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  1. Charlie

    I wonder where you are in this moment :)
    I assume you gave read the power of now by eckhart tolle.

    Do you meditate? Check out http://www.dhamma.org
    Love and blessings to you.


  2. This is a great blog… It`s a shame that you left it :( please start it again :)

  3. Come on keep up with the good work. I want to continue reading your blog. Waiting for your next article. Cheers.


  4. Jennifer

    I get it. I just found your blog today and found it very helpful. I found your writing style and comments very entertaining. It’s been a while since you wrote this post I am reading now. My guess is that you’re not coming back. That’s okay. And it’s okay if you do. You have a talent with words and obviously a desire to help others–I can relate. But I can also relate to what’s most important and that is that you follow your heart. I am at a similar point in my life, actually have been for a while. I hope you find your way out, rekindle what is necessary to continue on your journey of love.. I have not seen the way for some time, though I am still hopeful and still searching for the light. Best wishes to you! And thanks for your contributions to the world–past, present and future.. You are loved.

  5. Angie

    it must have been so exhausting always perfecting these wonderful recipes to present to us. I’ve miss the blog and hope you find it in yourself to share another passion with us. I love your writing and style.

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  7. CC

    Freedom. The quiet life. Those are what I seek more than anything. (Can it be “sought”?) How wonderful you found it. (Can it be “found”?) Your blog is helpful and interesting. Thank you.

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  10. may

    Hello Crunchy Betty,

    For the longest time I was on an all natural, proof based, strict path… during that time your blog helped me… after a while I too started to get bogged down by the pressures I had put upon myself. After a long time my views started to change and I took time away to focus on other things, and I came to the realization that it doesn’t have to be a strict and narrow view/path. I come back to your blog after a couple years away and I find renewed joy in your posts… because of the simple joy of making things with natural ingredients myself….. things which before I had scoured the internet for the minutest proof in the ingredients, I now enjoy for simpler reasons.

    I no longer require so much proof as to why something might be a life changing ingredient. I need to know it’s beneficial properties, but I can be happy that the act of using it to make something myself holds a joy that buying it from a store does not.

    Like body butter bars (for example), I love that my ingredients are all-natural and luxurious and have amazing properties, I love that I can tailor the ingredients to suit my own needs and desires, I get to choose what is or isn’t acceptable for ME… however I no longer need to dissect every minute claim about each ingredient. Nor do I make myself feel bad if I were to choose to make a lotion with a carefully selected preservative… and now that i’ve grown more, I wouldn’t think less of you if you did as well.

    I do hope you choose to come back when you are ready because you are hilarious, real, human and I think you’ve probably got some pretty great ideas worth sharing… got any more body butter bar recipes? any combos of essential oils that make you swoon because they smell just so mmmm, and not because they serve a specific purpose? do you remember what it was like to make something and feel giddy about it because YOU made it, because you tailored it for YOU and not because it adhered to super-stringent naturalistic guidelines we all imposed on yourselves and each other at one time or another? does making your own stuff still hold joy for you in any measurement?

    Thank-you for writing this post, for opening up, it reminded me that I was going through a similar internal experience at the same time, had I still been around to read this post when you posted it, instead of going on hiatus before you, I probably would have cried with relief that i wasn’t the only one feeling like it had all gotten too much. I was able to find my way back to the joy of what I love about it, with a new perspective.

    Should you decide to come back, and I hope you do, I am excited to see what thrills you now, and gets your creative juices whirling.

    Thank-you for being you. Should you not return, I wish you all the best, and much happiness, as I continue to find renewed joy in the posts you left behind.

  11. So sorry to read this. But your happiness is what’s most important, so… wish you luck on your way! :)

  12. Come on. Keep up! Great article.

  13. Very interesting post! Big up!

  14. Carol Richards

    Wow! What a path. Painful and exhilarating, all at once. Even though I don’t visit often, your site has been a valuable resource for me, the homemaking nerd. i came today to get your wisdom on laundry boosters, and instead found wisdom on life. Thanks for the reminder that none of the minutiae really matters, that it’s just a weird way of entertaining oneself and feeling productive at the same time. I will return more often now, to follow your journey. Thank you for sharing this experience, and all of the previous insights and information you have so marvelously researched and shared with us.

    Ms. Bellinghamster
    Bellingham, WA

  15. Mel

    I love this blog, and I thank you for all the time you’ve put into it so far. I hope that it will continue to exist, even if you no longer feel drawn to add to it. Best wishes in all your future endeavors! And thank you. Thank you.

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