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  1. TJ

    Dear Leslie,

    Please don’t ever stop sharing with us. This is what life is about – growing and EVOLVING. I loved every single word of this post and I felt like you were speaking directly to me. I can relate to this on so many levels. You are so blessed and lucky to have this awakening. Very few are sensitive enough to hear and actually listen to that voice inside themselves that’s telling them that something needs to change. It’s a beautiful thing when you actually come to the realization that one chapter is over and a time for a new one to begin has arrived. I love Crunchy Betty, and I love you Leslie! I wish you nothing but the best on your life’s journey and I hope you continue to share with us along the way!

    With lots and lots and lots and laaahhhts and lots of love,

  2. Jamie

    Beautiful. Thank you, friend. Trust this new knowing. Blessings on your journey!

  3. Ann

    I love this post. I love where you are. Thank you so much for sharing with us all. You have a gift in your writing that you should use to help others along the way. If you write more, I will read it. I am so happy for you!

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for all the years of work you put into this blog. Even if you never add anything to it again, it’s an invaluable resource.
    I stumbled upon your blog years ago, and my life has never been the same since. You opened up a whole new world for me, and change my life, and my health, forever. It’s change me so much that I’m now working on becoming a herbalist in order to serve my community and help others find “natural healing.”

  5. Sheelagh

    I have read your blog on quite a few occasions and enjoyed what you had to say BUT just now I read “and that’s the story of that” and felt that I had met a kindred soul. I have been feeling like this for so long now and struggle between the two worlds both physically and mentally…..I live part time in the Middle East and part in Ireland, two entirely different cultures and adapting to each takes a lot of energy and patience. I have for years attempted to live my life a la Eckerd Tolle, each moment at a time. It takes a lot of work and I am striving to do so. I thank you for writing what you did and for encouraging me to continue to do so.
    Keep up the good work as you choose not we.

  6. LeeH

    Well this is a heck of a starting place. I found your blog searching for window cleaner. I plan on making your Alvin Corn concoction but more importantly, I love your writing style and I think I wou very much enjoy reading what you have to say. I like your humor and your take on life. That you have experienced this profound change is interesting to me, and I do hope you will continue to share.

    I hope the Crunchy Betty archives will remain because I’m interested in learning who you were along with the natural market stuff. So I’m climbing in, hope you stick around
    Sincerely, Lee

  7. thank you, leslie, for your candor.
    i, too, am leaving behind some of the things i thought would lead me to salvation! that said, i continue to use many of the recipes i got from your blog.
    thanks much and i would very much like to read more of your writing–especially in this new vein. not because i think you could save the world with it, but because it is beautiful to be allowed to look inside a beautiful bloom as it is opening.

  8. When we allow ourselves to just be, we find ourselves. We all must go thru this if we want to grow. Your story is my story and I am so glad you shared it in Leslie’s way.

  9. Asma Ahmad

    So happy to have you back Crunchy Betty!

    Have been following your blog quietly from way over here in Karachi, Pakistan and have embarked on my own crunchy path after having been inspired by you.

    Thank you for sharing and forever being in pursuit of the truth!

    <3 AA

  10. Jo

    I just found this website today when I was looking for a quick bit of advice about homemade glass cleaners. (Alvin Corn is indeed the best!) Since I haven’t explored the site, I don’t know what’s here or what brought you to this point, but I can tell you this much: whatever you have to do to take care of yourself is precisely what you should be doing. If it’s blogging, great; if it’s not, also great. Those of us who have come late to the party can still explore all you’ve done, and the rest of the group can start from where you left off. Either way, best wishes (and thanks for a great glass cleaner!!

  11. Joana

    Hello Leslie! I have been following your blog for a long time i have learned a lot from you. I am trying to make some chances in my live and you have helped a lot. Latelly i haven’t felt well emotionally and physically. I am bit scared but your writing made me smile and felt peace. Go on please. Keep on sharing with us. Blessings and love for you. Joana

  12. Cindy Anderson

    Hey, I’d love to hear it from you. Evolve away! Share away! There is a strong & consistent correlation between using oil cleansing & honey face wash & Diva cups and looking around & asking yourself “What do I really need?” (Seen things) And then really asking yourself “What do I really Need?” (Unseen things). We tend to get all wound up about both, but they are all good questions & worth our time & worth sharing.

  13. Precious Woman!
    It’s so good to have you back. The world, this internet thing might has gone on without you…but we certainly noticed your absence and missed your presence, your voice.
    Welcome back, and may your new journey bring with it an even greater freedom and joy.

