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  1. KT

    Just tried this with arrowroot powder instead of cornstarch on my shower door. Cleaned much better than straight vinegar. Not a miracle but at least its not toxic or polluting! Thanks :)

  2. Terri t

    I use basically the same recipe and every time I clean my sliding glass doors…or even my fridge…I’m in awe. It’s a wonderful combo of ingredients. I think the cornstarch is the secret ingredient!

  3. acannon

    Lady, You Rock!!!

    Alvin Corn Homemade Glass Cleaner

    1/4 c. rubbing alcohol
    1/4 c. white vinegar
    1 Tbsp cornstarch
    2 c. warm water

    Just made the second batch. I suspect that I’ll need a third to complete the outside.

    Yesterday, I decided to clean the outside windows. They needed it. It had been about 10 years. I used dishwashing detergent, water and a sponge. It left residue, streaks and a haze. The follow up with Alvin is the best that I’ve seen in nearly 63 years.

    At first I thought Alvin was not working. Turns out, I’ll be doing the inside windows next. My wife will love me. Hopefully, even more. :-)

    My mother (Betty, Elizabeth) would have thanked you.

    Muchas Gracias, mi amiga.


  4. Louize

    Thanks for this – I have been using the Alvin Corn now for a few months – on windows and stainless steel appliances – it is fabulous! I have just mentioned it in my blog and linked to here –

  5. I thought that Alvin Corn was great for awhile, until I realized that it leaves behind a powdery residue.

  6. laura

    worked like a charm yay thanks

  7. This one really is a winner. I’ve been super happy with the results I’m getting—and glad not to be poisoning myself everytime I want a clean mirror :) Thanks!

  8. Jill

    I use warm water and cornstarch on my windows for spring cleaning. Wipe window with mixture, then dry paper towel to dry window -so clean the birds ran into my windows !!

  9. tp

    There is a reason why Windex chose ammonia for their formula and not acetic acid. Please don’t use white vinegar to clean glass…it begins etching glass on contact! It will eventually pit the glass.

    I once tested it for removing metallic coatings from optical glass–not only did it remove the coating, but it ate through half of the glass in three days.

  10. Luciane Spencer

    I work as housecleaner and have been looking for a good recipe for homemade glass cleaner for a while now and I just made and tryed yours, I have to say it actually works as well or even better than certain name brand cleaners. Who knew corn starch would actually be a great ingredient for it. I’m so happy, thanks for sharing it, will be a great money saver for me since I use around 5 bottles a week for work.

  11. This works wonderful! 2 thumbs up :)

  12. mommywalker

    I just made this and it is WONDERFUL! I may try and add a few drops of tea tree oil or lavender. Do you think it would streak if I did that?

  13. Tish

    Been using this for approximately a year. I use it on my kitchen counters, my appliances, my mirrors and my sink. No more SOB when I clean, nobody has tried to drink it since it smells like vinegar and alcohol and my son and husband have had fewer illnesses (I have had about the same due to mold allergies, which is unavoidable at work) than usual. I have no trouble with streaking on windows/mirrors but do notice a white resideue on black appliances if miss an area while wiping. No one in the family has tried to drink it and no difficulty with etching or pitting. All good results! Conicidence? Maybe, but at .43 cents a bottle, I’m sticking with it!

  14. toots

    This is great. I am 81 years old and have never found a window cleaner that didn’t leave a waxy streak. Don’t chenge a thing to the recipe. I am forwarding to friends.

  15. SugaJ

    Soooo….I thought I would make this on one of my “Midnight-I-Can’t-Sleep-So-Let-Me-Start-a-Project” kicks. Didn’t have any cornstarch so I thought, “Hey, baking soda, it’s white, about the same consistency, maybe I can just substitute it.” After all, we all know that baking soda is a great cleaning aid. Guess what? NOOOOOOOOO!!! Don’t try to substitute. Cornstarch and baking soda are NOT interchangeable. Stop laughing smart people. Now I know. My little project turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. The baking soda combo left a white film on everything I sprayed it on – and I sprayed it on EVERYTHING! Ugggggg….I’ll be getting cornstarch on the double.

  16. Starr

    Just whipped up a batch of this window cleaner and tried it out on my bathroom mirrors. I gotta tell ya…. I’m pretty much amazed w/ it! After I cleaned them, I shined them with my Norwex shine cloth and WOWZERS! I wouldn’t change a thing about this cleaner. It’s a real keeper in my book! Thanks so much for sharing such an inexpensive cleaner recipe with us! One more area where I can cut the budget!! WooHoo!

  17. Mr. Corbett

    Don’t use hard water! That may be why some people are having bad thoughts after using this recipe. Tap water is either hard or soft because of minerals. Use soft water if that is what you have, or buy distilled water. You will get a much better window cleaner and lest complants. Distilled water should be in the recipe because of the differant types of tap water out there.

    • thatgirlinnewyork

      Very good point about the source of water–warm hard water will have even more sediment in it! I have a filter tap, and have no issues.

