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  1. Devyn

    Everything about this post resonates with me. I would really love for you to share more.

  2. Bridgette

    I came to your blog this morning looking for guidance – though I didn’t realize I would get the best kind. Your words are poignant and yet simple. And girl, they ring true to so many of us. Self evolution is heart wrenching and scary and beautifully raw. Thank you for Crunchy Betty, she was great and we loved her! And thank you, thank you for the you NOW. I would love to keep reading, keep sharing, keep settling into this new (ish) space with you. It sounds like a couple hundred others would, too. Your words and current experience resonate so clearly, my dear. Your energy is shining through, and I’m sending some of mine back at ya. Please keep it coming – we all need to know we are not alone, or completely off our rockers. :) thank you again! Xo

  3. Joelle

    Hi Leslie,

    About three years ago I began to “wake up”, it started with a nervous breakdown (I work for the federal government by day) and became an obsession with the end of the world, I was eventually led to the Freeman movement and on to Russ Perisky (YouTube) and Marcus’ interpretation of the writings of the Bible took me from an agnostic to a believer after spending my childhood rejecting what I was told by the priests in Catholic School. I was able to asimilate His word and find a peace my husband could not. My husband rejected the idea of God, not being able to fully separate Him from the images given us by religion (ptooy). He essentially allowed his vision of a One World Order and the corruption of business and government (it is real, it is not a joke and it is scary) to overtake his psyche to such an extent that he lost himself and his ability to love. We recently separated as I was getting nowhere in aiding his journey and his negativity was dragging me down into despair as well; I am glad to say he has finally seen the light (although perhaps not faith) and is bringing himself out of the pit. Freedom is tricky as anger and hatred breed the negativity that kills freedom. It can make you so desperate to expose the truth you forget to live, you forget to love and lose the whole point of freedom and the reason to fight for it.

    Do not give up the struggle, keep informing those who do not see. Governments and pharmaceutical companies suppress the cures for most diseases in shrouds of obscurity in order to keep pumping us full of their chemical drugs (natural ones without side-effects are not patentable), the best example is the fact that something as simple as Hash oil cures Cancer quickly, completly and without side-effects (including getting “high” since you don’t ingest enough). There are studies all over the place including Government agencies which have been skewed and re-written to say the opposite (I have read both pre-edit and edited versions working in Health Departments); thankfully there are those brave enough to put it out there.

    The trick is to find a balance. Live your life as God intended (and as you may observe in nature) by taking only that which you require, sharing space freely with both your friends and your enemies, be honest and do no harm. Meanwhile speak out when you see autrocities and enjoy every tiny thing that makes you smile. This is how I have managed to keep up the struggle and still find peace.

  4. Nancy

    I love your statement about paradoxes and contradictions. I’ve been on a similar journey and would love to hear your thoughts. No scientific data needed. ;)

  5. Daria

    Dear Leslie,

    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your work on this blog – it was thanks to you that I switched to oils as my skincare a year ago and I wouldn’t go back for anything. I used to put food on my face even before I found you, but I had never thought of using oil as face or body cream. I look better and my skin in healthier than it’s been in years, even though I experience the occasional breakouts. Your style of writing is what convinced me to try, not the scientific proof :)

    I am truly sorry to hear that you have experienced such anguish writing your posts, as they were always such a pleasure and an inspiration to read. If you decide to keep posting, I would love to read you, but that is entirely up to you and what makes you happy. Don’t know if it helps or not, but just thought you should know your work on this blog has reached far beyond your own country (I’m from Eastern Europe) and for at least one reader (me) you have made a TREMENDOUS difference – and through me, you have made a difference in the lives of my best friends, because they too are now fans of your ways. I’m pretty sure that you have made a difference for countless others who have visited your blog.

    THANK YOU once again and may you have a truly blessed life,


  6. Sherry

    Thank you for sharing ;) sorry for what your going thru, please continue ! I have missed you ;)

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  8. Darcy

    I have too many things to say, and they are too personal to post here. I loved the Crunchy Betty site as it was but if you can somehow teach me to stop worrying, I’d be interested in experiencing that. How does one simply accept their awful life? It was the worrying of a friend that caused her not to believe the diagnosis of cancer that would have prevented being on a transplant list that caused her to demand proof. That worrying lead to the proof that has now allowed her husband to be on a transplant list which is now offering hope that he might live.

