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  1. ashley marchuck

    love it! thanks

  2. Ed P.

    Be careful of putting hot water down the Garbage Disposal a lot.
    I have heard that it causes the lubrication to be ruined.
    Better to use Cold or Cool water.
    A good way to clean and freshen up the Disposal is to use ice cubes (the ones you buy in a bag or from the fridge ice dispenser) .
    Put some in the disposal with thin sliced lemon. Run the cold water slowly and turn on the disposal.
    Use the back of a wooden spoon or a chop sticks to move the ice around the top drain (be careful of going too deep and chopping up the wooden spoon or the chop sticks, BUT better them than a metal utensil ).
    Add more ice as needed. it might back up a little as it grinds through.
    The ice will clean the disposal insides and the blades and the lemon will have a nice smell.
    I guess you can follow up with some baking soda , vinegar and them some cold water to get rid of more odors.

    • Jen p

      If you use baking soda because you want to protect the environment you probably want to get rid of your garbage disposal.. very bad for for the environment my friends

      • Grace T

        Garbage disposals aren’t actually all that bad, yes composting is best, but as long as you are not in an area with a water shortage, a disposal is better than sending it to a landfill. In fact many waste-water treatment plants rely on the food waste to feed the bacteria in their systems, bacteria which is used to filter out other biowaste which could hurt the environment, by having food come in with the waste water, the plant doesn’t have to truck in food for the bacteria, in a landfill the food would have to be trucked there, where it would decompose and give off methane. So really looking at the big picture garbage disposals aren’t that bad, just dont put fats and oils down it, those can block up a whole system.

      • Louise

        Jen p–You should have said why garbage disposals are bad. Recent reports in the news explain why. The reason is because people are putting too much of everything in garbage disposals so that it’s clogging up the water treatment plants. There is hardly any water left to recycle. So people really should put everything they possibly can into their receptacles instead and only use disposals for items that can’t be put into their garbage cans, such as liquid products.

    • steve

      The boiling water can warp and cause plastic drains to leak from being deformed from the heat. Been there and done that. I did it by draining the hot water from pasta and letting it go down the drain. Run cold water while dumping hot boiling water down a drain with any kind of plastic drain.

  3. jhkellbelle

    Fantastic; worked like a charm! Thanks!

  4. Great hack. I just used it and it worked like a charm. Saved me a bundle from having to call a plumber on a weekend. Not to mention I had all of the items on hand.

    Because it was my kitchen sink I made sure to plug the secondary sink before I started with the hot water then baking soda.

    Thank-YOU for the great info.

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  6. Nikita

    hi Jarrod

    just remark, pls consider that not the whole world knows that does “1/2 c.” mean
    it took me 15 min to realize that it’s “1/2 cup”

    • cory

      smarten up
      15 min is too long for the average person to come to that realization

      • dee

        or because only the US uses non metric measurements….

      • jnn

        Or maybe you shouldn’t make assumptions about what someone else is familiar with and make snarky remarks about their intelligence.

      • Maria

        I clean my tea kettle a few times a year (to rid it of lime deposits on the coil) by boiling a liter of white vinegar in it. This does the job with a smile. Then I normally dump the vinegar down the drain in the shower, followed by two more kettles of boiling water (rinses out the kettle). My drain runs like a charm. From now on I’ll also be throwing in a 1/2 cup (that’s 50 grams) of bicarbonate soda first, as per the above instructions.

      • Eric

        That’s funny. Considering the whole planet, except we in the U.S., uses the metric system. Attempts to convert us have failed. Wonder why? Counting my tens too difficult to grasp?

    • Eric

      They did that because it would take 100% of the U.S. Readers 25 minutes to figure out how to measure out 118ml. ;) most likely it would result in going to the store and making an additional measuring device purchase.

    • Avery

      Took me 10 minutes. I must 1/3 s (smarter). For goodness sake how much longer does it take to enter cup rather than c ?

  7. Great recipes!! I can’t wait to try them out! I started using vinegar and baking soda a few years ago for my household cleaning and since then I’ve found there is nothing vinegar can’t do. I’m still shocked

  8. KT

    I have some vinegar but it’s expired. Will that work for cleaning? I don’t want to waste it

    • Michael

      Vinegar doesn’t really expire per se. Try it and if it foams it’s fine. If it doesn’t foam… well that’s some really old vinegar!

  9. Thanks for the article, I guess it’s the best way to cut costs down too.

  10. kaiserbunn33

    I used this little trick – and unfortunately it made things worse! Does anyone have any helpful tips/suggestions??

    • Dixie


      it did the same for me when I used it in the tub. But then I took the plunger and pumped it servral times and heard the clog actually go down.

