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  1. Kat

    is it a good idea to use the first 3 methods on the same day? how often should you use these? everyday?

  2. Janet Dawson

    I have a sure fire way to get rid of blackheads. Take white school glue, spread it thickly on the area and let dry. Then slowly peel the glue off and the blackheads come with it.

    • Michael

      Better than the Elmer’s glue method, is what I call Facial Cement.

      Simply apply the Facial Cement around your face, avoiding the obvious bits (eyes, mouth, nose holes). Let it dry until hardened, then remove.

      How to Make:
      1) 1 cup of hot water -> From faucet
      2) 2 cups of quick-dry cement -> Lowes/Home Depot/Hardware store.
      3) Mix ingredients until paste and not lumpy.
      4) Apply a thin layer to face (thin makes it dry faster) and let dry about 40 minutes.
      5) Remove from face.

  3. Angie

    I just love this website and I really appreciate your articles. Thank you.

  4. Nicole

    Can you use Auguave nector instead of honey???

    • Kelly D.

      No. Honey (it must be RAW honey) is an unadulterated natural product that is strongly anti-microbial and has enzymes that dissolve oil and dirt. Agave nectar is nothing more than sugar that has been chemically extracted from the agave plant–basically the same thing as corn syrup, but from a different plant. Honey and agave nectar are in no way interchangeable.

  5. Beth Brown

    You can also make a mask out of regular, old fashioned school glue. Let it dry and peel it off!

  6. Maggie

    How long should it take for the Baking soda-water mixture method to start to get rid of the blackheads? Trying to get rid of them before my boyfriend comes to town in a few weeks. :3
    Thank you! -Maggie

  7. Katie

    I need to know if there is any type of honey because I want to do the honey experiment. How much honey? what type? That is what I need to know.

  8. Loveyourskin

    Please! No.

    First of all, blackheads are NOT pimples. Pimples show a slight infection, hence the redness, pressure, and sometimes the white pus (yup).
    Blackheads are hardened sebum, oxidized black at the tip. Clogged pores can also be waxy yellow if they’re not oxidized.
    I’m horrified that the author recommends using a toothbrush on your skin. This, and other abrasive measures, causes scarring.
    Please find a holistic esthetician and be gentle with your skin.
    Signed, your concerned holistic esthetician.

    • goreygirl13

      Thank you for clearing this up! I was a bit shocked that the author claimed that blackheads were just pimples with no skin (wonder where the heck she learned that???). Some of these ideas weren’t bad, but the toothbrush, wow BIG no no!
      And it seems to me that most of these ideas just soak up oil and exfoliate the skin. While exfoliation is appropriate, it’s important to know which exfoliator to use. Typically salicylic acid is best for blackheads, therefore either something over the counter with blackheads and/or benzoyl peroxide, or use a product with willow bark extract.

    • jeni

      Thank you for your good sense, I am also a holistic esthetician. Check out my reply to the post :)

  9. hasn

    black head over my eyes are spreading days by days please give me natural way best and useful advice to get ride of them my skin is too oily please confirm me

  10. smalm

    I love the honey one for it takes so little honey for the face treatment, leaves the face not as red as after a scrub, and moisturizes, and also is safe to keep on for longer for it’s not an acidic facial scrub which will burn the skin. Thank you, this might be a LIFESAVER for my pores on my nose that have blackheads are large, disgusting, and make me feel ugly for my t-zone on my face is where they are as well as pimples. You have given me a chance to help my skin and at the same time fight against this constant struggle to keep an oil free, acne free, picture perfect face. Thank you,you have given me a new hope and a happier, better nourished face. :)

  11. Nora

    Only one method has worked for me after trying everything for 20 + years – the Paleo Diet! Try it for a day, a week, a month and you will see a remarkable difference in your complexion!

  12. This is an AWESOME article! thanks for sharing such wonderful knowledge.

  13. Shay M.

    I tried the egg face mask today (I added some aloe vera gel to it) and other than the aloe vera, the eggs did nothing to get anything out of my pores with blackheads. As for the egg mask with the aloe that I added, I like the hydrating quality (and soft face) but otherwise it’s not strong enough to get anything out of my pores.