  14. Chelsa

    Dear Leslie, (why do I want to call you Betty?)
    I see here that over 300 people have taken the time to not only revisit a blog that has essentially been inactive for over a year, but to also repond to your uncertain post in paragraphs of positivity and endearments….?!?! You have made a BEAUTIFUL splash in the world! Between your sharing, experimenting, and whatever other tangents your heart desired. I personally revisited today because I was feeling what you have described, (how did you know?) and I was tired of reading negative thigs and thinking about how not to think any more. I fear I have fallen victim to my own passions!! Painfully numb, as I lose more of myself in this search for…something. I wanted to read something tangible and uplifting and inspiring and lighthearted. So a little voice told me to check crunchy betty one more time. So glad I did! Sort of sadly I found a heavy peice of heart, but also here a broken heart that was so ALIVE, ever so passionate, loving, and willing to share ( using her amazing literary talent) the journey with others who may need that voice of hope and peace…. and you are asking permission to share? :-D You could guess my answer! :-)

  15. DS

    I just wanted to say that I love what you have shared here, especially this post(it is a beautiful reminder to be true to one’s self). I look forward to seeing what else is on your site, and I really hope you continue to share with us, no matter what direction you might take us.

  16. Sammie

    My dear Leslie,
    THANK YOU for all the sweat and tears you put into this blog. I truly enjoyed reading your entries and incorporated several of your crunchy ideas into my household and daily life. As for your personal circumstances, I commend you on your honesty and frankness and I wish you much happiness and serenity while you are on this journey. I trust you will follow your heart and always be honest with yourself, with that you can never go wrong. Take good care of yourself.

  17. heirloommaters

    It’s rather incredibly cool to look for how to clean some irritating laminate flooring and run across not only help for that but also the reassuring knowledge that someone out there who I have never met has been/is pretty much at the same spot on the journey I am. We’re all nuts. We’re all not nuts. Life is good. Cool. Thanks! And…Amen, Sistah!

  18. Kelz

    I needed to read this.
    Thank you.
    I’m where you were, and this gives me hope that I’ll find a way through.

    Always love

  19. Pat

    I think you’re lovely. Just lovely

  20. Bethanney

    Ummm…I really just wanted to know how to go “no poo”…

    I kid; I kid! I stumbled back over your little corner of the internet & have been reading for over 3 hours now! Not only do I love your site but I adore your voice. You have such an engaging and lovely and sparkling presence, and I speak for countless others that would be so sad if you were to go away!! So…please don’t. And take me with you on your next flight-of-fancy, wherever that may lead!
    Love you…mean it!!

  21. Kath

    Dear Leslie,
    Thank YOU for the all great posts and recipes!!
    Your recipes have made a tremendous difference in my life and my health. After struggling with Lyme Disease for years and now Hashimoto’s, your natural concoctions have helped to detox my home, my health, my entire LIFE.
    Going through life transitions myself, such a beautiful post. I was touched.
    Many blessings and love,

  22. Nora Jeanne

    Leslie, thank you for writing to let those of us who loved you and loved your blog know that you are ok. We miss you! But I totally understand the need to take a break or to leave one room and to enter the open door to another reality. Sometimes permanently. Years ago, after being a bit of a news junkie, I had to take a break and stopped reading the newspaper or watching the tv news. After several years, I returned to the world of “news”. In the early-mid 2000’s, I was very active in anti-war and other social justice activities but now with the internet to add to the equation and my children! Again, I needed to take a break, and just did online petitions and occasional phone calls and letters to our “representatives” and the occasional financial donation to a worthy cause. Now I am once again more active because of the severity of our environmental/civil rights collapse. But I also allow those who have not been so active to pick up the ball and do their share. We can’t do it all. And when we are going through personal losses, whatever they may be, we need to be kind to ourselves and sometimes just forget about what is going on in the world and concentrate on all the good. And despite my knowledge of a lot of things going on that others don’t seem to know about (because the American Main Stream News MSM is not reporting) and I read/listen/watch alternative independent media sources; I know that MOST people in the world are incredible, amazing beings with love and kindness in their hearts. Take care my darling, Leslie, aka Crunchy Betty and I hope to hear from you again. PS- I returned to your site today as a fluke- my internet has not been working and I had a repairman over my house to fix it. He asked that I go to a website and although I haven’t been here in a long time, yours was THE site I chose to open! Take care Leslie! Be kind to yourself.

  23. Deb

    Thank you for your honesty. I want to still hear from you. I see you giving us the information and letting us do with it what we will. There are too many of us that have come to the realization that things need to change. No, we can’t save it all, but like snowflakes, imagine what we can do together!!

