’t even seem different than store bought shaving cream. You can find it here… http://planetgreen.discovery.com/fashion-beauty/homemade-shaving-cream.html

    2. I am so lucky that my husband has been totally supportive and into all my crunchy endeavors. I asked him what he thought would work for other guys, and he said not go about it in a “This is better, so you should do it,” approach. Find out why he is resistant, and try to work with him at that level. Help him come to the conclusion that it is better on his own.

    3. I would have to say this seems similar. It sounds like perhaps he is resisting just to have the power over his own decisions. He has got to feel and believe the reason behind the green, frugal choices himself before he will want to embrace them. You’ll just have to gently, subtly help him along.

    I hope that helps, and my husband says, “Good luck!”

  2. Betty

    1. I know its not quite what your looking for but my husband really likes using the soaps from the beer soap company, and he also really liked this one http://www.etsy.com/listing/72809230/4-oz-100-natural-shaving-cream-w-emu?ref=sr_gallery_9&ga_search_submit=&ga_search_query=shaving+cream&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade

    2 & 3 I would agree with Grace and say that it has more to do with the man in your life feeling like your pushing your opinions on him then anything else, trying talking to him about why its important to you, and asking why he doesn’t want to do it ( in a non confrontational way). In the end if he really doesn’t want to make these changes remember that he does have the right to chose to live in a unhealthy way, and after that you just have to let it go.

  3. Hmm shaving cream. I’ve worked on shaving creams for men and have had mixed feedback. We are all creatures of habit, and if something feels a bit different or requires extra effort or different method of use, then it is a struggle to get anyone to change. This is a tough one!

    Getting a husband to switch to face oil. My method: first time, YOU apply it, and make it fun and a little sexy while explaining the benefits of using oils. Also be SURE it is a dry, quick-absorbing oil (hempseed for example) and that you don’t apply too much – guys absolutely HATE feeling greased up.

    Number 3 is an ongoing process that has to be taken in small steps and with a whole lotta love and respect thrown in. :)

  4. PS: Totally forgot: GREAT pic of your manly man!

  5. kylieonwheels

    So funny! :D I am VERY familiar with this particular resistance, ahhh this cracks me up hehe.

    My big mistake was giving boyfriendonwheels some expensive shaving oil for a gift – which happened to smell kinda gross. Do you guys have L’Occitane over there? The oil stinks…avoid it if you want to crunchify your man! So now he seems to equate all possible alternatives to that stinky oil. I thought it would be a step in the right direction…first to the oil, then to the natural oil, etc etc. Fail!

    I’ve tried shaving my legs with jojoba oil and I found it just clumped up the razor, even with the hottest of hot water. Any suggestions there? I figured until I could find a solution that worked on legs, I wasn’t going to try with face. (err, his face, I mean).

    Q2,3 – all you can do is demonstrate it yourself, and eventually it will catch on. That’s the thing with these green choices – they generally involve a little effort, and society generally is happy to pay for a little effort (in both dollar and destruction terms). I had another classic fail this week. Finally convinced my boy to ride his bike to work, and he’s been doing it once or twice a week and loving it. So today when it p*ssed down raining, I called him and asked if he’d come pick me up, and he didn’t have his car because he rode! What have I done?! :P

  6. Most guys seem to think in terms of numbers – as in moolah. If you can show them how much $$ they’re going to save, it seems to go a long way. My man has been a real trooper in this greener journey. When I started making our own soap I found that I liked to shave with it much better than I did a shave cream. I mentioned it to my husband, who tried it for himself and finally had to throw away the can of Barbasol because he never went back to it. The natural soap is not only a little foamy, but it’s also protective. Maybe that would be a solution.

    • Beignet05

      THIS THIS THIS!!!! OMG! My husband was almost *embarrassed* when I started going crunchy. Made fun of me even (to my mom only, was humorous as she used to be more hippie-like in her younger days). Then I started explaining the cost things store bought and homemade. I used the example of store bought detergent versus homemade. And I pleaded “math stupid” to get him to help when making the first batch (I wanted to try a half batch). It worked! The next week he BRAGGED about the changes “we” were making at a party. A PARTY!! And the next weekend he did it again when hanging out with friends. Personal care is a hard sell but I’ve got him hooked on the savings for all the other things.

  7. Pixie

    Oh my! Not going to lie, picture of the manly man was delightful. (Look dude, after a stressed out day, looking at a photo of a good looking person is welcome respite. Obviously I would only admit that after lots of stress and little sleep. But anyhoo!)

    I’m not married and never have been HOWEVER I do feel that switching to greener alternatives is done because of logical, factual reasons as opposed to emotional ones. So its better to base your arguements around say the destructive consequences of landfill (even with the plastic/ tin containers that are used for shaving cream) as opposed to talking about how fun and fufilling it feels to use skincare products created by oneself. Especially as store brought items are more convenient and sometimes cheaper. Honestly, I started honey as a cleasner because I ran out of store brought cleasner, was too broke to replace it, CB had post about honey and it was in pantry.

