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  1. Kim

    I have a major heart for my patchouli oil – I mix it with water, put it in a spray bottle, and VOILA, I have my very own body spray!

    I love your dried herb collection!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Der! Of course! I forgot patchouli (because I rarely use it, I guess … too many people around these parts smell like patchouli) and my ultimate smelly fave: Ylang-Ylang.

  2. Kim

    Not living in crunchi-town myself, I am an anomaly and unique! :D
    I do adore the ylang-ylang….

  3. This is an awesome list. I haven’t tried half of this stuff because I’m still a newbie to natural skin care. I’m going to have to do some shopping. :)

    • Crunchy Betty

      Seriously, be careful! Once you start, you’ll never stop. You’ll be jonesing for the next herb or oil all the time. Sigh. It’s a life.

  4. This is an excellent post! I love Mountain Rose Herbs, Braggs, Witch Hazel, and Apple Cider Vinegar. So helpful you are, missy!

    • Crunchy Betty

      I feel like you’re a ylang-ylang type of girl. You should try some. In the winter, I like to put a few drops on a cotton ball and put the cotton ball in the heater vent. The whole house smells mysteriously sexy.

  5. Very interesting and informartive. You are able to overcome my inattitude to take care of my beauty. I like more cooking, travelling, reading…I have a lot of excuses to not dedicate time to make up (natural and not)

    • Crunchy Betty

      That’s one thing I love about this, you can do a little here, a little there … and it’s fun, and relaxing, and makes you feel like a kid again. Totally customizable to your time!

  6. Awesome list, Leslie! My number one skin care ingredient is lavender oil! I use it just everywhere i can in my homemade creams, mask, aromatherapy etc. etc. etc. What is more I’m walking all day around my house with the bottle of lavender essential oil right under my nose because I love the smell so much that I can’t tear myself away!

    • Crunchy Betty

      I know what you mean about lavender. Occasionally I go through lavender overload, but eventually it comes back and we fall in love all over again!

  7. Thank you for the very entertaining conversations about zits and the like. And for the nice shout out! You are one of the good ones! Now, I’ve got several other things to add to my next order! Thank you much!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Mwah! Hope your weekend’s full of super fun splashes and (ahem) food on your face!

  8. Jan

    I now want some french green clay.
    Like, pronto.

    • Crunchy Betty

      If I had any left, I would send you some. Or email you some (that joke never gets old). I do not, though, because I love it so much I went right through it. When I restock, I will buy some in your honor.

  9. I bought two bottles of witch hazel at my local Target two weeks ago. They must not carry it at all of the locations. I also found a gallon-sized ACV at another local market! Yea! I have ordered from Mountain Rose before (for tea supplies) and they are great to do biz with. Monterey Bay Spice Company (www.herbco.com) is another good resource I like for all these crunchy goodies. Awesome list by the way! (I just love good lists – they make life so much easier).

    • Crunchy Betty

      See, I’m really glad you said this. I have been to three Targets looking for witch hazel, but maybe it’s just in my area that they don’t carry it. OR – the last time I looked for it, which was three or four months ago – I filled out a feedback form on their space-age computery things, where I said I was going to cry if they didn’t start stocking witch hazel.

      Maybe … maybe they listened.

      Maybe they did it for me.

      Checking out the herbco.com digs right now. Thanks!

  10. I have to admit I’m a big loser in the natural department. The only thing I have on this list is the apple cider vinegar. I did try using it for weight loss a while back … but realized the acidity was doing a number on my teeth.

    I may not be the most natural and organic of gals, but I do enjoy your site! You give me something to aspire to!

    • Crunchy Betty

      So, this is the deal: You’re the kinda peeps I really want to talk to. There are a thousand websites out there for people who are already addicted to making their own stuff. (And in comparison, I feel crazy inadequate.)

      I want to make it cool, fun, and enjoyable for those who’ve never tried it, or think they don’t have the time, etc.

      I want to change the world.

      Sometimes I go overboard.

  11. AMAZING post!!! I’ve been venturing more and more in to the world of natural body care and household items. This list is just going to turn a simple, pure curiosity in to a mad obsession. Yay!! :)

    Oh, and this:

    “an herb shop (not to be confused with a head shop),”

    cracked me up!!!


    • Crunchy Betty

      This is the best. comment. ever.

      Could you clone a few million times?

      (Although, after watching your coffee video … can you imagine a few million of you running around? Haha!)

      You’re adorable, I adore you, and I’m totally here to support your obsessions. All the way.

  12. I have a good friend in Montana who makes some excellent natural products. In fact, her callendula cream (sp?) was great for my skin this winter, and I just got some of her natural mosquito repellent, too. You should check out her site: http://www.struckbyinsight.com.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Ooh. Thanks for the link! I read some of her stuff, and liked her immediately.

      Some time I’d like to pick your brain.

      I think you could probably direct me in a lot of local ways that I haven’t been able to find on my own.

      And I remain completely enamored with your blog. Don’t stop. Ever.