  24. Cindy

    I think you should. Do tell. Do share.
    You have a public, a public that will listen. There need to be more people who do tell.
    I know this problem, having a blog myself in The Netherlands, trying to open up and sharing what I know. What I really, really know, I am awake, most of the time though. I don’t always know, what to say, what not to say, I want to reach as much people as possible, without scaring the ‘bleep’out of them and shutting their eyes just more…

    But please do tell… and be safe.

    I really appreciate your blog and wanted you to know that you rock! And by the way… I knew already that you were going through this by reading your last posts. I have been there.
    A new start… You can do it from out here. Crunchy Betty, your thoughts were already readable for people who read between the lines :)
    Good luck with making up your mind. I think you already know where you are heading.

    Sincerely and with lots of love.

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  27. marie

    what happened to the crunchy Facebook group? Did it close down? Cant find it :/

  28. Ms. Rennie

    I came to your website to look for a deodorant recipe that I had had written down but lost. This post stopped me in my tracks. I’m a soapmaker. (Or I WAS a soapmaker) I LOVED making soap and teaching people about using natural products….but I’m awake now too. My heart is no longer in it. I just can’t do it anymore. Waking up is scary. We are all born awake, but for most, we fall asleep somewhere along the way. And it becomes nearly impossible to speak to those that are still asleep. To them, you sound crazy. Or they only half understand what you say. Or they blatantly turn away and ignore what you say. Welcome to the real world my dear….it gets better.

  29. Hi Leslie, I came to your blog while looking for homemade shower gel recipes with ylang ylang, one of my favourite scents ever. And then I saw a recipe and had a look at the ylang ylang bottle, the same I have! So I read your latest post and felt a deep feeling going on, as it happened to myself some time ago and I went there. I send you love and thank you for this blog

  30. ChewyPickles

    Leslie, I love you.
    I can’t honestly say that I know what you guys mean when you say you’re awake. I don’t really know what you guys are going/have gone through. I’m a child in your world of wisdom, but I want to learn. Perhaps I won’t fully understand it, but by God I want to hear what you have to say. Please, please please please don’t ever feel like you don’t have a place to be your true self here. However, if you don’t feel like you can talk to us anymore, then that’s ok too. I’m not saying we won’t be sad, but it’s better that your happy doing what you do. Just remember that you have so many complete strangers who will support you in all that you do.

  31. Angela

    Hi Leslie,
    I’ve been a fan of your blog for awhile and have learned so much from you. I was so deeply moved by this post when I first read it. I check back often to see if you’ve updated because I am one of those people who would love to hear more of your thoughts on your new vision. I am in the exact same boat and I’m struggling with balance between the world of old thought and the world of new. I’m always greatly relieved when I hear of others going through similar life/mental/spiritual shifts. I must not be going crazy after all! I think a lot of people could benefit from hearing more about what you’re going through — not as any sort of instruction guide, but more of a communal sitting around a fire and sharing our stories way. I think if more of us shared what were going through, we would feel less alone in our journey. I wish you well!

  32. Tannis

    Hi Crunchy Betty,

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that you have changed my life in a great way! I regularly make use of much wisdom I have learned from you and your writing. I love the way you look at the world and your writing style is very enjoyable as well.
    Although I will miss what you have to tell us, I respect what you need to do and will not judge. I hope you have found happiness and I wish you the best.

  33. Me too, sister. Me too. Haven’t blogged since August. Thinking there’s got to be another way. Updating my book for a new edition in the spring and then… maybe that will be it for this chapter of “me”. I do hope you’ll leave up the archive of your journey to date and all the useful resources. But I get it. And it sounds like a lot of other people do too.

  34. Regina

    Hi Leslie,

    Isn’t synchronicity just the damnedest thing! LOL. I just saw this post and wanted to ring in. I think you have an amazing gift for writing but I know that you already know that. This awakening is the biggest gift you will ever receive. It’s only by completely shattering that we can be put back together whole. I have gone through the same transformation and am excited every day at the new story that unfolds before me…. in the moment. The now. It is only by looking inward that we can see the totality of who and what we are. We are invited into the infinite world of no worries or fear or time. I still remember the day when I realized that I was as much a part of the trees, grass and sky around me as anything else. That we are all one and the flame of love that filled my heard has never been put out. I am learning that more and more people are being awakened and that there is a lot of information out there. You can choose to contribute to that information with your writing or simply sit back and observe. Whichever you do, know that I am beside you…energetically…cheering you on;)

  35. Kat

    I checked here for months to see if you’d posted anything or started a new site. I’m so happy that you came back to let everyone know how you are. It means a lot that you did that. Thank you.

    Whatever you decide to do, I’ll be here.

