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  1. nikki

    I’m fairly good about cleaning my makeup brushes, especially as I use a lot of metallic eyeshaows and that glittery stuff gets everywhere and ruins the colours when you try to put them on. I tend to just use some normal soap and hot water though, seems to do the trick for me :)

  2. Trinity

    Oh thank you thank you thank you! I used to clean my brushes (which look suspiciously exactly like yours ;) sporadically with just warm water, then bought a cleanser specifically for those brushes by the same brand, and holy batman, it’s friggin’ expensive! I’m so happy to know of this method instead. I already bought castille soap for a separate cause and I’m giddy to learn of other things I can use it for. Thanks again!

  3. Amy

    Up until about 3 minutes ago, my makeup brush cleanser of choice was this method: 
    http://accidentalbeauty.com/makeup/makeup-tips-tricks/deep-cleaning-your-makeup-brushes/ .  I THOUGHT it worked really well until I put olive oil on my makeup brush!  I use a long wearing makeup, so cleaning my brushes WAS very difficult.  Problem solved :-)

  4. CarlieT

    I DO wash my makeup brushes often; at least once a month. *accepting her fancy trophy with a big grin* :) Mostly because I’m kind of a clean freak, especially when it comes to things on my body/face, and they get pretty gunky and not as affective. I just get the brush wet with cold water and use a tiny dab of shampoo and work it in, then rinse it out until I don’t see anymore makeup. It does the job, makes them smell nice, and they’re super soft! I will be trying your idea, though, too; it sounds more thorough. Thanks for all your awesome advice; I’ve definitely started to cut back on commercial products!

  5. Spaz4taz

    I use a daily cleaning spray from sephora and then I really clean my brushes every couple weeks. I use my aloe vera shampoo because my brushes are real not synthetic. It keeps them very clean.

  6. Npierce77

    What is liquid castille soap and where can I get some??  thanks!

  7. i have a trick i use for when you need to use your brush quicker then it takes to air dry. i get an old pillow case and toss the brushes in. tie off the end and place it in my dryer on low heat for a few mins.

  8. Ppl Not Profit

    i clean my brushes every two weeks.  i would do it every week, but i barely want to wash my face and turn the lights out at the end of the night.  i just use whatever shampoo i have in the shower.  i figured, why not wash hair with shampoo eh?  maybe i am misguided, i did lack a mother figure growing up, and learned any beauty knowledge from seventeen magazine and the cool girls ditching school in the park in high school.  these days, with the ascension/revolution of social consciousness upon us, i tend to use only natural, mostly homemade, products.  i love you Crunchy Betty!!!  just did my bi-weekly spring cleaning facial again.  :)

  9. Rina

    Conserve soap! Use q-tips and cheap brushes from the dollar store.

    • Neko76

      Great so you create a ton of waste and have poorly applied makeup….=(.

    • Stefanie

      The whole point of this article is to preserve your face by being being very careful with what we put on it and how it’s applied. You’ll end up having to spend more money in the long run, buying more makeup to try to cover up a terrible complexion due to application with cheap brushes and toxic, shitty makeup.

  10. Quick and easy solution. I just cleaned them and it did not take that long. I did not realize how much accumulates on the brush which I noticed as soon as I used the olive oil. Did not have any liquid castille soap so I used Paul Mitchell’s Baby Don’t Cry which should work just fine. I love your blog!

  11. Selina

    Thanks.. this is super helpful! I just bought my first set of makeup brushes EVER (amazing, right?) 1 week ago, and cleaned them for the first time last night… because the paper they came with said to clean them once a week. :) So at this point in time, I clean them very often! LOL. I will buy some castille soap for next time, tho!

  12. Nicky G

    I never liked the daily cleansing sprays that some people use…always left my brushes feeling filmy. A good cleansing (especially on foundation and concealer brushes) weekly is a practice I feel more people should adopt. I used to teach my clients to clean them after they finished their make-up on the same day each week and they’ll be dry by the next morning. One trick that I found effective for removing foundation and lipstick more easily from brushes was to draw them across a bar of soap and gently work the bristles in your hand with a bit of water then rinse real well. I have seen lipstick brushes return to their original shades with no trace of lipstick left.

