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  1. Melissa

    Please stop making me obsess over this site. Ugh. Two weeks of honey face washing and I’ve noticed dramatic reduction in the bumps under my skin.
    Can’t wait to make my own toothpaste.
    Currently using crystal deodorant, seriously considering the switch.
    Cocoa in my hair, don’t mind if I do.

    Crunchy Betty, please, stop making my beauty so darn natural!

    p.s. — my vegan heart weeps every time I use my honey but it really is the best things I’ve tried in years. would love to see more animal product free recipes =)

    • Caitlyn


      This is not strictly relevant to this particular post and I’m sure it’s weird for you to be getting a reply almost a year and a half after your original comment (assuming you even get notifications for this sort of thing), but I am curious about the vegan stance on honey and was hoping you wouldn’t mind if I took the opportunity to ask you about it.

      I completely understand why commercial honey raises major moral red flags for you or any other vegan–beekeepers, in addition to all of the unnatural conditions and substances they expose their bees to, take away the entirety of their hard-earned food and medicine (honey) and leave the bees with nutritionally void sugar-water, which is disgustingly reprehensible and I also take strong issue to. What I am curious about is what the vegan stance is/feelings are about “wild collected” honey (essentially, leaving hives exactly as they are, and climbing a tree with a jar and catching the stuff that’s dripping down to the ground–since it can be hard to confirm how stringent companies are about this procedure, for the sake of this example I’m referring to an individual doing this on some farmland for their own personal honey use).

      I’m not trying to be at all disrespectful and am genuinely curious as to what the vegan mentality is on this. Would what I just described (taking only a small amount of the excess that is not being utilized by the bees) be more acceptable, but is so rarely an option that it’s simply easier to make the blanket statement “no honey?” Or is this just as definite of a no-no, and, if so, could you tell me why?

      Your insights are appreciated, again, not trying to be nosy but just curious.

  2. Marking

    Quality of Coconut Oil and how to tell the difference. When coconut oil is in it’s most solid form, turn the jar over and look at the bottom. If it has a brownish or yellowish color, it means that the quality of the oil has been compromised. It means that sediment, debris and other impurities have been mixed in the oil through the extraction process and has settled to the bottom. Simple Rule of Thumb; The whiter the coconut oil is, the purer it is. Hope that’s helpful to folks;-)

  3. I’ve been reading and there’s more and more evidence pointing to it being good for Alzheimers and brain fog. Not sure…so I’m going to try it for myself and see if it helps! Also, haven’t read anything to back this up but…my brother-in-law has been drinking a Tbls mixed in his coffee and he has noticed his hair growing back (has a receding hair line).

  4. Laurie

    Make your next batch of popcorn on the stove with coconut oil! It’s delicious! I use an atom popper from Quincraft!

  5. liwymi

    I’m vegan and don’t like to use margarine, so I use coconut oil on my toast and sandwiches. Works for both savoury and sweet toppings, yum!!

  6. Cassie

    I use coconut oil as a diaper cream for my kid. I simply whip it up with hand mixer, add some tea tree oil and BAM. Bye bye desatin.

  7. nova lox

    because of its antibacterial, anti inflammatory, anti microbial, infection fighting, super moisturizing, natural and non toxic properties, i use it as a tattoo “lotion.” ive been getting tattooed for 8 years and havent found anything as wonderful! i have sensitive skin too! i use it as a lip balm, all over body moisturizer,and cooking oil as well. but i am most impressed with its efficacy as a tattoo healer. ill never go back to aquaphor!

  8. yogagirl

    Fractionated coconut oil is the perfect way to go – has all of the same benefits, doesn’t clog pores, and has a longer shelf life!

  9. Gdaiva

    Can’t believe I only found your site just now, read it on flickr from these days in french life. Anyway, love love your site and add my 2 cents for coconut oil:
    I use coconut oil in yougurt and berries smoothies, very delicious. My friend is mixing in with juice. And other many things already on your list :)

  10. Tazza

    OH MY GOD! Im so satisfied with coconut oil! It is seriously my saviour! Im quite a health freak so I hate putting anything on or in my body that has a label on it with a zillion names I don’t know. Coconut oil just replaced all of these products. How blissful! Im so excited to discover more about it, I have been using it as a moisturiser today- and I just put it in my hair because I’m going to have a shower tomorrow but I had no idea it had all these other benefits!! How exciting! What a wonderful post, Thank you so much for sharing and saving people from using chemicals and also (if i may add) save money!