  36. Jenn

    I just now read your email. I have had it saved for some time but it was lost in my email clutter lol. This came at the perfect time. I’d like to say first that your blog was one of the first things that helped me learn my path. Thank you for that! I love holistic medician and everything natural and you showed me a starting point! Here lately though I’ve been going through a more spiritual path and very confused on a lot of things. I’ve been awake in a lot of other things but I feel that I am just starting. I’m at the beginning of the rabbit hole. I’m realizing that I want to be free. Free from worrying like you said about having to save the world. We can’t and I’m realizing that. I know that this path is the right one for me but it is scary at the same time because all that you knew to be true isn’t. It’s better though that I do know. I am enjoying this journey and becoming more enlightened. It’s just wonderful to know that I am not the only one who is going through this. I would love to hear more from you on this subject on what you have learned and realized if that is your choice. I do understand needing to just be quiet and writing a blog does take a lot of your time. (Maybe privite email

  37. Jenn

    Sorry for such a long comment ubove it jus cut the last part off:)….

    you will be missed and you’ve helped so much with just this blog I can’t imagin how much change you will do now. Keep shining! You are an amazing woman and I think you so very much for what you’ve done for me:)

  38. Jennifer

    I stumbled across this post while searching for a do-it-yourself face oil recipe and… wow! I love this, it’s exactly what I needed to hear. I have been an avid show-me-the-data girl for years, and have recently been struggling through my own personal evolution much as you have. Thank you for having the courage to share, please continue to do so, there are people out there who can relate and can use some inspiration!!!

  39. Christi

    I am just seeing this post today, as I was looking for info on essential oils and came across your “21 Things you need to know about Essential Oils” post. That post was great, by the way, but somehow this post popped up on my computer screen and I clung to every word. The perfect words for me to hear at the time when I was open to hearing them. (I don’t believe in coincidences.) Well stated and I am now looking forward to following your blog and getting caught up on all the new Crunchiness!

  40. Ella


    I discovered your wonderful site over 3 years ago, and it changed my life. Without this site I would never have discovered how fun making my own products was. I learned about the importance of what we use and all kinds of wonderful tips too, but more importantly it was fun. I’m glad you managed towake up, as you put it, and wish you every happiness in future. But please know that whatever you decide to write, I and so many others will definitely be interested. Also thank you for keeping the website up, it’s an invaluable guide for so many of us

    All the best for the future


  41. Hi Leslie
    I understand completely!! I am a herbalist and for the past five years have sold my organic skin care products everywhere I could, I found you when I was researching something and have a link to that post in my ingredients list.
    I too have woken up, exhilarating (and at first terrifying) and just what needed to happen. While I still sell my products and guide my clients I no longer feel that EVERYONE needs to know this stuff. Everyone finds their way, eventually. Everyone, no matter what.
    Go where your heart leads, and if you are moved to share then do that too.


  42. Pam

    Have only just found your blog, looking for some answers on borax! BUT was attracted to what you had written last, enough to open up and read the whole thing. Love your honesty and pleased and relieved to find someone who seems to have gone through something similar to me this past year.
    I have a word for this year – HOPE – and at the moment, I’m working on ‘daring to hope’.

  43. Kristen W.

    I just discovered you! Love your writing style and humor. Also, love that you are loving you. You can’t help anyone else if you don’t help yourself. So, here’s to you living every moment of your life and not missing out on any beautiful thing :)

  44. Kimberly

    We all go through change, shifts, and a few revelations. And thank God! Because Life would be awful boring. Stay true to yourself Leslie. Wishing you all the best.

  45. Dudette, that is beautiful. Totally appropriate.

    Okay I just found your blog a few days ago but I love this. I can’t ever really say why. You’re honest about your reasons for doing this and for not doing it anymore and that is just beautiful.

  46. mary

    Just want to tell you I miss you and hope you are well.

  47. Alicia

    I’ve enjoyed one of your works for a long time. I have a copy of “wrinkle wrinkle little star” printed in my homemaking binder. It serves as a beautiful reminder for me that, despite staying home and caring for my family (which isn’t always glamorous), I am worthy. I try to uplift other women around me who also choose to care for their kids needs before themselves by letting them know they are beautiful in all they do. I enjoy your wit and hope to follow you in your web endeavors (if you choose to).
    thanks for all the laughs.

  48. Maggie

    I want to say thank you for the time and effort you put into your blog. I truly hope that you don’t see it as something done while you were lost/asleep. I can see, from all the posts, that your blog has encouraged a lot of people besides myself. Your style of writing was accessible, it didn’t sound too preachy.
    It is understandable that things change, people change, life changes. I hope that you are happier, more aware in your “wakeful” state.
    Please check in when the mood strikes, you will find friends in this place you have made.
    Peace be with you.


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