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  1. I am not sure I can give up hand washing. I’m always cooking or wiping behinds. Those kinds of activities require soap. But I will totally try the sugar and coconut.
    My new hand trick is using a gardener’s soap with grit and sand in the shower on my hands. Cleans up my nails and cuticles and exfoliates at the same time. Like a mini manicure.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Ooh. I like this gardener’s soap idea. I haven’t even ever heard of it!

      The store across the street that makes natural bath/beauty products has a really awesome oatmeal soap with other essential oils and some jojoba beads in it. Sorta the same concept, but it gets really gooey when you get down to the nub. Eventually defeats the purpose of exfoliating.

      I forget about dirty diapers. It’s been so long since I’ve had to deal with them. Definitely need to wash after that. Haha … what’s wrong with me? I’m actually shuddering at the thought of a dirty diaper. When did this happen?

  2. These all sound like really sensible and DO-able ideas. I keep a shaker container of baking soda next to the sink for scrubbing pans and the sink itself. I’ll try putting it in the dishwater now.

    When I bake or cook, if I get olive oil or butter on my hands, instead of wiping it off or washing it off, I just rub it into my elbows. I used to love this hand cream I had from Origins (can’t remember the name) and also Aveda’s Hand Relief. They’re not in the budget anymore though, so I am really grateful for your “home cures”!

    Oh, and thanks for the reminder to take my Omegas!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Shoo. I know what you mean about Origins not being in the budget, Makes me sad, because it was one of the only “major” brands I’d use there for a while. I remember them giving me a hand treatment once when I went into a store – nothing compared.

      However, after an entire week of using olive oil on my hands two or three times a day, I’m so blown over with the softness. Pretty sure I’m not going to have to worry about dry hands at all this year.

      Oooh. The other night, I made a spaghetti casserole and the glass dish was just horribly messy with dried-on, baked-on cheese and pasta and sauce. I soaked it overnight in hot water, baking soda, and a couple of lemon wedges? All the yucky stuff slid right off in the morning with a spray of hot water.

      Sometimes I seriously think there’s nothing baking soda and lemon juice can’t do.

  3. As a nurse I am supposed to wash my hands before and after every patient contact. My hands are ruined. Dry and split. If you guessed my age from them you’d put me in an old folks home. I’m looking forward to trying some of your tips.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Yeah. That’s a toughie – not much you can do about that, is there? Do pick up some lanolin (if, again, you’re not sensitive to it) and try putting that on at night and then wearing cotton gloves.

      My hands never get dry enough to warrant the all-night glove/lanolin treatment, but my feet do. Although I put socks on my feet. Gloves would be weird.

      Anyway, I really feel like it helps tremendously. The next day, the cracks are FAR more soft, and the dry flaky skin is gone.

  4. Mmm, coconut. I’ll try anything with coconut. I wish there was some way of getting rid of ropy veins on hands because just about the only thing Angeline Jolie and I have in common is our zombie hands.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Well, see, I think the ropey hand veins look distinguished. I’m actually being serious. Almost every “society” lady I’ve seen has prominent hand veins.

      Clearly, it’s just a sign of very exquisite breeding.


      I actually just made a body oil with straight coconut oil and some natural amber perfume oil I get at the local natural health foods store. Have you ever smelled amber? (Or amber musk … um … TO DIE FOR.)

      Ever since I discovered those natural perfume oils, I won’t even look at the perfume counter at the department stores.

      • Yeah, exquisite breeding. Except that I have old lady hands and Barney Fife arms and I’m only 33.

        If you like 100% natural perfume oils, check out: http://www.attarbazaar.com/Default.asp?Redirected=Y

        I have like, 20 of these oils. I’m really allergic to synthetic fragrance, so these are awesome.

        • Whoa, you know what, my oils are years old, and I see the company has changed. They used to be 100% natural, I see they aren’t anymore. Dang. Oh well.

          • Crunchy Betty

            Hmmm. I went there and didn’t notice where they listed ingredients. You know, I’m pretty guilty of not checking the ingredients of the oil I use (amber musk from Nemat). I just assumed it was all natural, because it’s carried in one of the strictest, crunchiest local natural stores here in the Springs.

            However, looking online, I can’t seem to find how natural they actually are, either.

            Curious. You’ve started me on a new quest …

  5. I’m a big advocat of using natural products like honey, olive oil and sugar in the bathroom. I use a honey-sugar mix for scrubbing and moisturize with olive oil or argan oil. My hands have never been softer!

  6. Miri

    can I use coconut with kosher salt instead of sugar? (I know me. I’ll end up eating coconut with sugar ;-]…)


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