  18. Joann

    I’ve been wanting to try a home made glass cleaner for awhile. I finally ran completely out of store bought and hit to the internet for the best recipe. I came upon this site and last night made the Alvin Corn recipe – it works beautifully! I would suggest the newspaper or micro fiber cloths as I just grabbed a couple paper towels for a quick test drive on some bathroom mirrors, and a perpetually dirty stainless steel garbage can. Does not smell offensive in any way to me, and brought up a great shine. Will continue to use! Thanks for the testing to save me the trouble :-)

  19. LeanneTheLovely

    DO NOT CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS WITH THIS RECIPE! It is very very dangerous!! It makes windows and glass appear almost invisible!! This is a huge hazard especially on sliding glass doors! You will end up walking into them thinking there is no glass there!! Or hurting your hands punching windows trying to reach through them because the glass is so clean you can’t even see it! It even gets those old hardwater spots to vanish… so be warned! ;-)

  20. enjrob

    I’ve been using this for about a year now and I am in love with it. I use it to clean windows, appliances, mirrors, etc. Just a tip—use coffee filters (clean ones……) and there will be no lint at all. PRISTINE and cheap!

  21. Blaire Nadal

    Thanks for the tips! I only know about lime and vinegar for cleaning glasses and mirrors. I never thought about using alcohol. I believe baking soda also works.

  22. Kathy

    LOVE LOVE LOve this glass cleaner! My miorrors are beautiful, no streaks and not too much rubbing either! THANKS SO MUCH!

  23. blondeANDdroppedonheadatbirth

    Okay it’s official I’m stupid. I just couldn’t figure why everyone liked this recipe so much if you had to bother warming it up first. (Then it finally dawned on me: it’s 2 cups WARM water to mix it up initially, not every freakin’ time you use it!!!) I’d better just stick with Windex; at least I won’t try to put that on my salad.

  24. Bri

    thanks for the recipe! My science project is now complete!

  25. Bri

    thanks for the recipe! My science project is now complete!

  26. joe

    pfft i tried the second one (water, vinegar and cornstarch) and it was crap. the cleaner left a relatively sticky film of slightly translucent cornstarch, and the cleaner itself worked only half as well as store bought cleaner

  27. Slawek

    O yes, simple supply – my grandma, my mom and now my cleaning lady uses it along with microfiber cloth – professional cleaning service I would say- in my home city Clifton, NJ.

  28. thank you for this!! Worked like a charm on my disgusting glass coffee table top. Have 3 children under 5 and have never had it this clean no matter what I tried. lol. Thank you!!!

  29. Robyn

    Does the water have to be warm? When using after the first time do you microwave it?

  30. Ania

    I just made it and used it on everything glass, and I really want to bounce around and hug you and I’m so happy I’m apparently squeaking. My boyfriend has this THING for glass furniture and glass tables and his 6 year old has this thing about licking and touching and wiping hands and other body parts on said glass things. And I have this thing about finger prints or smudges on glass that makes me twitch and I can’t sleep at night. I thank you, from the bottom of my twitchy heart.

  31. sucreabeille

    I admit it, I was skeptical, but DANG. I figured I’d test it out on my kitchen window, and it made them look so incredible (invisible, really), that I ended up doing the rest of the windows in my home. HAPPILY, I might add. Thank you so much for this recipe — I thought I had seen all the DIY recipe, and NEVER would’ve thought of using cornstarch. Good stuff!

  32. Will never buy glass cleaner again! My French doors leading onto my deck were covered with dog nose prints on the outside and handprints from my 10 month old grandson on the inside. So I got out my Windex Sunglasses Required and went at them. They looked awful. So I found my Windex with vinegar for round two. If possible they looked worse. Frustrated I went online and found this. I had all of the ingredients but no spray bottle so I emptied one of the Windex bottles, mixed up this potion and tried again. HOLY MOLY! It’s a good thing there are panes in those doors or someone would try to walk into them thinking they’re open! Positively sparkling! THANK YOU!

  33. Snick

    Saw a cleaning program on the telly last night, they say to only use cornflour made from CORN some “cornflour” is made from WHEAT, it is not cornflour at all and it will leave streaks.

  34. Jesse

    I am a professional cleaner, I look after a large luxury high-rise. I have had mixed results. The cleaner DOES leave a residue. On mirrors it looks perfect and even some of the windows I did looked pretty good.. Until the light changed. THEN the streaks showed up and plenty of them. For large windows, interior/exterior the best method IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE.. a window mop and a squeegee. Once you get the squeegee down you’ll never go back.. Now again, this is for windows that see a lot of changing light (and we have a lot of windows in this building *sigh*). I keep using the product in the bathroom though it’s good for that once well mixed and shaken during use.

  35. Mummyathome

    I added normal cheap vinager to my soap nut solution and cleaned all the greasy toddler finger prints off the window. Came up with a beautiful shine. Must admit didn’t do such a heavy scientific experiment. I will give the toothpast/hairspray test a try with it. (Although I can’t remember when my windows were ever that dirty) lol. Thanks for the tips.

  36. Debee

    you are a life-saver!! I was cleaning windows (a chore that I had grown to dispise and only do in spring and in Fall because I have always had problems cleaning my mirrors and windows since I moved into our home 12yrs ago. they never got streak-free clean no matter what I used to clean them or wipe them with-newspaper/microfiber,etc. Even my bathroom mirror that always looked liked it had a streaky-smeary film on it is sparkling. This cleaner is FANTASTIC. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Thank you so much!

  37. OSHA eye wash stations

    There are voc’s in lemon or lime skins known as pyrethrin, which also create an excellent pesticide. Unfortunately they are also particularly harmful to kitties.


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