  9. Ang

    I’ve loved this blog, your enthusiasm, your humor and your style. Whether it be here or another site, “Crunchy Betty” material or insights related to the new path you follow, I look forward to more of your work and can only hope that someday you do too. Best wishes on your journey.

  10. connor gujwin

    jayuh. that sounds that. blog about how to not worry and see joy in life. millions of people need that

  11. Just tell me that you will not leave your Crunchy Betty’s Fans, many of your recipes changed my life & I know you are here for passion. I mean give me a break, who gives the recipe of their products when selling them !! ?? You are awesome & many of your readers trust in you, no matter if you make mistakes we know you are not an alchemist & everything here is very healthy & harmless.
    There’s people out there wearing commercial brands that they should be worried about & not worrying about putting baking soda on their scalp.
    Thank you so much to bring unite to your crunchy readers who now claim themselves “crunchy’s”.

    P.S. Again don’t stop posting !! Don’t you dare ;) Use this low energy on your side to be more creative, you changed some minds & this minds change others (I did with some of my friends around the world & my german boyfriend).

  12. Meg

    What you shared is SO interesting. Read it through several times. I keep starting and stopping and starting on a similar journey, always getting sucked back in to daily life and all the minutiae. Would love to know more about your experience, would love inspiration and pointers. Please share as you are moved to do so. Thank you.

  13. Erin

    This post stopped me in my tracks and moved me in a profound way. I just discovered your website about six months ago, loved all the information about natural products. However, I, like you, had some feeling that maybe all this effort is still about chasing something outside myself to make my life better. And, of course, we know down deep our lives are only made better by looking inward. Please, please, continue to share your journey. If you continue to share posts like that I will follow you anywhere. Thank you!

  14. Hi Leslie,
    Let me just say: I found this blog post in an old email account (that I thought I had closed–but was doing a review for a friend’s business on yahoo and saw that I had “100 new emails”!)…and I believe there are no coincidences…we’re all connected in this Universe :)

    I live just down the street from you (in Old Colorado City), and I discovered your blog when I lived in Durango–about 6 hours away. I thought it was so awesome that you lived so close! And now you’re even closer! I feel like we are destined to meet (not in a stalker-ish way…just as what is supposed to happen). :)

    Everything you wrote is resonating so deeply with me, as I’ve been diving deeper into this type of thinking (or not thinking and staying in the present moment!). It doesn’t sound like a psychotic break at all…it sounds like you read ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle :)

    I’d love to have a chat with you about all of this…maybe while hiking the Incline (no–actually I’d be sucking too much wind to talk!), or over some tea…or beer…or wine :)

  15. I just discovered you last week (looking for and reading your oil cleansing articles). I am looking forward to seeing the direction you are taking – but I am also going to dig into your “now” blog because you have helped me living as natural as possible.

    You have a gift for writing and connecting with people – don’t lose it, not quit using it – go whatever direction you need to go because I can tell, we will all be going with you! Inspire and Inform!!

  16. Weird. Lately I keep stumbling upon blogs for the first time that are in flux…today it was yours. I am still trying to figure out the place that blogging should have in my life and it’s so interesting to follow along on others’ journeys. I’d like to stick around and see what you have in store. :)

  17. Dear Leslie,
    Someone sent me some links to your site just after I decided to attempt to stop cutting out chemicals, and you have been a constant source of reference, guidance, and motivation. I won’t say I don’t miss the CB posts, but I’m overjoyed that you have told all of us who wondered what happened to you, where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. Personal joy is of the utmost importance (as long as it causes no one else harm, of course), so as long as you’re happy I’m happy! It would be great to hear more from you, here or elsewhere!

    Take care, pretty lady!


  18. Aurora

    I only found Crunchy Betty today. I will be the first person to say that I am not a huge blogger, but I follow Pinterest like a religion.

    So imagine my surprise, and great relief, to come across this website merely because I was reseraching a teeth whitening remedy more before I just went out and blindly bought whatever the picture on Pinterest told me too. It happened with a small chance, and that small chance has continued to grow.