    I also think that’s great that you are willing to make the shaving cream because greener choices are more likely to last if it fits within a person’s ideals or it’s easy for them.

    So, anyway good luck, sorry if I rambled! But there’s info on the net about the negative conquences of using dispoable containers or the possible dangerous effects of common ingredients in skincare items and maybe using it to explain why you want to be green could work?


  8. We’ve had good luck with shaving soaps and the mug and brush method…you can use any foamy soap, really, and cut it if it’s the wrong size for your mug. A “your grandfather probably used this” approach sparks curiosity sometimes. I think communicating that you aren’t trying to be weird or arbitrary is helpful…this is just an area you care about…maybe after you’ve accepted some manly advice from him regarding something he cares about?? If guys (or any people) feel like their thoughts are valued they are more likely to listen to yours.

  9. mamie

    i had been doing no ‘poo for a few weeks and i had mentioned how well his curly hair would do with it and he asked me to wash his hair for him with my ‘method’ out of the blue :P it was really awesome, and his hair DID love it and he still does it. so that was cool. he really likes the smell of vinegar, and its cheaper so there wasn’t much keeping him from it, i guess. he also asked me to make him some new shaving soap, cream, stuff because he knows i like to make stuff but i haven’t done it yet…its been a while since he asked. if this question gets answered that’ll be wonderful and maybe i’ll look like a good girlfriend again :P he uses the solid kind that you lather up with a little brush.

    i bet that would be easier to make than a foam? maybe?

  10. mamie

    oh shoot, i forgot! i shaved my legs with olive oil a couple days ago for the first time and i must admit it was pretty friggin great. no shower, no water, and my legs were really moisturized. my bf shaved with my jojoba oil when we were on vacation and he had no complaints, i think he actually liked it. ok, i think he partly liked it because i liked it and i kept touching his face because it was SO SOFT! hehe anywho, i’m done now… :P

  11. Katie

    There are people out there who shave with no shaving cream, just water (and yes, men). They key seems to be doing it right after a shower so that the hair follicles are warm and wet. There’s a post on Three New Leaves about it. I personally am using up the rest of my stash before switching, but worth a shot!

  12. Daisy

    My husband is a creature of habit so there’s the crunchy barrier plus getting him to replace a product he’s used most of his life with something new – double whammy.

    A few years ago, I got him to switch to shampoo bars. He had seen me use one and even used it on my hair but he didn’t actually try one until we were on vacation. He is a lazy packer so he didn’t pack any shampoo, just assuming he could use whatever I brought so imagine his surprise when I told him that I had packed a shampoo bar (hey, it was shortly after 9/11 and I was packing as little liquid as possible to fly). Now he LOVES his shampoo bars. He even has his own different one. He likes it because it lathers up red.

    What I learned from that experience is (1) he will try new things out of desperation and (2) he’s a lot more open if there is some fun aspect he’ll enjoy like colored lather.

    He just had surgery recently and was sporting staples near the underarm area, so the doctor told him he couldn’t wear any anti-perspirant until the staples were removed. He was not very happy about the idea of sweating and stinking in the interim, but I told him to think of it as an experiment so he could compare one armpit still covered with aluminum filled anti-perspirant with the au naturel armpit. After a few days, I asked him if the product free armpit was sweatier, stinkier, or grosser than the other one and he said, “…not really.” HA! Based on that admission, I got him to agree to try using some of the homemade deodorant concoctions I have once he is all healed up.

    I also got him to try the bug repellent I made (catnip oil mixed into a base of witch hazel) when he went fishing. He had already bought two bug sprays (one with DEET and the other with citronella and other essential oils) but once I told him that catnip was shown to be more effective than DEET, he was willing to give it a try. The promise of working better was too tempting for him to resist!

    So in conclusion, what has worked on my husband are desperation, having no other choice, and the tantalizing thought that it could work better than something with chemicals. I don’t necessarily recommend stranding your man in the wilderness without any other alternatives, but it just might work.

    • Karlita

      Your bug repellent sounds really cool. Where do you buy catnip oil or do you make it? Would you mind sharing your recipe by any chance?

      Thank you so much :)

      • Daisy

        I bought catnip oil at a local herb store, along with peppermint, lemon eucalyptus, rose geranium, and citronella, to make anti-mosquito candles while we were on vacation in Tahoe. Everyone kept telling me how bad they were this year so I wanted to be prepared! All of those oils will keep the mosquitoes away, so they worked fine inside the cabin but I abandoned most of them for our outdoor spray because I didn’t want to attract the yellow jackets or bears with any sweet or food-like scents. Neem oil is also very effective but I forgot to buy any until after we got back.