  14. beth

    how much milk and nutmeg do you use?

  15. Alla

    HI, I tried the nutmeg and milk treatment and it did make my skin very smooth however the blackheads are still there!! Do you continue to do it till the black heads disappear over time or are they supposed to disappear after the first go of doing this treatment?
    Thanks :)

  16. how do i get rid whiteheads. i have one on my nose where the opening is, one on top of my lip and few other places. thank you

  17. jeni

    I appreciate this blog for what it is worth, however, the information contained is all wrong.

    1. Blackheads are not “pimples without skin over them. Pimples are p. Acne bacteria that have been trapped inside the follicle (pore), have multiplied, and become infected. Pimples can be due to fluctuating hormones, poor hygeine, diet, allergies, or a myriad of other reasons. Blackheads are made up of squalene, free fatty acids, lipids, cholesterol and dead skin cells. No bacteria. When your pores fill to the top with those naturally occuring substances, they oxidize, kinda like leaving a cut open apple out in the air. There is no infection whatsoever.

    2. The ONLY way to get rid of blackheads is to squeeze. They can be several millimeters deep in your skin, blocking your follicles (pores) you need to get them out of your skin, patting honey, or putting anything on top will not pull the “glue” out. Watch a tutorial on youtube on how to safely remove blackheads, if you feel unsure still, see a licensed esthetician (like me :)) that specializes in acne management and blackhead extraction.

    3. Everything crunchy betty mentioned is great for maintaining your pores post-extraction (after blackhead removal) however, these suggestions will do nothing whatsoever (I promise) to remove your blackheads. They need to be extracted, then treat the open follicles. The only thing that the mask, honey, eggwhites, etc. *might* do, is pull off the oxidized black ‘top’ of the blackhead, which will return in less than a week, because 90% of it is still below the surface of your skin.

    4. I think this is a great blog, and is usually right on with advice, however I felt I should let people know that this particular post of information is useless when it comes to blackheads. There is no magic scrub/mask/cream, they need to be extracted, then daily preventative measures need to be taken to stop them from returning.

    After extractions:

    1. Use a three step system of a facewash, toner and moisturizer appropriate for your skintype. The more organic and natural, the better. I like Elina Organics, Amrit Organics, and Eminence.

    3. Three times a week, exfoliate the skin on your face with a dry towel, right after you remove makeup, and before washing with cleanser. Youtube a dry towel exfoliating tutorial. This will break uo the dead stratum corneum (top layer of skin on face) and prevent the dead skin cells from re-blocking your follicles and causing them to fill to the top and oxidize.

    4. Twice a week, mix a mask of 2t clay (any kind, green indian clay works best), 4 drops lavender essential oil, 2 drops tea tree oil and enough water (about 1T) to mix it into the right consistancy to spread on your face. Let dry for one hour, rinse. Then procede to you 3 step skincare routine mentioned above.

    5. Switch out your pore clogging makeup for some natural/organic mineral based powder. Make sure it does not contain talc, synthetic preservatives, fragrance, parabens, pthalates or gross stuff you can’t pronounce.

    6. Never go to bed with makeup on. Ever. Ever. Ever. Change your pillowcase that you sleep on every 3 days. This will prevent oil build-up on your face at night that can clog pores.

    7. Eat these as often as you like, and preferably organic:
    -gala apples
    -sweet potatoes
    -citrus fruits (esp. Pineapple)

  18. Farhat

    My husband has blackheads all over his back. How can we get rid of them

  19. dhuri

    hey…am I just supposed to choose one method? or can a new one each week? :O and how to I prevent back acne???!!??? on the top of my back? please help! and how can I get rid of the marks from acne?

  20. Is the honey scrub suitable for dry skin with lines?

  21. Is the honey scrub suitable for dry skin?

  22. esmeralda

    How often should you follow these methods? Once a week? Twice a week?

  23. sara

    Not harmful, but a pain, ugly, and hard to get rid of. Just be careful when u remove them, bacteria can get into the little pockets you leave behind and get infected.


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