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  1. I am going to need to find a local activated charcoal source. I am all about toxins going awwwwwaaaay.

  2. So far I love this scrub!! I can’t decide if I like it more than the winter scrub, which made my face super soft pretty, but it’s close. I like the tingly, mojito-like feeling after I use it, which will be awesome if (and note I said if) the weather ever warms up around here. It also seems to be helping clear up the breakout area around my hairline, which popped up last month (when good ol’ AF returned) and has been hanging around ever since, so that makes me freakin’ ecstatic. It does make kind of a mess in the tub (I have to take the bathmat out and spray under it), but that’s not a big deal. Beauty can be messy sometimes, right?

    As far as stuff I’d like you to make: moisturizer!! I’ve really been wanting to find a more natural moisturizer, but I never know what to try, esp. given that the more natural stuff is more expensive (I did try Burt’s Bees daily moisturizer a while back and hated it). So, I’d be willing to try anything you can cook up in the lotions/moisturizers category.

    Anyway, love the scrub, love you, nuff said. :)

    • Crunchy Betty

      Thanks for the feedback, lady!

      For those of you who read this comment, I actually sold a few orders of the scrub to people who emailed me asking for some. Jenny was one of those awesome, lucky people who got to try it very first!

      I reformulated just a *little bit* for the recipe I’m selling now. Not as much activated charcoal, because you said the darkness kinda freaked you out, Jenny. This one’s a bit lighter, and a teeny tiny bit less minty. You know how yours is kinda black once you wet it? This one’s more gray. Still as effective, just not as in-your-face black. (In your face. Ha.)

      It seems moisturizer is a popular request. I’ll have to get on that. I actually use oils to moisturize (kind of a kitchen sink moisturizer, if you will, of all my favorite healing/moisturizing oils I have).

      That’ll definitely be next!

      Thanks again, lady. Mwah!

  3. I have been using the oil cleansing method religiously and it has been wonderful. I’ve never been happier with my face, and now i dont really do anything else because it works so wonderfully (I LOVE MY FACE WITH OCM. LOVE.). Is this face scrub compatible with faces that have only been using OCM lately? I feel like I would just be doing…too much to my face, if that makes sense. Though I guess not, can a face be too clean? I just don’t know. Would adding this be overkill if my face is currently happy?

    • Crunchy Betty

      Okay. Here’s how I feel about what you’re saying right now: If you LOVE the way your skin is, don’t do anything differently. Seriously. Don’t mess it up by trying to add or subtract things. The only thing I’d say is that you might want to make sure you’re still moisturizing really well.

      That being said, this is actually relatively complimentary to the OCM. I wouldn’t use either method twice a day, but I’d use both methods once. The scrub is super gentle, and if I were doing OCM religiously, I’d probably do OCM at night and the scrub in the morning (or maybe two or three times a week as a good exfoliator, which you don’t get with the OCM). As it is, I only use the scrub at night and do a very light toner swipe in the morning. (Like you, I don’t want to be TOO clean.) I’m too scatterbrained to OCM every day; I only do it when I’m wearing makeup.

      Neither method is going to strip your skin of the inherent oils it makes/needs, but it’ll clean.

      Also – I’ve done this scrub as a mask twice now and just love it. It tightens nicely and leaves your skin super duper soft and clean.

      So, if you don’t want to use it as a scrub, you can use it as a facial mask once a week.

      Did I make your mind up for you? Probably not. I probably just confused you.

      I’m a horrible marketer. Hehe.

  4. Sarah

    I cannot WAIT! I have been having some kinda awful acne issues, so hopefully this little diddy will help me out a bit. If nothing else, it certainly sounds like it will be super refreshing!

    Mm, I like the lotions/moisturizer suggestion. Right now my skin, as I mentioned, is all aflame with the unfortunate painy redness of Acneville, so I’ve been steering clear of oils. I don’t know if they we’re hurting, but they certainly weren’t helping, so I’m using the process of elimination tot ry and get to the bottom of this. Which means I’m at a bit of a loss as to what I should moisturize with that’s natural and isn’t an oil. If that’s at all possible. So anyway, any sort of face moisturizer that is acne prone skin friendly (bonus if it kicks it’s butt too!) would be maaahvelous! You can bet I’d be aaaall over it!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Neem and tamanu oil. Did you try either of those things? Tamanu is a little thicker, and it doesn’t soak in as quickly, so it’s a better spot treatment. Neem is fantastic. Also, check into fuller’s earth clay. If you do a mask every week (or maybe twice a week), it might help with the redness, and it’ll also help “dry up” any acne issues.

      All of these things, of course, are available at MRH, but you could try a local natural foods store to see.