    Admittedly, I am sitting at work, and have been flipping through all of the different “How To’s” and recipies for home remedies for the past two hours, easily. But the explanations, and the personal experience thrown into the stories comfort me in the way that finding a picture on Pinterest just could not.

    Coming from someone who has been dealing with the new found Anxiety, and depression of my own, I can relate as to WHY you’ve decided to move on. It is completely admirable, and understandable. I’m just sorry that I just missed your blog when it was too late. Granted, you have mentioned other sites, that I’d be willing to check out and visit when I need someone with a little bit more know how on trying to make my skin or hair more healthy and beautiful; but I am seriously hoping that they have just as much animation as you have put towards your articles here.

    Good luck to you, and you obviously have tons of support no matter what you do or do not decide to do!

    Just a little too late,


  19. meredith l

    Well I recently discovered your website. All your efforts and pains have never ever been in vain. I am sorry you have stressed and worried over things.

    I believe we all have great loves that turn into an Achilles heel eventually.

    Ironically, I found this site because I broke. I got sick. Doctors, tests, years later they only say it’s deep adhesions and allergies- weird food types,and more.This “thing” is/was debilitating. I have been unable to function in the normal world for over two years. Every six months I started a new set of opinions and tests. Of course, a new set of diagnosis, lol. (Love it. I have more problems at 43 them my 65 year old mother.)Still nothing I am not nuts either. I literally could not unfold my body from fetal position for a month. My spouse carried me for two weeks before I could at least crawl. There is more but…. my point is.

    I was activeexercised spent ours hiking, worked 40, shopped, cooked, etc weekly then one day poor literally. The pain was unbearable, emergency room visit one. Then two plus years.

    I decided about 3 months ago to be more natural and holistic. Your posts have helped me laugh, learn, and I am feeling so much better. I am starting slow and easy.

    So thank you for doing this all these years. You help even if you don’t gravestone, strength, patience, etc.,whatever. We all as I said our passions can become our enemy.

    I look forward to finding things throughout your blog. I hope your spiritual journey has few bumps and gulleys. Eventually you will find the peace and passion again.

    Thank you so much just for being there.

  20. Dear Leslie…the world works in mysterious ways, of that I am sure. I quite randomly hopped on your blog this morning after months of absence, and saw this, this amazingly beautiful and poignant post. I too am in the midst (well, the beginnings really) of what I can only label an awakening, and everything you stated rings so true. Have you read “The Power of Now” yet? For years I kept it on a shelf figuring I wouldn’t gain much from another New Agey hocus pocus book, but then happened to pick it up a few weeks ago and am so glad I did. Tolle, too, is pointing the way for all of humanity, all who will open themselves up to the truth that the now, the present, is the only thing that really exists or matters. I will mail you my copy if you haven’t read it yet:) So no, we don’t think you’re crazy. I rather think you’re enlightened and courageous! I for one am ready and willing to listen to your experiences and share this journey with you and this community, in whatever form that takes. Big warm hugs from me!

  21. K

    I’ve loved you. I’ve so missed you. I want you back. And forward. In the form that you take today. And tomorrow. As wholly as you’re willing and able to share. You are divine. In every form. Thank you for asking. :)

  22. EJ

    This was my first time reading your blog. And I saw my life in your words, I hope you continue to blog on
    your new outlook on life.

  23. Michelle

    I’ve followed, been inspired, educated, laughed and cried following crunchy betty over the years- I need to express my gratitude, for all the hard work you’ve put into this blog! Thank you so very much Leslie!! I wish you all the best in your journey-evolving the way we perceive things in order to own our own joy is hard work too! (trust me I can relate!) Remember we usually tend to be far more critical of ourselves then others would ever be (and most of those who’d judge us acually have something deeply missing in themselves anyway!) I would love to hear more from you (whatever/whenever you are inspired to share) but don’t feel obliged, you do whatever feels good for your soul! xo

  24. amy

    Do what makes you happy. It’s ok to be a little selfish. Your readers will understand. It’s not so much being selfish, as it is taking care of you. And you have no one if you don’t have yourself. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, and letting us all in. We love you, and want the best for you, even if it means never reading your fantastic blog again. Your wellbeing is what matters. Good luck. No matter what it is you decide to do, it will be the right choice, for you.