        I had initially planned to be all methodical about making the bug spray but I ended up making it in a hurry because my husband decided to go fishing sooner than I thought he would. I poured about 2 ounces of witch hazel (with alcohol, as the guy at the herb store said that would make a better carrier base than pure witch hazel) into a small sprayer bottle and then added 5-10 drops of catnip oil. My husband was watching me and he said, “MORE,” so I put a few more drops in and then shook the bottle to mix. Despite everyone’s stories about being eaten alive by mosquitoes at Tahoe this summer, he came back with a single bite on his finger the entire week that we were there.

        You have to be very thorough when applying any kind of mosquito spray. There was a study that tested different mosquito repellents and one of the things they learned is that even if you have some kind of repellent on, a mosquito will find the one spot without any and bite you right there.

        The candles worked really well too, by the way. I made one of each oil, one with all five oils, and then a few with just two oils (peppermint catnip was my favorite). FYI – if you use neem in your bug spray, it has a pretty strong odor so make sure you smell it before you dump a bunch in.

        Peppermint is a good all around bug repellent so you can use it to cover up the stronger smelling oils like neem. Rose geranium repels ticks so it’s good to add to the spray if you’re hiking.

        The store where I bought my oils will let you purchase online with a really basic form or you can call them during business hours:

        Mountain Rose Herbs is also having a 20% off sale on the 1/2 ounces size for September so you have a few more days:

        Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

        • Karlita

          Wow thank you so much for that. I love going camping and fishing and don’t want to ever use DEET or any of that other stuff again.

          I will print your comments and start buying and mixing!!!

          I love how nice and helpful everyone is around here. It’s such a great community. Have a great day ;)

  13. I’m all for being frugal and not wasteful, but how do you fit a sandwich into a jar?

    • That was a joke, of course. My father and my brother have always used shaving soap so why not make a shaving BAR that foams and is applied with a brush? Of course I wouldn’t know how to make a bar but I’m sure Leslie would!

      • Crunchy Betty

        Your first comment made me laugh really, really hard.

        AND THEN! (Even with the joking) it reminded me of these:


        I don’t have any reusable sandwich bags (we don’t eat a lot of sandwiches around here), but I was so salivating over all of this woman’s reusable ones yesterday (there are a hundred different designs, even from the ones there).

        I was so close to buying a 2-piece set just to try, but I have no idea if these keep food fresh for very long or not.

        Anyway, now I can’t get the visual of a sandwich in a jar out of my head. It’s hilarious.

  14. My husband uses my homemade soap and a shaving brush. No more irritated skin…nice and smooth…inexpensive…it’s does the job better than anything else and it is simple.

  15. susan

    Butter. Also, use the jeans swipe method to keep blade sharp and rusy free.

  16. Canning funnel ~ Its easier to get stuff into the jars.

  17. I don’t have any good recipes to add, but I do think the best way to convince people to try new things is to be a good example. I also think a nice simple chart showing how much money can be saved by using jars over disposable bags can be persuasive.

    My mom tells a story about my grandfather. He couldn’t stop smoking until my grandmother showed him how much money he wasted on cigarettes over the years. He never bought another cigarette after that and it was the end of his smoking habit.

    You know what they say … money talks.

  18. John

    Things are a bit opposite around my house. I’m the crunchy one that advocates for using less chemical stuff and more natural stuff. I just walked back to the bathroom and counted 15 different bottles of hair / skin care products in the shower/tub!

    Male or female – doesn’t matter – we’re creatures of habit and changing the habit not only takes time and experimentation but also can affect one’s self image and confidence. My wife for instance is the bread winner (I quit my job 8 years back to raise the kids and “make home”) and she’s pretty high up in the food chain at her job – having a bad hair day or a bunch of zits crop up or stinky arm pits can really impact first impressions, an important part of her job. That being said, I found it best to try new things out on long weekends or vacations.

    On to shaving. :) A few years back I started wet shaving with soap and a beautiful 1956 double edge Gillette razor that was handed down from my dad. Quick overview of wet shave is here:


    I use a simple soap and a old soup cup to make my lather with a badger hair shave brush. I use feather brand double edge razor blades – great longevity. There is some upfront costs with wet shaving, but in the long run it’s much cheaper than disposable shaving w/ canned foam.

    THere is also an additional time cost with wet shaving. The time to make the lather, the shaving process is not a single pass ordeal – I have a “Par 3” face, which means I take my time and make 3 passes (lather/shave, lather/shave, lather/shave). Result: No nicks, razor burn, ultra smooth face, and (best of all) quite time by myself treating myself to a good quality shave – it’s like a pedicure for your face! Ummm, Umm good!