      That being said, don’t forget about what you’re putting IN your body, too. Green smoothies often? Taking fish oil supplements? (Cod liver oil is my fave for clear skin.) These things might help too?

      But the scrub – hopefully it’ll help. I don’t know if you saw Jenny’s comment above, but it’s already helped clear up some of her hairline breakouts. Yay!

      • Sarah

        Thank you!

        I hadn’t tried either of those oils! I had been using jojoba as a moisturizer with some tea tree to try and help the acne to little avail. I’ll definitely be getting some neem and tamanu, along with fuller’s earth clay.

        That’s the thing! I have been taking my fish oil (though not cod liver oil, so mayhaps I will change it up!) twice a day (as directed on bottle), and even having green smoothies for breakfast.

        I’m sure it has something to do with quiting the pill. I only went on it for my skin, but it was never ever ever this bad. So maybe it’ll just take time (it’s been almost 5 months so far), or just finding the right skin taming combo. So thank you very much for the suggestions! It’s pretty durn bad, so I really appreciate them!

        • Karla

          Sarah, I just started using 4 drops of tea tree oil and like 4-6 drops of neem leaf extract as my “moisturizer”. I have oil prone skin and this is working great so far. I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks now, and I was worried about putting oil on my skin too. The message has always been that oil is the worst thing we could use, but crunchybetty is broadening my little horizon with all this great research and sweet recommendations.

          I’m going to buy this tamanu oil. Never heard of it before. But I’m in like flynn :)

          Good luck!

  5. First, let me say I LOVED the winter scrub! Love, love, love. Made my skin super soft and not dry. Also, it taught me the consistency I should be going for with my scrubs. I wasn’t making them fine enough. Beautiful skin and I learned something, too.

    Second, I’m so ordering this. I need some detoxing now.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Yay! And, yeah, the consistency is helpful. If you make ’em too chunky, not only are they hard on your face, but they’re hard on your drain, too.

      (In the beginning, two years ago, Skip had to unclog our sink twice because I had no idea how important it was to make the scrubs finer. Oops.)

      I actually think this one’s even finer than the first. The dried coconut in the first scrub never ground down as far as I wanted.

      It was hard not to put neem powder in this scrub, by the way, ’cause it’s so awesome for acne. I just needed to give it a break. After months of having the weird taste of neem powder (from when you inhale it a little) in the back of my throat, I couldn’t fathom doing that again this time. Ha!


  6. You need to bring that to the next Trading Post/Community Cupboard!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Funny story. I had planned on going to the last PPCC, and four days before I started making a HUGE batch of this scrub to bring.

      The exact moment I started making it, I received an email from someone asking if they could buy the winter scrub. Well, I didn’t have anymore of that, but I was about to make a huge batch of this, so I offered it instead. She bought three orders of it. The next day, someone else emailed about the winter scrub, and she bought a batch. And then I sold another one a day after that.

      And then I was out.

      And I couldn’t go anyway, because Skip keeps having to work on Sundays at EXACTLY the time I’d need the car to get to the trading post.

      Hopefully the Manitou one happens soon! I KNOW I can make it to that one.

  7. Karla

    Hi all,

    I ordered the scrub and I LOVE it. It cleanses great, exfoliates, and leaves my skin (and bathroom) with a lovely lavender scent. Just realized I’ve been using 2 times as much as I need. Now it will last even longer. Yay!

    I’m using apple cider vinegar as my toner, and then moisurizing with neem leaf extract and a couple drops of tea tree oil. I live in Florida and my skin is a smidge oily.

    Any suggestions on a toner that is good for oil prone skin that doesn’t cover up the wonderful lavender? How about good moisturizer/oil that won’t clog pores?

    I’m open to any and all suggestions!

    Yay crunchy betty, you’ve already changed my life in a few short weeks. Freaking heart you. A lot.

    • Crunchy Betty

      You are awesome.

      I’m SO glad you loved it – and so glad things are going in a positive direction for you, all around!

      For toner, beings that you’re in Florida and have some oiliness, try witch hazel with a few drops of lavender EO, iff’n you don’t like the smell of the ACV.

      Myself, I use kind of a “kitchen sink” oil for moisturizer (has tons of oils in it like jojoba, apricot kernel, sesame, emu, neem, tamanu, tons of EOs), and I don’t have any issues with pore clogging. However, just plain old jojoba oil is a great moisturizer that’s VERY similar to your own natural oils, so your face won’t try to work harder to produce oils … which will most likely leave your pores unclogged.

      Mwah! I’m SO happy you found me. I’m so happy you’re here. And that’s the truth.

      So there.

