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  1. Ginger + lemon tea is great when you’re sick. Ginger tea is also great for nausea – in a pinch just sniffing a freshly cut knob of ginger is quite helpful. I also cook with fresh ginger a lot. It gives everything such a fantastic fresh kick.

    I think I’m going to have to try that body scrub!

  2. Ginger is my favorite! I just made a soap with it…Ginger Lemongrass.  Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for the post, CB!

  3. Ksack1212

    Hmmmm, I think I may try to use ginger to take the white out of my stretch marks. Anyone think that will work? I know they won’t go away, but not being extra white may help a bit I think!

  4. Cadelle

    Usually, just stir fry.  But I may have to try some of these.  Especially the bath soak.  It feels like something that’d be good during labor.

  5. Cbuffy

    EASIEST foot soak ever – put your warm water and whatever additives into two gallon sized zip bags.  Carry to your chair.  Sit.  Put one foot into each bag and zip it around your ankle.  Enjoy! 

    Benefit – no sloshing, AND you can reuse it if you want!  (depending on the added ingredients…)  Just reheat (no microwaves please…) and away you go! 

  6. daniel1132b

    you can plant it!!! just like potatoes – find an “eye” or a nubbin and away you go! never be out of fresh ginger again!

    I use it all the time for upset tummies – I had awful morning helped a little. I also use it in cooking and in foot soaks and in a muscle relaxing bath :D

  7. KarinSDCA

    I am allergic to ginger, but I am trying to figure out a way to make some of these for other folks without touching it myself. LOL One friend could really use those bath salts!

  8. suz pie

    …my favorite herbalist told
    me, many years ago… “If you look at a vegetable, herb, nut, or
    flower, and see a body part, that’s probably the body part that it’s
    good for.”… I couldnt agree with this more. It is totally true. Ginger – stomach (and feet) Tomato- heart, Red wine- blood, grapefruit -breast, clams-testicles, celery-bones, carrots (sliced)-eyes… and so on. Awesome recipes with ginger!! : )

  9. I just made Gingersnaps last weekend with both fresh and dried ginger. Yum! That spoon trick really does work, but most of the time I usually don’t bother peeling it at all.

    I realize that fresh is the best, but if I used dried ginger or ginger EO in the bath salt recipe, would it keep longer (I’m thinking of gift options)?

  10. Heather :) :) :)

    These are great beauty tips. I LOVE ginger…and I make really spicy ginger tea.  It’s good for the tummy…but I just like the taste, especially with a touch of raw honey :) :) I never knew about peeling ginger with a spoon. Thanks for the tip :) :) I’ll give that a try and see how it works.

    oh, I read the part about the hypopigmented recipe to darken white scars. Do you buy any chance know of a natural rememdy to lighten dark spots/scars?  I’d be interested in that.

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  11. Jo Shontz

    My husband also makes fresh ginger beer! It’s so good, and it gets better if you let it sit for about a week. Good luck with yours :)

  12. Kanke

    I have a question.  Is the Warming Cinnamon bath salts and the Mustard/Ginger foot bath safe for an 8 year old?  It seems like they would be fine but I’m not sure if there’s any difference between how it reacts to a child’s body verses an adult body.  My daughter is growing like the proverbial weed (she grew 2 inches over the summer ) and complains a lot of foot/leg pain.  We usually just massage them a bit before bed but I think the ginger might provide better relief.  If anyone can answer I would appreciate it.  Thank you.

  13. Lissa

    I adore ginger tea! And I want to try all of these—as soon as I get more ginger. Thanks for the post! 

  14. Laura in SC

    I slice fresh ginger as thin as I can and put 4-5 slices in the bottom of my giant mug along with 3-4 cinnamon sticks. Then I fill my mug halfway with black tea and the other half with orange juice. I keep it going almost all the time on the cup warming device I keep with me at all times in the winter. I can just refill my cup for days and days without anything going bad or sour. When the taste of the spices are gone, I start all over again. Sometimes I add cloves. Yum. I am amazed at my never ending cup of tea. The good germ fighting benefits of the cinnamon and maybe the ginger too allow this to happen, I’m thinking.

