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  1. […] рецепта: All Roads Lead to the Pits : The Homemade Deodorant Conclusion Полезни връзки: – Козметиката срещу изпотяване може […]

  2. […] Homemade, non toxic, and highly effective deodorant. […]

  3. […] means that you no longer need these products. For those of you that want a pleasant odor, I found some further recipes on the Crunchy Betty site, which I have not […]

  4. […] first homemade deodorant (and the base recipe for my favorite homemade deodorant that you can buy at the Natural […]

  5. […] particular deodorant recipe –> click HERE, was found on the CrunchyBetty blog, which just happens to be another awesome blog with natural […]

  6. […] pėdsaką. Prieš porą metų, savo ‘natūralios kelionės’ pradžioj susipažinau su Crunchy Betty blogu. Tai buvo ir tebėra mano natūralaus grožio biblija. Ten pirmą kartą ir aptikau […]

  7. […] My current favorite recipe – again, three ingredients, plus essential oils if you want it scented – is from the Crunchy Betty blog, though there are variations all over the internet. Baking soda, organic corn starch or arrowroot powder, and coconut oil. It takes two minutes to whip together, and lasts a month or more for two people. […]

  8. […] in a post a few weeks ago that I was trying out a deodorant recipe that was originally listed on Crunchy Betty, I didn’t actually mention what the recipe was or my thoughts on it. Due to financial straps […]

  9. […] – וריאציה די דומה על המתכון שלעיל מצאתי בפוסט הזה מהאתר של Crunchy Betty. הנה המתכון […]

  10. […] Most commercial deodorants/antiperspirants are so bad for you. Aluminum being the #1 bad ingredient in most. I have read so many articles and had my sister and friends inform me on how bad aluminum is and how I’m putting toxic stuff into my body. I have gone the arm & hammer and Tom’s of maine route and recently, I’ve used the Kiss My Face brand. These are SOOO expensive and with a my son and possibly leaving my job soon, I needed to find a way to do this on a budget. I went ahead and researched homemade deodorant and found this: recipe […]

  11. […] a new idea: Give yourself a break from your hair and cosmetic products and try some natural recipes for deoderant using baking soda and coconut oil, or find an unscented skin creme. Just a short break from […]

  12. […] adapted my recipe from this one that I found on Crunchy Betty’s blog. Here’s what I […]

  13. […] looking at many different recipes, I finally used this one from Crunchy Betty (Click the link if you want to see pictures of what it looks like and […]

  14. […]  All Roads Lead to the Pits: Homemade Deodorant […]

  15. […] found two great homemade deodorant recipes that we are curious to try. One has baking soda, cornstarch or arrowroot powder, coconut oils and essential oils, while the other has shea butter, cocoa butter, corn starch, baking soda, vitamin E oils and […]

  16. […] that coconut oil and arrow root powder are not the most common household items. After finding this recipe online, I headed out to my local grocery store to find the ingredients. Once I gathered the 1/4 c. […]

  17. […] Posted on July 1, 2015 by tnwife Standard I have been wanting to change over a lot of our personal product for some time now. We have used a bunch of different toothpaste recipes and no one has approved yet so I’m still working on that. My husband has been using some of my concoctions for a while now. I made him a beard wax that he was also using in his hair. Because he has some psoriasis on his scalp it started to spread to his face under the beard so we switched from the wax to a medicated (via essential oils) beard oil for his beard and hair. It seems to be working well for him! (Yay! Crunchy win!) Now on to the latest DIY.. Deodorant! I ran out of our normal stuff a little more than a month ago. I used my husband’s for a bit then got tired of picking off hair and went out and bought some Toms brand fragrance free stuff. It was ok for a day or two but then I felt like it made me stink more than usual. Like it made me sweat more than normal. So I went without. I’ve had a recipe for about 4 months now but haven’t been able to find the arrowroot powder that it calls for. So after a couple of weeks of going all natural, I finally am at a point where I NEED my armpits to smell pretty. It could be the fact that its Monday and y last real shower was Thursday night (after children went to bed). *Let me just throw in that we swam 2 of those 4 showerless days… Hopefully that makes me a little less gross. Today as I was tossing the diapers in the wash I noticed I had some natural cornstarch on my dryer from when I had to remove a coconut oil stain from some pants (see my crunchy points are racking up here! *cloth diapers, coconut oil, all natural cornstarch!!) So I took it down to the kitchen remembering that cornstarch has the same properties as arrowroot in this situation so I found a recipe and wiped it right up! I added in ylang ylang and wild orange for the yummy pit smell and stirred it all together. I’m waiting for it to solidify so I can use it then I’ll let y’all know how it works!! So It went into the freezer and when I took it out, I had a time getting the top off haha. I finally got it off then it wouldn’t roll up to be usable. I let it sit on the counter  then rolled it up once it was soft but then had to stick it back into the fridge before I squished it into my pits. After 20 minutes or so it was perfect! My reviews of it… it needs more essential oils because all I can smell is coconut oil I’m going to have to be really careful to let it dry or soak in or whatever before I put a shirt on bc the oil looks like it i going to leave oil stains so Boo on that I do not stink and my pits are dry! Woo Hoo!! I’ll take that over the cons any day! ***Link to the recipe I used […]

  18. […] oil, arrowroot starch, and essential oils. Failure. I’m not a DIYer though. Recipes like THIS ONE and THIS ONE are popular! Liz Wolfe says all you need is coconut oil and baking soda. While I […]

  19. […] my quest for a more affordable, natural and effective deodorant, I stumbled across this post from Crunchy Betty (gotta love the name!) and am ecstatic about my findings! At last, I decided to […]

  20. […] used on my feet before bed – it doesn’t stain sheets like most oils! I also make my own DIY deodorant which works better than anything I’ve ever […]

  21. […] DIY Deodorant: Similarly to toothpaste, there are many recipes out there for alternatives to traditional store-bought deodorant. DIY deodorants can be kept in […]

  22. […] which consists of a simple mixture of coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot, and essential oils. Crunchy Betty suggests similar ingredients, along with ylang-ylang oil, sweet orange, and tea tree […]

  23. […] discovered my first simple recipe for deodorant from Crunchy Betty and after reading numerous reviews in the comment section I decided to try it and to my delight it […]

  24. […] (*Note from Emily: Here’s my favorite homemade deodorant recipe) Or try these recipes from Crunchy Betty, Delicious Obsessions or Frugally […]

  25. […] just recently for me to find something that I think works, and so far, I love it! I have to thank Crunchy Betty for this recipe – I’ve even got my mum using […]