  25. Caro

    I’m so excited to hear what else you have to say! This article is awesome and it makes me happy to see so many people with positive vibes.

  26. I totally understand your recent shift. It’s life, it’s our evolution of spirit. However, please never trivialize how this blog has helped so many of us! I have used my own skin care products based on your formulas for over a year. I would have never embraced the oil cleansing method without you! My skin has never looked better. You nourished my skin, and now you have an opportunity to nourish my spirit and others as well. It feels like a natural evolution of things. When you seek more natural options to things, you somehow also eventually seek a more natural option of yourself, to alleviate the dissonance. Out of the chaos, remains a calm and peaceful place that we can hold for each other. Please continue to share your experience end evolution with us!

  27. Red Mipaw

    You may not think you are changing the world, but the changes we cause we don’t get to see. When you are a rock tossed in the middle of a pond, you, as the rock, can’t see the ripples towards the shore.

    We are the butterfly’s wing that causes the hurricane, the step in the forest that carries a seed to grow a tree. We are the constant chaotic element in a controlled environment.

    Keep questioning, but don’t stop seeking.

  28. Jeanette

    Ahhhh, so that’s what compelled me to find you again today…to find that I am NOT the only one, to learn that there are so many others going through the same existential awful/AWE-FULL terrible wonderful scary lovely ah-HAAAA! I too got so caught up in the wrongness of the world and the urgent need to FIX everything, and then I crashed and questioned my purpose, my raison d’etre, the futility of my efforts…it seems my journey and yours were coinciding, as the last time I was here was the last time you blogged.
    SO good to know there are others going through this…getting through this…waking up, as painful and strange and difficult to maintain as it all is. When you write your book, Leslie, please let me buy the very first copy.
    With love and respect and fellowship and absolute empathy,

  29. leesy

    Right on sister friend – do what you feel and do it well because you’re relating humanness and what it feels like to be you in your human experience and so to may a few others relate to you in your process of floating through life as the best Betty you can be – and so gives hope to others that they too have the same equal opportunity

  30. You are very brave. And very gracious to share this. Perhaps that’s what drew me to your blog & kept me following up. Thank you.

  31. Fi

    A similar life crack opened up for me earlier this year and it was painful. But it seems we have to walk through our pain and muck to get out of it, so while painful it is a huge gift to experience and survive. It has taught me about going slow, core values, getting grounded, priorities, boundaries… Sounds like you are being honest, strong and vulnerable about what is important to you, what is right for you. Don’t worry about us! We are grown ups (most of the time!) and can handle it if you stop blogging! May feel sad and miss you greatly but we’ll live. You’ve given so much. It is okay if you put your energy elsewhere if that feels right to you. Not that you don’t already know all this! But that is my feeling on this anyhow. Love whatever you want to write about – accept it if you don’t write about anything – applaud you for being real and true to youself xx

  32. Dee

    So as I was looking through your old posts this morning…I just found this. Thank you for all your hard work that has been put into Crunchy Betty and I pray that you are happy and living well :) What God has for you is for you and its a new season. Embrace it, enjoy and move on. You are missed and maybe one day Crunchy Betty will return but if she doesn’t know that you have touched many lives. God bless you!

  33. Nancy

    I think this is what my higher power has had me waiting for. Please take us with you on your journey! I need someone pointing, guiding, and nudging me at this stage in my life. I need understanding. Thank you!

  34. S.Black

    I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you for putting it all out there. Personally, I stumbled across your website while looking for a natural aid for acne. I’m so glad I did. I have found so many wonderfully helpful posts and recipes, to help ease my way into a more natural life. You are very special and dear to my heart because you have helped me in an immeasurable way. Thank you, again. I would love to be a part of the next chapter. Onward.

  35. Kaitlin

    Truly, deeply wishing you success on your journey! Three amazing people/resources I think will resonate with you, along with anyone else who is intrigued by this post, are Leo Babauta, Zen Buddhist blogger ; Danielle LaPorte, author of “The Desire Map” ; and Eckhart Tolle, author of
    “The Power of Now” . If for some reason the links I have posted are distorted upon submitting this, just Google their names and you will find them easily! Best of luck to all my fellow travelers of life!