  13. Kim

    So last night I was slathering my face with products that my friend is trying to sell me from the trump network. As I was layering product after product onto my face, I was thinking of you. You and your crunchiness. I was thinking I should probably be rubbing mangoes and strawberries with oatmeal and honey on my face.

    Now I pay another visit and find out there are 7 more things I need to add to my list.
    I don’t know whether to love you or hate you! :) I am decidely leaning towards love.

    Thanks for the information.


  14. Carly

    What size do you usually get essential oils in/how long do they last? If you had to choose the top most useful 3, which ones would you recommend? One of the things I love about these homemade recipes is that I can get natural goodies without breaking my college student budget, so I don’t want to end up spending $30 on oils

    • Crunchy Betty

      Well, I usually get the smallest size I can when it’s an oil that I’m not going to use very often. If I were to recommend three very useful essential oils, it might depend on what you’re going to use them for. My top three for cleaning products: Tea tree, lemon, and peppermint. My top three for oily skin: Lavender, tea tree, and probably rosemary. Top three for dry skin: Rose absolute (which is VERY pricey), rose geranium, and chamomile. Top three for normal skin: Lavender, chamomile, and rose geranium.

      I hear what you’re saying on the price thing. The NOW brand is the most cost-effective brand I’ve found.

      Hope this helps!

  15. Amanda

    I also have found Witch Hazel at Target, it was a bit hidden and they don’t have any sort of generic bottle of it, just one brand, but it was there!

  16. Thank you for the list – this is great! All natural skincare is the way to go and I’m always interested in new products!

  17. abena

    just discovered your site and im like hooked :)
    only problem however is getting most of the essential oils, herbs and clays here in ghana..
    fab work tho…more food for my face

  18. Holly Piper-Smith

    I covet your box of oils! I bet it smells magnificent.

  19. You are so smart girl!!! Brags is my ultimate favorite. I pretty much drink their amino acids ok. I’m kidding but I do use act as a staple in my cold tea!! Works so well!! I was just on m.r.h site before this post, and they offer a witch hazel extract that’s pretty pure!!! FYI :)

  20. jennifer

    when I look up things online i keep getting pointed to your site…i love it! sooo much great info! the site has such a catchy name! I have it saved under my favoriteds and will continue to follow :)

  21. Boudoir Doll

    Baking Soda and Arrow Root

  22. Love your site and really appreciate your must-haves ingredients list. I like you heart, heart, heart (did I say “Heart”?) rose water and make my own for my 5 daughters. We use it in almost all of my DIY projects.

  23. folktaxonomy

    I realize I am commenting on a 3 year old post! But, I wanted to say some things. Way too many things in way too many words. (Sorry!!!)

    1) For about a year now the only thing I use to “condition” my hair is Apple Cider Vinegar, ever since I’ve been getting more compliments on my gorgeous long shiny soft hair; I add various hair-good essential oils depending on my mood and/or state of hair, almost always Rosemary, often Basil, Mint, Lime… the vinegar scent fades quickly but the herbaceous deliciousness remains 2) when I’m less lazy I will soak fresh and/or dried herbs in the ACV for 2-4 weeks then strain such as Rosemary, Sage, NETTLES etc. 3) (You’re probably familiar with the EXCELLENT toner this makes when other herbs are added & diluted with Rose Water and/or Witch Hazel often called “The Queen of Hungary’s Water”). 4) In my experience Rose Water is CRAZY EXPENSIVE-how do *you* deal with this dilemma? 5) I am addicted to lists and MRH, but I couldn’t help but kinda wish you had noted that IF you have the space, even a little for pots, you can easily with very little effort, grow a lot of these medicinal herbs yourself so you can have them FRESH AND dried, esp. some of the top ones like chamomile, lavender, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, calendula, NETTLES… 6) I’m also addicted to clay (& currently out! subsisting on Oats & Almonds mixed with various spices &/or herbs). BUT according to my research & experience WHITE clays are the best for DRY, not oily, skin because they are the LEAST DRYING & most “gentle” of the clays, enough to use on a daily basis. Whereas French Green Clay is super drawing & drying & more suited for oily skin. The Red Clays, too tend to be harsher & not suitable for sensitive or extra dry skin. Rhassoul is currently, and thus far, my favorite, I cannot believe how SMOOTH & SILKY the texture is & how soft it leaves my face compared to other clays (although I love them all). 7) I just found your site-if you have not yet-would you mind raving about two of my most favorite food cosmetic crunchy buddies: Turmeric and Nettles? Also, I’ve recently become addicted to all things Cardamom (ground spice and/or EO added to half the “cosmetics” i make, ice cream etc.) but am not finding a lot about SPECIFIC face/body/cosmetic benefits. Can you help here?

    • folktaxonomy

      oh and duh, one of the primary, of many many many reasons to grow your own herbs for personal use if you can is to save a LOT of monies, especially calendula, that stuff is crazy expensive & it’s essentially a weed that blooms year round! and dried lemon balm is NOTHING compared to fresh-i started out with a single 4″ pot and in no time at all i had a bush nearly as tall as me with no maintenance, and she comes back each year and propagates herself like a hermaphroditic rabbit! (going on 10? years now).


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