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  1. Come on keep up with the good work. I want to continue reading your blog. Waiting for your next article. Cheers.


  2. Jennifer

    I get it. I just found your blog today and found it very helpful. I found your writing style and comments very entertaining. It’s been a while since you wrote this post I am reading now. My guess is that you’re not coming back. That’s okay. And it’s okay if you do. You have a talent with words and obviously a desire to help others–I can relate. But I can also relate to what’s most important and that is that you follow your heart. I am at a similar point in my life, actually have been for a while. I hope you find your way out, rekindle what is necessary to continue on your journey of love.. I have not seen the way for some time, though I am still hopeful and still searching for the light. Best wishes to you! And thanks for your contributions to the world–past, present and future.. You are loved.

  3. Angie

    it must have been so exhausting always perfecting these wonderful recipes to present to us. I’ve miss the blog and hope you find it in yourself to share another passion with us. I love your writing and style.

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  5. CC

    Freedom. The quiet life. Those are what I seek more than anything. (Can it be “sought”?) How wonderful you found it. (Can it be “found”?) Your blog is helpful and interesting. Thank you.

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