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  1. Emily

    I’ve been using baking soda to cleanse my scalp/hair and apple cider vinegar to condition for over a year. This is ALL I use; no store bought shampoos or conditioners whatsoever. Let me tell you, the result has been amazing. I used to have hair that got greasy fast and now it NEVER does. It grows almost 2 inches a month and is super soft. I can honestly say I will never use shampoo or conditioner ever again.

  2. Janet

    I am in my 50s. I thought my hair was falling out due to old age. I quit using commercial shampoos and was amazed at the results. My hair quit falling out. It got shinier and manageable. I have been using homemade shampoo using stuff from my kitchen for two years now. My hair is now as thick as it was when I was young before I ever started having kids. The old natural curl has come back. I only shampoo once every week or two and the rest of the time, I just use a vinegar rinse. I used to think I had to shampoo every day or my hair would get oily and feel gunky. Now no matter how long I go between shampoos my hair never gets gunky. I figured out that when you shampoo every day, you are just washing out the gunk (commercial shampoos and junk) you put in your hair the day before. Also, what you wash your hair with does absorb into your system. Would you sit down to a glassful of shampoo and conditioner concoction every morning for breakfast? If you would, fine, keep putting it on your hair. If not, stop using it. Nuff said.

    • JD

      Janet, what do you use in your homemade shampoo ?

      • Janet

        I found a recipe that uses 1 egg, 1Tbs lemon juice, 1tsp apple cider vinegar and some olive oil. It called for 2Tbs but I found that was way too much for me. I usually put 1tsp or so in. I pour a little at a time in my hand and work it through my hair. After the shampoo, I rinse it with a vinegar rinse. Among other things, the vinegar will take out the egg smell. However, my daughter just used baking soda. She just puts some in her hand and makes a paste of it and works it though her hair. She uses it on her kids as well.

  3. sese21

    What if you don’t have apple cider vinegar but you have the requalr one and wahat if you don’t have olive oil but corn oil

    • Emily

      I wash my hair with just baking soda and white vinegar and it works great! My hair doesn’t start to look oily for 3-4 days between washes. So yes, regular vinegar works.

    • Liz

      Then go shopping.

    • Tara

      Apple cider vinegar has a pH close to the pH of your scalp. White vinegar is stronger than ACV and could leave your scalp too acidic. In addition, adding baking soda just straight onto the hair is a bad idea, baking soda is basic with a pH of 9. You scalp is around 4 (water is around 7). You could end up with an unbalanced pH and damage your hair if you use baking soda too often and don’t use it in a diluted version.

  4. Would olive oil make your hair greasy-looking?

    • Nicole

      Yes. If you use too much olive oil will leave your hair very oily. Use as recommended and you should be fine.

    • Taylor M

      I use extra virgin olive oil and poor very little into a cup. I scoop some olive oil out with the tip of my fingers and massage my whole scalp. If you put too much, it would be harder to take off later. I usually like to do this about 30 minutes before I go to sleep so that I could sleep with it overnight (I put a bun on and sleep on a towel) and, in the morning, I go straight to the shower and rinse it off then shampoo and condition my hair. I’m in love with it! My hair is so soft, it’s healthier, and a lot brighter/shinier. Although, it may take time in the shower so make sure you have time in the morning before you do anything. :)

  5. Christiana

    I use sunflower oil in my hair as a heat protectant. Before I blow-dry my hair I put
    about a teaspoon in my palms and rub it into damp hair. Then I go on and style as normal.

  6. Amanda

    Can you do all of these in one shower?

  7. Amanda

    Like… In the same setting lol.

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  9. Tanja

    I recommend trying virgin coconut oil for haircare, it smells lovely and the results are beyond awesome!
    My hair used to be an dry, endless void of split ends, but now it feels smooth and moisturized.
    Just put some coconut oil on your hands, rub it in your hair BEFORE showering and leave it be for an hour or two, wash well with shampoo (unless you want an oily look) and you’re done.

  10. Juliakaris

    I’ve been doing no poo for almost a year (baking soda and vinegar, although I was thinking about switching to ACV and you sealed the deal!) I have long hair, that’s curly in summer, and really wavy/big curls in winter (basically it’s not tight curls and is dependent on humidity.) my hair is really thick and pretty shiny. It could be softer though, as it’s course. I have eczema so my scalp is often flakey. Which treatment do you thinks is best for me?

  11. Ukulady's Man

    How about peanut butter?

