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  1. tiffani

    Okay. Now I must go buy a food processor. I have lived nearly 30 years without one and now you have convinced me that I NEED one. So I can make coconut butter. I am definitely going to try that recipe (and I’ll make coconut milk while I’m at it:)

    • I went longer than you without having one… “I have a knife and a cutting board, why do I need another gadget?”. :P

      Get one if you can! You will find so many things to make with it, it will amaze you.

    • Lauren @

      I only just got a food processor like 2 weeks ago!  I’m sooooo glad I did!!!!

  2. TLE

    OMG!!! Its so just in time! Was going to ask you how the creamy coconut can be better utilized to moisturize w/o the shreddy mess and here i see a perfect recipe to slather and snack sinfully… THANK YOU THANK YOU! ;D

  3. :) Smiling just thinking about it! Together…with chocolate…or nutella…mmmmm!

  4. *teary eyed* Crunchy Betty, where have you been all my life?! This sounds so good! What do you think about mixing it with some brown sugar for a body scrub? Oh, Oprah! Now I have to try to find unbleached coconut!

  5. Love coconut butter! I started making some last year and it’s amazing. :D I like adding it to warm oats for some coconuty goodness. And you’re right, it does take a long time in the food processor but so so worth it.

  6. kimelah

    I’ve always liked coconut, the SMELL!!! But now that I’m using coconut milk for milk shakes, and coconut oil for deodorant and toothpaste and COOKING, I am IN LOVE with COCONUT!
    I’ve been looking for coconut butter but have yet to find it. But, OH LOOK! I don’t have to! I can MAKE IT!! :D
    So THANK YOU!!

  7. I adore coconut. I drink and cook with the oil and also use it as a skin moisturizer. I never knew it was so easy to make coconut butter and in fact, last night was telling my boyfriend, how come you never hear about coconut butter?? Then you put this post up today…..weird……I happen to keep a bag of organic unsweetened coconut flakes on hand so this will be made shortly. Keep these awesome posts coming.

    • Maggie

      Word to the wise… I made coconut butter with coconut flakes the other night. It took me about two hours. TWO HOURS! Other than that, it worked fine. But I will be using shredded coconut from now on…

  8. mamie

    that is FREAKING DELICIOUS. i really do want to eat it with a spoon.

  9. TankGirl9008

    Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod! I’m making this…I am, really, dear lord! Ok, so do you think fresh coconut would do the job? I haven’t been able to find any unsweeted shredded coconut locally, but there are always regular old coconuts at the store!

  10. M

    I’m wondering if I could mix the coconut butter with melted beeswax for a super-rich hand cream. Anyone have any opinions? I’ve tried shea butter but I’m allergic to it (dry, itchy cracked hands became drier, itchier, and more cracked – evidently it’s similar to latex in composition and can be irritating for some folks), but I would like something rich to slather on my hands.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Probably not. It doesn’t “sink in” like a moisturizer does, so I’m not sure it would ever leave your hands if you did that (you could do that, then put on gloves, and leave it on overnight, though). You could, however, mix coconut oil and beeswax (but if you did that, I’d throw in cocoa butter too) for a super rich hand cream. Yum.

  11. Silly girl. I’ve been doing this forever. :)

  12. sugarcoatedbeth

    Where are you buying this coconut? I don’t think I’ve seen it in my stores. Though I just moved yesterday and supposedly there’s a good health food store by here so I’ll check them out. A blender will work well also? I don’t have a food processor so the blender would be ideal. :)

  13. I KNEW you would work chocolate in there somewhere! Those strawberries… yowza!

  14. Rebecca

    Tropical traditions has really good prices on really good unsweetened coconut. I buy the plastic bags (much cheaper than the buckets, which are a MONSTER to open) and transfer it to glass jars for storage. They always have some sort of deal going on too. Last week was $5 off shipping.

  15. Brianna

    I just opened my freezer to grab my coconut to make this and noticed I have a lot of unused nuts (hee hee). I then proceeded to make coconut, macadamia, almond, pecan, walnut, cinnamon butter. It’s good. Real good. I have to go eat now.

  16. Trisarahtops7

    Not going to lie, I made this (literally) immediately after reading this post. And it was amazing. And easier than it should have taken to make something that tastes as good as this does.

  17. Becky

    Yum! Good stuff. I read this last night and now I’ve made 3 batches. : ) Littlest daughter just wanted to eat a whole batch plain- no spoon necessary, fingers did just fine. And no, I did not let her eat the whole thing!
    It made GREAT coconut smoothies too! We do smoothies every single morning, so this will make a delicious (and nutritious! I’m excited about getting all that coconut into my kids!)addition to the list.
    Since finding this site I knew I needed to stock up on coconut. Glad I did!

  18. Um, you seem to have left out the photo with instructions for cleaning out the food processor when you’re done. My method involves lots of finger swipes…and maybe a few licks. Just remove the blade first. :)

    So glad the recipe worked for ya, and yes, we both missed out on years of coconut butter, but better late than never, right?

    Loved the coconut butter/chocolate dipped strawberries by the way. YUM!

  19. X

    How long would this take in a Vita-Mix?

  20. I am so excited about trying this! I had no idea!

  21. Sam

    Ok, I hate to do this, I mean usually when I do this a little peice of me DIES INSIDE, but this deserves an OMG. And I mean it! O. M. G.
    I have this NEED to leave work RIGHT NOW and go to Whole Foods to buy coconut and make coconut butter and eat it till I pass out!
    Thank you Crunchy Betty for bringing this recipe (is is really a recipe with just one ingredient? hmmmmmmmm?, anyways) to light!

