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  1. Amber

    Ok this is a rather silly question but I have NEVER taken a bath before because I’m just a shower fanatic. Anyway, I was wondering after you soak in the bath do u have to rinse off after your done with soap or do you just rise off with the shower and step out the bath? Lol

  2. Margaretia Jane

    Do you use dried herbs or can you use fresh ones??

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    • mailys

      Man, u need to use something other than google translate if you want people to belive you when you pretend to speak french.

  6. Allison Higgins

    yoooooooo if you are a vaagina owner, do not take baths with things that have sugar in them, you can use a sugar scrub as long as it does not get in the Bermuda triangle area. Your vagina is a diabetic! no sugar! you will get an infection!

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  8. If you love a relaxing bath check out Bath Relaxer®. A cleverly designed little inflatable cushion which sits half way down the bath under your bottom to stop you sliding. Three suction cups hold it tightly in place, ensuring that you have the most relaxing bath experience ever. No more sliding – simple as that! Bath Relaxer® can also be used as a bath pillow to rest your head, neck and back on.

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  10. Lana

    I’ve tried teas and Epsom salts. But I’ve also found a combination of green tea (hoji-cha, and oolong from YAMAMOTOYAMA are my favorites) and cooking spices and herbs. I boiled water and put a bay leaf in it, then poured that concoction into my bath along with the tea for an aromatic and relaxing bath. Not to mention tea bags can be used to exfoliate and reduce puffiness under your eyes. I don’t know what bay leaves does for your skin but i do know that the smell from it is relaxing, and it will open up your nose if your a bit stuffy.


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