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  1. Tanya

    This deodorant recipe WORKS! I just returned from three weeks in Israel and the Jordanian desert hiking. Not a hint of odor. Thank you!!

  2. Christina

    Do I need to use essential oils? (I don’t have any, but I do have vanilla extract. Is that similar enough to use?)

  3. suezque

    Wow! This really works! After using a commercial aluminum-free deoderant for 6 weeks and, I might add, stinking all the while, I found this recipe. It works great. It works all day. It works in our 52 day streak of 90 degree weather this summer. And that’s sayin’ something!

  4. MichiganJulie

    Hi, CB! I am about to make a second batch of your original deodorant. It totally works, and has yet to fail me, even with all the sweltering weather summer gifted us with. Really love – thanks for sharing

  5. Lisa (yrlocalmarkets)

    Hi Betty,

    I’ve only just recently started lurking around your site (all the way from Australia, it’s been a long-distance lurk!) and I’ve just set aside the seconds it took to whip up this deodorant. I’ve only just popped it on – however we’re heading into summer so I will let you know how the pit test goes from Sydney. So far so good though!

    Thank you so much for your site: always gives me a good holler ‘n’ hoot. In a good way.

    Lisa xx

  6. Hanna

    I found this recipe somewhere else and i have been using it for over a month, but it doesn’t work for the sweat part at all… It doesn’t stink but i sweat so much! When I have meetings or events I need to use another deodorant. Is it jsut me? Because it seems like everyone is raving about it and I understand that we are all different…

  7. Can use anything besides coconut oil? I don’t have any right now and I wanna try it. 8P

  8. Store bought deodorants always left me stinky; no matter which brand or what strength, the time of the year or how active (or inactive). My pits always, always had BO. I made a condensed version of this recipe (just the cornstarch and bs) and it is fantastic! I keep the mix in a small round container and apply using a powder puff while my skin is still damp from showering. Cannot see myself going back to store bought deodorant ever again thx so very much!!!

  9. Merideth

    So glad I ran across this recipe. I have been using it for 6 months now with great success. I used tea tree oil and lemon oil. I have tweaked the amounts (of oils) with each new batch to get it just right for me. I carried “emergency deodorant” in my purse for the first couple of months out of fear that my homemade stuff would fail me. I have never had a problem and don’t keep the back up anymore. I have considered trying some of the more complex recipes, but have been so pleased with this, I figure why change!

  10. Thanks for the link to the Angry Chicken blog deodorant recipe. I made it and loved it!

  11. I don’t really use deodorant at all anymore. I keep telling myself that I’ll make one but I just don’t use deodorant enough to justify using my nice coconut oil for it. I don’t find I get THAT smelly even in the summer, definitely not in the winter. at least I don’t think so…

    One thing people should be clear on is that baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is naturally aluminum free. it’s baking powder that has aluminum in it, in which case you need to buy aluminum-free. But you don’t use baking powder in this or generally any cleaning or beauty recipe that I’ve seen — only when baking!

  12. DarcySunshine

    I made some of this lovely stuff today, and I was just wondering about how much i should use? As much as i can get to soak in or…?

  13. JB

    I have been using this concoction for many years, and have shared it with many. I wish I could remember who gave me the recipe so I could credit them! The biggest complaint is that “I still stink” or “I still sweat”, but those who hung in there ended up loving it. As for the stink, I believe your body does take a few weeks to adjust — as well as expel all the chemicals & junk from your pores (that’s my unscientific opinion). I was admittedly a little stinky in the beginning, but my body adjusted and well, I stank no more! As for the sweat, everyone is different. I sweat more with store-bought. I sweat FAR less with this stuff. I think it’s that my body is happy with the lack of chemicals so it isn’t working so hard to get it the heck out :) My husband is a baseball player and very sweaty under the pits and hasn’t gone so far as to entrust his pits to me (isn’t that what marriage is about?!), but he did take my advice and stop using his ultra-extra-hulk-strength deodorant for a few days in place of something simple like baby powder. He actually sweat SO much less, but the baby powder irritated his skin so he stopped. He won’t let me make him his own deodorant yet, but maybe if I make it smell like bacon….
    For me, I only use 2-3 heaping tablespoons of the coconut oil. Any more, and it becomes a wet mess under my arms. Any less, it clumps.. as someone commented happened to them. I pour it into a cleaned-out deo container and stick it in the fridge for an hour or so to firm up. Then it’s usually fine sitting out, unless it’s warm. I keep it in the fridge in the summer.