  13. Long Haired Hippie

    i wash my brushes often but im not as nice to them as you are lol. Im a rinse, soap and water, then rinse again girl. i wash it all handle to bristles the vinegar is a nice touch though i think i’ll add that. easy enough and i have it on hand. thanks!

  14. I wash my makeup brushes every month. I used to use just dawn soap but I like this technique better.

  15. Delitta Fleming

    I used to work at a makeup counter and I had a customer come in and buy a new foundation brush and a few other things that she needed. When the transaction was over, I handed her her receipt and she handed me a dirty foundation brush…. Can you throw this away? I was shocked, it looked fairly new, just dirty and in need of a good cleansing. Before, I could get the words out she was gone, I didn’t have the chance to explain to her that she could wash her brush and save that $35 she just spent on that new brush. It amazes me that people don’t know they can wash their makeup brushes. I just bought this soap and I am finding so many uses for it. I will definately be investing in the gallon size, it will be worth it and so much more. Thanks for sharing the use of it as a brush cleaner :)

  16. Applesauce

    I shall tell my mom about this.

  17. Abigail

    Just tried this today and it was AMAZING! My brushes look absolutely beautiful now. I’m in love with this technique! I have an embarrassing confession… before today I’d never cleaned my makeup brushes! I rarely wear makeup, and I didn’t really think about it until I noticed how gunky and gross they looked. I looked up a bunch of different techniques online, but this was the only one that was all natural and used things I already had in the house! It worked like a charm. Will definitely be using this technique again and cleaning my brushes more often!

  18. Lady Dragonborn

    I use the e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner on my brushes after I use them each day, then “deep clean” them every few weeks. I learned the trick you mentioned with olive oil only a few years ago and holy cow, it makes a difference! Instead of soap or shampoo I’ve always used my face cleanser (hey, it takes the makeup off of my face, right?) and that seems to really shed the junk and oil. I love your suggestion of a vinegar wash at the end – I’m definitely going to add that step! Thanks!

  19. Abrasive Wheel Brush : It is used for removing coatings and
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  20. A typical cleaning procedure should go something
    like this: take water in a bucket, add X amount of reagent Y to this, put in a clean towel, wring it dry, and mop the floor with it.
    Damp mopping is OK as long as the mop is only slightly damp.
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  21. Funny, this is pretty much how I clean my hair… Sometimes it’s coconut oil or coconut milk instead of olive oil, but…yep, pretty much the same….

  22. Ena

    This method worked great. As soon as i read it i started the process. I had everything in my kitchen. This method is so natural and beneficial in so many ways. Castile Soap and Vinegar is a great natural remedy. My brushes are really clean. I must admit i was not washing my brushes often… :-( But after reading this i was amazed. I am going to stop being lazy and clean my brushes every week. You guys should try it. They don’t have a Smell. Smells nice and clean and feel soft.Thanks for this great tip….

  23. Miss.PunX

    I use my facial cleansing oil to clean my brushes weekly. It gets all the makeup out if your brushes and doesn’t leave any residue behind. Love your tips, must try the vinegar rinse! But does the vinegar leave your brushes smelling like it after?

  24. Umaymah

    This is amazing! I shamefully admit that I don’t wash my brushes anywhere NEAR as often as I should… but I’m currently on a mission to clear up my acne-prone skin (which annoyingly only started breaking out after I turned 19!). This is such a quick and easy method – and SO EFFECTIVE.
    I am definitely going to do this at least once a week, if not more often. Thanks so much!! I love this blog.

  25. ally

    Love these tips, thanks for sharing! I cleaned out my brushes after reading this and will now be cleaning them MUCH more often because they look so amazing. I used coconut oil instead of olive as in the past I’ve found it to be an effective makeup remover — now my brushes are super clean and smell vaguely coconutty, which makes me happy. :)

  26. Abigail

    I’m a clean freak and wash my brushes every two/three days. I usually only wash them with Dawn, since it does the trick. :)

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  28. cheryl

    Thanks for info… I used to use my brushes like 5 times then clean them.. But my face was breaking out. So I took a time out for a while cause my eyes started to get irritated from the makeup! 😢 but i haven’t cleaned them since Las time I used them.i will try your method. Thanks. Happy new year…..


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