    Tomorrow I’m going grocery shopping- guess what I’m going to buy! haha

  11. craftylittlemonkey

    One tip when using coconut oil as a hair treatment (or any oil hair treatment). Add shampoo to dry hair before wetting it, this will help to wash the oil out ;).

    • bree

      Because dry shampoo makes it harder for your hair to absorb the oil…making it less beneficial.

      • craftylittlemonkey

        I think you have mis-read my comment. It says add shampoo to dry hair, it doesn’t say to use dry shampoo. I mean, add shampoo to hair when it is still dry instead of wetting it first. This will better help wash the oil out.

        • faithy

          i still dont think this is necessary…the oil wont get to fully penetrate if u put any shampoo in it beforehand….u can wash it out in two or maybe three washes just fine after it gets to penetrate ur scalp, i do it all the time…not tryna be rude :)

  12. Henryb

    I’m 68, suffered from pimples and blackheads all my life, started taking a teaspoon of coconut oil daily since mid January 2013. By mid March no more pimples or blackheads and even old scars have smoothed out. Amazing stuff this coconut oil!

  13. Summer

    I use coconut oil for oil pulling. Just put a small spoonful in your mouth and start swishing as soon as it melts. It’s great for extracting harmful bacteria from your teeth and gums, while leaving the good bacteria (unlike chemical mouthwashes). Just be careful NOT to gargle – once the coconut oil has absorbed the bacterias, you don’t want to let it go down your throat. I always spit mine in something I’m going to throw away, so that it can solidify a bit and not get all over everything. I wouldn’t really want all of that oil to go down my sink drain, because it solidifies at room temp and could clog the drain pretty easily.

  14. Coconut oil what I use in tons of serums, it works synergistically with many oils and is truly a wonderful product for skin, hair and body! I love your happy posts too thanks :)

  15. lakshya

    mixing coconut oil together with turmeric makes a great facial mask. its an ancient indian recipe! i was having terrible acne and tried literally every product and masks and treatment available.. finally i came across this one and it helped alot. i still use it for an occasional pimple. just put the mixture on your face at night, and the next morning you will see a big difference (also a yellow pillow case but its worth it!). you can remove the yellow stains on your face with nothing other than…. coconut oil! :-)

  16. DonaMuller

    Do you use unrefined coconut oil? I have no idea what to look for, or use. What should the label say?

  17. Jennifer T.K.T.

    I eat it daily in my morning bulgar wheat. I add a teaspoon of coconut oil, turmeric, cinnamon, chia sends, sunflower seeds, walnuts, blueberries and a tiny bit of milk. So tasty!

    Thanks for creating a forum for all these great ideas! It really is crazy how fabulous this oil is!

  18. melodie

    I use coconut oil for everything but my greatest find for using it was to help my husbands psoriasis. I made a batch of lip balm (coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, & some essential oil for frangrance), one day hubby was complaining that nothing was working for his psoriasis so I told him to put some of my lip balm on it. Sure enough it softened it quickly and as long as he remembers to put it on, his psoriasis stay away. I also love using it as a deep hair conditioner & in my sugar scrubs.

  19. mollywobbles

    Heat the coconut oil before you put it in your hair! :)
    A warm oil massage works wonders!

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  21. Jenn

    What flavors of tea does the coconut oil work well in? i mean flavor wise- i assume it would melt into any variety as long as it’s hot.

    • dott

      Try it in a chai tea with some fennel seed added
      when you brew. The fennel adds a light licorice flavor
      and it is good for digestion, too. Very nice.

  22. Michelle

    I just have to say that we recently moved and I was very limited to what I had on hand. My daughter woke up with a pretty good bug bite on her leg that hurt. Not being able to get to the store, I put a dab of coconut oil on it and by the afternoon it was nearly gone (went from the size of a quarter to the size of a pin). After applying it she told me that it no longer hurt and no itching at all.

  23. Nikki

    Hi. I’m very new to this website but I’ve already made your man salve. I was thinking of trying it out as a deodorant but was wondering how long these recipes would keep in a glass jar? I used beeswax, coconut oil, macadamia and I put a bit of vanilla extract in for a delicious smell. If anyone could tell me I’d be very grateful as I’d like to know how big a quantity to make at a time. Cheers

  24. Jack Sedore

    This is odd but a window cleaner and I was liiking for a slip agent to add to my mix. Other soaps used to glide the rubber tends to leave streaks in corners or if you add too much soap the blade is quick but too much residue. I am still testing using coconut oil as my slip agent and pure water. If it works out I will let you know. Doing my full test next week. Also, new construction homes have a lot of stickers that must be scrapped off. I use to get these off as well. It really soaks into the paper and softens the glue. I use a scraper but apply minimal pressure now. Hmmm, who’d a thunk it.