  19. Charlotte

    I am always changing things in our house to improve on the way things have always been, and what has worked best for me is letting those that are impacted know that it is because I love them so much. My husband had some pretty awful “heart” results a couple years ago and the doctor wanted to put him on all kinds of medicines. I asked for 3 months to get his blood work in order. I then proceeded to monitor every bite that went into my hubby’s mouth and kick his butt into exercise gear – reiterating frequently that I am pushing all this on him because I want to grow old with him, I didn’t want to be old and rocking alone in my rocking chair on the porch. He complied and in three months his numbers were that of a healthy person. I continue, years later to gently slap his hand at a party from the potato chip bowl with a little wink and the word “porch” and my friends can’t believe he complies but he KNOWS the underlying message. Same went for being crunchier, I mention that it is for our children’s future, for the love we have for the planet and our fellow humans and he just complies (even though he LOVES saran wrap- lol) I think love goes a long way. When I handed my daughter a new batch of deodorant yesterday I wrote in pretty script “…I made this out of love…specially for you…may you live long and joyfully…” I hope she feels the love, she embraces all my crazy stuff so I think she does!

    • Beignet05

      I have also done this. I don’t think I could get away with doing that at a party but I do reiterate that this is all because I want to grow old together and live long, healthy lives. Worked to get soda out of the house :)

  20. Margie


    I’m trying to find a cream for myself, goodbye goopy Venus razor cartridges! This site explains the ingredients in commercial shave cream. Could you whip the sorta pop and add a little more oil and then a preservative EO?

    • Margie

      Oh! And to make it stay giant, could you use cream of tartar or gelatin? Just thinking that if either can keep egg whites or chocolate mousse poofy and light, maybe it would work for this? Now I need to experiment… My housework will have to be put on hold. Again. :-)

  21. Karlita

    I like the idea of shaving with jojoba or some other oil. These days, I just use Kirk’s castille soap.

    If funds aren’t an issue, the Tate’s Miracle Conditioner is great to shave with.

    For me, it’s all about getting systems in place. For example, if every time I want to use vinegar, I have to get out that big gallon container, then I probably won’t use it. But when I put the vinegar in little spray bottles around my home and office, now it’s super convenient and I use it all the time.

  22. M

    To echo Susan above but substitute coconut oil instead of butter!

  23. Maggie

    My husband and I both shave with the sorta poo. We also use it as a bodywash. It lathers up nicely and works really well. I don’t have much advice for getting your man to switch though- it only took one day of cleaning with my homemade cleaners for him to look at me and say “I think I’m crunchy now.” It was the Alvin Corn glass cleaner that did it… that stuff is magic.

    Anyhoo, I was blessed with a crunchy man who has supported my efforts to rid our lives of chemicals from the start. But I do think that monetary savings is a good card to play. ;)

    • I never even thought to use the sorta ‘poo as a body wash… (love shampooing with it though). I’m going to try it. One less bottle in our cramped little shower would be wonderful!

  24. Harriet

    If you can’t find recipe’s for crunchy shaving cream, try looking for some for conditioner! It’s what I use (admittedly non-crunchy at the moment) and it works far better than standard shaving cream/gel/whatever else I’ve tried.

  25. Okay, here’s the thing: I have NEVER – in all my tries- been able to find a HOMEMADE shaving cream recipe that didn’t leave me in tears afterward. However, if you’re looking for natural, I suggest trader joe’s natural mango shaving cream. It’s the best stuff I’ve ever tried and it leaves my skin soooo soft. The scent is very mild so your man won’t get offended by any “girly” smell. In fact, it’s for men and woman. It’s all natural, vegetarian, moisturizing and doesn’t leave any bumps or burns. And I just love that smell. Mmmm…

  26. 1. I would also love to find a crunchier alternative for hubby’s shaving cream.

    2. The groundwork at our house was laid when I started making stuff for myself and talking about the pros/cons… showing him visible results… never ever pushing or insisting he do it too. Then, if I find something I think he might like/do, I reassure him that it’s just a trial-run, no pressure if he doesn’t love it.

    I know that with my hubby, if the homemade stuff “smells funny” or is otherwise too fussy, complicated, or different from what he’s used to, he won’t go for it. But… if it works as well as the store-bought (the main deal-maker/breaker) and is cheaper and/or healthier, he will totally be on board.

    3. Transitioning is always the easiest way. Don’t make it an “all or nothing” stand. Try different things, give multiple options, and be happy with “using less” on your road to “using none”… in other words, patience. :)

  27. Megan

    I have a recipe I just made for my hubby. He likes a shave gel, (so this isn’t the foamy stuff). So far he and I both like it. It goes on clear so he can see his beard hairs (although looks like certain bodily fluids in the bottle!). Anyway, maybe this will be helpful to some of you. My hubby was very resistant until I made this. Now he’s willing to try most things I make. FYI, the honeyquat is made from honey and is a natural thickening agent that gives good “slip.” Same with the sea emollient.