      Works perfectly now. It evidently had loosened it up but not enough to “flush” it. The plunger did that.

      Good luck!

    • Dixie


      it did the same for me when I used it in the tub. But then I took the plunger and pumped it several times and heard the clog actually go down.

      Works perfectly now. It evidently had loosened it up but not enough to “flush” it. The plunger did that.

      Good luck!

  11. karen

    Do I have to use white vinegar.

  12. I must say that I have already tried this cleaning recipe and it works so well! I just boiled one part water with one part white vinegar and put half a cup baking soda. It is simple and easy way to clean your drain!Biggin Hill Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  13. n

    Jarrod: “Our business endeavor is provide an alternative to products like Drano, Liquid Plumr, etc, that make use of lye, sulfuric acid, or other hazardous heavy metals.”

    Lye and sulfuric acid aren’t heavy metals. There’s nothing hazardous to the environment about using lye. The soap that you used this morning was made out of lye and oil. If you mix lye and sulfuric acid, you get sodium sulphate, which is a non-toxic chemical found in your laundry detergent. If you mix lye and hydrochloric acid, you get harmless salt water!

  14. Kelley

    To clean a toilet, especially if all you have is a wimpy flushable toilet wand:

    You will need baking soda and vinegar. First pour about a cup of baking soda into the bowl, leaving some on the front that’s dry. (You might take this opportunity to dampen the pad on the wand, pick up some of the dry soda, and rub some of the more stained places with it.) Then add a cup of vinegar or two and, while it fizzes, rub the wand around like mad, thereby cleaning the toilet.

  15. micha

    Didn’t work for my drain :( boo hoo..going to get that ecofriendly drano now!

    • micha

      Oh but it made my chrome drain sparkly new!:)

      • micha

        Update!!! After reading Dixie’s comment about using a plunger right after using this actually started to drain!!! Sooo happy! THANK YOU for this article and thank you Dixie for your plunger comment!

  16. Sherroll Raborn

    I just followed the directions for a clogged drain to the “T”. My sink drain was not draining at all. Wow!!! Worked like magic!!! Thank you so much for posting this very helpful, ecofriendly, and informative page!!!

  17. Arianne

    I tried this in my bathroom sink and it CRACKED MY SINK IN HALF! I don’t know if it was the boiling water part or the baking soda+vinegar, I followed the instructions to the letter and a minute after the final step there was a big pop noise and a huge crack in the sink :(

    • dee

      most likely the boiling water. it’s a phenomenon called thermal shock. rapid expansion of materials that are brittle and not malleable, ie. ceramic, often results in the material cracking. One part expands quickly and the rest can’t keep up.

    • Veronica

      That is freaking hilarious!

  18. Karen

    Will the vinegar and baking soda mixture work for washer drain pipe also ?
    Thanks , Karen

  19. Karen

    Will the soda /vinegar mix treatment work on washer drain pipe as well. Did use on basement floor drain WAS wonderful. Can see why plumbers don’t tell you about these easy fixes..

    Thanks, Karen

  20. Thank you for the great tip! I had no idea that cleaning my drains was a simple as baking soda and vinegar. The best part about that is that those are both things that I consistently have in my kitchen cupboard! I won’t have to spend any extra money, and I can clean my drains at my convenience!

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  22. Throw small pieces of lime and lemon peels with a handful of ice into your garbage disposal to eliminate odors and help maintain the blades!
    The lemon and lime will keep your kitchen smelling citrusy fresh. Ice helps knock off any debris built up on the sharp edges that keep them from grinding food properly.

  23. Barbara

    I tried this method and it works great. I’m not a handy person but I was able to unclog the bathtub drain with not trouble. Thanks for sharing this with me!

  24. Ning de Jesus

    Thanks! This worked and saved us a major headache at our new home. Clogged sink 2 days before our housewarming party was definitely not something I wanted to deal with after all the hassles of the move. Kitchen sink is draining well now.

  25. Mike

    To clean countertops make a paste from baking soda and water. Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle salt generously over the exposed flesh of the lemon. Scrub the baking soda paste with the lemon over counter surface. We use a 25% vinegar and water in a squirt bottle to clean up baking soda. This will create some some foam. It works great. I am chemist and this is still my choice of cleaning at home. Safe for your family and pets.

  26. Monk Armetta

    Ok…stubborn outside bottom steps drain. It would back up when kitchen sink and dishwasher would run and outside debris would build up. Had it professionally done 3 years ago cost me 100$..I was about by me a cobra snake 399$ at the lowes and or to call the Speedy rooter guy..and thought I’d give this ever loving drain hack a try
    Used full strength baking soda/ vinegar and boiling water
    And on the third try..BOOM..CLOGGED DRAIN ..GONE
    yes it does work!!!!) Thank you old reliable pipe douser..