  25. Luna1

    I have been using oils and butters exclusively as moisturizers for over a year now and I just learned about coconut oil. I was very excited to see it at Trader Joe’s for a decent price and decided to give it a try as a moisturizer. I whipped it with olive oil and vitamin E, added some tonka bean essential oil and vanilla extract. It smells heavenly in the container and feels amazing, but when I slather it all over my body after a shower, it smell terribly rancid on my skin! Has anyone else had this problem? Could it just be my own body chemistry? I think I’ll return the unused portion and go back to my jojoba oil mixed with olive oil, even though it’s more expensive.

  26. RJ

    I went to trader joe’s and got the coconut oil in a jar but HOW are you able to get the oil out of the jar? I’ve been chiseling away at it for 5 minutes. Can I just microwave the whole jar? Will microwaving the jar often be bad for the oil?
    HELP, please.

    • Marya

      Gently warm the entire jar in a larger bowl / container of hot water. Scoop out what you need while it’s still warm or even liquified.

    • dott

      Must be pretty cold where you live. Coconut oil will usually soften up starting at about 70 degrees and will start turning liquid at about 78 degrees. Here in Florida I have more trouble keeping my coconut oil cool enough to keep it spoonable!

  27. Chris

    I have started using it to brush my DOGS’ teeth! They absolutely love it.

  28. judi snow

    I was brought up in Missouri where we deep fried everything. Then moved to California and have been spending years trying to eat healthy. Well after reading about coconut oil I’ve been deep frying again with coconut oil. I think this adds more to my daily diet. I tried to get a answer from Dr. Oz but I haven’t received an answer. What do you think? Thanks so much, judi

  29. Oda

    Regarding your question about coconut oil could drive you to the store; yes! Or kind of; it can be used in replacement of gas! This was actually done a lot in the Philippines during WW2, because of lack off fuel. But do not take my word for it, I am not completely sure…

    I have no idea how it works, but I do believe it is true. My father used to drive the truck on fish oil which was supposed to be thrown away.It was initially produced as a supplement, we produce a lot of that here in Norway. The fish oil worked just as well as regular gas, except it smelled fish whenever we walked out of the car :/

    The fish oil worked well, and I have also heard about a lot of people driving their trucks on used cooking oil from gas stations. I can`t really see why I it would not work with coconut oil wile it works with fish oil and cocking oil as fuel :)

    • dott

      Course if you live someplace where it gets cold you would have a problem with coconut oil solidifying in your fuel tank…..

  30. dott

    I like to stir a spoonful into rich hot chocolate
    made with some dark chocolate chips and hot
    half ‘n half. Top with marshmallows or whipped
    cream and you
    have yourself a treat you may even dream about.
    Like a hot coconut/chocolate candy bar in a cup,
    a terrific lure to draw yourself and your family out of
    their warm beds on a chilly morning, too!

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  39. Deodrant and conditioner are some of the most favorite uses of coconut oil for me. Rest advantages of coconut oil are vital too in daily life.

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  43. carrie Edwards

    I am also obsessed with coconut oil uses but there is one where you mix with tea tree oil for fleas and ticks. Spray for beds and apply to pets x

    • CTLT

      Tea tree oil is extremely toxic to cats, and it can kill a cat if the kitty ingests or even inhales it (not sure about dogs) – so, you might not want to use that in a spray intended for your cat.

  44. HeyFairyGirl

    I love this article! I’ve been slowly switching my life over to the nontoxic side and these ideas are great. I’ve been using coconut oil and sugar as a body scrub for the last few months and I adore it.

    Easy to make: 1/2cup coconut oil and 1/4cup brown sugar mixed makes a great full body scrub. Try adding a bit of citrus for some zest (if you do, don’t use it on your face though.) Also, be careful if applying in a shower, the oil can make bathroom surfaces slippery.

  45. Sariah

    My favorite use of coconut oil in cooking is brownies. Just replace the cooking oil in the recipe with coconut oil, and voila! You have the most soft, chewy, and delicious brownies ever! They won’t stick to the pan and don’t dry out, even if they sit overnight.

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