    • I showered with peanut butter once. Not for my hair, but I was painting my house and I was covered in paint. (I think it was oil based primer). A friend of mine whose SO worked in construction told me about the peanut butter trick for removing the paint, and it worked like a charm (but then I had to clean the peanut butter prints out of the shower).

  12. lakiesha

    Hello this lakiesha i wash my hair with Oliver oil and i want to know if it will grow your hair and does it really work

  13. Inês

    Does hair dye stay in the hair longer when you go no-poo?

  14. rachel

    i liked the egg and shampoo “recipe” but i didn’t know how much shampoo to use

  15. Dana

    Is it too much if I:
    1. Damp my hair then do the OLIVE OIL treatment.
    2. After an hour, shampoo my hair with BAKING SODA.
    3. After rinsing with water, finish with the VINEGAR rinse.

    I have all these ingredients in the kitchen.

  16. gee

    Warm up olive oil in the microwave and apply to roots massage head for 2 minutes and lie on your bed or couch with your head upside down this will cause blood flow to your scalp sit up slow you go dizzy off it but it works leave olive oil om hair for a hour :)

  17. Val

    This is what we do in India: Upuntil my mom’s generation, men and women used to apply coconut/sweet almond oil to hair and scalp and leave it on. Yes it was greasy, sticky but that’s how oldies maintained their luscious locks!

    This is what we newbies do today:
    – Apply generous amount of oil on hair and scalp the night before washing hair.
    – Put a shower cap (I have one reserved just for this purpose)
    – Lay a thick fabric or plastic sheet to cover the top surface of the pillow
    – sleep
    – Following morning wash hair

    By morning, my scalp would have absorbed all the nutrients from the oil but will still feel greasy. Double the amount of shampoo is needed to get rid of the oil. But, with this simple kitchen ingredient, hair can be oil-free:
    – soak fenugreek (“methi” in Hindi)seeds powder in water. How much do you need? It depends on the length of hair. For short hair, 1/2 teaspoon is enough. For medium hair, 3/4 tp and for long hair 1 tp is enough. The amount of water needed for soaking depends on the amount of water used to dilute shampoo.
    -Soaking time: at least an hour. I usually soak it at night and by morning powder becomes paste and doubles in quantity. Water is also sticky. Don’t worry this is beneficial to the root and scalp.
    – Do not filter or toss away the paste.
    – While in shower, mix in shampoo in the fenugreek mixture. Small amount of shampoo goes a long way.
    – One will notice how frothy the mixture becomes after adding shampoo.
    – Rub this liquid on scalp and hair. One will notice that less amount is required to wash hair.
    – I tend to wash my hair until my hair is oil free. I know this by simply touching my hair.
    – 1/2 tp of fenugreek powder + water + shampoo is enough for 2 people. My husband and I both have short hair.

    Where can you buy fenugreek seeds powder?
    – Indian stores sell fenugreek seeds AKA Methi dana (in Hindi; Methi= fenugreek, dana = seeds). They are small yellow seeds. Powder form is also sold in Indian stores. But, if you happen to get the seeds, grind to fine powder in a coffee grinder. But, clean the coffee grinder with vinegar and baking soda mixture to remove the smell and bitter taste. Otherwise your coffee will be bitter.

    All this looks like a lot of steps, but it you look at it:
    1. Oil hair the night before
    2. Take care that pillow and sheets don’t get stained with oil
    3. Soak fenugreek seeds powder in water the night before
    4. Wash hair in the morning by mixing in shampoo to the soaked mixture.

    Note: wash your hands with little bit of table salt to get rid of the smell and bitter taste.

    4 steps and thats a wrap!

  18. Zoe

    I’ve use mayonnaise into hair to help get really bad tangles out. When I was younger I hated to brush it, the smell wasn’t so graet but it really helped

  19. Beca

    What recipe did your friend follow for the maple syrup hair mask?

  20. Geeta

    what do I have to do to make my hair thicker ?

  21. pat

    send newsletters please thank youu

  22. Brittany

    26yo/mom of 3!/married 6 years. . . Hair is soooooooo dead, frizzy, no luster/shine, falling out, fried from heat and dyes(too many colors&bleaches to count!), and curls limp/sad/*fart noise* . . . all those things caused by my life and bad styling choices, I used to have BEAUTIFUL BOUNCY SHINY curls like my daughter has (I envy her >:c grrr) and couldn’t for the life of me fix it till one day *DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNNN!* LICE!!!! AHHHHHH! all the over the counter lice creams & shampoos didn’t work and my 2 oldest got infested from a stupid epidemic at school (grrr) so asked other moms(from my sons class), got nothing. Then from one of my best friends (also a mom) learned using ACV & COCONUT OIL WORKS! ACV removes the eggs, then COCONUT OIL suffocates them! So u do that leave it in over night then wash with non sulfate shampoo & conditioner comb, bush & let air dry. . . TADA!!! OUR HAIR WAS PERFRCT AND CURLY (mine again) I was thrilled!!!! Oh yea, the lice were gone. . . . *meh* So today I thought I’d look up more ways to heal & fix my curls and keep my girls hair perfect & healthy and i`m so happy I found you :D thanks for your blog and advice, try adding coconut oil to your hair steps and stuff and keep staying awesomely crunchy!!!

