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  1. Wow! You make me want to put fruit on my face!
    I saw Gina’s lovely face coated in coffee. She’s darling.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Wasn’t that the cutest thing ever? She wears food on her face so well.

      Now it’s your turn! (And both this mask and the coffee one are super fantastic.) Take pictures! I’m going to have something very fun coming up at the end of the week … you’ll be glad you did. :)

  2. Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for stopping by my site and inviting me over:) I love your site and all of your articles. It’s funny because I have been working on adding a section like this on my blog and I my logo and name for it is Natural Beauty. Anyways, as soon as I have it ready to publish I would love to do a feature on you and your site . You have such great beauty info that everyone can benefit from.
    Also looking forward to your linky party and to trying out this facial polish.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Thanks, Nancy! I have everything ready to go for tomorrow morning … I’m so excited, it’s taking all my willpower not to hit “post” right now.

      See you tomorrow! (And just the thought Mexican Garlic Shrimp makes my tummy growl. Mmmmm.)

  3. I really like the way this one sounds. Can’t wait to try it. I’m reading your site before I do grocery shopping tomorrow!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Put mascarpone on that list, too. I just found the most amazing sounding mascarpone-stuffed strawberry recipe …

  4. You are a hoot!! I’ve never done anything close to making up my own personal skin concoctions, but you, my dear, make me want to run to the stores and grab all things natural!!

    Now, ground oats…tell me, I’m sure I’m way off base, but you’re not talking Quaker Oats are you?? (Turning head and covering eyes)

    • Crunchy Betty

      Haha. You’re so fun! If you lived any closer, I’d tell you to raid my fridge. It’s full and I’m getting ready to go away for a week – need someone to use it up!

      Actually, you can use Quaker oats (though I recommend just getting some organic rolled oats at Whole Foods or the like). Just make sure you don’t use the quick-cooking kind. They don’t have as much good stuff in ’em.

  5. Wow, very creative. And making me hungry. Gonna have strawberries on my cereal.

    May try the mask!

    And not going to cook, as I did that last night so my quote for July is done.

    Fun post!

  6. Hi,

    You came and left a nice comment on my site so I am reciprocatin’. But this is heartfelt as in, I really mean it…I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! And I am not just blowing sunshine in your face. This stuff is right up my alley and my family is going to be eating and wearing their food, starting with this recipe.

    I worshiped your post on strawberries too, and I have subscribed to your feed so I can keep up with your eating habits.

    Thanks for visiting me. Glad to meet you!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Now THAT is how you leave a comment. You should give a workshop or something. I just fell in love with you, and I’m probably going to obsess for a while. Sorry if it gets weird. Heh.

  7. Still buzzzing from the coffee mask and now I am wanting to go buy strawberries and kiwis!
    Better get dressed first or the neighbours will think I have totally lost it!
    Thanks for the link on this post. It makes me feel all warm and squishy inside to think I am someone’s “Homie” Makes me feel a little more hip and exciting than just a mum of three in her pj’s!!!

  8. So, your Stawberry-Kiwi facial polish sounds awesome! Can I make up a small jar of it as a gift? How long will it last and does it need to be refrigerated?


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