  36. Cathy

    I truly hope that you continue your blog, because although I discovered it after you had stopped posting regularly you have taught me so much! I started ordering products from the Natural Market as well :) While I will say that I trust you and your judgement and agree with many of your opinions, I would NEVER expect you to be 100% right about everything all the time,and I would never blame you if you were ever “wrong” about something! I believe we are all responsible for our own decisions and if I see something on a blog or website and decide to try it without researching it myself and the end results are not good, well that’s my own darn fault. I love your blog but I wouldn’t want you to continue it if it is going to be a source of stress and negativity in your life. I skimmed through this post praying you wouldn’t say you were closing the natural market, so as long as it stays open I’ll be happy haha. Thanks for all you do, Leslie <3

  37. Abe

    I was an avid reader, sometime respondent. I do check back occasionally to see if you have started writing again. Thank you for sharing about your path. And thank you for keeping this website up for the community you started to continue to flourish. If you do begin to write again, please link here so that we may find you. You have helped me and countless others in our quest for a healthier lifestyle.

  38. Sarah


    I am a huge fan and have been for a couple of years. I have no doubt I’ll continue to enjoy your writing. I am always amazed at “the other side of pain”. That place where we can look back and feel wiser and, dare I say, better for it. As you contemplate your next steps, I wish you clarity and peace; free from pressures of others so that you make the decision that is best for you.

  39. Carmen

    Hello. I absolutely loved the blog. I do hope you continue to write on about your journey. So patiently waiting until the next post.

  40. MeeMee Love


    You know, when I first began reading Crunchy Betty I was in such a horrible place (mentally, emotionally, physically, financially). The only place I was semi-good in was in my relationship with God. Spiritually I was strong, and that kept me going. You could say we were on opposite sides of the spectrum.
    I know your disclaimer says you are not a licensed herbalist, cosmetologist, physician, or other healthcare professional. However, to me, you have been just so, and more. You may not be licensed, yet you are a NATURAL herbalist, cosmetologist, physician, healthcare professional, and I’m sure, more importantly, mother and wife. You care about us so much, you shared all your recipe and knowledge to help us be healthier, both to our own body, and to the Planet Earth. Mentally, emotionally, physically, you helped me in all those areas. The loveliness in which you deliver your services is magnificent. I found myself laughing at your jokes, I really love your wittiness. Also, having fun while trying the different recipes and ways of being more “natural” “crunchy” was good for my soul. Looking back, I now use so many herbs and oils, and have courage to try ones that are so foreign to me, because of YOU!

    Anyway, I can go on and on, I just want to encourage you in your new journey, and I hold you to no standards. It’s a little weird, but I’m sure a lot of your fellow Crunchy Bettys feel like they know you. And we’re sure you’ll never stray too far off your original self, because your heart is so visibly beautiful. Do whatever it takes to find your joy, by any means necessary!

    We sure did miss you. But, it all works out in the end. Remember that “Everything happens for a reason.” It’s always proved true for me, for more than 28 years, even when I doubt, it always proves to be true. God has the MASTERPLAN, and it’ll all workout in the end. May He bless you endlessly.


    MeeMee Love
    @LoveMercyLove (IG)

  41. CdnEm

    Thanks Crunchy Betty! I’ve been late in discovering you, and now you’re signing off. Hoping that you will still keep your website “open” forever – love your recipes and your blog! You’re a brilliant writer and I wish you happiness and success in your future endeavours!

  42. Siobhan


    I loved Crunchy Betty the blog because it was resourceful and creative, but mostly because you were the one writing it! Your funny tone and your astonishingly warm soul would ALWAYS make my days better. Not to mention the wonderful community you have built through this blog, who are always kind. I have great memories of trying your recipes, sharing them with friends, and sharing your stories with friends too. Both you and I seem to have made major changes in our lives in the past year or so, and I can understand your wish to move on and evolve. I think it’s wonderful, I am cheering for you!
    Good luck with EVERYTHING!


  43. Susan

    Hi Leslie,
    You are authentic, witty, and full of grace. And a talented writer to boot. I would love to keep reading whatever it is you have to say. Cheers

  44. Micks

    To be honest, I didn’t read this article. I just want to ask if you know where to get magnolia and pine needle extract. Thanks.


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