  27. Nice blog post. Good to read this informative blog post.

  28. Buddy M

    cleaning the battery cables on my golf cart. hot water and vinegar first on the cable sprinkle it with a little baking soda let it do its magic and then rinse. .. Wa_la clean battery cables

  29. Tea

    Thank you so much for the valuable information/method, it worked brilliantly on my clogged kitchen sinks! Saved me a lot of money from getting a plumber to solve the problem, thank you!

  30. Lucy

    Thank you Thank You Thank you. My husband has been putting off snaking the clogged shower drain for some time now. This worked great BUT the trick is to use a plunger at the end to get that flushed clear.

    Have a great night!!!


    If the drain is connected to the main line outside the apartment, pouring hot water or anything for that matter will only go to the manhole. It will not remain in the sink. How do we clean ? Do you suggest that the drain line should be blocked at the end so that the pipe is filled with hot water and soda ?


    How do we clean the drain if it is connected to a main line outside the apartment. Water will not be retained in the sink. Should we block the pipe at the end?


    How to clean a drain pipe if it is very long say about 20 feet from the sink?

    • Larry H

      Plumer gave me a heads up long ago to NEVER use powdered detergents. You can unplug a drsin line by inserting a hose and flushing it unless it is damaged or has roots inside.

  34. Tessa

    Baking soda and vinegar make a great bathroom scrub as well, and even lift calcium and lime deposits! Sprinkle the soda on a surface, drizzle vinegar over it, then scrub. Add a couple drops of lemon essential oil for a boost. Just don’t let it come into contact with grout, as it will begin to dissolve it. Powerful stuff :)

  35. Good work…unique site and interesting too… keep it up…looking forward for more updates. I was really impressed by your blog please keep on sharing such blog.

  36. I had no idea that you could use baking soda and vinegar to clean out a drain! Does this work on drains? My daughters all share a bathroom, so that one gets a lot of hair stuck in it. Also, my kitchen sink gets lots of things stuck, and it gets clogged quite easily. Would this work for both of these?

  37. Narpat Pareek

    Please write in simple language so that every person can understand properly like me.Your suggestions seems to me very useful but style is literary

  38. Paula

    To clean the oven: Spray liberally with vinegar. Then, sprinkle baking soda around liberally. Leave overnight. Wipe out residue in morning with paper towel. WORKS!

  39. Nan_C

    This solution to clogged drains totally woked. Probably saved $100 plumber bill! Thank you!

  40. Luis Gomez

    I did what she said, and it worked, even though the drain had a lot of stuff heavier than grease.

  41. A. Sánchez

    Thank you Crunch Betty and all the commenters with their further advice! It is 1:21 and after hours and hours and liters and liters this natural solution is a wonder. I was truly skeptic at first, and this was the last try before giving up and calling the plumber tomorrow.
    Now the toilet is about 75% unplugged, enough for cleaning the mess in it. Tomorrow I’ll attack it again to fix it completely.
    Thank you all for this natural, cheap and awesome hack on this sh*t.

  42. To get your drain running again (without resorting to chemicals worthy of a hazmat suit) pour ½ cup soda, then ½ cup vinegar, down a clogged drain. Cover it with a wet cloth, wait 5 minutes, uncover, and flush with steaming-hot water.

  43. Ari


    I just tried the boiling water + baking soda + vinegar remedy on my clogged bathtub drain. I did it twice (and used a plunger each time afterwards), and it still didn’t do the trick. (Although I think some sludge might have come up.) Any other advice??


  44. This is so easy and absolutely chemical-free! I have very serious problem with clogged drains at home and we already became friends with the plumber who comes to unclog our drains….Honestly I am getting sick of this situation and poorer, too. I will try the baking soda/vinegar idea for cleaning the drains! I hope that it works! Thanks for sharing!

  45. this treatment worked, it is better than spending money at hardware store for drano etc.

  46. dj

    this did not work for me. I applied 2 times, even took the drain apart to get the soda down, I think the first time it took some of the clog down the drain an became stuck, off to the store for DRANO….I’m out of Baking Soda

  47. B. Baumann

    Thanks for the cleaning tips! Do you have a solution to those nasty, burnt in stains on the stove “glass top”? Nothing seems to penetrate to remove them. Thanks, B

  48. MUGGS45

    For those of you that have a basket built into the sink drain….
    Mix the BS with cold water to make a slurry JUST loose enough to pour through the basket.
    Then proceed as directed…..
    Worked for me….
    OH! and if you don’t have a stopper for the drain….use the inside lid from a canning jar and hold it down with the gallon jug you poured the vinegar from….It makes NO SENSE to buy white vinegar in anything smaller….This is how I did it.
    Good Luck

  49. tee

    I poured boiling water into my sink as directed, and my ceramic sink got big crack after that. THANKS! It will cost me to replace the sink.