  22. You are amazing! Simply amazing! I am so excited to try this. Makin that hand creme too!

  23. Wow. That sounds so good! I’ve put off getting a food processor for ages (I press my poor blender into service instead), but I think I might have to cave for this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Margie

    My coconut butter yummy goodness is not getting past the little gritty bits stuck together with oil stage. I’ve been processing this all morning for a few minutes and then scraping it down, and it’s just not liquifying. I accidentally bought the sweetened variety, is the sugar keeping it this way??? I just want some yummy goodness…. :-(

  25. Beth

    It takes hardly any time in a VitaMix, I mean seriously fast, like less than a minute if I remember correctly and I think it would work better/faster in almost any decent blender than in a food processor. Unless a food processor is all you have. Then it’s definitely faster than a blender.

    • Lauren @

      I have a vitamix, but my coconut never turned to butter.  It just got oily and kinda sat there.  So I boiled 3 cups of water and tossed it in and pulsed it to make coconut milk.  I didn’t want to waste it.  I had it in there for a while.  I tried it in my food processor too.  Strange.  

  26. OK this is probably a silly question, but this yummy sounding Coconut butter, can that be used as a lotion base? You know like Shea Butter, Almond Butter, Coco Butter etc.??

  27. Thanks for the link to my Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter.  I also just made homemade Samoas Bars with shredded coconut flakes…your use of flakes looks…amazing.  Wow, just lovely!

  28. Wallee_21

    I tried this and didn’t think is great without sugar. And for everyone attempting this with a blender – make sure you’ve got one that will liquefy like a food processor, otherwise you’ll need to add some water to get it to liquefy.

  29. Rockyandjanine

    Wanna know what makes it even better? Pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so. It will start to brown, then you have toasted coconut butter. Pour in some melted dark chocolate, then you have the best fudge you have ever tasted!!

  30. Gelen

    what kind of blender should i use? is it ok to use an ordinary one?

  31. zoe

    Should I be doing something differently? I ran the dessicated coconut in the food processor for well over 15 minutes, likely more than 30.  I didn’t have a big problem with “side creep” but I’ve not gotten anything but a dried course powder.  After reading the previous posts, I moved it to the jug liquidiser, where it made a lovely snow globe.  I’ve been scraping down the sides continually, but after 10 minutes it still doesn’t show any signs of turning to butter.  Has anyone mastered this?  Or was it just easier for everyone else (except Lauren who gave up and made milk, which I did *before* starting the butter)?  If I add water, will it make butter or a big mess?

    Zoe (newbie)

    • Rachel Ramey

      I think maybe the desiccated coconut has more of the fat/liquid removed than regular dried, shredded coconut? (I have bags of both, and the desiccated stuff is…almost powdery compared to the regular.)

  32. Tiffany

    I’m not sure how I could have gotten it wrong… I tried this recipe today in my processor… and it got to the part where it reduced, and started getting “some” moisture to it as it condensed… but it never did anything beyond the just starting to break down stage… i left the processor on to almost the half hour mark… still didnt go anywhere near how good yours looks:(  I seem to be having the same problem as Zoe…

  33. Simplydi

    I just discovered coconut butter a few days ago. I’M IN LOVE!!!  So I’ll be trying this recipe for sure. Thanks for posting it.

  34. Pip

    I don’t think I could trust myself with this in my kitchen.  I have no self control.  One taste, and I think I’d probably want to eat the entire jar, and I would !  But thank you for the great idea, and what an easy thing to do.  One day I will.

  35. : )

    i am salivating.
    I literally put coconut on everything, every single day. this recipe is a dream come true.

  36. Victoria

    Does this work on a blender?

  37. Lytlejoc

    I just made this and I might end up strapping the jar to my belt so I can have it wherever I go. It’s like peanut butter, but coconut… and so much better! I slathered it on my homemade banana bread and sweet Lord, is it delicious.

  38. Barb Tedesco

    I processed it until the little shreds were screaming STOP ALREADY. Never got butter :(  My food processor was an inexpensive one from Walmart. Maybe I just need more a higher powered one? I even added a little bit of coconut milk … and while yummy – wasn’t butter. It is still a winner in my book for my smoothies !! Thanks

  39. I had the same problem a few others did too. I used coconut flakes (didn’t know there was a difference) and it never really liquified. After an hour I thought my food processor was about to overheat so I turned it off. I ended up with less than a cup of almost-liquid (form 3 cups of coconut) and it turned into a rock in the jar I put it in. It gets smoother after a few seconds in the microwave, but it’s not butter… thinking about tossing it back in the processor with a banana and maybe some coconut milk…

  40. Lisa

    How long is this good for?

  41. I recently made cocnut milk and oil,almond milk and avocado oil and butter.This one sounds super.I will try it this weekend.

  42. Averie Cooks

    your coconut butter looks so awesome! and thanks for the linky love to my site at the bottom of your post :)

  43. MicheleFalcone

    I tried raw coconut butter for the first time last week (had a cocoa one awhile back. Will definitely have to try making my own as well. I came up with a fun recipe, for chocolate coconut butter candies – all raw ingredients. Check it out!

    short girl, long island

  44. Karrie

    And now IIIIIIIII am whole. THANK YOU!

  45. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! OMG, it’s 9:25 at night and I’m headed out to buy lots of shredded coconut, then I’m staying up all night to make batches upon batches of it. So super excited! I have a great many plans for this…..

  46. I used desicated coconut and the flesh of one green coconut.. after food processor was on 30 mins and it was still dry granulated I added the “milk” from the green coconut and it worked a treat.. when nice and buttery but with a bit of text still

  47. Michele from

    I nver knew!! So glad I found your blog!!!

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