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  1. Genevieve

    I’m making them a couple stuffed animals, my older one will probably be getting a super hero cape… but it hadn’t occurred to me to make bath/”beauty” stuff for them!  Now to try to find the time to make them without them seeing…

    Thanks for the ideas (and I’m SO looking forward to the others you have to come)!

  2. Bonnie

    These are so pretty!  You really have a way with making things look appealing.  My Gifts class is tomorrow night & I’m definitely going to suggest everyone read this for more ideas.  We’re gonna make fizzy bath bombs, but I never would have thought to make them cupcake shaped in a million years.

  3. Lynn

    BTW…Still loving the washing my face with honey.  I haven’t had a breakout since I started doing this once a day and I used to break out all the time….

  4. There are some great ideas!  When my nieces and nephews come over they just love to make play dough!
    I use:
    2 1/4 cup of flour
    1 cup salt
     1 cup hot water
     4 tbsp of sunflower oil (any oil)
    1 Kool Aid packet (grape is my fav)
    combine flour, salt and kool aid in a bowl stir in water and oil continue stirring until for get the consistency of bread dough.  Then knead it for a few minutes on a floured surface.  The kids LOVE making this

    • Ashley Z

      Sounds awesome!! Does the kool aid stain? Does it leave color on your hands?

      • It has never stained or left any color residue for me. It smells so good the kids always try to eat it but it tastes horrible. Not that I tried it or anything hehe

        • Renata

          I make a very close play doh recipe!  I also love this recipe because it doesn’t crumble like the store play doh, so I really don’t mind when my kids want to play with it, in fact, I play along!! 

        • Makayla

          I licked mine just to try it. It was rather salty. No staining with my recipe either.

    • Makayla

      I made play dough with my little sister!

      Except I used
      1c. of flour
      1/2 c. of salt
      1 packet of KoolAid
      3 Tablespoons of cooking oil (I used Vegetable)

      1c. of boiled water

      Add The flour, salt, oil, and KoolAid
      Then add the water and mix!

  5. Noaa

    I wonder if instead of rock shapes if you could do cinn. eo and form gingerbread men with a cookie cutter? and make them into ornament gifts?

  6. Vanessa Howard

    Can’t wait to look though all of these and try at least a few! Thanks for sharing!

  7. My kids get a handmade gift each from both my partner and myself.  This year I’m making them nightgowns, as they’re a novelty around here, and I recently purchased a pattern from Maya*Made for nesting fabric baskets that are so easy and fun to make, I’ve made 4 in the last 48 hours.  Might have to “gift wrap” the nightgowns in a fabric basket? hmmmm.

  8. Carli

    I can’t wait to try the hot chocolate recipe! a couple of the kids on my list have dietary challenges. With a little tweaking, I think they can have this! They’ll be thrilled. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  9. My brother is 10 years old, and I’ve been wondering what the perfect gift would be. I’ve decided to give him some homemade tickets to the cinema. A trips that consists of a very cozy weekend at my place, lots of love and goodies and playtime and love! And then a trip to the cinema with our cousin Emma, who will receive the same gift. 

    • Jarenhenderson

      I like that idea. Me and my family are making gift baskets and each one comes with chocolate and lip balm but that’s not all that’s in there.

  10. KarinSDCA

    I just hosted a class at my house yesterday morning. We made natural lip balms (75 in three “flavors” — no flavor oils, though) and healing salves (17 in two formulas — congestion relief and skin healing). Most are gifts. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

    In secret (my 10 yo DD knew about all of the above and already claimed her fave), I want to make some of your awesome ideas above for her stocking.

    I have a “pull-apart cake” silicone mold that forms a basket of flowers. Wondering how to make use of that since cake itself just falls apart and is incredibly challenging to clean. LOL If I only filled the cavity 1/3 of the way, I think they’d work well for the lotion bars. It’d be a good test for another lotion bar idea I have that uses more expensive ingredients, too. Hmmm… I also have some “candy molds” that could work. They seem a little too small to hang onto, perhaps? Or, perhaps not? I see a “scientist at work” experiment day coming… ;)

    Thank you for all your wonderful research and sharing attitude! Lots of love to you!!!

  11. This is wonderful, thank you for all these ideas! I am going to make mango&lime lip balms for Christmas for mu mum and aunties as well as eye gels and some home made rocky road sweets :) Your recipes sound so cool, especially the cup cake bath melts, I will have to make those! :D

  12. This is wonderful, thank you for all these ideas! I am going to make mango&lime lip balms for Christmas for mu mum and aunties as well as eye gels and some home made rocky road sweets :) Your recipes sound so cool, especially the cup cake bath melts, I will have to make those! :D

  13. Dhausmann

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  14. The spray is a great idea.  Here’s my other take on it.  My girls (and according to some of my friends with teen girls this is not uncommon) have taken on an obsession with purfumy things.  EVERYTHING must have a scent…and large flowery scent.  The problem is many of these scents contain crap loads of nasty chemicals.  I’m going to see if I can get them into making their own sprays.

  15. Jarenhenderson

    Good idea!

  16. Pamela_lawson

    We made the bath salts for a couple of my daughters’ friends as a little extra something…had to immediately make some for my girls and they are currently soaking in some lovely sweet orange salts with just a smidge of jojoba oil.  It was fun…they counted out the drops, and shook up each batch and got to pick which scent.  Room spray is next!  And more epsom salts for the mama and papa of the family:)

  17. April

    Awesome site. Keep at it!

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