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  1. How often should you follow these methods?

  2. Wenya

    Hey!!! Question can I use cinnamon instead of nutmeg?

  3. Jessica

    I just tried the water and baking soda method and it made my skin sting, is that a bad thing?

  4. Jade

    So, I have been washing my face with castile soap (oil-based soap) for the past 5 months, but I never did it the way you did (letting the oil sink) I just used it as soap. So, I am starting that.
    Also, I tried the milk and nutmeg exfoliant today. I have never exfoliated before, so this should be interesting. I think I did it to hard, because my cheek-skin was really hurting, so I lightened up a little. My skin feels great though!
    I break out a lot, and I get black heads around my lips and nose, so I hope this helps!!

    What is your ratio of nutmeg to milk?

  5. Lauren

    I absolutely LOVE the milk and nutmeg scrub, makes my skin feel wonderful and even got instant results!

  6. TANYA

    my husband and i have got them under and around eye area so what should we use

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  8. samantha

    As a last try, because nothing else worked I tried the soft bristled tooth brush and lemon juice, I tried it once, very lightly I went in circular motions on the blackheads I had by my nose. I woke up with my skin bleeding in the area I had rubbed and completely torn up, I only noticed it in the morning and it scabbed over the next day.. It is a very very bad way to get rid of youre black heads and it even get rid of them. Be careful. & do not use that method even if all else fails.

  9. Alexandra Richardson

    Can you recommend a good foundation / tinted moisturiser? At the moment I have LOADS of blackheads all over my nose and also spread onto my cheeks, but mainly it’s my nose. I cover it up with foundation nearly every day unless I stay at home. I know this is bad, but it looks bad. I’m going to start your home remedies, but I wonder if you have any good tips for foundation base that won’t completely clog up your pores?

  10. esmeralda

    How often should you follow these methods? Once a week? Twice a week?

  11. sara

    Not harmful, but a pain, ugly, and hard to get rid of. Just be careful when u remove them, bacteria can get into the little pockets you leave behind and get infected.

  12. Macy

    I usually exfoilitate once a week hope this helps :)


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