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  1. Hey Crunchy Betty. I hope you are doing ok. I miss you. :) ~ Wendi

  2. nicole

    You are a genuine, beautiful soul. So real, refreshing, and inspirational. Your point of view and writing are truly a gift.

  3. laura hash

    Hi Betty,
    Its weird reading what you wrote because its almost a word for word realization, I myself had one morning. I would love to hear more of what you have to say, I just found out my cancers back but this time it’s in my bones, not going anywhere so I often lay awake at night and ponder over life which is what I was doing when crunchy Betty popped into my mind and I was curious if you had any new.wonders to share, I for one am thankful you did,I like where you were going with it …..bit of advice.. Can’t please everyone just post like a surgeon general s warning on the blog truth found here take it or leave it! Don’t apologize for feeling…or stating yours makes it a little less genuine.. Love ya…devoted reader

  4. Wow- I opened this up to read about cleaning my bathtub drain. Thank you so much for this! So there are more “regular people” waking up, not just Eckert Tolle and one or two others that have written books about it. What a wonderful thing to read first thing in the morning. Again, I thank you. And I wonder if you have read anything by Jed McKenna? Not that you need to now, but you might find it interesting, nonetheless. “Spiritual Enlightenment- The Damndest Thing” is the first of his trilogy. Enjoy your day- and I will enjoy my clean bathtub drain!!!

  5. Tjernagel

    Thank you for what you wrote the are few people I think who can write so honest. A random visit this sight and found something. To me that means you wrote this and it found at least one other person.

  6. CS

    Stumbled apon this site today for the first time and connected to this inspirational sign off. Laughed out load and cried a little at the mention of time. I wish you well with the continuation of your journey and would hope to hear more X

  7. Jennifer

    Miss you :(

  8. Audrey

    I haven’t been on this site in about 6 months prior to that I was probably going through the same thing you wrote about. I SO GET IT AND LOVED reading it so much as it hit close to home. I have learned to be more present and really realize that thats all we really have. Me worrying/obsessing about the future doesn’t make it go away or the time pass faster. I’ve learned to deal with it as it comes…Thank you for sharing this, I remain hopeful daily that others will continue to inspire me. Take care and all the best to you!!!!


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