  14. Debbie

    A doctor once told me that If you stink, you are lacking in zinc! So you might try using zinc to see if that helps. It helped me. I didn’t stink under my arms, but I wanted to amputate my feet! phew! Now, they don’t even stink. And, when I use deodorant, when I go to shower, it smells just like it did when I put it on.

    • KatyK

      Usually the reason you “stink” is actual the food you are eating. The more processed food you eat, the stinkier.

  15. Bellajabal

    I use a very basic variation on this recipe, just coconut oil and some patchouli essential oil and it works perfectly, although I do smell like a bit of a 60’s hippy (yes I am old enough to remember the 60’s). Will try with a different essential oil.

  16. I only recently started making my own deodorant. I was also a mega Skeptic of B.O. So for the first couple weeks I did 1 armpit with commercial deodorant & the other with my homemade version to see how it compared. I loved it!! I didn’t stink from my homemade deodorant side as much as I had a “scent’ from the commercial. After about 3 weeks of experimenting & sniffing my commercial/homemade armpits. I was definitely SOLD!! I haven’t used commercial deodorant since December. Won’t go back either!!

  17. f3mm3fatal

    I have been using a similar recipe (1 less tbsp. coconut oil & 10-20 drops eo) for about a year that I discovered on a blog. I always had stinky pits, and the stronger the anti-persperant the worse my stink. I come from a family of sweaters & thought I’d have to bear the burden forever, but this homemade deodorant WORKS and has LITERALLY changed my life. I NEVER stink. Ever. It’s unreal. On hot days I can smell the baking soda & coconut working but never an unpleasant smell. It’s a pH thing- the baking soda makes your underarms unhospitable to odor-producing bacteria. I’ve taken to smelling the pits of my shirts before I toss them in the hamper, just to see if I can detect any odor (none to date), & singing “looove my deo, changed my liiiife…” while applying after showers.

  18. Josie

    I forget how I stumbled upon this site, but I am so glad that I did. I purchased this deodorant a couple months ago, and I am officially converted from the commercial stuff. I love that the product arrived in a reusable jar and included instructions to make it myself. Since I am totally addicted to this deodorant, I have ordered the ingredients to make my own “refill.” Thank you so much!

  19. I made a batch (thank u for the recipe :)!) and put some of it in an old deodorant container, nto the fridge and to harden faster and when I went to take it out had “melted” through or something. Anyone else experience this. I live in Vancouver, BC. Weather is always comfortable here.

  20. gamblergal

    This is FABULOUS and I know it’s gonna work. But people, PLEASE….remember that cornstarch in this day and age is GMO. I guarantee it. Even if it’s ORGANIC cornstarch, it’s still GMO because of how impossible it is to prevent cross-pollination. So use arrowroot, okay? Because I love you!

  21. cviolett

    If you whip the coconut oil with a hand mixer or kitchen aid and then beat in the baking soda you get a lighter creamier mix that works well in the kind of deodorant dispenser they put gel deodorant in.

  22. deedee

    can coconut cooking oil work too

  23. knittyditty

    i have been using this recipe for a couple of months….love it. However i have noticed the texture has changed it have become more gritty, like the oil may have separated out. Can I reheat and add some more oil? I liked the cocobutter feel initially. Also I dont think I added enough essential oil because it didnt smell strong enough. When/if I reheat can I add more EO?