  15. Anonymous

    Yes, ginger love!  I mostly use it for juicing actually.  It’s a hot kick in the pants in the morning. :)
    Also love a ginger infused ACV.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I’m in summer at the moment and that’s what I use it for.  It’s a guaranteed ingredient in any juice I make.  In fact it’s almost the like fruit and vegies are just vessels for ginger ingestion hehe :)

      I LOVE ginger.  If I could have only one spice, that would be it.

      Hey what do you use the ginger infused ACV for?

    • mmm… home juiced ginger-apple-lemonade is too good.

  16. Anonymous

    I like cooking with it, whether it be soup or cookies- Yum!  I also like to make my own spiced chai, very lovely on these chilly winter days.   Ooh, and making ginger simple-syrup, or plain ginger tea for an upset stomach.  {(^o^)}


  17. Renata

    I usually just use mine in cooking.  I love it in stir frys, and also nothing like chicken soup for the sickies with a good dose of ginger and garlic!  It just reeks of get well soon!  I am glad for more uses for it because I usually have quite a bit left over.  And now I am going to try and grow my ginger that has grown its eyes lol.

  18. Merryhenke

    Oh my goodness, I needed this post. Now I just need to go get some fresh ginger. :) Thanks so much!

  19. Cadelle

    Yep, the bath soak was awesome.  Going to have to go keep a root in the fridge now, in anticipation of labor starting.  Feeling the ache leeched out of my lower back was just amazing.

    Unrelated: Someone tell me the third baby is the easiest to deliver.  Lie to me if it isn’t.

  20. Ilikeumad

    I peel slice with mandolin and make candied ginger. Alton Brown’s recipe on Food Network. I don’t use as much sugar and I soak in Lemon or fruit fresh while peeling. Ginger and nuts is crazy good! Especially walnuts! Yummmm yogurt too~

  21. Yoons

    i keep mine in the freezer and grate it as i need it.  The vodka infused ginger sounds amazing!

  22. I like using natural ginger snaps from the hippie store to snack on when I get heartburn.  Problem is, they never seem to last long enough til the next heartburn attack.

  23. Gouthami Srinivasan

    Hi can fresh ginger be used to lighten the dark spots and scars that has occurred from pimples.

  24. PaulJoW

    It might look like your toes! If so, I think you need to see a beauty therapist :-)

  25. I’m compiling a list of ways to use this great spice so thanks for all your wonderful tips!

  26. Sam

    my cousin thought this powder she bought was tumeric therefore we made a tumeric peel for the face HOWEVER i had an instinct that it was ginger since it really smelled like it. We made this peel mixed with milk and it was like a paste. I applied it under my eyes and on some zits. After a few seconds, I felt a burning sensation on under my eyes. It terribly hurt. I quickly rinsed it off, however it somehow got into my eyes and I thought I was doomed. I could not open my eyes so i took a cold wet cloth and laid it on my face. When I could open thensafely, under my eyes I had two dark red streaks like I was sunburnt. Its terrible. I went on to find out this ˝tumeric powder˝ was GINGER POWDER. I freaked out and put iced uder my eyes. And that was the time I almoost got blind and died from ginger powder :)

  27. Debra

    My goal this morning was to find uses for ginger besides cooking, thank you all your insite!

  28. I drink the juice of about a thumb sized chunk every day for my rosacea! Works amazing!

  29. wow… i love that ginger has so many benefits. i love it so much

  30. Proverbs31

    Hello! Does anyone know where to store the ginger root after I cut a piece for hypopigmentation? Can I just put it in the fridge until the next day? Will it dry out?

  31. Christy

    Ginger ! Perfect for stomach upset, especially when on menstural pain. I put a freshly sliced ginger in a bottle of vodka. So perfect!


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