  23. Absolutely! I love reading your blog! ♥

  24. shravani

    very fabulous ideas !!!!! I’ll definetly try

  25. Dawn Ann

    I just had two perms back to back less than 4 days aprt my hair is falling out and is fried what shoul I do ??? Please help me!!!

  26. Casey

    I used two eggs with the white & yolk left it for 30 mins washed with cold water then used a little conditioner and when I went to blow dry my hair it was stiff and very easy to get in knots , what did I do wrong ?? :(

  27. afrobeauty

    How i manage my hair:

    remedies: egg, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter.

    break 2 eggs into a bowl, mix an keep aside, pour 1tp of olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil into a container, boil in micro wave ovun for 30seconds. Firstly, apply d oil mixture into ur hair n message properly, thereafter, apply d egg n message abt 5m. Cover wid shower cap 4 30min.

    In d shower: rinse well wid cold water or lukewarm water, apply shampoo, den wash n condition.

    After shower: apply shea butter to moisturize n a little olive oil to make it shiny.

    I do dis remedy once a month n my hair is wao…

  28. Bonnee

    HELP! I apparently have an allergic reaction to something that is almost every shampoo/conditioning product out there. I need a natural product to use as my shampoo and conditioner. I appreciate the great tips so far, but you are still recommending using everything with other shampoos & conditioners. Thanks.

  29. Ladies, don’t be using baking soda in your hair. It acts like a scouring agent. Yes, it does remove build up: however, you add a pinch to the shampoo you have placed in your hand first, emulsify together, shampoo from scalp to ends, thoroughly rinse twice, apply a conditioner. Vinegar rinses will help close down the cuticle layer, which will increase shine. Don’t over use because it’s acidic, which in turn can overly dry the hair out. Olive oil, eggs, and molasses do nothing. Stop trying to make recipes in your hair. Why? The molecular size is wrong. Work with your hairdresser to find conditioning products to support your life’s habits. Even if you cannot afford to buy at the salon, there are plenty of online stores that carry. Wishing you all happy hair ahead for the New Year.

  30. I just found your website and I like what I SEE. I am 73 and I do not look my age and I never want to look my age. I do not act my age or do I dress my age.

  31. what do you want me to say. I just found your website ?

  32. I use to wash my hair with egg York. And my hair stared to fall out. can you tell me why.

  33. Larry

    Do these work on African American hair ?

  34. Amanda

    Olive oil works great especially for course kinky curls. I’ve seen some things about corn syrup has anyone tried that and if so does it work like olive oil? And as for liz, brandy, and Amy tho its 2yrs late into this blog you’re terrible people and should be ashamed of your selves also have a lot of growing up to do not everyone is born with silver spoons in their mouths there’s people that do struggle for many different reasons you seem to be the type of lifeless people that hop on blogs to down and disrespect others maybe to make yourselves feel better about your own issues and that’s just sad

  35. I’ve used coconut oil on my hair. It smells better than olive oil. But it works just as great. I’ve let it sit over night & it makes my hair so smooth and soft. Now I’m using a argon oil (I think) I’m going to upload a post on it & how I like it. It smells like vanilla! Super excited to see how it works.

  36. Lell

    I made and sold hairspray for years that was made from herbs, essential oils, gelitan, and the like. While using this, I had hair down to me knees. I also did a vinegar rinse when I washed my hair, every other day. Now, I use store bought hair spray, I do a mixture of eggs, honey, olive oil, and cayenne on my hair once a week. I mix soda with my shampoo and rinse with diluted white vinegar before I condition as usual. My hair fell out severely over the years from stress and hormones, (my hairs luscious during pregnancy) it was to the middle of my back but it is now starting to fill full and healthy again, I can actually sit on the end! I noticed that using ACV my hair goes darker (I’m very blonde naturally) and my scalp feels better with white vinegar. I have never used commercial coloring of any kind, but I do use lemon juice and cayenne on a regular basis.


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