    Combine and mix well with whisk or mixer (personally I would go with the mixer):
    3 tbsp distilled water
    1 tbsp aloe gel, (I used the liquid kind from FNWL, it has no added thickeners)
    1/4 tsp XanThix (purchased from the Herbarie, it’s just xanthan gum powder)
    1/2 tsp Honeyquat (Also from the Herbarie)
    1/2 tsp Sea Emollient (From SEA)
    1/2 capful (I’m guessing about 1/2 tsp) polysorbate 80

    Then combine and mix:
    1/2 tbsp grapeseed oil
    1/2 tbsp jojoba oil
    1/2 capful (again probably about 1/2 tsp) lecithin

  28. I’ve been lurcking here for awhile but this post is close to my heart so…I tried several different shaving cream alternatives for my husband. Most were ok but not great. Then my husband took matters into his own hands and came up with something that he really likes………………………..PALM OIL……………………..
    thats it nothing else. it leaves his face soft and clean. No “dragging” and he loves it.

  29. Krysta N.

    My hubby uses an electric razor instead of shaving cream + traditional razor, but we’ve been using soap from Apple Valley Natural Soap recently and he LOVES the Man Bar 2.0 which is a 3-in-1 shampoo/body/SHAVING bar. He likes that it is only one thing to deal with instead of multiple bottles of store-bought concoctions. So for my man, the appeal of a simplified routine was enough to get him to try it and now he is hooked. :) It also smells like wassail – which is awesome.

  30. DesignerGirl

    So timely! I had been wondering if there was a shaving cream I could make/get for hubby. He was on board with me using oil and honey to wash my face, so I was wondering if I could get him to use a better shaving soap/cream than the standard barbasol. I just hate wasting money on it, probably because I just use water myself (I’ve been blessed with very smooth legs…shaving cream irritates it, but water and a razor does not!). Anyway, in my search for better skin products for myself, someone told me about Soap for Goodness Sake. They have a shaving soap gift set (and refills are much cheaper!) that I was planning to get for hubby for Christmas. :-) Perhaps I’ll buy a double-edge razor to go with it–I also hate wasting money on razor refills.


    As for getting him to change habits, mostly it helps if I’ve tried it myself and like it. One of these days I’m probably going to try a shampoo bar (really not sure I can go no ‘poo…yet), and I have a feeling he’ll give that a shot just because it’ll be in the shower already. As for ziploc baggies, I have to break that habit for myself first. Hubs is very pro-recycling, and he knows my hatred for plastic storage containers, but those baggies are just so darn handy to have around, especially for the kids. Slowly, but surely, we will get there!

  31. Rachele

    My husband is not a crunchy man – his mom was a Crazy cruncher (not in a good way more in a omg that lady needs to calm down and stop telling people they have cancer because nature is punishing them for using aluminum foil) so he decided he would Never try those “shenanigans”.
    But after I started using the honey face wash and the acne I have been fighting since puberty DISSAPEARED… I found my bathroom honey jar was getting low a little too quickly.
    The only way to get him to go crunchy is to see that it works better than store bought things. I can’t say a word about it or suggest he try it or it is impossible to get him on board but when he sees results sans the “nagging” he has so far quietly steppes onboard.
    I am excited to try the shaving cream suggestions people have put up so far!! Both of us have skin that is prone to irritation and ingrown hairs from shaving with Anything store bought and the hubby juuuuust might try it if it means no razor burn :D

  32. Oy vey! This is something I’ve been trying to find for myself forever- I’ve yet to find a shaving cream I’ve liked (for my legs, not my face. probably should have specified that at the beginning. I promise, I don’t have a beard!). I can’t stand and of the weird scented creamy ones. “Am I a gel? A foam? You’ll never know! The only thing you know is that I smell ridiculous and I’m the only thing in the shower so you must use me! muahahah!”
    I’ve always used men’s barbasol (when it was around), or just my hair conditioner. I tried EVOO and it didnt work a that well for me (plus I despise the smell).

    I’ve heard of some people using castille soap with some success, and that got me thinking and the thinking got me googling. I found this post by Keith over at Badger and Blade:

    “After studying the ingredients lists of some of the favored brands of shaving cream reviewed here, I am confident that a shaving cream of a quality comparable to that offered by the three T’s can be made for a fraction of the cost.

    Most list water and stearic acid (and/or some other source of fatty acids such as coconut oil) as principal ingredients. Some contain additional oils in smaller amounts. Many of them contain both potassium hydroxide (the lye used for making liquid soap) and sodium hydroxide (the lye used for making hard soaps).

    It turns out that by replacing a little NaOH for some of the KOH in a liquid soap recipe, you get what is called a “cream soap.” Cream soaps are thick, semi-opaque mixtures that produce copious amounts of rich lather. If you include more fatty acid than can be saponified by the lye, you get a “superfatted soap,” which has extra moisturizing properties. Starting to sound familiar?

