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  1. Wow this post is….amazing!!  You put some major time into this and the ideas are fabulous.  Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful links and for also linking up my Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter  in #19

    I wish you a wonderful holiday season and now I am off to open all kinds of links and become inspired  :)

  2. Brilliant work as usual!!  And thanks for the link to my Hot Cloth Cleanser :) 

  3. I just commented on Twitter this morning that I’ll be making my family gifts from your list this year.  The only problem is narrowing down the options – they all sound so fantastic!  Thanks so much for all of the great ideas!!!  =)

  4. wildestraven

    Wowee gal! This is quite a list – not sure where I will start & start I will. Thanks & Happy Trails!

  5. Anonymous

    Wow, yet another truly awesome roundup of recipes! Thanks so much for getting all these together so the lazy folks like me just have to click through. So exciting to have dozens of new ideas for holiday crafting. And as for other handmade ideas – lots of people are loving the idea of bath cookies:  http://www.wellnessthenaturalway.com/2011/12/make-bath-cookies-for-holiday-gifts/

  6. You Grow Girl has a great little tutorial on making your own bath sachets: http://www.yougrowgirl.com/2011/12/02/make-your-own-herbal-bath-tea/

  7. Jasanna *

    I’ve been wanting to make my own vanilla extract! Does anyone know where to find these cheap? I’ve been seeing some at TJMaxx and Ross type stores but it’s like $6 for 2 beans!

    check out my giveaway if you get the chance…

    • PKB

      I found a source for vanill beans, 10 for $12 on line. I don’t have the web address infront of me, but google, or bing, or ask, and you might find a myriad of sources.

  8. I’m doing the vanilla bean extract, making reusable grocery bags, and liquid castille soap for presents.  Oh, yeah, I’m also making a few ‘fancy’ aprons for my girlfriends and nieces. 
    I’m bookmarking this series.  There’s so many ideas!

  9. Stephanie

    I made your luscious lavender and honey lip balm last summer and loved it, so I may make some more of that for gifts. I’m also thinking about doing your lavender floral mask for the ladies on my list. So many great ideas…. I want to do them ALL!

  10. Debbie

    Thank you for the inspiration and recipes.  I am going to make lotion bars, a foot soak using one of the bath salt recipes, and a hair mask (aloe juice, clay, and EOs) for my group of girlfriends. Package it all up in a little basket or something cute.

  11. Debbie

    If anyone is going to do the OCM gift basket thingy, I saw a pack of some 24 white washcloths at Costco ~$12 or so. 

  12. Tara

    Thanks so much for these ideas!  I’ve got a very crunchy friend and I’ve been stumped as to what to get her, now my mind is buzzing.  For the perfume lockets, can you actually wear them or do you think your body heat would melt them? Anyone know?

  13. midwesterngal

    I loved your honey facial mask recipe.   One question.  If it is going to do double duty..some for my tummy and some for my face….is it necessary to use food grade lavender?

  14. Kristy

    Don’t know if this idea is linked in any of your links to others, but in case it isn’t, many years ago my Aunt made me a cornbag. It’s basically a small pillow case filled with deer corn and sewn shut. Then a more “designer pillowcase is used for the outside so it can be removed and washed. When the bags are heated in the microwave for about 2 minutes, they make wonderful heating pads, that are very inexpensive to make, and well, I have been using mine for at least 12 years… Whenever my kids are sick they ask for it. Another use for them is keeping for warm on the way to a picnic or potluck, warming the bed before you get into it, or the seat of your car.

    This past Christmas I bought 1 bag of deer corn (Walmart 5.96) and made gifts for family and for my kids teachers– actually they made them themselves, measuring about I had an assortment of fabrics at home that still had plenty of life left in them, including soft towels that don’t have another to match them. I decided to try to make them scented and it worked out really well. I used Cinnamon tea bags for some, cutting the pag opened and pouring the tea in with the corn before sewing shut. Another scent we really like was, you probably guessed it, peppermint, ahhhhh………………. So nice and relaxing to pair the warm bag and the scents, and soothe achey muscles. I still have at least half of the 40 pound bag of deer corn sitting in the garage. Very low cost gifting. Some people we gifted them to wrote back or called saying they needed one for someone else or another for their spouse. The men enjoyed them too!

    • Brandy

      Kristy that is awesome! I have a couple questions. Does the corn have a smell? What kind of pillow case do you buy or do you make that too? Is it really heavy? How long do you heat it? How big do you make them? Are they like small or like throw pillow size? Thanks

  15. Thanks for the ideas! A great gift for women is also
    a Karmin G3 Salon Pro Styling Iron http://www.safrons.com/karmin-g3-salon-pro-professional-100-pure-tourmaline-ceramic-flat-iron.html
    especially if she likes to style her hair and look fab. This is a pro model so
    it has healthy ceramic tourmaline plates and 460F in temperatures. I got some
    great gift ideas here too: http://www.safrons.com/gift-ideas-and-sets/

  16. Maria

    I just spent over an hour on this awesome blog! I’m not a blog follower, but that might have to change!

  17. What a great site you have here. lovely ideas so well explained. I know that this is a lot of work to pull off and I want to thank you for doing that. i will be visiting you ofter, Brenda

  18. Aidan

    This is awesome! Thank you for this… With the holidays around the corner, this list will come in very handy.

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  20. Brytaney

    For the past couple years I have made all of my gifts here is what I’ve done.
    Year 1: Women: put pictures of their kids inside of a mason jar with vegetable oil
    Men: Beer cup with letter on it
    Year 2: for both men & women: Photoboards
    Year 3: Women: transposed pictures on wood
    Men: BBQ rubs
    Children: Door hangers with names & something they liked
    Year 4: Women: cracked marble pendant necklaces with decoractive cracked marbles
    Men: Book safes
    both men & women: Something to hold phone while charging.


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