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  1. tee

    I poured boiling water into my sink as directed, and my ceramic sink got big crack after that. THANKS! It will cost me to replace the sink.

  2. E

    Worked great. Fungus smell is gone now too!!

  3. Unfortunately this trick did not work very well for me. While I could observe some progress, it did not finish the job. I made another mix of vinegar, baking soda and boiling water which worked a little better, but I feel like a stronger solution might be the answer.

  4. Charlene Taylor

    I tried this method in my bathroom upstairs. We ended up with a leak. We had to call a plumber. I found out that the Universal Plumbing Code (UPC) prohibits the introduction of water hotter than 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You can damage your drains and seals making them leak. That happened to us. I had water dripping from my ceiling fan downstairs. We had to cut holes in the ceiling for the plumbers to access the pipes to repair them. Please do not use boiling water.

  5. Nanci O'Dea

    This was a miracle cure! Wow! Thank you so much. Do you know of any home remedies to whiten teeth. Or remove stains?

    • binko

      Brush vigorously with table/sea salt and warm water…make a paste. I promise this works?


      • Taylor

        Please don’t do that. I am a licensed dental hygienist and I have to warn you that using any abrasives or vigoursly scrubbing your teeth can wear down your enamel and cause sensitivity.

  6. Billie

    Does the vinager and baking soda work if you have dirt or sand in the drain

  7. Christy

    A thin paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide left on the counter for ten minutes, then scrubbed gently with a clean damp cloth works great. I use it for my kitchen sink too. Just don’t use on surfaces that scratch easily.

    • A

      If you have two spray bottles- one with hydrogen peroxide, and one with white vinegar – and spray each on your counter, then wipe, it actually sterilizes better than bleach. It is very safe.

  8. Falkor

    worked for me.
    don’t use boiling water, as too much heat may cause some pipes to leak.

    I used almost boiling water to fill the drain (it clogged again), and as it slowly went down I poured about half a (small) box of baking soda.

    the baking soda (which is a powder) did bubble, and started to help the seized up drain.
    When I poured in the white vinegar (usually for cleaning), it made a lot of bubbles, and the pressure cleared out the drain with some satisfying sounds.

    Now, I can shower longer than 1 minute with the drain actually working.

    if this doesn’t work for you, try again, but seal the top part of the drain, so the pressure can ONLY go down and not in both ways. It was enough for me to just use the hot water and the powder, then the vinegar.

    thanks for the tip, and hope this helps.

  9. Clean Mama

    So what do I use to combat the mold that likes to grow down the bathroom sink drain (and probably all other drains) I can remove the center plug core, and when I look down the drain there are side holes which, I believe, are the outflow for the overflow. They actually grow a nasty mold, but since they are located at an angle that is impossible to get into, they are super hard to clean. The plug has a pink mold growing on the end and I know that below the drain, where I can’t see, it is teeming with nastiness!! I have done the hot water/soda/vinegar cleanse, but it hasn’t really done anything for the mold I can see – who knows if it has worked down below. Therefore, I fell back on my old standby – Chlorox! I removed the drain plug and scrubbed it clean and then soaked it in a Chlorox solution. After the soaking, I poured the remainder down the drain. Is there something that will really work that isn’t quite as non-green as Chlorox?

  10. This method to unclog the drain worked wonderfully!!!!! After doing the hot water, then waiting a few minutes for the baking soda to boil in the sink and pouring the vinegar and hot water it didn’t seem to do anything, then I ran hot water and turned on the garbage disposer and wallah the sink drained perfectly. Thanks!!!!!

  11. Danielle

    This method works. It takes some time, but it works. One additional thing I did tonight that I hadn’t thought of was to use a small plastic bottle (my vinegar bottle in my case) to put over the drain. I pushed it down and was able to squish it enough under the faucet so that I didn’t have to hold it constantly. When the pressure started to build in the bottle, I squeezed it. I created just that extra push to clear the drain. It was awesome. And no harmful chemicals splashing back in my face. My step grandmother had (RIP) scars on her face from years of splash back of harmful chemicals. It is crazy what we used to do in the name of clean. Anyway, thanks for the tip. I use this method for every clogged drain. Works like a gem. And feels like a chemistry experiment. :)

  12. Well, it’s kind of a lottery here. It will not unclog physical or grease blockages and above that you might ruin your drain and we’ve seen quite a few of these. So would definietly recommend to call an expert first.

  13. Charlotte

    disinfecting cleaner:
    Put 1/3 cup vinegar and a few drops Dawn in spray bottle. Fill with water.

  14. I followed the instruction and the drain was clear up instantly! Thank you for posting!

  15. Amanda

    I use 1 cup vinegar,1 cup rubbing alcohol , 2 drops dish soap, 1 cup water or use equal parts of all ingredients mix in a spray bottle ,I use this all over my house for cleaning

  16. hi betty, I was just wondering if the basking soda and vinegar method will also get rid of a mold back up in a kitchen sink? im in an apartment building and this is what is happening to me, please help me if you can, many thanks, from donna in Ontario canada

  17. Lauren P

    Another good solution for a clogged bathroom sink drain is to pour about half of a 10 oz bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid in the drain and let it sit several hours preferably overnight to work. Then in the morning get a small plunger (I have one I use just for my sinks) and an old washcloth. Use the washcloth to plug the overflow hole on the sink. This allows all the pressure you will apply with the plunger to work on the drain. Then add a small quantity (2 cups or so) of warm water to the drain and plunge away. The Dawn will have loosened all the greasy gunk and the plunging will either bring it up (where you can toss it away with a paper towel) or flush it down. About 5 minutes of plunging once a month keeps everything working well for me.

  18. rich

    forget the baking soda. Use good Shop Vac on drain. Duct tape the overflows and let the vacuum suck everything out. You will need to remove the stopper. Good for jewelry that may have inadvertently fallen in drain.

  19. Good information, but WHY is it necessary to have to listen to drums in the background. Very annoying!

  20. I use vinegar and water for my coffee pot. We have a keurig and Mr coffee makers. I clean 3times with the mixture and then rinse with clean water the same amount of times. In the reg pot I let everything doak for awhile. Then I rinse with hot water after washing I sometimes use a little bleach and water to get stubborn stains out if where the filter gies and then really clean with soap and water.

  21. jill

    This worked well for me. No pipe drama. No issues. Plain, straight boiling water by the way works well on toilet blockage or a slow draining toilet.

  22. It’s interesting to think that this might actually work, I’ll have to give it a try soon. We always have problems with our sink, and I feel like we’ve tried everything to fix it ourselves. This will probably be the last step before we call in a professional service, where we know it will be fixed.


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