    Other likely ingredients are glycerin (emollient), castor oil (makes a creamier foam), cosmetic clay (extra body and “slip”), methylparaben/propylparaben (preservative).”

    Coconut Oil (source of fatty acids)
    Glycerin (emollient)
    Castor Oil
    Cosmetic Clay
    Various EO’s

    …when you subtract the parabens and the lye, isn’t that what it comes down to? I imagine you could even use a castille soap base…
    I have no idea of the ratios to any of these things or the method of combination, but it seems like it would be simple enough, ingredient wise.

    • Maggie

      Hmmm… I might play with this tomorrow and see if I can get it to work. I have all of those ingredients, and I love tinkering!

      • Maggie

        So, I think I’ve figured it out!

        1/8 cup coconut oil
        1/4 tbls vegetable glycerine
        1/2 tbls castor oil
        1/4 cup water
        1 tsp castile soap
        1 tsp coconut milk
        1 1/2 tsp cosmetic clay

        Combine coconut oil, castor oil and glycerine in a mixing bowl and blend with a hand mixer on lowest speed. Slowly add water while blending, until it is totally incorporated. Add castile soap and coconut milk, and blend until mixed in. Next, add the cosmetic clay. Start on the lowest setting, and gradually work up in speed until you start getting… not soft peaks, and not firm peaks, but the ones in between. (Look at my mad cooking skills! :P)
        Then whip in whatever EO’s you want!

        It’s not quite as firm as store bought, but otherwise it feels just like it. It doesn’t clog the razor or cling to the sink. I tried it on my legs, but I just shaved last night, so that wasn’t much of a test. I can’t wait until hubby gets home from work, so I can make him my guinea pig! All that remains, aside from the man test, is to see if it holds it’s shape or falls flat.

        • Jennier

          Did anyone else try this? Did it work? I have been using a mixture of shea butter and coconut oil but it REALLY clogs the razor.

    • Megan

      I would think there would need to be some kind of emulsifier in there since there is water and oils. Just a thought…

  33. Lissa

    Do a mask or hair treatment or whatever and tell him (on a look what I found! vein) and do it, then get excited about the results. Don’t dredge it up from your toes, just express whatever you’re feeling about how soft your skin is or how shiny it made your hair. Explain why it’s better than store-bought alternatives, but don’t get on a soapbox about it unless he feels strongly about it as well; there’s a time and a place for things and slower is better. He may still think you’re weird, but there is both the effectiveness and your passion for it alongside the weird in his head until he accepts it.

    Back off if he’s totally against something, the only way for him to accept it is if he discovers it himself.

    I have to say, this is from personal experience…but not from the crunchy side. My mother went abruptly natural six or seven years ago. She had lots of facts but I could never see the point, especially when the two ‘natural’ products she got me (Tom’s deodorant and some kind of face wash) didn’t work for me, she kind of went “oh well” and that was it. I always bought my own personal care products and she would moan about the terrible, terrible ingredients. She once decided that I was allergic to my shampoo that I had been using for months. She told me, I brushed her off then discovered that she had removed them from my shower and put them in a guest bedroom. (I found them and emptied a small amount of into travel containers, which I kept in my drawers in my bedroom and carried into the bathroom each time I showered until she gave them back. My family, along with being collectively stubborn as a herd of mules is passive-agressive.)

    Anyway, we came to a truce where I used the unscented versions of things and I when I went to college I took a basketful of things she didn’t approve of (heavily scented body wash and lotion, asprin, cold medicine, makeup, etc) and then I saw an article about no ‘poo, started googling, found crunchy betty and a handful of other sites, and haven’t looked back.

    So let your family (and your man) come to things by themselves… even if you just give them a nudge every so once in a while.

  34. Gelato

    1. My man uses Mary Kay shaving cream. I don’t have a shaving cream alternative and have not seen one elsewhere. Would love to try one!

    2. Since I’ve been making so many of CB’s recipes and hubs has heard my positive comments, I believe he would gladly try homemade!

    3. My hubby will do almost anything for a back rub/massage. Let’s just call my proposition “bait and hook”. Really now. Get your mind out of the gutters ladies. In addition I believe we all can learn from feedback. Listen to his pros and cons about a homemade item and then tweek it until he can’t live without it. As for the jar, a coupon for a back massage attached and he would forget the bags.

  35. MamaLovey

    Last time we were in South America my hubby’s best friend told him to leave the razor in almond oil to soak in and use to shave with. Hubby tried it and he seemed to like it. Smooth skin, no razor burn. He is currently using up the rest of the cans of shaving creams and then plans on switching over to almond oil. I, on the other hand, am just too lazy for shaving creams. I shave my legs bare with just the warm shower water running on them. After the shower I may use some coconut oil in the bikini area to prevent razor burn. But hey with two kids under five I haven’t had a shower alone in a loooooong time.