  8. Your Winter Scrub was a-mazing and I know this one will be too! Can’t wait to try it out!

  9. This is very cool. I would never have thought of using activated charcoal that way.
    You think of everything :)

  10. Michelle

    As everyone has been mentioning, I would love to see something on lotion/moisturizer. I used oil for a long time but I was getting SOOOO many bug bites that I just couldn’t do it anymore. Maybe I wasn’t using the best kind. Now I’ve kind of just stopped moisturizing (problem!) or I use store-bought when I’m super dry or itchy, which I would really prefer not to do.

    Anyway, I plan to order the scrub! It seems awesome. And I am new to your blog and love it already!

    • Crunchy Betty


      You know, I think you’re the first person I’ve ever come across who’s said using oil as a moisturizer attracted the bugs. I SO have to check into this phenomenon and see if it’s a widespread thing.

      I only use oils to moisturize with, but I bet you could add a few things in yours that would actually repel bugs a bit. It’s SUPER late right now and my brain is fried, so I’m having a hard time remembering ones that are good for bug repelling AND moisturizing, but … hopefully I’ll remember tomorrow morning, after much sleep.


      • Karla

        Neem is great for repelling bugs :)I get neem stuff from neemtreefarms.com. I don’t know them, but they were recommended by my organic farm, so I felt pretty good about trying them out.

        Neem is great, but wow there is a smell!! Proceed with caution.


  11. Emily_B

    I’m ordering now…this stuff will be great here in the ‘Stan ;) So excited!!!!

  12. I love activated charcoal. I never thought to pu tit on my face, I drink it. Before bed, i put it in water twirl it and drink it. It helps pull out toxins and it also has helped with my sleep. I will def need to try it out my body.

    • Crunchy Betty

      I tried drinking it a couple of weeks ago, and had a hard time getting it down. For a minute, I thought about adding it to a smoothie, but I’m curious whether its adsorbent properties would nullify the good stuff you’re drinking along with it. Hmmm.

      Have you ever tried taking clay for detox (internally)? That’s one thing I haven’t been able to bring myself to do yet.

      • Lisa

        I know many people do not like the taste of it, but I kind of like it. I am not sure if putting it in the smoothies would nullify the good things.

        I have internally taken clay, but it was when I went to this wellness retreat, it tasted really good, but they also mixed it with other stuff. They also stated that you can put certain clays in the vagina to help with the PH and stuff, but I never had courage to try that.

      • Daisy

        I bought activated charcoal pills and voila, no need to try choking it down!

  13. I just ordered some. Turns out I’m too lazy to make my own scrub, hehe! I think you should definitely keep selling scrubs (you should make your own line of fancy face scrubs and sell them! fab idea!!!), and I would advocate for the moisturizer as well.

    Um, I’m also still waiting for you to finish that book on natural acne treatments that you keep alluding to…

    I used the winter scrub and I really like it, it helped calm my skin a bit and was very soothing, but I need something stronger (read: more detoxing) for my cystic-acne-prone skin, so I’m hoping this summer scrub will do the trick! Since I live in Florida where it’s already super hot and humid, I need major detoxification – STAT!

  14. Jimi

    If you could make a version of Egyptian Magic I would love you forever.

  15. Beckie

    Hi, I’m on a new journey toward natural health and wellness. I just wanted to say thanks for writing a post that a newbie like me can follow. As I began to read this post I was thinking what a good way to use up my leftover bbq charcoal, but now I know better! I’ve got alot of learning to do, and I’m sure I’ll get alot out of subscribing to your blog! Cheers!

  16. Pam

    I just received my summer scrub and have used it three times now. I can’t believe how soft and clean my skin feels afterward. One weird thing though is that because I have really big pores, the charcoal gets trapped in them and I look like I’ve got a million blackheads, so I have to use a washcloth when I rinse to get into all the nooks and crannies. Any ideas on how to minimize my big pores? And I too think you should continue selling the scrub … i’m too lazy to make my own!

  17. Emily_B

    I’ve received mine, and after the 100degree + days we’ve had here, it’s been really nice to use! My skin feels great. Though I have had a few girls look at me funny (I’m deployed and have a community bathroom), but it’s led to some great coversations…I’m still waiting for someone to be willing to try it :)
    And I’m with you Pam, I felt like I was doing it wrong when my face was black after rinsing it off…I have to be extra careful to get it completely off of my face because it doesn’t rinse very easily.
    Thanks again for making and selling these things since I can’t make them here :)

  18. J

    This looks awesome, except that peppermint tends to inflame a host of skin problems for me (and most with sensitive skin!). Otherwise, another A+!

  19. mw

    Could one just add a small amount of ground turmeric in place of the turmeric oil? I have the one, but not the other…

    Anyway, this sounds great!

  20. Shannon

    Are you still taking orders for the Activated Charcoal Cooling Summer Scrub?

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