12 Responses to “Buddha, Freakonomics, and the Placebo Effect on Homemade Beauty”


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  1. mumsyjr

    Okay I am doing cheer leading type hops at my desk (obviously the boss is not around). This absolutely, one hundred percent makes sense. You have just managed to express pretty clearly and briefly exactly the threads I’ve been trying to braid together to explain to some people where I am coming from on several topics. This is fantabular. I am so throwing it up on fb and stumbling it.
    Oh, also, hi, I’ve only recently started reading so I think this may be my first comment.

  2. Lisa

    Makes sense to me!

  3. Jan

    *stand and applauds*

    Awesome, awesome post. Seriously.

  4. Excellent!! Really, really excellent.

  5. Agree! Excellent post!

  6. Every last word was fabulous. I especially loved the Freakonomics section and “convenience of conventional wisdom”. I was just experiencing this very phenomenon when I was trying to get my kids to put your aspirin honey mask on their face.

    I finally had to say, “so you would rather put toxic chemicals doused with sweet smells than natural products?

    Okay, so the aspirin isn’t natural, but they finally got my point.

    Conventional wisdom…




  7. And my magic internet 8-ball says you are my guru!!

    I love this post…very well written and I totally get it and couldn’t agree more! Keeping it simple: what you put in you, on you or around affects you. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

    your eternal student
    ~ Jen

  8. Googlebird

    Really loved this article! :D

  9. Brittany Barclay

    I like this, but i know if i show it to my sisters, they’d
    be angry and say im dumping on religion. Theres more to truth than feelings.

  10. Juinnie

    Yea, I agree with the Buddha’s saying, I feel that if a person believes in something straight away, they usually fall out of faith just as quickly when they hit a minor bump.