  36. Daisy

    I just ordered some soap that is only saponified coconut oil (which is used in Dr. Bronner’s castile soap) in a foam dispenser. I originally bought it for two reasons:
    (1) I have CleanWell foaming soap in my bathroom and kitchen, which I love because it’s triclosan-free, but if I have a paper cut the citrus in it burns like FIRE
    (2) I read all the horror stories of people who tried washing their hair with coconut oil and ended up with a greasy mess that had to be washed out with regular shampoo

    I just got my shipment so I tried it as a hand soap and liked it. The soap foams up really nicely so you don’t get that weird no-foam adjustment. It does take a little longer to rinse it off my hands, but it comes off cleanly without any residue and leaves my skin soft.

    I’m going to try it as a shampoo next but now I’m inspired to try shaving with it too!

    If anyone else wants to check it out (or their bar soap which is also just saponified coconut oil and tea tree or lavender oil, so pretty crunchy), here’s the link. FYI – the 8 oz liquid soap is on sale until Sunday:

  37. Shannon

    Shaving cream/soap/oil is one of the things I’ve been thinking about delving into, but haven’t yet. So, I’m interested to see what everyone comes up with.

    I really like the shave soap from Chagrin Valley (https://www.chagrinvalleysoapandcraft.com/shavingsoap.htm) – I rub it over my legs and then create a lather using a faux badger brush. The lather thins out a little faster than other products but it still has a nice glide and it leaves my legs soft and moisturized. I would actually recommend all of her products (I’ve tried most of them); if you don’t DIY this is a great option for natural and ethically made products. I’m particularly fond of the Shampoo Bars (I’m scared of no-poo).

    As a side note regarding shaving, I highly recommend shaving with a double edge razor – no plastic, less waste, less expense (in the long run) and a better shave to boot. Or if the DE razor is too intimidating, Merkur makes a twin blade razor (http://www.classicshaving.com/catalog/item/6887218/194585.htm) that takes three different cartridges which can be found on Amazon pretty inexpensively. The handle itself is a little pricey, but if you want to avoid plastic it’s a great razor.

  38. My husband is totally great about all things crunchy if a)they work or b) I can give him a scientific reason to switch. He’s a super analytical person, so if I start swapping out all of our cleaning products with baking soda and castille soap he gets skeptical. It’s tough at times, but I’ve learned to do my research before proposing another crunchy change to the household.

    Also, if I try something and it produces results, he’s sold. I had a bad, bad cough all last winter (I think it had to do with mold allergies in the house I was using) and was losing sleep over it and all kinds of stuff. I started taking an ACV/Honey mixture, and within a month I was 95% better. He was amazed.

    As far as shaving cream goes…he used to use normal nasty shaving cream but ran out one day and remembered me saying that olive oil could be used to shave with, so he grabbed my bottle of EVOO and away he went. Hasn’t bought shaving cream since, so it must be working OK!

  39. With the exception of my daughter, my entire house is starting to consider institutionalizing me. Every time I make a change, I get grumbling and grumpiness. There have been rumblings of a mutiny soon. Why don’t they get it? I’m not asking them to become vegetarians too. I bought them their own pans and pots to cook meat in. I bought the containers we use instead of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and baggies. I’ve done everything I can to make it easy. So, although I don’t have a recipe for shaving cream, I do share your frustration with resistance. I’ll just keep moving forward, dragging them with me. If they don’t like it, there is a rectangular fixture that leads to a world full of pointless consumption right over there.

  40. I suppose I’ll try to shed some light from a male’s perspective. I think the turning point with me came when my girlfriend explained the issues that are believed to be connected with processed, non-natural products like shampoo and soaps. The whole concept and idea of phalates was the factor that changed my mind.

    When I realized that the products that we use on a daily basis could be linked to carcinogens, I realized that it was time to switch. Also, don’t forget to mention the savings. If that fails then just call him impractical and wasteful, that always seems to work.

  41. I haven’t verified this by asking, but I am quite certain that my husband is opposed to going “crunchy” because he’s seriously cheap.
    Super cheap.
    Not about, you know, things HE wants, but that one time I brought home the jar of unfiltered, unpasteurized honey and plunked it down on the bathroom counter, he nearly cracked his head on the bathtub when he learned it cost more the fifty gallon drum of “regular” honey that he had gotten at Costco (he bought this quantity before and then complained that he wasn’t sure what we’d do with it… but here we have a new jar in our pantry…).
    While I usually get the “If you enjoy it, go ahead” Spiel, I know he harbors a deep suspicion of things not intended to give you Bell’s Palsy when you inhale their fumes. Maybe it’s that inhalation and subsequent diminished brain cell count that has him so set against whatever crunchiness I try to add to our lives (that and he can only make left turns, but we eventually get where we are going).
    I’d LOVE to find him a great shaving cream recipe that he’d use. Maybe then he’d realize that it’s actually economically AND environmentally friendly. And we can start saving up for another fifty gallon drum of Costco honey. Best of luck! Cant’ wait to read more! :)

  42. Huh. I would love to get my sweetie off his addiction to all things Mall-Wart, but he is:
    a) an engineer convinced that alternative opinions are marsh-gas, so if I’m suggesting a change due to the fact that it is healthier/more eco-friendly, he wants scientific support and peer-reviewed studies. With references.
    b) he likes being told what to do about as much as I do, and as we are both convinced that we are always right [obviously, I’m more correct about this than he is ;-)] we do tend to come to an impasse.

