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  1. ashley marchuck

    love it! thanks

  2. Ed P.

    Be careful of putting hot water down the Garbage Disposal a lot.
    I have heard that it causes the lubrication to be ruined.
    Better to use Cold or Cool water.
    A good way to clean and freshen up the Disposal is to use ice cubes (the ones you buy in a bag or from the fridge ice dispenser) .
    Put some in the disposal with thin sliced lemon. Run the cold water slowly and turn on the disposal.
    Use the back of a wooden spoon or a chop sticks to move the ice around the top drain (be careful of going too deep and chopping up the wooden spoon or the chop sticks, BUT better them than a metal utensil ).
    Add more ice as needed. it might back up a little as it grinds through.
    The ice will clean the disposal insides and the blades and the lemon will have a nice smell.
    I guess you can follow up with some baking soda , vinegar and them some cold water to get rid of more odors.

  3. For clogs that won’t clear with this method, consider DRAIN-FX. Full disclosure, I work with the company, and I’m trying to drum up awareness for our product. We developed this product so that people don’t ever have to buy chemical drain cleaners again.

    DRAIN-FX is in essence a portable pressure washer that hooks up to your tap and breaks up the clog using simple tap water and clever engineering. No chemicals whatsoever. We also donate 5% of our profit to WaterCan to fund clean water project in Africa. Google us ;-)

  4. RurouniKou

    Jarrod, Because I get tired of the “Chemicals are bad and scary!” arguments, I just want to point out that vinegar (in the above article) is a chemical (Acetic Acid- CH3COOH aka Vinegar), so is lemon juice, so is, well everything! Which means your lying, your pressure washer does use chemicals- Water. Water is a chemical- H20. You also used chemicals to make your product since plastic is made of different chemicals. Chemicals aren’t exotic and evil chemistry lab substances- they’re everything! So please cease the “Chemicals are bad!” scare tactic. Be knowledgeable which ones are undesirable to use and damaging, by all means, but quit with the scare tactics. It gets old and makes the person using that argument look foolish and uneducated, which is especially bad when you’re trying to plug your product.

  5. If this is the one that uses a garden hose and pressurizes the drain, I love it. My partners worked on a clogged drain that was 6 foot under a crawlspace and couldn’t open it. Hooked up one of those balloon like devices (which is what yours might be) to a hose and turned the water on. In 45 seconds it blew open the line and I was a hero.

  6. RurouiKou, you are quite astute; water is in fact, by definition, a chemical. Moreover, you are right in your assertion that both acetic acid (vinegar) and citric acid (lemon juice) are also chemicals, and of limited toxicological harm. Unfortunately, the vast majority of – and I use this term colloquially – “chemical drain cleaners” utilize chemicals with significantly more harmful toxicological properties than the chemicals referenced in your comment.

    Our business endeavor is provide an alternative to products like Drano, Liquid Plumr, etc, that make use of lye, sulfuric acid, or other hazardous heavy metals. We would certainly never discourage anyone from trying a non-harmful chemical like water, vinegar, or lemon juice on their clogged drain. Unfortunately, in many cases, even toxic chemicals don’t work very well.

    I appreciate your constructive criticism regarding my level of education; I will endeavor to continuously improve both my sales methodology and marketing approach, and I thank you for taking the time to read my previous comment.

  7. faithy

    sure everything is made up of chemicals…but some are natural and safe for human consumption and some are toxic…can you drink “drano” or “liquid plumr” without killing yourself? NO. can you ingest baking soda, or vinegar w/out killing yourself? YES. there’s the big difference. those chemicals work w/ our body and dont harm us whereas many cleaners are extremely harmful to skin and will kill you if you ingest it….science is usually not better than nature no matter what companies tell u….

  8. Gyen

    You are awesome Jarrod.

  9. Melody

    Hahaha Jarrod that’s great!


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