  50. E

    Worked great. Fungus smell is gone now too!!

  51. For clogs that won’t clear with this method, consider DRAIN-FX. Full disclosure, I work with the company, and I’m trying to drum up awareness for our product. We developed this product so that people don’t ever have to buy chemical drain cleaners again.

    DRAIN-FX is in essence a portable pressure washer that hooks up to your tap and breaks up the clog using simple tap water and clever engineering. No chemicals whatsoever. We also donate 5% of our profit to WaterCan to fund clean water project in Africa. Google us ;-)

  52. RurouniKou

    Jarrod, Because I get tired of the “Chemicals are bad and scary!” arguments, I just want to point out that vinegar (in the above article) is a chemical (Acetic Acid- CH3COOH aka Vinegar), so is lemon juice, so is, well everything! Which means your lying, your pressure washer does use chemicals- Water. Water is a chemical- H20. You also used chemicals to make your product since plastic is made of different chemicals. Chemicals aren’t exotic and evil chemistry lab substances- they’re everything! So please cease the “Chemicals are bad!” scare tactic. Be knowledgeable which ones are undesirable to use and damaging, by all means, but quit with the scare tactics. It gets old and makes the person using that argument look foolish and uneducated, which is especially bad when you’re trying to plug your product.

  53. If this is the one that uses a garden hose and pressurizes the drain, I love it. My partners worked on a clogged drain that was 6 foot under a crawlspace and couldn’t open it. Hooked up one of those balloon like devices (which is what yours might be) to a hose and turned the water on. In 45 seconds it blew open the line and I was a hero.

  54. RurouiKou, you are quite astute; water is in fact, by definition, a chemical. Moreover, you are right in your assertion that both acetic acid (vinegar) and citric acid (lemon juice) are also chemicals, and of limited toxicological harm. Unfortunately, the vast majority of – and I use this term colloquially – “chemical drain cleaners” utilize chemicals with significantly more harmful toxicological properties than the chemicals referenced in your comment.

    Our business endeavor is provide an alternative to products like Drano, Liquid Plumr, etc, that make use of lye, sulfuric acid, or other hazardous heavy metals. We would certainly never discourage anyone from trying a non-harmful chemical like water, vinegar, or lemon juice on their clogged drain. Unfortunately, in many cases, even toxic chemicals don’t work very well.

    I appreciate your constructive criticism regarding my level of education; I will endeavor to continuously improve both my sales methodology and marketing approach, and I thank you for taking the time to read my previous comment.

  55. faithy

    sure everything is made up of chemicals…but some are natural and safe for human consumption and some are toxic…can you drink “drano” or “liquid plumr” without killing yourself? NO. can you ingest baking soda, or vinegar w/out killing yourself? YES. there’s the big difference. those chemicals work w/ our body and dont harm us whereas many cleaners are extremely harmful to skin and will kill you if you ingest it….science is usually not better than nature no matter what companies tell u….

  56. lakawak

    Water is a chemical COMPOUND, which is not the same as what non-anal people cal chemicals. Also…if you are trying to sound so intelligent and educated, you should learn 3rd grade vocabulary words like YOU’RE instead of YOUR.

  57. Norma Cenva


    I’m curious as to why people have to be pedantic on popular or mainstream uses of terminology.

    “Chemicals” in the popular sense tend to refer to the toxic kind. If you’re a chemist, or work in a lab, that’s different and I’d understand wanting to use the broader understanding.

    I’m wondering if you’re on the autistic spectrum for it to be so meaningful to you. Usually we’re the only ones that get that hung up on particular definitions, though some of us, myself for example, learn on our own how unnecessary and damaging such a focus is.

    I’d recommend talking to your therapist or caseworker if you get that worked up on popular usage of terms in a public forum. I know it can be miserable to be that hyper-focused, not to mention you lose friends over it.

    Good luck to you.

  58. Gyen

    You are awesome Jarrod.

  59. Melody

    Hahaha Jarrod that’s great!

  60. Thanks for the article, I guess it’s a cheaper method for household residents and will definitely give it a go over the weekend!

  61. Keith

    Just lucky it didn’t blow out a joint. Drains have thinner wall thickness than pressure pipes. Most of the time clogs are easier to blow out than joints, but when that one time it happens…..


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