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  1. Deb Robson

    I have a slow leak in the pipes I want to unclog. Is it a good idea to use this mixture if I have a leak? I’m thinking I could possibly make my leak worse

  2. Judith

    This did NOT work on my drain even after following the directions twice…SIGH back to Mr Plumber

  3. Thanks crunchypants! worked like a charm!

  4. With 25 years in the plumbing industry, the last thing you want to do is pour boiling water down any plastic drains. Considering code states water hotter then 140 degrees is not allowed down a drain and for good reason. Water over 140 degrees tends to soften plastic pipe and cause it to lose its shape. Which could cause piping to lose its pitch causing even bigger problems. Although baking soda and vinegar may provide temporary relief of a stoppage you simply delaying the need to mechanically clean the pipe. As a drain freshener it is OK. The best thing to do is fill sink up with hot tap water and let it drain periodically. This will use head pressure and hot water to help flush any lose debris.

  5. Patricia O'Reilly

    Never thought about bread sodda and vinegar combination before.

    Will definitely try – BUT what measurement is -c- ?

    Many thanks, Patricia


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