  24. I have tried this and loved it, however my armpits got very dark in color. :-(

  25. alhena

    I am in the process of using more natural products on my body so last week I bought a stick of toms of maine deodorant. It made my underarms so raw and itchy that I stopped using deoderant all together for several days and was just using some fresh cut aloe vera to soothe my skin, thank goodness I don’t really sweat under my arms. Since my skin is going back to normal I looked up natural deodorant, found your website and made this today with the changes amy said of decreasing baking soda for sensitive skin. I also only used 5 drops tea tree oil and 2 of eucalyptus since it was what I had on hand but it doesn’t smell very awesome just medicinal. So far I like that it feels silky, smells clean and is not burning my sensitive skin. I was wondering if I supposed to refrigerate it so it wont go rancid? Thanks

  26. Angela

    I’ve just been using raw organic coconut oil (the exact brand in the picture). It has been working pretty well so far. I haven’t tested it on a hot summer day outside for hours yet. The only thing I noticed is at the end of the day I think I smell a little bit like that “maple syrup” smell, like when your car is burning anti-freeze. But I guess maple syrup is better than BO!

  27. Beth

    I have a radical suggestion on the topic of deodorant: just stop using it. At all.

    I’ve never really understood the point of slathering crap on your underarms. My mom bought me deodorant, twice, when I was a teenager… but after wearing it a few days, I never saw any benefit. Yes, I sweat, and I even have a body odor, but it isn’t unpleasant. You’d have to come stick your nose under my arm to smell it. My boyfriend says, with a tone of disbelief, that I smell fine.

    After months of asking, he finally agreed to stop using deodorant some of the time. I can always tell when he’s wearing it– not because of the absence of body odor, but because of the awful deodorant perfume. I vastly prefer his natural scent. Despite this, he is still extremely self conscious about not wearing deodorant, and always feels the need to slather it on when he will be in close proximity to people.

    I am firmly convinced that this compulsive need to wear deodorant is really a product of advertising. Companies are capitalizing on our self consciousness by convincing people they need this product they don’t really need. The truth is, as long as you shower regularly (including after exercise), you don’t need deodorant.

  28. ThatGirl

    I’ve made a few batches now, and my man and I have both been using it and I can confidently say: We Love It! Even after a hard, soaking wet workout there is no odour. Amazing. Thank-you!


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  39. […] Posted on July 1, 2015 by tnwife Standard I have been wanting to change over a lot of our personal product for some time now. We have used a bunch of different toothpaste recipes and no one has approved yet so I’m still working on that. My husband has been using some of my concoctions for a while now. I made him a beard wax that he was also using in his hair. Because he has some psoriasis on his scalp it started to spread to his face under the beard so we switched from the wax to a medicated (via essential oils) beard oil for his beard and hair. It seems to be working well for him! (Yay! Crunchy win!) Now on to the latest DIY.. Deodorant! I ran out of our normal stuff a little more than a month ago. I used my husband’s for a bit then got tired of picking off hair and went out and bought some Toms brand fragrance free stuff. It was ok for a day or two but then I felt like it made me stink more than usual. Like it made me sweat more than normal. So I went without. I’ve had a recipe for about 4 months now but haven’t been able to find the arrowroot powder that it calls for. So after a couple of weeks of going all natural, I finally am at a point where I NEED my armpits to smell pretty. It could be the fact that its Monday and y last real shower was Thursday night (after children went to bed). *Let me just throw in that we swam 2 of those 4 showerless days… Hopefully that makes me a little less gross. Today as I was tossing the diapers in the wash I noticed I had some natural cornstarch on my dryer from when I had to remove a coconut oil stain from some pants (see my crunchy points are racking up here! *cloth diapers, coconut oil, all natural cornstarch!!) So I took it down to the kitchen remembering that cornstarch has the same properties as arrowroot in this situation so I found a recipe and wiped it right up! I added in ylang ylang and wild orange for the yummy pit smell and stirred it all together. I’m waiting for it to solidify so I can use it then I’ll let y’all know how it works!! So It went into the freezer and when I took it out, I had a time getting the top off haha. I finally got it off then it wouldn’t roll up to be usable. I let it sit on the counter  then rolled it up once it was soft but then had to stick it back into the fridge before I squished it into my pits. After 20 minutes or so it was perfect! My reviews of it… it needs more essential oils because all I can smell is coconut oil I’m going to have to be really careful to let it dry or soak in or whatever before I put a shirt on bc the oil looks like it i going to leave oil stains so Boo on that I do not stink and my pits are dry! Woo Hoo!! I’ll take that over the cons any day! ***Link to the recipe I used […]

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