    Having said that, he recycles like a maniac and will happily eat anything I cook – as long as it isn’t readily identifiable as a specific animal part – so there’s hope. But I agree, if it doesn’t work better than what he is already using, which he is already attached to and hates to change, then it’s definitely tricky. Funny how homemade cookies and stews are fantastic but homemade creams and deodorants are one step away from the funny farm!

    Bless his pointy head :-). If you find one that works, I’d love to know.

  43. Oldschool

    Thank god I’m single.

  44. I didn’t see anyone mention the tutorial over at ReadyMade… http://www.readymade.com/projects/home_spa_shaving_cream/next_step#steps I’m giving this one a try and hopefully it’ll make the husband a believer!

  45. Sweet Assilem

    Well, you could mention that shaving with straight razors are sexy and go that route. Less waste too. I intend to get an old fashioned razor when the Venus runs out. My guy uses a shaving soap bar and brush. I loove the way it smells. It’s from a wild soap bar company. Or, get a good quality electric razor. http://www.awildsoapbar.com/ they have straight and metal razors at lifewithoutplastic.com

  46. Thankfully my hubby is very receptive and is quick to understand and agree with the reasoning. Though there are a few things I am not sure he’s going to go for, ie: anything involving vinegar (talking to him about going no ‘poo). As long as he doesn’t have to do the work, he’s up for it. But he’s the one who does most of the research and hunting and price comparison in regards to supplements, and healthy foods we want, so it kind of evens out.

  47. Omsuz

    The way I see it you are either “inside” or “outside” this idea. From the outside it can look like a hobby, but it’s not. It is so much more and to invite someone in you should try to remember your own way in. Maybe even make a little map of the reasoning. What does one need to know for it all to make sense. “It is easy.” or “It is really good!” is things we hear way to often about other peoples latest discovery. It takes time to understand the big picture here. There are many pieces in the puzzle. I think respect and patience is key. And also find out what matters the most to you. Is it to change the entire household according to your own values? Or to be able to live together respecting each others values and being able to talk about and find solutions that everybody can live with? It is not easy being passionate about both our man and our vision for a better world. But we have to believe that things will change over time. Maybe a looong time. But it will!

  48. Omsuz

    The way I see it you are either “inside” or “outside” this idea. From the outside it can look like a hobby, but it’s not. It is so much more and to invite someone in you should try to remember your own way in. Maybe even make a little map of the reasoning. What does one need to know for it all to make sense. “It is easy.” or “It is really good!” is things we hear way to often about other peoples latest discovery. It takes time to understand the big picture here. There are many pieces in the puzzle. I think respect and patience is key. And also find out what matters the most to you. Is it to change the entire household according to your own values? Or to be able to live together respecting each others values and being able to talk about and find solutions that everybody can live with? It is not easy being passionate about both our man and our vision for a better world. But we have to believe that things will change over time. Maybe a looong time. But it will!

  49. todd

    I would recommend traditional wet shaving with brush and shaving soap or cream. I’d start with a commercially available soap, which will be less toxic than pressurized goo in a can. I don’t think there’s a good DIY shaving cream solution unless you get into hardcore soapmaking, or if you will tolerate jumping straight from pressurized goo in a can to all-oil shaves (most men are not). There are plenty of artisan soap makers that use natural products, such as Tiki Bar Soap, Mike’s Natural Soaps, Barrister & Mann… Grab a $10 Omega boar brush and you’re golden.

  50. Sylvie

    I made this recipe for my dad for Christmas and he loved it. It’s from “Earthy Bodies and Heavenly Hair” by Diana Falconi. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever found.

    Herbal Shaving Lotion:
    2 teaspoons crushed dried comfrey root
    2 teaspoons crushed dried marshmallow root
    1 cup water
    1/2 teaspoon coconut oil
    1/4 teaspoon jojoba oil
    3 oz liquid castile soap
    60 drops rosemary essentual oil

    Make a tea with the herbs and water and let it infuse for 20 minutes or longer. Strain. Add the coconut oil to the tea while it’s still hot. Then add everything else.

    When I made it I used lavender castile soap and I used chamomile instead of marshmallow root since I didn’t have it. I also added more coconut oil. It wasn’t very thick, but he said it worked really well and he loved how it smelled.

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